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The New World Order

Part 020

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Hating one’s country

If people love their country they will resist foreign influence in its governing. A central part in globalist propaganda is therefore to make people hate their country. (But we should love the EU.)%

Art in the center of Stockholm.
Toppling the statue of a slave owner. – Bristol is a progressive showcase in media and performs Black Lives Matter activism.

Bristol a progressive showcase off the main roads. Mayor had the city elected green capital by Brussels. Greta Thunberg made lauded appearance here.

Black Lives Matter protests toward statues of slave owners
George Washington was a slave owner. [ ]
Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the anthem.

Kaepernick (endorses Nike) also made Nike yank a model of sneakers featuring the American flag from times when slavery existed. Kaepernick endorses Nike. Nike’s athletics “Oregon project” was discontinued after doping revelations. Nike endorses Semenya, a biological male competing against women.

Caster Semenya wins the 800 metres World Championships finals, Berlin, 2009
Caster Semenya

Nike is an extremely “woke” company.

It’s a good thing @Nike only wants to sell sneakers to people who hate the American flag…. @NFL #HappyFourth

Senator Ted Cruz, TX (Rep)

Russia is under sever attack using falsified doping evidence. Not even the manufacturer understands how it would be possible to tamper with bottles. Entire nation banned. Rodchenkov pretends to hide from Putin’s assassins in fancy disguises.

Russian defector, ex anti doping chief, chemist dr Rodchenkov, in disguise to “hide from Putin’s assassins”

West has taken over Russian antidoping (Ivlev, Ganus) that smear Russia by internal conflict (pretending to embezzle).

SpaceX is another woke company. CEO Musk insults authorities, smokes dope and lives with a partner that could be trans. Their kid gets a gender neutral education etc. Delays are, like with Tesla, sometimes blamed on slow authorities.

NASA top contractor Elon Musk smoking dope during the Joe Rogan show – “The right stuff”?
Securiries and Exchange Commission [ ]

Greta refuses to accept a prize from the Nordic Council. See also New York Times and other newspapers trying to destroy Nordic unity.

In Sweden the levels of medicare and education have fallen significantly, partly due to the country not being able to accommodate the large number of immigrants it accepts. Long waiting to see doctors will make people question their country. Less well educated citizens are easier to control, question and demand less. Globalists slash anything for the power to rule. This goes from trashing an Internet forum in conflicts and member drop off to instigating conflict between groups on the national level.

We are made to hate our countries that are rife in conflict, have their cultures eradicated and that are put in debt. The globalist agenda will take away people’s self esteem to make them numb and poor to global takeover. See the movie The Matrix.

Divide and conquer

Divide the population into groups (men, women, young, old, native, immigrants, climate alarmists, vegetarians etc) and create conflict between them.%


Instigating conflict is a basic mechanism for control. Conflict can f.ex be between the peoples of different nations or between groups within or including different countries.

Any division into groups is encouraged, not only stressing the opposition between men and women or native swedes and immigtants. HBTQ, climate activism, vegetarianism … any difference can be utilized to create conflict (“identity politics”).

Through conflict news media can control society. Conflict impedes unity among people and the following demands on government. News media can manipulate groups in conflict. Media usually take power by opposing the groups in control.%

Less conflict in smaller places, further away from power institutions.

the dictatorship of the proletariat

Chinese cultural revolution

Media/the global agenda connect properties to polarize society, for example: immigrant-female-vegan-HBTQ-climate-liberal-climate-young-non_white-socialism-revolution

“Climat justice is social justice”, Greta Thunberg works with Extinction Rebellion

Greta Thunberg’s agenda goes against older white men but non-white are OK. On a US talk show Greta said it would be a waste of time to talk to president Trump. The show is lead by a homosexual, Ellen DeGeneres. As described in this blog, sexual orientation is yet another way the globalist networks try to split the population into groups and ascribe them opposing qualities.

Greta Thunberg, Ellen DeGeneres
Obama to Greta: “You and me, we’re a team.”
Greta Thunberg stares angrily at President Trump.
[ ]

Greta Thunberg’s backers have trained her to be a racist. When she meets minorities she does not discuss their influence on the climste, she regards them as victims. She also discriminates against adults and men in particular.

Greta Thunberg: “I had the honour of spending the day with Charles Norman Shay at Omaha Beach. … D-day … member of the Penobscot tribe … He’s a hero in a way that is almost impossible to understand.”
Greta with convicted criminal 1.Cuz.

[ Greta Thunberg’s true, dark motives ]

provocation (creating inequalities, unreasonable demands) → aggression → conflict → isolation

The ultimate goal of the networks is isolation of people to avoid unity. Some mechanisms promoted act on this level, like cell-phones reducing contact in person. As do Corona restrictions of meetings and travel.

