Chemical weapons

Chemical weapons are increasingly used as a way to accuse opponents of illegal warfare. The evidence are often extremely weak.
In two of alleged attacks with chemical weapons (Halabja, Khan Sheikoun) Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (Doctors Without Borders) support the conclusion of gas attack, without solid evidence. Chemical weapons
Halabja 1988 The evidence of a gas attack are merely based on descriptions. Some victims were blue around the mouth and there was a smell of apple. Continue reading “ Chemical weapons” (01) Iran

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Many conclusions on this page must be reconsidered. After evaluating the Iran-US conflict as a whole, this blog concludes it is fake. Iran is under US control and is made to play enemy in a game similar to the cold war.

After USA toppled the Saddam regime in Iraq and replaced it with Shia rule, Iran has become stronger in the Middle East. Another enemy of Israel, Assad’s Syria is also ruled by Shia.

USA is trying to counteract this with sanctions against Iran to make it stop its nuclear program.

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