01.06.01 Komplettering: Medieägande, nätverk, source criticism/double agents


1.6.1 Komplettering: Medieägande

Sidan redogör för vem som äger olika medier.

Medium/ägare, Sverige

Aftonbladet Schibsted: 91%, LO: 9%
Dagens Nyheter Bonnier
Expressen, GT, Kvällsposten Bonnier
Metro Custos
Svenska Dagbladet Schibsted
Stampen (äger 23 tidn. varav en är GP) Hjörne (44%)


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Arjen Kamphuis, Assanges medarbetare, försvunnen i Norge sedan 20/8 -18


[ Holland The Netherlands Dutch ]

K was a hiker. Bought a kayak in Holland. The kayak and his documents were found at sea in N Norway.

10 days after the disappearance his cell was used in S. Norway.

The last seen of him was in Bodö hotel. He was thought to have taken a train in N Norway.

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An introduction is found here.

In dec 2017 Assange got Ecuadorian citizenship by rhe outgoing leftist president Rafael Correa whi also granted him asylum in 2012.

This means that JA can not be extradited to the US.

Stödet för Assange hos ecuadorianerna verkar inte så stort.




Undrar varför presidenten drev den frågan? En åtgärd som varken folket eller USA (NWO) gillar.

Landet får ju publicitet förstås. Och att sticka upp lite mot USA kan ju ibland visa “styrka” i hemmaopinionen, speciellt hos vänsterpresidenter.

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— 3.1.4 Fenomen som gynnar globalisering —


Europeiska Unionen, The European Union

EU är en överstatlig organisation som gynnar överstatlig kontroll. Globalistiska intressen försökte t.ex med alla medel stoppa Englands utträde “Brexit”.

See this page

The Guardian does what it can to work against Brexit

See also


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The following businesses may be example of globalist double play. The businesses counteract their own purpose to support multi national enterprises.

Ubuntu intentionally runs poorly to support Microsoft

Tesla itentionally runs poorly to support combustible engine car manufacturers

Google initially acquired large funds and could dominate the market but gives very limited search results on any political issue. What you mostly see are globalist news papers like The New York Times, The Washington Posr, The Guardian and similar.

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05. Methods: 5.10.00 misguiding criticism; the anti-semite card

05. Methods: 5.10 misleading criticism

To mislead and misdirect criticism is probably one of the most important mechanisms used by media when they issue false flag attacks on actors they in fact try to protect. They attack other aspects than the one needed to be critizised. They may attack minor aspects or aspects that can not be changed etc Continue reading “05. Methods: 5.10.00 misguiding criticism; the anti-semite card”