A very common way to obtain isolation is conflict. Pitching groups like men and women or native population and immigrants against each other is very common.%

To enhance conflicts, aggression is supported. F.ex psychotherapeutical methods to release inhibitions or Freudian stress of “mechanisms of defense”. Military aggression is detailed in media.

See violence.

Even articles about nature can be used to promote aggression. In this article The New York Times presents a “bully octopus“: “Eight-Armed Underwater Bullies: Watch Octopuses Punch Fish”.

To release agression, different kinds of provocation are used. LGBT are said to demand to march down the street in pink underwear or women are sometimes promoted by extreme affirmative action. News media present women in far more positive light than men.

Unreasonable or highly questionable demands are used to create aggression against groups. Male athlete Semenya receives support from the press to compete against females. Women receive support to be appointed for posts even though merits are less strong, through affirmative action.

restrictions of mobility Covid laws, pets, jogging with drones [drönare], cake recipes in the Guardian etc

few showers


hostile environment, fear; Covid, shootings

One way to promote isolation is producing a hostile environment. Covid makes people fear getting infected. Shootings make people fear go outside.


Swedish national public media even uses words that can have a positive connotation when they describe the “record” number of shootings.

The highly promoted artist Lady Gaga plays the role of the wife that arranged the killing of heir to Gucci fashion empire and served 18 years for it.


Did anyone bother if a person was gay or straight before hired activists started marching down the street in pink undies?%


Swedish defense assists in creating hatred towards gay by exaggerated support

The supreme commander of Sweden, singing and dancing at a pride festival, posing with soldiers in rainbow face paint. The military promoting gay will cause many people to criticize the military and find gays strange. Accepting is enough, promoting in a weird way spreads conflict.

This is not spontaneous. It is initiated by the networks controlling the army. In general much activism is not spontaneous, but organized by the networks. Assange activists appear and dress strangely when The Guaridan wants to take photos. In left wing Bristol protests supporting Greta or Black Lives Matter can be organized. (Bristol also reveived an award from Brussels as “The Green Capital of Europe”.)

Soldiers in rainbow camouflage will not improve understanding between gay and straight. It will separate the groups from each other. Many will find the gays strange.

Swedish supreme commander in the middle
Pride parades are over sexualized. (Even more than this picture shows.) This does not further the understanding between gay and straight. On the contrary the parades are organized to create hatred towards gay and mark them as different

The supreme commander gives modern military instruction: If you encounter an unarmed queer, don’t be nervous, try to level with them by jumping around like an idiot, singing Elvis. They like that. It will break tensions. 😉

Like much global agenda gayness is used to try to provoke. Many global actors give signals they are gay and seem to await a reaction. When the other person doesn’t really bother if they are gay or straight they seem disappointed and give even stronger signals and questions that relate to homosexuality.

Greta wants to polarize. Her talk about unity is false.

Greta Thunberg angrily scolding the elder generation will not unite people behind climate activism.

Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!

The supreme commander and Greta both increasing the level of conflict in society.

professional activists

The extrovert gays of the sexualized pride parades are professional activists, not representing the majority of gays.

In the same way Bristol is a progressive showcase. Greta “attracts” large crowd, but the next year the networks have put the young, world famous school striker, back in school again, out of the lime light.

Bristol is a progressive showcase in media.
Removing statue of slave owner. – Bristol is a progressive showcase in media and performs Black Lives Matter activism. Why didn’t police stop this? – Because authorities support conflict among people.
The strangely dressed Assange activists are tailored to give Assange a bad reputation since he criticized the US. [ ]

Assange revealed US war crimes but he has had to suffer an uncertain situation for a long time. For example 7 years in self imposed house arrest. He is now (2020) on trial connected to what he published, but obvious war criminals, shooting civilians from a helicopter, were never prosecuted.

When Assange published Wikileaks practically all newspapers and readers in the world hailed him as an advocate of free speech. But when he now is on trial to they have all forgotten him. Since the establishment once supported him they can not now go against him openly. Therefore they very likely send professional activists to his trial. These activists claim to support him, but appear so strangely that they in fact give an image that the people supporting Assange are fools. But that is not correct. Also today, most people support Assange in discussions on the Internet. But since he went against the US, some people do not express their criticism so loudly any more.

When Assange published Wikileaks practically all newspapers and readers in the world hailed him as an advocate of free speech. But when he now (2020) is on trial to they have all forgotten him. Since the establishment once supported him they can not now go against him openly. Therefore they very likely send professional activists to his trial. These activists claim to support him, but appear so strangely that they in fact give an image that only fools support Assange.

Anti sionist protesters try to appear not appealing.

