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The New World Order

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The news media, politicians and large corporations in most countries have united to form a network controlling the world. Borders between countries have been broken down.

The most obvious proof are news media. Almost all newspapers and websites you can reach by f.ex Google present the same news with the same conclusions. F.ex. many people did not believe that Russia committed attacks with nerve gas in an English town in 2018 or that president Assad of Syria attacked his own people with nerve gas. But those interpretations were the only ones presented in almost all major media. (Some media, like Russia Today, are edited to present a moderated, alternate picture and were in this case opposing the main agenda. But for most main events the interpretation is the same in all media.)

Most news media also evaluate actors after their person and not their actions. F.ex will Trump, Putin and Boris Johnson be criticized almost regardless what they do. This proves that news media are biased.

News media will only give good press coverage to poor politicians that make bad decisions that make the country weak and chaotic. Good politicians would get support from the people and democracy would function. The people would then elect good politicians and the government would be strong. But news media can only control poor politicians and therefore support them.

To control the governments, news media constantly exaggerate crises, like the climate, to put pressure on the governments to take measures that are too costly or otherwise impossible. This keeps the governments in the hands of the news media. Leading politicians are also bought by board posts, ambassador posts etc. A media frenzy can depose a politician.

Politicians no longer represent their voters. The voters have been split up in groups with opposing interests. Creating conflict between groups is the most important mechanism used to control people. When groups fight eachother they can not unite to raise democratic demands. Instead of promoting cooperation between groups the networks promote conflict.

News media promote mass immigration and feminism. This leads to conflicts between ethnicities and also between the sexes. Professional Internet trolls spread conflicts in social fora. These conflicts impede unity among people and democratic demands can not be raised on politicians. It is an example of “divide and conquer“. Since all political parties work for the same masters, they do not try to compete and achieve individual success.

By relativizing all values and norms news media can question the actions of anyone. “Solidarity” is used to gain financial power to redistribute wealth and gain acceptancefor immigrants. “Environment” is used to force others to obey legislation.

The borders between countries have been broken down. The new frontier is between news media/politicians/corporations and the people. Democracy has been replaced by technocracy. News media and government have become the enemies of the people.

The basic desire of these networks is to control countries and people. Strong and well functioning countries can not be controlled by external force. They must be broken from within through conflict and chaos. Aggression between individuals and groups is encouraged. These networks are prepared to destroy anything in their quest for control over others.

These networks will not build to improve their own system. They instinctively look for areas in other countries and individuals that can be used to weaken them. Such an agenda can never be presented in the open. Therefore lies are a foundation of the globalist agenda. To pursue this agenda news media must be controlled in order not to expose the networks. Every piece of information will be distorted.

New World Order

News media, politicians and big enterprise have joined in large parts of the world.

Newspapers write the same stories with the same slant all over the world. This global agenda dictates the actions of politicians and decision makers.

Ex: Not critizise Musk, Greta
EU promoted

This network also includes Russia, China and the Arab world.

The illusion of choice

Politicians are corrupt and all support global values. Some of them, however, are given the roles to appear to be on the side of the people. Many such politicians regularly have small mishaps or display some generally strange trait. They all pursue their goals half-heartedly and when important decisions face them, they will fail. The politicians on the side of the people face hard criticism by media and trolls.

Borg: Husarö scandal, Batra: media frenzy
Brexit: Johnson/ hairdo, never claimed Benn act was unconstitutional, never used or withdrew the whip from renegade MP:s; Cummins/ looks, Sonia Khan “frog marched out of #10”, trip to Durham during lockdown; Media/ Hard Brexit gang;
Fake conflicts

Media present fake conflicts to cover up that different nations and political parties are run by the same networks.
1. Geopolitical military
US (West) – Russia
Demonizing Putin
“Invade Sweden”
Russia doping accusations
Assad chemical warfare

Middle east
1. Refugees
2. Decoy for Jewish activities elsewhere
As soon as Iraq and Syria stopped, Iran conflict started.

