02.01 Destabilisering, ledare: 2. Internationella organisationer; church, pope Francis, Catholicism, Latin America, christians, bahai, United Nations, ICC; George Soros; meddling in elections  3. Destabilisering och påverkan av internationella organisationer

Internationella organisationer kan påverka globaliseringen på olika sätt. Svenska media undviker på alla sätt att se sambandet mellan internationella organisationer och globaliseringen. Generellt mörkläggs globaliseringen.



Kyrkan har historiskt varit en stark organisation som globalistiska media sökt destabilisera. Email från Clintons rådgivare John Podesta publicerades på Wikileaks och tyder på att Geroge Soros och Hillary Clinton kan ha varit delaktiga i att störta påven 2013. Den dåvarande påven avgick då självmant, vilket ingen påve gjort på 800 år. Den nye påven har en tydligt globalistisk framtoning.


Re: opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing . . .

To: sandynewman@gmail.com
CC: tara.mcguinness@gmail.com
Date: 2012-02-11 11:45
Subject: Re: opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing . . .

We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a
moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now.
Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this
one will have to be bottom up. I’ll discuss with Tara. Kathleen
Kennedy Townsend is the other person to consult.
On 2/10/12, Sandy Newman wrote:
> Hi, John,
> This whole controversy with the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage even
> though 98% of Catholic women (and their conjugal partners) have used
> contraception has me thinking . . . There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in
> which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship


Soros-Podesta connection: (probably many more exists)

And when Soros sought to build U.S. pressure on Ukraine policy in 2016, he turned to Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, as a prelude to Nuland.

The Hill

Sanford “Sandy” Newman

(born April 25, 1952) is an American non-profit executive. Between 1982 and 2017, he founded and served as president of three non-profits, Project VOTE![1] Fight Crime: Invest in Kids,[2] and Voices for Progress.
Early life and education Edit
Newman was born and raised in Washington, D.C and graduated from Walt Whitman High School. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in government from Wesleyan University in 1974 and a J.D. from the University of Virginia Law School.[3] He is the son of a labor, civil rights and women’s rights attorney Winn Newman[4] and women’s rights advocate Elaine Newman,[5] and became involved in civil rights advocacy as a teen.[6]

Pope Francis tvättar and kysser flyktingars fötter.

Påven Francis förefaller också ha avskaffat helvetet! Continue reading “ 02.01 Destabilisering, ledare: 2. Internationella organisationer; church, pope Francis, Catholicism, Latin America, christians, bahai, United Nations, ICC; George Soros; meddling in elections” Anti-Russian activities and media coverage; Mueller investigation (000); Mueller investigation in Sweden?


Links to other blog posts about the cold war and anti-Russian activities can be found here.


Anti-Russian activities and media coverage

Several anti Russian activities have been carried out. Often based on no or very weak evidence. (“highly likely Russia”) Western powers are quick to blame Russia. The Rodchenkov affair (McLaren report) was  not based on any evidence. In the Skripal affair UK blamed Russia before any evidence could be presented. It still (2018 03 24) seems possible that many countries can manufacture the alleged poison Novichok A234. The OPCW report can not tie Russia to the manufacturing of the poison. Putin is constantly vilified in Western media. Continue reading “ Anti-Russian activities and media coverage; Mueller investigation (000); Mueller investigation in Sweden?” (001) elections, influencing elections, election meddling, investigations thereof

Influencing elections

OSSE skickar observatörer till det svenska valet för första gången! Man skall studera finansiering av valkampanjerna.
Skall man “göra en Mueller” mot SD?
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Political trials:

Julian Assange
Anklagelserna mot Julian Assange har handlagts på ett mycket oklart sätt. Svenska media fokuserar på de svenska anklagelserna och talar inte om risken för att JA utlämnas till USA. Anklagelserna rör samlag med två kvinnor som säger sig inte ha godkänt samlag utan kondom. Detta har lett till att Julian Assange har tvingats stanna på den ecuadorianska ambassaden i London i 6 år och ingen förändring är i sikte. Naturligtvis har denna “internering” andra orsaker.
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Bay of Pigs
Many believe that if The New York Times had not withheld crucial information, the failed (and for the US, embarrassing) invasion of Cuba would never have taken place.
It is very difficult to investigate situations like Watergate or Bay of Pigs. Any search using Google will be under heavy globalist agenda, in this case often protecting The New York Times.
The New York Times and The Washington Post contributed significantly to the ban of Russian athletes during the Olympic Games in PyeongChang in 2018. -1-  -2-  -3-
The Rodchenkov affair had notable repercussions in media over the world. Based on extremely weak evidence Russia was accused of systematic doping in sport. Jewish networks were activated: The producer of the film Icarus (of Jewish descent) contacted the New York Times (owners of Jewish descent) and the newspaper, together with the Washington Post started a spread of information where other papers followed. See “newspaper of record“. (Therefore antidoping has later been targeted by political actors.
Other similar attacks on Russia, also based on false evidence had much less impact, like “chemical weapons used by Syria”, “nerve gas attacks in UK/Salisbury”. To avoid realizing the differences between people of different ethnicities, Africans are tested harder than others for doping violations. Russian athletes must prove their innocence where others have not to.

The New York Times (reporter Judith Miller) contributed significantly to making the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 happen. The evidence were false.
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