To make national agenda seem unpleasant activists are hired to enter Capitol, Jan 2021. Even Trump participates by not condemning the action clearly and acknowledging Bidens win earlier.

[ -000- -001- -002- -003- -004- -005- ]

In 1993 the TV-series The Simpsons accurately predicted how an influenza would be used to control the population. Several of their predictions have come true, like Trump’s presidency. To smear the series media now promote untrue predictions like Bryant’s death. They even hire actors to reenact episodes:

To make other predictions by the TV series The Simpsons look phoney, people are now hired to reenact episodes from the series.

Activism often intentionally worsens the problems they claim to alleviate partly by presenting extreme demands in an aggressive way. Division between groups deepens.

Crisis actors

activism is controlled

Greta gets lauded reception in Bristol, big publicity in media. But Bristol is a left wing showcase, getting money from Brussels, green capital of Europe.

Media also control activists. Assange activists look strange and are actors.

Europride is like any festival. It is directed from the elite. It has strong support from high levels in society and strong support in media. Pride is also connected to Europe for no other reason than enforcing the global agenda.

Narendra Modi, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, John Howard, Henry Kissinger; Modi exaggerating his globalist image to create hatred towards himself and thereby conflict in society.
Indian farmers burn Greta Thunberg image. Staged riots to promote 1. internal conflict 2. Greta and her false image of anti-globalism (the farmers don’t know Greta — another article about this:

Riots exaggerated in media and by news media trolls.

activism creates the “problems”

Activists are hired to create problems that do not exist.

See also above: professional activists.


latina in CIA


When politicians do not follow the wish of the people, the people become discontent and must be surveilled. News papers will contain many stories of revolution and unrest that are false and only staged. Often older white men are attacked by other groups (like Xi by young Hong Kongers, Lukachenko by women, Trump by Greta Thunberg). News media support the cause promoted by the young. It will seem news media support revolutions in other countries, but in fact they support unrest between groups within all countries, not between countries.

The climate issue is connected to young women and even LGBT. The most dangerous coupling is to be European Union. You can not support the climate issue without supporting the EU (where funds for climate issues are gathered and where decisions on the matter are made).

System change, not climate change. – The climate issue is connected to young women. – There is no planet B [ ]

Coupling is a way for media to silently promote its agenda. By promoting the climate media promotes the EU.

“Women must rise against the extreme right”

EU have power ambitions and collect large sums of money and demands the right to legislate. This is connected to useful, free things like free trade and free movement (if you prefer that). Leaving the EU unnecessarily means leaving free trade, like it meant for UK.

Manifestation against lockdown is called “one thousand men march”!

See also connecting conflicts

connecting nationalism to nazism, terrorism etc

Resistance to EU/global control is connected to nazis, terrorists etc.


1. mass immigration, ethnic and religious conflicts

Talk about integration is false. News media and the networks instigated mass immigration to Sweden to create conflict. US racial conflicts are enhanced by the organization Black Lives Matter.


Talk about integration is false. News media and the networks brought the immigrants here to create conflict.%

Those opposing mass immigration are falsely labeled “racists” or “ethno nationalists”. Many countries that have integrated ethnicities well during long time function well. Like Mindanao where military conflicts are exaggerated in media. But visiting foreigners are not as easily accepted.

Social fora bring up violence connected to immigration.

Even major Swedish daily Aftonbladet admits Sweden was wrong in sending fighter planes to topple Ghadaffi. It laid the grounds for a crisis of refugees from Africa.

Terrorists against Sweden’s war are falsely claimed to act out of religious hate.

“I ran over infidels”. Media tries to make us believe the terrorist is on a religious crusade and not protesting (in a sick way) against our military engagement. [“Jag körde på de otrogna”]

[ branding ]

“Which Sweden do you choose?” Alternativ för Sverige is a fake nationalist party trying to connect nationalism to racism. The party works for the establishment. AfS spreads hatred towards immigrants.
Today’s annual International Women’s Day Doodle takes a journey through a series of firsts in women’s history—highlighting female pioneers who have challenged the status quo and paved the way in education, civil rights, science, art, and so much more. – March 8 2021

Color is brought into Women’s Day. Black more dominating than white.

In illustrations, black people are often presented as big and dominating. This adds to division between white and people of color when we are lead to believe black can dominate white.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson (left)

Staffanstorp movie by major party M: First politicians in small town pass legislation that returning IS soldiers will not have free pass on buses (!). Later they produce movie under the pretence of making people move to the town. But the movie shows a guy with “IS-beard” moving in. All to put pressure on town population making them fear IS immigration. Town close to Malmö, abundant in ethnic conflicts. (The community did not even expect any returnees from the war.) It is a way of trying to instill fear of the foreign into the population.

