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One year after the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis, the blog summarizes the case:


Arjen Kamphuis, Assanges medarbetare, försvunnen i Norge sedan 20/8 -18


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K was a hiker. Bought a kayak in Holland. The kayak and his documents were found at sea in N Norway.

10 days after the disappearance his cell was used in S. Norway.

The last seen of him was in Bodö hotel. He was thought to have taken a train in N Norway.

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One year after the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis, the blog summarizes:


#ArjenKamphuis alleged kayak trip:at night,tide,current, unknown waters, alone. (Worlds strongest tidal current 30k away) His personality described as “better safe than sorry”
If he had paddled he must have worn a life jacket.
Body would have been found floating. – He never paddled

Twitter Dag Öien
I own a smaller version OruKayak. Very solid product. The kayak as presented on police pictures is not assembled properly. The zipper channels, stern bulkhead, orange lid floorboard, seat pad and backrest is missing. Doesn’t look seaworthy. #FindArjen #orukayak

Someone killed Arjen and assembled it as a decoy. Alone,@ night, tide,current.Must have had life jacket. But no body found floating.Kayak found on land. Cyber specialist close to Fauske satellite base, spent 10 days Bodö w.out talking to ppl… Killed by CIA?

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The New Yorker beskriver hur en misstänkt korrupt läkare/sjukhusägare i Kalifornien, Benzeevi, hyr ex-Mossadagenter för att motverka en “folkrörelse” mot sjukhusägaren, i kommunen. Det handlar om valet av en styrelsemedlem, den som tar den platsen kontrollerar styrelsen och sjukhuset.