Svensk politik: 2: Alternativ för Sverige (01)


Alternativ för Sverige (1)

The new party Alternativ  för Sverige (AfS) sprung from SD youth section may enter elections.

The party Medborgerlig Samling (MED) is supposed to be nationalist. Some believe it is a false flag party that can be activated by MSM if AfS becomes successful.

[ Addition, April 2019: As described in this blog, AfS also proved to be false flag. Leader is MBA, military Kasselstrand that used to globalize Russian farmland and did market surveys on Finland, most likely useful for multinational corps. All AfS is globalist. They want to kick out immigrants that have been accepted here. A policy easily refuted. Reduce parliament. Increase defense. Act disparagingly against immigrants. Critcize journalists but nt media owners. Etc etc ]

The leader of MED (Ilan Sadé) is born in Israel with a Jewish father. Jewish interests are often globalist and anti nationalist. MED being a mole could be a likely hypothesis. Jewish interests are masters at playing both sides. Like f.ex Adelson giving $100 million to Trump’s campaign. Continue reading “ Svensk politik: 2: Alternativ för Sverige (01)”