2. Political
UK-EU politicians on both sides unite against democracy
All parties in Sweden have the same agenda. Fake conflict to form government 2018
fake problems
US Dem-Rep fake conflict
1. CNN export chaos (fem, climate, immigration)
Trump stops it within the US
2. Trump, Biden
Biden: fakes senility to promote Trump who is better for the US. Dems, Musk & CNN are export products to bring down Europe and other areas.
SD: starts to support EU, climate

See below

An Iranian oil tanker roamed the Mediterranean and delivered its cargo to Syria. Both countries under sanctions./ Iran hijacked a Swedish/British tanker and kept it for a long time without serious protests./ Iran shot down an American drone./ An Iranian general whom Trump exchanged Twitter memes with was allegedly assassinated by the United States./ Iran’s homemade rockets passed the Saudi Patriot defense without any response!/ Iran are alleged to have shot down a commercial aircraft with 17 Swedes and 65 Canadians, among others. The day before they shot down the plane, the president suggested they could do something similar. No protests from Sweden or Canada! PM Trudeau had a polite meeting with Iran’s leadership not long after. Sweden has not protested against the murders etc. When did the 17 coffins arrive in Sweden? One would expect media coverage and a government minister to receive them at the airport. Nothing of this sort happened.
pretending Iran suppress women

Zarif was educated in Denver, Rouhani in Glasgow (and Kim Jong-un and his sister Kim Yo-jong in Switzerland, Assad in London)

In conclusion, Iran is under US control.

During the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic 2020 two countries alleged to be heavily affected were Iran and Ecuador. Both countries a little off the main routes and under US control.

Educated in the West? Sarif, Assad, Kim, …?

Assad chem. weapon

New frontiers and weapons

News media, politicians, big enterprise
Sweden immigration not wanted or useful
Brexit not happening, EU fees keep depleating the UK tax payers

Big enterprise are taking over control from governments. (Cp the film series Robocop.) It can often be called privatization. The pretext is iften to work more efficiently, but the true reason is to transfer power from the people/democratic system/government to private, international networks, here represented by big enterprise.

The weapons of today are no longer military. To control people governments and media use deception, infiltration, mass surveillance and similar.

Example: Pres. Obama cancelled the US space shuttles and large parts of the US space program and replaced it with private contractors. The companies are supposed to compete but in reality they cooperate and Elon Musks SpaceX usually come out the winner. Musk is probably an actor acting as a “friendly” front for this company representing the global networka. The media and Internet trolls always praise Musk and SpaceX.

By transferring control from government to private companies, Obama weakened the government and peoples influence and transferred it to a company representing the international networks. SpaceX uses an elaborate system of reusing rockets. According to their own claims it makes launches cheaper. It is a pretext for privitization. (Reused rockets can not be used for important launches.)

Three Powers Are Now Capable of Launching Astronauts Into Space: Russia, China and Elon Musk
The privatization of space launches marks a new era in which the U.S. depends on the good will of tycoons
Oded Carmeli
SpaceX launches Starlink satellites. Now (early June 2020) they have launched 480 satellites and keep launching. But lately they have said they have difficulties constructing a user terminal (receiving antenna) at a competitive price.

SpaceX keep launching satellites but they do not know how to receive the signals from the satellites! – Most likely Starlink are spy satellites. The New World Order has a new frontier, between the elite and the people. Spy satellites are today directed against civilian targets. To maintain control of ordinary people they must be constantly surveilled. SAR-radar can make imaging in dark, through clouds and detail is less dependent on distance.

Visual surveillance is used in addition to surveillance through monitoring of Internet emails and surfing, credit card use, cell phone location etc

Like in the USSR, supranational control is maintained through mass surveillance. To try to discourage individuals from protesting against this, fake cases showing problems of acrivists are given publicity in media, like Snowden (had to flee to Russia) and Kamphuis (disappeared).