Much discussion has occurred about single young male immigrants from Afghanistan. (A completely unnecessary war that Sweden is carrying out or at least pretends to do in the media.) The immigrants are claimed to have relations with female social workers. Naturally this creates animosity among Swedes against the immigration. This immigration also creates unbalanced male/female ratio in the population.

Actor in Staffanstorp movie also has married Swedish girl. Naturally many young men see the immigrants as competition for finding a wife.

Much is spoken about integration but no real action is taken. Politicians would not import 100.000 Muslims yearly if the immigrants were supposed to become like we and would go smooth.

The whole Middle East charade is falling apart. It has become more and more obvious how f.ex the Israel-Syria “conflict” is bogus. Israel or the US sometimes make symbolic bombings. The conflict is meant to produce refugees that can be sent to other countries. Media run by Jewish networks promote an image of the refugees as dangerous and difficult to integrate. In this way ethnic conflicts are produced in host countries. These racial or religious conflicts based on so called racism could very well be conditioned and learned through news medias image of the immigrants as dangerous. Possibly racism is learned from the news media that separates groups very strictly.

Black Lives Matter

Police unnecessarily kills black suspect. Instead of protesting against police brutality, colonial and slave era monuments are torn down. Protest against police brutality is made into racial conflict. The action should be All Lives Matter.

Meraf Bahta committed an error according to the anti doping rules. Yet she was given advantages by the federation and support from media. The image depicts her defiantly showing a medal she ought not have had the right to compete for. The help (delay) she got evading punishment was on the contrary labelled as “torturing” her. – A typical example how a woman/immigrant is given positive treatment in media to cause division between native Swedes and immigrants.

Ad. August 2020: WA strips Bahta of her medal. But US sprinter Coleman can keep his medal after committing exactly the same breach of rules. USADA just got a preliminary decision from WADA and dropped the case which was identical to Bahta’s. Sweden do not appeal to CAS! Swedish federation claims it can not raise $20.000 and also appeals to the wrong court (Swedish Supreme Court). True reason: If Sweden appeals, USADA handling of Coleman’s case will come into focus. He may lose his medal, in particular if Bahta loses in CAS. … Sweden does not dare to appeal Bahta’s case. She is denied having her case tried and possibly keeping her medal. Most likely US has told us not to appeal.

Another example of ethnic conflicts is naturally the conflicts between black and white in the US. This is enhanced by f.ex the globalist (Soros) supported organization Black Lives Matter.

Another way to achieve ethnic conflicts is by land transfer. Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine and increased the Russian population of the country by 860.000 individuals. Similarly the Soviet Union encouraged Russians to move into republics like Estonia or Latvia.

Mass immigration fills the following functions:

1. Cause division in the population, create ethnic conflicts. A people in conflict can not raise demands on its politicians. – “divide and conquer”

2a. Break borders, obliterate culture, disconnect the population from factors that bind them to their country

2b. Impede economic growth. Make the country inhospitable. Make people hate their country. Swedish culture with low corruption and good relations to neighboring countries is broken.

Nordic culture meant transparency (“offentlighetsprincipen”), low corruption, low abuse of power, low income gaps, peaceful relations to neighboring countries, low violence, safe streets, low conflict, result orientation, good and free education, high tech industry, goal-orientation, frugality, modesty, good and available healthcare, well developed and well spread social care. The economy was not based on imperialism or war. (Cp Michael Moore: “Where should we invade next?”) The Nordic countries are not larger than it is possible for people to monitor what politicians are doing and for democracy to function.

4. Media can reduce the people’s self esteem by telling them they are racist when they in fact are discontent with mass immigration and ethnic conflicts.

5. Media can pressure politicians that they do not do enough for the immigrants.

6. Hide loss of democracy. When media can focus on immigration and ethnic conflicts, basic problems are hidden. These are the financial overtake of the country by international network through among other ways, increasing public debt and controlling politicians through news media and bribes (f.ex board posts or other works during or after their tenure).

If you eat foreign food or marry a foreigner you add to our culture. But politicians are shipping in 100.000 Muslims in a small Christian country yearly, to break society so no joint demands can be made on the politicians. [ -1-, -2- ]

ad. 1. mass immigration, ethnic and religious conflicts

Conflict between Jewish people and muslims originate in the Middle East. Israel now have had conflicts with f.ex Egypt, Syria, Iran, Palestinians.

Conflicts with muslims have been exported from the Middle East. The mass immigration of muslims into Europe has been promoted by media that are often owned by Jewish actors (also naturally originating in the Middle East millennia ago).

Conflicts with muslims are also found in f.ex

* Western China (Xinjiang)

* Pakistan – India border

* Afghanistan

* Southern Caucasus, Armenia – Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)

* Rohingya, Myanmar, Burma

It seems the Middle East people’s have managed to spread their conflict considerably.

