Double play in business: Ubuntu; Google; Tesla, Elon Musk; Skype


The following businesses may be example of globalist double play. The businesses counteract their own purpose to support multi national enterprises.

Ubuntu intentionally runs poorly to support Microsoft

Tesla itentionally runs poorly to support combustible engine car manufacturers

Google initially acquired large funds and could dominate the market but gives very limited search results on any political issue. What you mostly see are globalist news papers like The New York Times, The Washington Posr, The Guardian and similar.


Page and Brin comes into the search engine business as students and get a lot of funding quickly.

They have given us a “leading” search engine that mostly cites the New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian.


Musk is flamboyant, not business man like. Teslas reports go up and down. Musk often makes a fool of himself. He colllaborates with electrical cars’ greatest enemy, oil sheiks.


Shuttleworth comes into the Linux business with a lot of money. Ubuntu is not run at a potential where free software and amateur coders are used at full strength.

Facebook follows a globalist political agenda. Zuckerberg is very likely to be a front for globalist capital. This has not yet been studied by the blog.

Jewish name
South African

South African

Page, Brin, Zuckerberg
of Jewish descent

Ryssarna säger att Pentagon finansierar SpaceX för att dumpa priserna för privata rymdfärder.

Både positiva och negativa åsikter om Musk i artikeln.


Elon Musk in Google news feed

Jag börjar tröttna på Musk. Han har direktkontakt med media. Idag var halva mitt nyhetsflöde i Google (7 artiklar) trams om Musk utan större nyhetsvärde. Oftast mer än 3-4 artiklar. Jag har bara sökt på Musk några gånger i samband med grotträddningen i Thailand för några månader sedan.

Hur avmuskar jag mitt nyhetsflöde?

In the same way Skype has been made user UN-friendly, in order to compete less well against telecom companies.

Nu delar han ut Chromebooks tillsammans med en 11-årig aktivist i hennes skola. Man skall visst även lösa något problem med dricksvattnet. The Guardian på andra sidan Atlanten bevakar. 600 barn som (tidigare?) hade problem med dricksvattnet har även fått nya cyklar.

teslarati chromebooks

theguardian flint-water-crisis-four-years-later



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Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]

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