Strong government is not socialism
Enterprise control means surveillance
Soros is “left” conflict

Borders are broken


1. Pay for influence (should be free)
2. Money goes to “fight populism”

Military spending is a decoy
war reporting exaggerated

Divide and conquer


Instigating conflict is a basic mechanism for control. Conflict can f.ex be between the peoples of different nations or between groups within or including different countries.

1. Mass immigration
Not integration
AfS religious hate

[“Jag körde på otrogna”]

Film moderaterna Skåne, invandrare flyttar in.
Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter
Protest against police brutality is made into racial conflict, statues are brought down.

2. Feminism
Not admitting the existence of differences between the sexes is central to globalism. Men and women should have equal opportunities. But globalist media start by assuming that men and women are exactly similar. If f.ex fewer female engineers graduate media therefore assume this is due to oppression and do not in investigate fuether.

Men and women communicate differently. Women are on average more relation oriented and men are result oriented. This difference between individuals is not taken into account at workplaces etc. As women work relations more they also use conflict as a tool.

Not collaboration between sexes
female fronts, connecting sex to climate etc
Greta/EU bilder

[ www.theaustralian.com.au/world/the-times/greta-thunbergs-snub-as-she-accuses-eu-of-climate-betrayal-denounces-2050-target/news-story/68201722a30c036f8dfc11c1b19ad346 ]

Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities
[ gov’t official ]


The Swedish PM’s comment on the new president candidate is that it is a woman!

The family has been broken down (new pope)

Women prioritize relation and work with it, often using conflict
Social skills (techniques), mobbing not analyzed

Women are almost always given a positive slant in media.

Red pill, Reddit, Roosh V
A political interpretation of The Matrix and Red Pill/Blue Pill is that the world is controlled by hidden networks.

3. Between peoples of different nations
Northern Europeans paying southern European budget dedicits after Corona.
New York Times claims that other Nordic countries hate Sweden for its less pronounced lockdown. Greta refuses prize from the Nordic Council.
(Greta, pris nordiska rådet; false flag: NMR)

Peoples are pitched against each other, so that leaders can unite against them.

4. Internet trolls
Criticize NWO -> “bitter”, “jealous”

Connecting properties to polarize

Spreading hatred

Hatred “against Greta” is not widely seen, but is sought by the media


Greta EU pictures
Greta help line video

Semenya dresses like a man
AfS attacks people that ask about the party, create conflicts with Muslims and supporters talk about street fighting. One prominent person among supporters grabbed a poster violently from a girl demonstrating against the party.


An efficient way to spread conflict and hatred is to create inequalities.
1. affirmative action for women [ “kvotering” ]

2. Antidoping
a. TUE
b. anti Russian rules

Democratic system broken down

Obvious signs the system is broken are

1. Politicians change but not policy. The network and news media are in control. We do not elect our leaders, we do ot even know who they are.

2. News media present the same news with the same evaluation. This controls the politicians.
Control politicians
1. News slant, feeding frenzy
2. Board posts, ambassador posts, well paid lectures

Democracy gone (Technocracy)
Brexit not happening
All parties in Sweden have the same agenda.
Fake conflict to form government 2018

News coordinated

3 Privitization has taken control out of the hands of the politicians. The reasons given are often “efficiency”. As the politicians make themselves weak, the people loses influence over the governing of the country.

Three Powers Are Now Capable of Launching Astronauts Into Space: Russia, China and Elon Musk
The privatization of space launches marks a new era in which the U.S. depends on the good will of tycoons

4. Competition exists no more.
Tesla, Musk, Greta
PR budget Tesla 0, Ford 2 bn

5. Politicians elected are mostly weak and incompetent, without visions and goals. Sweden: Löfven, Kristersson; Trudeau.
Discuss corona testing and not corona economy 18.000 bn.