Separation of societies between white and black naturally occur in many places: USA, Brazil, South Africa …

Western media indirectly tries to create an image of the muslims as violent and disruptive. But when mass immigration and segregation occurs in a society conflicts will follow.

One question is how much of this export of muslim conflicts from the Middle East is intended to cause division in the population of the recipient countries.

2. feminism

Men build nations. To destroy nations, attack men.

Not admitting the existence of differences between the sexes is central to globalism.% Men and women should have equal opportunities. But globalist media start by assuming that men and women are exactly similar. If f.ex fewer female engineers graduate media therefore assume this is due to oppression and do not in investigate further.

Men and women communicate differently. Women are on average more relation oriented and men are result oriented. This difference between individuals is not taken into account at workplaces etc. As women work relations more they also use conflict as a tool. Their use of hidden control through networking is encouraged.

Women, more than men, on an average, consider belonging to the group more important than result. This is a main reason for globalists promoting women. By promoting women, group formation is enhanced and thereby also the possibility to create conflict between groups, essential to globalist splitting up of society.

Social and manipulative techniques are labeled “skills” or “competence”. Mobbing is overlooked.

News media regularly gives women positive coverage. Affirmative action gives women advantages regarding work. This creates a division between men and women. This is one of the most important ways unity among people in Sweden is broken down. In this way globalist actors break Sweden and make it more susceptible to external influence.

Ångpanneföreningen employ consultants in Sweden. Has a strong globalist agenda. Only employs women during one month every year. This is obviously legal since Sweden is feminist and not equal.

matching opponents

Assange case has now (Jan 2021) run on for 10 years. All prosecutors and judges except Lewis/extradition have been female.

A white man in Sweden is more likely to be received by a woman or immigrant representative for private corps, medicare etc. Some of these representatives seem to have orders to create “friction” (minor conflicts) with the customer.%

Additionally globalization has abolished competition between businesses and large business work more on maintaining conflict in society than to attract customers. This is done in order for Swedish people not to unite and take back control from the EU. As long as people are in conflict, the transfer of power to the EU can continue.

Trump/Pelosi, Trump/Greta, Johnson/Sturgeon

connecting conflicts

By connecting conflicts to other groups than those involved, the press (and sometimes the organizers of demonstrations) can make the conflicts bigger.

In Belarus the alleged uprising against the president is connected to women. This will mean that women in other countries, reading about the conflict, will perceive a conflict between men and women.

The climate issue is connected to young women

EU does not want collaboration between the sexes, as the following photos show.%

See also coupling

The climate issue is connected to women. Ursula_von_der_Leyen Greta_Thunberg Frans_Timmermans Virginijus_Sinkevicius
The climate issue is connected to women.
[ ]
The climate issue is connected to women.

World Economic Forum, Davos:

The climate issue is connected to young women. [ ]

The Guardian:

System change, not climate change. The climate issue is connected to young women. It is also connected to socialism. (“One solution: revolution” in small red text)[ ]

The image above was also edited (“photoshopped”) to include a poster about “change”. If you look carefully, you can see that only two ghost hands are holding one poster. The poster was also edited to remove the words Socialist (Worker) and System (Change). The real signs are shown here:


Socialist Worker, System Change not Climate Change, One solution: Revolution; Climate protesters demonstrate in London, Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

The climate issue is connected to young women. [ ]

On a US talk show Greta Thunberg said it would be a waste of time to talk to president Trump. The show is lead by a homosexual, Ellen DeGeneres.

Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities

[ gov’t official ]

The Swedish PM’s main comment on the new president is that she is a woman! When the UK is asked to nominate a commissioner the main demand is that it is a woman. The commission is a front for global networks. Commissioners do not influence decisions. They take oath to “serve Europe”. Appointment by affirmative action makes nominee more dependent. Women also more networking.

Globalists promote women since women prioritize relations. Women can be put as fronts for organizations that are globalist run behind the official image, like the current EU-commission. The commissioners come and go but policy stays the same. Including women by affirmative action makes them more likely to follow a general agenda than had they been selected for other qualities than being a woman.

Promoting women can also be used to cause division between the sexes. It can be questioned why people should be included because of their sex. Like often, measures that are claimed to produce “equality” will in fact cause separation and conflict. We must give equal opportunities but that does not necessarily lead to affirmative action.

The family is attacked as being patriarchal in order to break up unity in society. Catholicism is attacked. Soros and Clinton seem to have taken part in overthrowing the Pope.

A political interpretation of the movie The Matrix and Red Pill/Blue Pill is that the world is controlled by hidden networks. Taking the red pill would mean understanding this.

