18.000 Economical and financial aspects on globalization; the petrodollar


Some aspects on finance and globalization

The financial aspects of globalization are beyond the scope of this blog. They are also more difficult to evaluate than the role of news media since they are mostly kept in secret whereas the result of media’s work, by its nature, must be delivered to the public in order to have its effect.

Therefore one must often go to literature to assess globalist aspects of finance/economics instead of, as in the case of media, study the work itself. One therefore often ends up reading accounts of “banking in globalization” that are written to influence the reader. Sometimes one guesses that they are false flag attacks of antisemitic nature written by trolls working for international finance.

Therefore, at the time being, only a few links and facts are given, that connect globalization to banking.

This page has only been started. Hopefully it can be extended later. The connections between globalization and international banking are extensive. They are even more difficult to describe for an outsider than the connections between media and globalization.

1971, Abolishing the gold standard

President Nixon abolishes the gold standard, The Nixon Shock. The gold in Fort Knox has been sold off and what little is left is owned by private banks.

After abolishing the gold standard, the US dollar is now a fiat currency. This means that the impression of US’ strength as a whole influences the value of the dollar. This will stimulate to an imperialist expansive politics of the US, including warfare.



Ett sätt att tjäna pengar på instabilitet är s.k. blankning (shorting, short selling) av aktier, en grundsten i t.ex Soros verksamhet [-1-, -2-]. Blankning är en investeringsform som av många betraktas som omoralisk, då den förutsätter instabilitet/börsfall. Fonder som försöker skydda mot börsfall kallas ofta hedge-fonder

Sep 16 1992, “Black Wednesday”, the attack on the British pound

George Soros successfully attacked the British pound and earned approx. $1 bn in the process. When Soros completely “destroyed” the Bank of England, it was under the influence of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.

Soros has also attacked other currencies, like the Swedish Krona and the Thai Baht.

George Soros kunde under en dag 1992 tjäna en miljard dollar på den engelska nationalbankens fall 1992. Många menar att Soros inte  vara tjänade pengar på fallet utan även bidrog till det. Soros utförde en liknande attack mot den svenska kronan samma år. I  båda fallen var det även bankmän/politiker med globalistik agenda delaktiga i att försvara pundet resp. kronan (Evelyn de Rotschild, Carl Bildt).


Before being elected the president of France, Emmanuelle Macron worked for Rotschild bank.

The connections between Jewish networks and international banking are extensive.   Banking families , Rotschild

Trump wishes to rewrite free trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) He wishes to bring back production from China to the US.


I like bilateral, because if you have a problem, you terminate. 

we have a $71 billion a year deficit with Mexico. We’ve got to do something, we can’t have that. So, will it be renegotiated?

China, Japan, it’s everybody. And everybody has taken advantage of our country. They have ripped our country off. You look at what they do. I saw something on motorcycles today with a certain country. Why should I say? But they sell motorcycles into our country, no tax. We sell motorcycles into their country — Harley-Davidsons, the greatest, right? We sell them into their country, 100 percent tax. Not going to happen.

The word “reciprocal” is the most important


The exploitation of weaker countries has already been described in this blog  e.g. under the sections on the Iraq war and Congo (Catalán Sharp murders).

After the second world war [WW2] the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference established several monetary entities, like the Intenational Monetary Fund (IMF), the gold standard and the petrodollar.

1971 pres.  Nixon took the US off the gold standard on advice from among others his Jewish secretary of state, Henry Kissinger.

1973 Starting with Saudi Arabia, many middle east countries agreed to sell oil in US dollars, only. (Saudi did it in exchange for military protection by the US, from e.g. Israel).

Petro dollar [petro-dollar, petrodollar]

Countries like North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and, more recently, Russia have refused to do this and have been dubbed “the axis of evil”.

This situation where the view of the US dollar depends not on gold, but on usage and general power of the US has led to an expansionist, imperialist US policy.

The US has tried to change governments in other countries 72 times. (Washington Post, paid article)

The US has been at war for 222 of the 239 years it has existed.

The hypothesis of Jewish  control over the world through debt and  credit cards has not yet been  verified. It may serve as a decoy in financial discussions criticizing the  new World Order?

