00.5 News media and globalization, Sweden – A democracy?


Massmedia och globaliseringen

News media and globalization, Sweden – A democracy?

Новости СМИ и глобализация. является шведской демократией?
新闻媒体和全球化. 瑞典是不是一个民主国家?

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00.6 Om bloggen, terminologi

Den här bloggen handlar om massmedia, globaliseringen och vem som styr Sverige.

Bloggen utgör ofta kommentarer till artiklar i media. Den påbörjades under oktober 2017. Den kommenterar inte enbart nyhetsmedia. Den ställer även sociala media och andra fenomen i relation till globaliseringen. Mer om bloggens uppkomst finns här.

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This blog uses the term globalization primarily to describe detrimental supranational control. Relations between independent countries by trade, culture, diplomacy etc are usually a good thing. Non-democratic control by media and other supranational networks is not. (Some call this “NWO” or use related terms.)

The terms right and left have changed in meaning. They used to refer to the distribution of wealth. But nowadays they more refer to nationalism vs globalism. USSR used to be connected to left, but has now become close to a model country for nationalism. Swedish conservatives were/are globalists financially and also took part in the destruction of Sweden through mass immigration (Reinfeldt/Borg) together with several other parties “7-klöver”.

Trolls often try to defend globalism by pointing out the positive aspects of travelling, international contacts, free trade, good diplomatic relations, use of credit cards etc. But what constitutes the core problem of globalization is when foreign powers control governments. The term NWO describes this. (The term ZOG has an anti-semite ring and also excludes non-Jewish globalists and is avoided in this text.)

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