This concept has been distorted into a decoy by, among others, Roosh V (Daryush Valizdah). They twist ‘resistance to affirmative action for women’ into treating women as sex objects. Roosh V has an Iranian father. As described above, Iran plays a double game with the US. Reddit supports this misconception in a ‘subreddit’.

3. youth revolt

For example is Greta Thunberg’s agenda centered around turning youth against the older generation.

“You are failing us. But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you.” (Greta Thunberg UN speech)%

Greta’s true message is revolt against authorities. In this case against “eltern generation” (German: the parents’ generation).

The same methods were used during the Chinese cultural revolution.

attacking the family

The family is a core structure in society. To destabilize society the family is attacked. Feminism outs women against men and youth revolt puts children against parents.%

Greta’s true message is revolt against authorities. In this case against “eltern generation” (German: the parents’ generation).

Strong families have accumulated great wealth over centuries and are now converting it into political power. To destroy the societies they enter, the global networks attack families.

attacking older, white men

Men build nations, cars and many other things. To attack nations, attack men.

The few white men that are accepted are often of Jewish background: Zuck, Page, Brin, probably Musk.

Non-Jewish white men that are accepted and popular in media are few: Bezos (religion unknown)

White men that have aged now built much of society. A part of destabilization is to attack them and men in general. Examples

* The spin around Greta Thunberg: Greta helpline video against middle aged men, rebel news aggressive reporter, “Sven” wrongly criticizing FFF finances, Greta refusing contacts with Trump, at first refusing to shake hands w/ Sassoli, The Guardian handing out prize wishing older, white men to die.

* Lukachenko, Belarus, is pitched against female opposition leader and female protesters in media photos. Western leaders complain but didn’t even send election observers.

[ ]

* Tucker Carlson, part of the agenda, attacks a female soldier, having lost her legs in the Iraq war, for being a coward! Intentionally making a fool of himself.

* The press constantly smearing Trump and Johnson.

[ breaking bad ]

* Madsen. Case could be fake.

* Thomas Quick, Margit Norell, implanted memories, child abuse

* Hagen kidnapping

* Nicola Sturgeon vs Boris Johnson

* Joe Biden is elected US president even though he is senile or at least acts like it.

Joe Biden acts senile with strange attraction to children and behavior to women. This is used to put forward VP Kamala Harris.

Harris seeks her own unique path at White House


this blog

* Japanese Olympic Committee boss, former PM resigns.

Mori made the sexist remark – that women talk too much – at a Japanese Olympic Committee board meeting early this month, setting off a storm of criticism at home and abroad.


Burning Bush [poster signature]:

If he had simply said:

“Men are not as expressive in meetings as women”

Everything would have been fine.

* Jair Bolsonaro

Constantly smeared in media. Predicted to be forced to resign but has so far continued on his post. (april 2021) The situation resembles Trump’s) Both probably very aware of the situation and performing acts.

* Julian Assange

Sigurdur Thordarson (left), WikiLeaks associate, convicted of fraud and sex with underaged boys. (Siggi hakkari, “Siggi the Hacker”) Here together with Assange. – It is not a conincidence that Thordarson was convicted for exactly the same two crimes as Assange (sexrelated and hacking) have been accused of.

Assange revealed US war crimes but ended up in jail himself. News media that published his material turned the back on him and smeared him giving room in media to women accusing him of sex crimes, investigations that were terminated in lack of evidence.

* Gates criticizes Greta but at the same time make a poor performance by defending his private jet flights. (intentional)

* EU president Juncker. A drunkard would have been removed from the post unless his condition/acting was meant to be displayed intentionally.

A drunk EU president Juncker needs support
A drunk EU president Juncker wearing one brown and one black shoe

Exchanging incapacitated Juncker for von der Leyen is that same kind of act as Biden probably will be replaced by Harris.


wwr: 75813796

Först sätter de in Biden som är en senil pedofil och helt inkompetent. Sedan kör de feministagendan och byter ut honom mot Harris.

De körde exakt samma grej med EU-presidenten

Här är Juncker så full att han inte kan stå upp.

Här är han så full att han fått på sig en brun och en svart sko.

Sedan böts han ut mot von der Leyen.

Exakt samma feministagenda. Sätt in en man som är eller spelar inkompetent och byt honom mot en kvinna.

Juncker eller Biden skulle aldrig få behålla jobben om det inte fanns en orsak.

“pale, male and stale”

Alexander Straßner [de], a professor of political science at the University of Regensburg, accused [Luisa Neubauer] of using the term “old white men“ as a synonym for people with different opinions to discredit people with different opinions.[22]


These conflicts are only staged within the elite. The real target is not Lukachenko or Johnson. The effect is to increase conflicts between men and women in the population. Women are meant to identify themselves with f.ex Sturgeon and be discontent with men. In that way men and women can not unite and raise demands on leaders.