The credit card is a useful means of payment. Some “antiglobalists” consider it “a Jewish contraption to put the entire world in debt and take over it”. This may be a case of decoys and misguided criticism. By criticizing a useful thing, they try to make f.ex. illegitimate control of politicians also look like unfounded conspiracies. One such is the suggestion to reintroduce more cash in society.

The world is run by 30 families. Unverified link.

What did EU do to Greece? Did Germany buy Greece? … unverified theory

2018 06 10

Trump and Trudeau disagreement on trade, naturally.

QUEBEC CITY — President Trump upended two days of global economic diplomacy late Saturday, refusing to sign a joint statement with America’s allies, threatening to escalate his trade war on the country’s neighbors and deriding Canada’s prime minister as “very dishonest and weak.”

“Based on Justin’s false statements at his news conference, and the fact that Canada is charging massive Tariffs to our U.S. farmers, workers and companies, I have instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!” Mr. Trump wrote.

As the prime globalist paper, NYT is naturally very partial in favor of Trudeau.


There seem to be globalist connections to Canada, they have just been sporadically noted by the blog. Justin Trudeau very globalist. Highly globalist Swedish C-party leader Annie Lööf having Canadian roots, often setting Canadian immigration politics as an example. Much political correctness. (Some indigenous people are called “first nations”. Chaotic, Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre’s wife ran off with rock star Mick Jagger! (Both Justin and Pierre acting/having acted as prime minister)) Canada is a strong supporter of US warfare. June 2018: Canada legalizes cannabis.

En kommentar som ibland hörs är att “kreditkortet är en judisk konspiration föra tt ta över världen genom att sätta den i skuld”.  Tills vidare betraktar bloggen detta som ett skenmål/decoy som sprids av globalistiska troll för att skapa förvirring. Kreditkort är användbara och medför inte nödvändigtsvis en skadlig överstatlig kontroll. Genom att försöka styra kritik mot användbara företeelser försöker trollen skada den sak som de utger sig för att förespråka (“false flag”).

Något man måste notera är dock att användningen av kreditkort påtagligt minskar den personliga integriteten. Den som har tillgång till kreditkortsdata vet var andra mönniskor befinner sig, vad de handlar, vilken ekononi de har.

På det sättet kan kritiken av kreditkort “det är en konspiration för att sätta världen i skuld” vara en decoy/skenmål gör att dra uppmärksamheten från att kreditkort gör att “regimen” erhåller personliga data om medborgarna.

inlägg från Flashback:

1. Akademiker tjänar på globaliseringen (ett tag till), då nackdelarna inte berör de verksamheter de verkar i utan istället bidrar till ökad efterfrågan av deras tjänster med ökande ersättningar som följd.
2. Akademiker arbetar och bor till absolut största delen i (fallande) Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö/Lund. Denna inlaga som en förklaring till polariseringen land/stad.

De riktigt stora problemen ser jag dock bakom nästa horisont när akademikerna hamnar i kikarsiktet, men det kommer dröja något halvdecennium till. Näst-nästa val skulle jag tro.

Bloggen misstänker att inlägget, trots sina formuleringar, skulle kunna propagera för en globalistisk agenda. Det är vanligt att globalistiska debattörer hävdar att högutbildade höginkomsttagare i storstäder motsätter sig nationalism. (att några akademiker skulle hamna “i kikarsiktet” i framtiden låter osäkert) [mixed messages]

Om nationalistiska idéer gör att multinationella företag måste genomföra omstruktureringar så tror inte bloggen att detta kommer att slå mot akademikerna i första hand.

Bloggen vill ännu inte ge något definitivt uttalande om kopplingar mellan boende, nationalism/globalism, utbildning ekonomisk situation etc

Man  noterar onödiga kostnader kopplade till globalisering (miljarder kronor)

2018 07 26

Staten köper föråldrad TV av Bonniers (TV4, Cmoore, Finska TV 3) 10 mdr

Patriot luftförsvar 10 mdr (enbart i första steget)

Sveriges krigsinsatser i

Afghanistan: 10 mdr


Regeringen beräknar att kostnaden för det svenska bidraget under 2017 kommer att uppgå till högst 200 miljoner kronor












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