(02) Iran


Saudi oil tankers show 'significant damage' after attack – Riyadh
Attack on vessels, one bound for US, follow warnings Iran or proxies could target shipping

Två saudiska, en norsk, en UAE-tanker påstås skadade. Reuters påstår sig ha sett bilder, men inget offentligt. Inget oljespill.

En av saudi-tankers var på väg till US.
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Deep State
The US works like Sweden. Presidents and politicians change but policy stays the same.
Trump becoming president made Deep State more visible to ordinary people since Obama and Deep State acted like one.
Assad: Why talk to Trump if he doesn’t control the US? (Russia Today, RT)
we don’t think the president of that regime [US] is in control. We all believe that the deep state, the real state, is in control, or is in control of every president, and that is nothing new. It has always been so in the United States, at least during the last 40 years, at least since Nixon, maybe before, but it’s becoming starker and starker, and the starkest case is Trump.
Bashar Hafez al-Assad, President of Syria -1- -2-
Putin (Oliver Stone)
Putin (Le Figaro)
Skripal case: Neither UK nor Russia will gain from this incudent. Russia loses reputation by the accusations of using nerve gas agsins civilians, UK loses reputation by making ghe unreasonable accusations. Someone else must have orchestrated the attack. Someone else is NWO/Deep State. (Earlier the term ZOG was used. It has a bad ring and focuses on Zionism. Globalism is wider than Zionism. The term was maybe constructed by false flag trolls. Jokingly the world globalist network is sometimes called Skynet, referring to an AI network controlling the world trying to exterminate mankind, in the movie sequel Terminator. Another term used is “shadow government”.
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See INF treaty

95-årige Kissinger gjorde sin plikt och hyllade McCain i ett tal. Men för det blev han påhoppad av en sajt som heter alternet. Man tar även fram en gammal bild där en aktivisttjej dinglar handbojor framför K. Det var oväntat.
Kanske någon slags omvänd propaganda? – Tänk så synd den är om den gamle diplomathjälten, påhoppad så orättvist??

Tillägg 2v senare:
Som citatsidan visar så har Kissinger uttalat sig positivt om Trump. Detta är orsaken till att den gamle stjärdiplomaten nu sågas i media.
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Zeitgeist; Globalism is the new Communism
The spirit of the time (spirit of the age) is naturally very important to the discussions on globalization. This aspect has not yet been incorporated into the blog.
Starting from the 1960’s criticism of society was serious and now lacks focus.
Consumers’ rights against multinational corporations have become weaker. The possibility for common people to find responsible officers in companies have been reduced.
Accidentally the blog searched for information on the Norwegian “seal hunting inspector” Lindberg. In 1989 he published videos of the grim clubbing of seals to death that evoked a public outrage. (Norway also lost a case in the European court of appeal and had to extend its laws on the freedom of speech.)
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Bay of Pigs
Many believe that if The New York Times had not withheld crucial information, the failed (and for the US, embarrassing) invasion of Cuba would never have taken place.
It is very difficult to investigate situations like Watergate or Bay of Pigs. Any search using Google will be under heavy globalist agenda, in this case often protecting The New York Times.
The New York Times and The Washington Post contributed significantly to the ban of Russian athletes during the Olympic Games in PyeongChang in 2018. -1-  -2-  -3-
The Rodchenkov affair had notable repercussions in media over the world. Based on extremely weak evidence Russia was accused of systematic doping in sport. Jewish networks were activated: The producer of the film Icarus (of Jewish descent) contacted the New York Times (owners of Jewish descent) and the newspaper, together with the Washington Post started a spread of information where other papers followed. See “newspaper of record“. (Therefore antidoping has later been targeted by political actors.
Other similar attacks on Russia, also based on false evidence had much less impact, like “chemical weapons used by Syria”, “nerve gas attacks in UK/Salisbury”. To avoid realizing the differences between people of different ethnicities, Africans are tested harder than others for doping violations. Russian athletes must prove their innocence where others have not to.

The New York Times (reporter Judith Miller) contributed significantly to making the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 happen. The evidence were false.
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05. Methods: 5.007.01 Strävan mot konflikter, Palestinafrågan; The image of conflict, The useful enemy, The Cold War, Provocations; Media focus on the Middle East and foreign countries; foreign countries in social media; Eurovision Song Contest, hets mot konflikt och krig; destructiveness

5 Metoder:

5.7  Strävan mot konflikt / Behovet av motstånd
The Guardian: Masters of war: architects of modern conflicts say cheese for the camera /Narendra Modi, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, John Howard, Henry Kissinger; https://amp.theguardian.com/global/commentisfree/2019/oct/23/architects-major-modern-conflicts-kissinger-blair

Globalists use conflict on many levels and areas, f.ex:

Between people. If people are put in power for false reasons (like being promoted to a post by a superior wishing conflict) they do not have the skill or motive to respond accurately and will create conflict.

In forums: Using rudeness and arguments against the person in order to cover up the real topic and bring down the discussion to troll level.

Between groups of people in order to divide and conquer, women and immigrants are f.ex. supported by MSM.

Between countries like in the Skripal drama. Both UK and Russia lose. As usual only war mongers win. In creating conflict both the participating parties often lose and only the superior part wishing a cold war wins.  In this case the “Deep State” and US war machine are the winners in that cold war gives false motives for rearmament.

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18.000 Economical and financial aspects on globalization; (Greece) the petrodollar, IMF; neoliberal policies

Some aspects on finance and globalization
See also:
Bill Browder

The financial aspects of globalization are beyond the scope of this blog. They are also more difficult to evaluate than the role of news media since they are mostly kept in secret whereas the result of media’s work, by its nature, must be delivered to the public in order to have its effect.
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