Obama: Republicans portraying white men as ‘victims’ helped Trump win votes


body shape; Summary 04 (020)
attack older white men; Summary 04 (020)
news coordinated; Summary 04 (040)
appearances; Summary 04 (050)
archetypes; Summary 04 (060)
Greta Thunberg, slim
diet food, body-shape

Slim, globalist
Obama, Biden, John Bolton, John Kerry, von der Leyen, Robert Mueller, Pelosi, Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Sassoli, Lagarde, Wolodarski
exceptions: Mutti, Timmermans

Overweight, national agenda (Trump connection)
Trump, Johnson, Lukachenko, Orbán, Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Bolsonaro, Juholt, Barr (Pompeo), Sven-Olle Olsson
exceptions: Kasselstrand

Overweight nazi agenda
the latest two NMR-leaders

Overweight “axis of evil”
Rouhani, Zarif, Kim Jong-un, “al-Baghdadi”
exception: bin Laden

Overweight “bad boy”

Strange hairdo
Trump, Johnson, Puigdemont

Blonde dyeing
Trump, Assange, Giuliani (not blonde)

Good looking, globalist
Musk, Trudeau, Zelensky, Yuschchenko (“poisoned”)

Pointing finger
Rouhani, Giuliani, NMR-leaders, islamists

Unshaven and messy
Assange leaving the embassy (“whistleblower is really a sex criminal that got away”)

Short stature
Putin, Zelensky

Swedish party leaders
all globalist

promoting women, often non-white; stereotypes

Women are promoted in media and many other fields.%

Adobe Acrobat sign up screen
GoDaddy login screen
4. promoting LGBT

Almost any group can be used by globalists to cause division in society. News media promote gays and describe them as different from others. They are also given a role in media as “funny and playful” as is described below. Promoting “playful” gays also has a destabilizing effect on the family which is built on a heterosexual relationship. LGBT are less likely to have children in their own. Therefore they will not make arrangements for their own family and are can be used by globalists. The globalists on their hand, have strong families that continue building wealth over centuries.

LGBT lifestyle, as promoted by media, destabilizes the nuclear family. But the major factor in destabilizing the family is feminism.

By employing professional activists performing over sexualized Pride parades, further distancing of the gay group is achieved.

But what some object to is the extreme activists, not the gays.

5. groups

[climate, veganism, body shape, diagnoses]


climate activism divides the population


body shape

Trump, Johnson, Lukachenko, Tucker Carlson, Rudy Giuliani, Kim Jong-un, Victor Orbán,

Juncker, alcohol problems

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Justin Trudeau, Robert Mueller, John Bolton, John Kerry (not Franz Timmermans)

body shape; Summary 04 (020)
attack older white men; Summary 04 (020)
news coordinated; Summary 04 (040)
appearances; Summary 04 (050)
archetypes; Summary 04 (060)
Greta Thunberg, slim
diet food, body-shape

Slim, globalist
Obama, Biden, John Bolton, John Kerry, von der Leyen, Robert Mueller, Pelosi, Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Sassoli, Lagarde, Wolodarski
exceptions: Mutti, Timmermans

Overweight, national agenda (Trump connection)
Trump, Johnson, Lukachenko, Orbán, Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Bolsonaro, Juholt, Barr (Pompeo), Sven-Olle Olsson
exceptions: Kasselstrand

Overweight nazi agenda
the latest two NMR-leaders

Overweight “axis of evil”
Rouhani, Zarif, Kim Jong-un, “al-Baghdadi”
exception: bin Laden

Overweight “bad boy”

Strange hairdo
Trump, Johnson, Puigdemont

Blonde dyeing
Trump, Assange, Giuliani (not blonde)

Good looking, globalist
Musk, Trudeau, Zelensky, Yuschchenko (“poisoned”)

Pointing finger
Rouhani, Giuliani, NMR-leaders, islamists

Unshaven and messy
Assange leaving the embassy (“whistleblower is really a sex criminal that got away”)

Short stature
Putin, Zelensky

Swedish party leaders
all globalist


Diagnoses are also promoted. Greta Thunberg (Asperger/autism spectrum) and Lenín Moreno (paraplegic from gun shot during robbery) are promoted. Tammy Duckworth%

This will lead to further division in society.

Any disability should naturally be supported in every way and any obstacle possibly overcome by society. But like with LGBT the group should not be promoted as better than the majority. (Greta Thunberg: “Asperger means super powers”)

group before facts

In many areas of society your group will be more important than the actual situation. Affirmative action for women is one example. A social hierarchy is constructed.%

Affirmative action will in itself promote inequalities since the women selected by affirmative action will promote this way of selection.

