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Linux, Ubuntu

Datasystemet Linux är en gratis, välfungerande konkurrent till Windows från Microsoft.

One variant (“distro”, “dist”) of Linux is Ubuntu. It was founded by highly wealthy entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth from S. Africa by hiring about 10 programmers from the distro Debian. Those programmers were working without salary at that time. Ubuntu is controlled by Shuttleworth through the private company Canonical which, as a private company, does not have to disclose its finances.

Man förvånas att Linux inte fått en större spridning. Linuxanvändare träffas ofta anonymt via forum på Internet. Vissa regelbundna deltagare i diskussionerna hyser märkliga åsikter som att “om Linux bara fungerar bra så räcker det, vi behöver inte sprida det till andra”, “vi behöver inte ha något forum, det räcker med frågor och svar”, “numera fungerar Linux så bra att forumen inte behövs”. De skapar också konflikter och försöker leda in medlemmarna på detaljfrågor. En  befattningshavare i ett stort svenskt forum ansåg det konstigt att man överhuvudtaget skulle försöka sprida systemet till andra. “Om det bara fungerar för mig så räcker det.” ansåg hen. Man bortser på ett märkligt sätt från de fördelar som uppstår om människor med olika erfarenheter deltar i projektet och kan utveckla det i olika riktningar. Många medlemmar (troll?) i forum har en attityd som stöder bort “vanligt folk” ur forumen.

Man kan  misstänka att dessa medlemmar är false flag-troll  betalda av globalistiska intressen för att infiltrera Linuxforum. Vilken roll Microsoft kan ha är svårt att bedöma.

A discussion, often taking place in Linux forums is “should we build our organization around as many people as possible, or only around Linux specialists”. To this blog it is obvious that one should try to recruit as many people with different experience as possible. However, most Linux forums lead a low key life with specialists fighting other specialists over technical details. No one is interested in spreading the excellent system to others!!

South Africa is a country with a history tensions between white and black people. In this aspect its situationcan be compared to conflicts between Jews and Palestinians in and around Israel. The Jewish population in S.A. is the 12th largest in the world. One Mossad agent convicted for the killing of an innocent person in Lillehammer, Norway retired in S. Africa. Some believe Israel has tested nuclear weapons by help from the S. African air force. These are just random observations. Connections between the two countries are many.

When Shuttleworth planned Ubuntu he made a trip to the South Pole on an icebreaker. He has also travelled in space as a private astronaut with the Russian space program. Both destinations (ice melting, global perspective) are typically interesting to globalists.


The way Ubuntu has been run raises questions. It sometimes seem to have been intentionally constructed to be user-UN-friendly. The way Canonical has treated its communities makes you ask if Canonical is NOT interested in creating prosperous communities world wide. Obviously difficult points like partitioning are not addressed properly, for any ordinary computer user to deal with. But for the few interested that take the time to learn a few basics, Linux is definitely as good as or  better than Windows, also in personal computers (not only servers) except for a few highly specialized programs that have been made solely for Windows, like some games.

At one stage the Swedish community was very prosperous and attracted many members. However, at an on-line meeting with Canonical it was not approved as an official Ubuntu forum. Canonical officials were even ridiculing the large number of members since all of them were not specialized in Linux and active with technical matters. The decision not to approve the forum was surprising to many. This meeting, became a blow to the Swedish forum from which it never recuperated. All its continued activities constantly diminished and today activity is very low.

The leader at this time was an “ordinary” person, attacked by Linux “specialists”, Finally resigning to a leader whose goal was to replace the community with Q & A webpage!

Some highly active members in a sister-forum also made many troll attacks toards the official Swedish Ubuntu community. Ridiculing its strive for democracy, sabotaging its voting by trying to make it end a draw, using anonymous mobile accounts. In an open atmosphere, these trolls could argue for complicated administrative models for governing the forum in a way that alienated the forum leadership from the members. Many members in both forums argued for non democratic top down control.

Democratic processes were sometimes risiculed by making election processes unnecessarily complicated.

Canonical, controlling the communities did not work for simplicity. But reporting was complicated and formal. Advanced terminology like “triage” was used. Simple bugs regarding the graphical interface were not solved. Once Canonical sent out templates for what background colors Ubuntu web pages should have. They also once went totally contrary to the idea of Linux by sending user search results directly to Amazon! The connection between Amazon and the globalist network is becoming more and more clear.

Trolls from another Swedish Ubuntu forum often attacked the official, democratically run forum. A tension was supposed to be created between the leaderships of the two forums. This tension was real as long as the democratic forum had an “odinary” person as its leader. The “ordinary” person was even accused of grave verbal assault of sexual nature against the family of the leader private forum. It seemed like an unlikely event and was probably planted by trolls.