6. European Union

Politicians on both sides are globalist actors

See Biden, Borg, Johnson

Weakening governments

Media promoting weak politicians and opposition
Media crises exaggerated, asking for costly and unnecessary measures
Politicians making bad decisions for the people are promited by media since media fear popular politicians.

European Union

A major tool for controlling Europe.

Demands to tax and legislate European countries for FTA, but regards other countries as equal trading partners giving them normal FTA:s

Moves control away from the people controlled.

Obscures its actions. Tax paid can only be followed to recipient country. But how it is used there is not publicly known.

The EU is connected to immigration: The lack of border control makes mass immigration easier. Refugee crisis:
Statsminister Stefan Löfven betonade EU:s gemensamma ansvar för flyktingmottagandet:

– Mitt Europa bygger inte murar, vi hjälps åt.
(You can naturally help others without bringing them to your country.)

Mass immigration also breaks up national unity which would oppose border break down.

democracy broken

US attack on Europe

Weapons of mass migration
War, immigration, Ghadaffi
CNN, Biden AOC
Polls faked for Biden
But Trump is elected
California, Hollywood, dope is for export, like CNN. The US is run from the east coast.

Criticized US War, long time in prison

questioned in Congress
Canada rally
Indians in US, does not talk to Trump
(in order not to criticize US and create gender conflict)

News coordination

Elections will not change policy. The world is controlled by international networks. This is easily realized from the fact that the same news with the same slant appear in most media in the western world.

Trump, Boris Johnson – bad
Obama – good
climate – urgent
Greta, Musk – never questioned
EU – good
nationalism – bad
refugees – welcome
asap Rocky – important performer
Corona – scary
women, especially young girls – good
older white men – despicable
LGBT – great fun
drugs – great
ASAP Rocky – important news
Putin, Assad (Russia being replaced as the bad guy by China, to some extent) – villans
Salisbury, Syria – chemical weapons
[ link to democracy broken]

Squeezing the politician between different interests

A coordinated news media network can control the world by dividing it. Promoting climate alarmists, feminists, immigrants, LGBT, Black Lives Matter will create conflicts with opposing groups.
By making politicans having to decide between the interests of different groups the politicians become weak, always criticized by ssome side. This criticism will be blown out of proportion by media, to bring down the politician, if necessary.

News media fear cooperation, like “All Lives Matter”, immigrant integration. The climate issue is made a matter of debate, not joint action.


Exaggerated crisis as a motive for taxation and power of control

1. Gain control by financial influence

2019: EU discusses €1 bn climate fund
2020: EU forgets all about this and about Greta Thunberg. Exaggerates influenca and discusses up to €1.8 bn for “Coeona recovery”. Germany already approved the sane amount within Germany, end EU already approved €500 million. (2020 06 05). This financial stimulus will increase CO2 which was considered the wirlds majir crisis, last year. EU climate law sets target 30 years ahead (2050) whereas the crisis is supposed to come in 10. In 10 years EU climate law will only give commission the right to criticize countries but nothing more. EU also spends €300 bn on fossil fuel infrastructure (2019).

1. … cont’d
SEK 5000 bn for Corona restart
Italy threatened to leave the EU

2. Something to slant
3. A constant flow of orders
4. Weaken government by criticism of inadequatenhandling
5. Put reader in susceptible state

Chaos, rumors and uncertain information

By presenting vague and incomplete news, news media leave space for interpretation that can differ depending on circumstances.

Greta says “Our house is on fire” and “the car on dioxide budget runs out in 6 years” to motivate EU budget increase.

But this statement can also be interpreted as only “tipping points” are being passed when climate action and legislation are asked for.

Mass surveillance
Credit card, phone position, Google maps, surfing habits, emails are tapped,

Snowden – Russia
Kamphuis – disappears

No competition
Corona lockdown, kills small businesses
Google buys and kills startups
Bank account interview
Greta chosen
Consumer hot line
Tesla, SpaceX free editorial advertisements daily. Tesla would not exist without free ads in articles. Tesla is a typical false flag operation against electrical cars. It is very expensive and contains technical overkill.