6. Conflicts between peoples of different nations

The peoples of different nations are pitched against each other while the leaders unite.%

One important reason to vilify other countries is to make people support their leaders.

— Nordic unity —

New York Times claims that other Nordic countries hate Sweden for its less pronounced lockdown. Many other newspapers try to instill the same kind of hatred.

The global networks made Swedish PM Löfven not shut down Sweden to be able to make the press pretend the other Nordic countries showed hatred towards Sweden for this lack of action.

Similar languages, culture, societies, success in science, economy, social systems, peace. Nordic unity is a threat to globalisation.

Swede Greta refuses to accept a prize from the Nordic Council. Greta makes another strange move to criticize a Danish sewage plant for polluting waters common with Sweden. This is completely normal during rebuilding.

NMR (Nordiska MotståndsRörelsen, “nordic resistance movement”) is a fake nazi organization. They are probably paid by Soros or similar to act up a nazi threat to make legitimate criticism of Jewish media owners (which own the four big dailys in Sweden) seem like nazism.

Another example of this are the cold war

This way to create conflict is often used, like f.ex when US President Biden does not invite all world leaders to discuss the alleged global problem of global warming.

attack on nordic countries

The Nordic countries had highly developed soxieties, not based on conflict and war. They were a threat to the global agenda.


Also see nordic unity and Nordic countries.


wwr: 75585090

Detta förefaller vara fake news.

Sverige har bjudits in till president Joe Bidens klimattoppmöte som hålls i slutet av veckan.

Miljöminister Per Bolund kommer att delta vid ett rundabordssamtal som anordnas av USA:s klimatsändebud John Kerry på fredag,

Mötet är ett toppmöte med Biden, Putin, Xi, Merkel etc. Då måste Löfven representera Sverige. Man kan inte skicka Bolund.

Här står om deltagarna, listan har varit klar länge.

(FB) Globalt klimatmöte anordnas utav Biden !

Det verkar som man i sista stund försökt täcka över att Sverige inte inbjudits genom att låta Bolund prata med Kerry.

Bolund gästspelar på USA:s klimattoppmöte

Sverige har bjudits in som tillfällig gäst till klimatmötet Leaders Summit on Climate på fredag.

Sverige representeras på toppmötet av EU-presidenten v.d. Leyen!

Klimatagendan handlar om att ta inflytande och pengar från enskilda länder och skapa en global diktatur. I Sveriges fall skall besluten flyttas till EU. Därför får inte de svenska politikerna göra klimatsatsningar. Alla pengar skall gå till EU.

Greta talar inte med de svenska politikerna. Hon vägrade ta emot ett pris hon fick av Nordiska Rådet.

De globala nätverken är rädda för de nordiska länderna. De utgjorde framgångsrika samhällen som byggde på fred och samförstånd. Den globala diktaturen bygger på ständiga konflikter mellan länder samt konflikter inom befolkningen (massinvandring, extrem feminism, Internettroll etc). Därför attackeras de nordiska länderna. I detta fall kommer man att försöka ta ifrån dem resurser med klimatet som förevändning.

Ett annat sätt att attackera de nordiska länderna är att attackera de äldre vita män som byggde dem. Därför har man tillsatt Biden. Han är en vit gubbe som är eller spelar senil pedofil. Man planerar förmodligen att ersätta honom med en färgad kvinna (Harris) och då kommer pressen att prisa henne.

Ytterligare ett sätt som Norden attackeras är uppsplittring. Till klimatmötet har man bjudit in Norge och Danmark men inte Sverige eller Finland. Man försöker sära de nordiska länderna.

Här står mer om det:

(FB) Globalt klimatmöte anordnas utav Biden !

Har man ett globalt problem måste man självklart bjuda in samtliga världsledare (195) inte bara 40 av dem. Det går att arrangera med gruppdiskussioner eller liknande. Men nätverken försöker som alltid skapa splittring.

Sverige representeras på toppnivå av EU-presidenten. Det är tyvärr så det ser ut.


Russians, Icarus, Rodchenkov, false evidence, no one could open the bottles, neutrals, $10 mn fine, RUSada infiltration


Bahta lost medal, not Coleman


Therese Johaug, Marit Björgen (2012)

Cross-country skiers in Norway are made to use more perform enhancing drugs, trolls in foras enhance this into conflicts between Norwegians and Swedes.

Later also Johaug may have picked up on drug use. Had one ban for anabolic steroids and now looks like this. Cp to picture above.

Therese Johaug, 2019

[ EU inequalities ]

Peoples are pitched against each other, so that leaders can unite against them. (Few exceptions, like Correa or Morales are removed.)

[ introduction conflicts between countries]

[ hating one’s country]

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Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


Summary 04 (030)


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