When the “ordinary” person resigned as leader he was replaced by a leader that wanted to replace the forum by Q & A website! Due to constant conflicts and many trolls working against the idea of an open community the forum gradually lost its members and is now of very low activity. The new leader for the forum expressed clearly that forum activity is not necessarily to seek for!! One member arguing for democratic governance had extremely complicated way of writing. With my present experience of foras I would say it was a false flag troll simulating weird personality and dyslexia.

The forum administrators were more interested in handing out bans than creating a lively community.

Today (2018) it seems the community has erased its earlier history (from their servers) up to and including the disasterous meeting where this highly active forum was disapproved as an official community by Canonical around the year 2010.

The Linux community often uses podcasts, a method that counteracts the purpose of spreading the word.




The author of this blog sometimes uses Linux, and has partaken in its forums, but has not had any top position in the organization. The author has learned about relations with Canonical by reading forum posts and protocols from meetings, not by taking part in such meetings.

It is not a proven fact, but this blog asks the question if Ubuntu is intentionally constructed to make Linux unsuccessful for personal users but at the same time be dominant within the field of Linux?

This blog suspects that Google had a large influx of globalist capital early in its history and has thereby become a tool for controlling and manipulating information world-wide.

It is said Shuttleworth made his fortune from an IT security firm, Thawte. 1999 VeriSign bought Thawte from Shuttleworth for $575 million.

This blog raises the question if this firm also received donations from globalist capital in order to control the Linux field. Linux has the capacity to take over much of the market from Microsoft and in doing this, creating active, independent communities world wide. This may be considered a threat by globalist interests.

Naturally anti-Linux activities would be expected to be supported by Microsoft. However, this area has not  been studied by this blog. A strong business like Microsoft has the ability to force computer sellers to include and charge computer buyers for Microsoft Windows even though some of them immediately change the operating system to Linux (“the Mircosoft tax”).

The ethnic origin of the successful Ubuntu/Linux entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth is not clear, neither that of Elon Musk. This blog asks if people like Zuckerberg, Page, Brin and Shuttleworth are fronts/facades for globalist capital taking control over information, world wide.

Elon Musk, like Shuttleworth comes from South Africa, a country with good relations with Israel. (Some suspect Israeli developed nuclear weapons have been tested from South African air force planes over the seas of the Antarctic. One Mossad agent from Lillehammer mission retired in S. Africa) South Africa also has tensions between ethnicities. Musk has good media support, a Jewish given name after his grandfather but his ethnicity is not known even though he is often given ample place in the media.

2018 07 10
Elon Musk goes to Thailand and offers a mini submarine as assistance in cave rescue even though it is deemed impractical.

Just returned from Cave 3. Mini-sub is ready if needed. It is made of rocket parts & named Wild Boar after kids’ soccer team. Leaving here in case it may be useful in the future. Thailand is so beautiful


Elon Musk leaves ‘impractical kid-sized sub’ at Thailand cave
Despite being told by the head of the rescue operation that the submarine was not practical for the rescue mission, Musk stated he was leaving the submarine “here in case it may be useful in the future”.

Stackars Elon, ett missförstått geni.
Elon Musk: “I have an ingenious plan to rescue the trapped boys”

Thai rescuers: “It’s okay bro we started two days ago”

Elon Musk: “A submarine with maglev turbo blast thrusters”

Rescuers: “we’ve rescued five already”

Elon Musk: “underwater galactic rescue escape pod”

(En fejkad men kul dialog)

Hans insats i grottdramat kan ge honom lite motlut på Twitter ett tag.

Elon Musk leaves ‘impractical kid-sized sub’ at Thailand cave



IRC is often used for support within the Linux community. But new users that need support are not familiar with IRC. It ends up with Linux specialists talking about the weather or extremely specialized technical systems. Discussions that lead nowhere.

These people often don’t even know programming. They just learn about which new systems are replacing which in the Linux technology. The people discussing are neither programmers, nor helpful support members. They just carry on discussions about technical details. These discussions are intended to be boring. They often know in detail hjow the system works, but they are extremely reluctant to help ordinary users in an normal web forum.

Considering the probably very high infiltration of globalist elements in free software, it is also easy to understand how Google, using a lot of proprietary software, is so well accepted in these circles. “Summer of code” may be just a decoy to erroneously explain this lack of criticism against Google. Probable globalist trolls in Linux circles often use Google groups instead of Facebook.

Richard Stallman

Possibly RMS is also controlled opposition.
GNU is a “reverse acronym” (“backronym”)
GNU numbering starts at 0 “like C”
Spoke stupidly about child sex

Another globalist author mentioning backronyms is Douglas Hofstadter, son of the Nobel Prize winning physicist Robert, Jewish family.

[ Gödel, Escher, Bach ] – Making bright, young people interested in highly theoretical pursuits in order to make them not take part in f.ex politics.




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