Fronts: Musk, Zuck, Page&Brin
Easily obtain large capital
3 Jewish and one with a Jewish name after his grandpa.
Entrepreneurs are not encouraged out of fear of competition.

Ubuntu killed Linux
Tesla cool image and large capital impedes the development of cheap, useful EV:s.
“An EV must outrace a Porsche”

Newspapers stories
Assange, Kamphuis, Greta, Musk

The say-do difference
US is not progressive like CNN, Trump, among others, stops it.
Israel genetic test to marry Jewish, but Swedish Jewish owned media promote multiculturalism
climate message to destabilize government, is not implemented only to create conflict. No efforts to collaborate between f.ex sexes to solve an environmental problem.
The talk about military spending is a decoy to make us believe countries are opposing each other. Spending is moderate.

Promoting extrovert behaviour, “release of tensions” and even aggression is a central mechanism to spread chaos
Soviet dissident diagnoses Asperger
Kids that are good in school are not taken care of but can be diagnosed as Asperger and even e treated w/ amphetamine

Pressure on authorities by taking social issues and somatizing them. Lessen responsibility of the individual

Sackler, Swedish physicians

ADHD and “experimentally” for related diagnoses
Antidoping, asthma medicines

Control is strong, widely spread and deep
Courts Assange
Police Kamphuis, Assange
Psychiatry Asperger, Greta
Objective investigations exist no more. F.ex air crash investigations.
All informarion presented is pro network.

Jewish networks
maternal transfer of ethnicity
Freud, Spock, Quick Norell
Psychiatry (Swe)
Google Fb Elon

Jewish actors are almost exclusively globalist. Considering the disapora and the high frequency of Jewish media owners and to some extent in banking they are definitely on the frontline of globalization. However, today the networks are so large that many ethnicities must participate.

It is interesting how willingly the networks let Jewish connected actors act as fronts: Page&Brin, Zuckerberg, Elon Musk (Jewish name). It may be a way of diverting well-founded criticism to claims of antisemitism. Like with newspapers, Jewish people often seem to lead networks.

The Holocaust card

Misogynistic (but no opposite)
Populist (swe: missnöjespolitiker)
Conspiracy, tin foil hat

Mililitary is a decoy to hide NWO
Middle East conflicts
See above

financial benefit (actually political)
1. Soros (british pound)
2. ads/click
Google will often show decoys (ex. NWO).

Pseudo problems
Starlink – astronomy, not i tegrity
Assange’s kids’ diapers, not war crimes

The scare factor
Catalan Sharp

memory is short
2019 low CO2
2020 stimulus packages after Corona
all is about getting money for control
2020 climate law sets target 2050 when all is forgotten

False flag
DN Palestinians
No true nationalist sources at all


Ad hominem
Conflict about anything to stop unity which could lead to political demands.
Fear of competition also destroys the Internet, through troll activation, as a place to develop ideas
Focus on “intelligence”

Mass immigration controlled by jewish news papers are focused on ethnic problems between christians and muslims
When EU makes ia pay debts for Spain and Italy, those countries are blamed. But they just know how to deal with EU mobsters.

1. On people
Ad hominem
Hatred against Greta is actually provoked
2. Discussion topics

Blame the victim
Racist, actually mass immigration

Conflicting information
1. To create interest
Greta 1. goes back on apocalypse 2. Goes back onbeing an expert (1. Expressen 2. cnn panel)
2. To create conflict (trolls)
Also intentionally sparse or erroneous information.

Political disagreement and conflicts between countries are only a show. A class of media/politicans/big enterprises are controlling the world, often by instigating conflicts between social groups like ethnic groups or men/women.

Taking the Red Pill would mean understanding this situation. (It does not mean treating women as sex objects which is only a decoy/false lead spread by media and trolls to cause confusion.



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