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One year after the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis, the blog summarizes the case:


#ArjenKamphuis is now missing since 2 months. The case is of general interest. POLICE MUST SHARE what the train conductor said. How do police explain the kayak being erroneously assembled, severely damaged, missing vital parts. (1)

… “He was within 70-80 km of Bodö all the time.” But where?

… #ArjenKamphuis kayak was not in a state to be used at sea.
Why did it take 3 weeks before the train conductor was interviewed? Who found the kayak, where? Where was the seat found? (2)

… We have not seen one single interview with #ArjenKamphuis family! MEDIA MUST GIVE MATERIAL DIRECTLY FROM Arjen’s relatives. We still have no idea what they think. (3/3)

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05. Methods: 5.006 Tidsaspekter på nyhetsförmedling, initiala tvivel, erased material, news slant, fake news, “will occur”

5 Metoder: 5.6 Tidsaspekter på nyhetsförmedling

Tidsaspekter på nyhetsförmedling

Grundläggande är att information ofta blåses upp och förvrängs i det skede den fokuseras i media. När senare informationen korrigeras har den fallit ur medias fokus. Media hoppas att någotav den initiala, förvrängda informationen fastnar i allmänhetens medvetande.