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South Africa

När Saab och BAE sålde Jas Gripen-plan till Sydafrika betalades misstänkta mutor på 1,5 miljarder kronor


Musk, Shuttleworth


S.A. detonates Israeli nuclear arms

Mossad Lillehammer agent retired here

Om Håkan Juholt

wwr: 72817671

Jag hitter ingen rankinglista. Jag har gissat att grannländer rankar högt eftersom relationer är extra viktiga. Men Island ligger ju en bit bort.

Sydafrika måste väl vara Afrikas i särklass högst utvecklade land. Fotbolls-VM kan Sverige bara drömma om. JAS-affären. Jag gissar också en hel del globalistpoäng, goda relationer med Israel (gissar jag), Musk, Shuttleworth, Semenya.

Jag tror trådens hjälte kommit in i värmen igen och tagit ett rejält kliv upp på skalan.

Globalist: Dutch influence in politics

Both Musk and Shuttleworth are false flag.

Det kanske är så det är. Elon är egentligen en sydafrikansk apartheid/vit makt-ledare. Annars var ledaren för den förra privata uppskjutningen (Inspiration4) från judisk familj, liksom det israeliska krigsflygaress med 9 kills som deltar i nästa privata uppskjutning (Axiom 1). Namnet Elon är judiskt. Och Elons far ägde en smaragdgruva i Sydafrika. Det kan peka i annan riktning om man ser till den sydafrikanska diamantutvinningens historia (De Beers/Oppenheimer). Intrigen tätnar 😉

ref (in spoiler)

After the death of Rhodes, a German Jew, Ernest Oppenheimer, took over the ownership of De Beers in the 1920s and it has remained in the control of his family ever since. … De Beers upheld this control by managing the supply of rough diamonds mined to the Jewish areas of Antwerp or to Israel to be cut and polished.


Antwerp’s diamond district, also known as the Diamond Quarter (Diamantkwartier), and dubbed the Square Mile


Alfred Beit (15 February 1853 – 16 July 1906) was a Anglo-German gold and diamond magnate in South Africa, and a major donor and profiteer of infrastructure development on the African continent. He also donated much money to university education and research in several countries, and was the “silent partner” who structured the capital flight from post-Boer War South Africa to Rhodesia, and the Rhodes Scholarship, named after his employee, Cecil Rhodes. Beit’s assets were structured around the so-called Corner House Group, which through its holdings in various companies controlled 37 per cent of the gold produced at the Witwatersrand’s goldfields in Johannesburg in 1913.[2]

Born and brought up in Hamburg, Germany, he was the eldest son and second of six children of an affluent Jewish-German citizen of Hamburg. His younger siblings included Otto Beit. Alfred Beit was an unpromising scholar and was apprenticed to Jules Porgès & Cie, the Amsterdam diamond firm where he developed a talent for examining stones.[3]

Beit made his first fortune in property speculation. Responding to a demand for business premises, he bought a piece of land and built twelve corrugated iron sheds for offices and rented eleven out monthly and kept one for himself. Twelve years later he sold the land for a considerable profit.[3]

Beit was sent to Kimberley, South Africa in 1875 by his firm to buy diamonds—following the diamond strike at Kimberley. He became a business friend of Cecil Rhodes

Beit became life-governor of De Beers and also a director of numerous other companies such as Rand Mines, Rhodesia Railways and the Beira Railway Company.

In 1888 Beit moved to London when he felt he was better able to manage his financial empire and support Rhodes in his Southern African ambitions.

nspired by Rhodes’ imperialist vision,[citation needed] he took part in the planning and financing of the unsuccessful Jameson Raid of late 1895 which was intended to trigger a coup in the South African Republic in the Transvaal. As a result of this debacle, Rhodes resigned as Prime Minister, and both he and Beit were found guilty by the House of Commons inquiry. Beit was obliged to resign as director of the British South Africa Company,[4] but was elected vice-president a few years later.

Alfred Beit

Beit, Cecil Rhodes and De Beers

[Rhodes] returned

to the fields of Kimberley and in April 1880

he founded the De Beers Mining Company

with his old partner Charles Rudd.

when asked about

what he intended to do in business, Beit

gave the self-confident reply that he would

control the entire diamond production in

Kimberley before he was much older,

whereupon Rhodes is said to have retorted

that he also had exactly that in mind and

they had better join forces.

uni hamburg

The Black Lives Matter protest in Oxford High Street in 2020

Cecil Rhodes plaque must stay as part of Anglo-Jewish history says professor

While Oriel College looks set to remove the controversial Rhodes statue in High Street, there are no plans announced to remove the plaque in nearby King Edward Street.

A long-running campaign to get the Oxford statue removed gained renewed attention in June after a statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston was thrown in a dock in Bristol by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Prof Alderman has urged Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to overturn the decision of Historic England, which has declined to ‘list’ the bronze plaque commemorating Cecil Rhodes, commissioned by a fellow philanthropist and leading member of Britain’s Jewish community.

Read again: Rough sleeper appeal raises 60k

Prof Alderman said: “The plaque in question is of national importance not least with respect to the history of the Jews in England. Its removal would amount to a public slight to that history.”

The plaque, designed by the sculptor Onslow Whiting, was commissioned by Rhodes’ close friend Sir Alfred Ezekiel Mosely, one of the leading Anglo-Jewish philanthropists of the Edwardian period.

Prof Alderman said: “It therefore has a significant place in Anglo-Jewish history. In its determination not to list the plaque, Historic England seems to have ignored entirely this unique Anglo-Jewish dimension.

Prof Alderman is an Orthodox Jew, and the author of numerous books on the history of the Jews in Great Britain.


Cecil Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902)[1] was a British mining magnate and politician in southern Africa who served as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896. An ardent believer in British imperialism, Rhodes and his British South Africa Company founded the southern African territory of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia), which the company named after him in 1895.

In October 1871, 18-year-old Rhodes and his 26-year-old brother Herbert left the colony for the diamond fields of Kimberley in Northern Cape Province. Financed by N M Rothschild & Sons, Rhodes succeeded over the next 17 years in buying up all the smaller diamond mining operations in the Kimberley area.

His monopoly of the world’s diamond supply was sealed in 1890 through a strategic partnership with the London-based Diamond Syndicate. They agreed to control world supply to maintain high prices.[11][page needed][12][page needed] Rhodes supervised the working of his brother’s claim and speculated on his behalf. Among his associates in the early days were John X. Merriman and Charles Rudd, who later became his partner in the De Beers Mining Company and the Niger Oil Company.


Charles Rudd

Partnership with Cecil Rhodes

In 1872/3 Rudd and Rhodes became friends and partners, working diamond claims in Kimberley, dealing in diamonds and operating pumping and ice-making machinery, amongst many other odds and ends.[1] Between 1873 and 1881, while Rhodes intermittently attended college in England, Rudd managed their interests.[1] By 1880 they had become rich and, with others, formed the De Beers Mining Company. Rudd was one of the directors and also held large interests in the main machinery supplier for the mining fields.[citation needed]

Charles Rudd


Kampsång, Sharpville, YouTube


%%%%% South Africa


The Coup Belt, possibly promited as more isolated countries with .uslim revolts against French influence

Coup August 2023

Sahel region, a strip brtween Sahara and the savannah, coups, terrorism

France and Ecowas condemns coup. Nigeria maybe willing to reinstate president w military force. Algeria wants no military action.

Images of coup supporters with Russian flags.

Overthrown president Bazoum


Since coming to power, Bazoum had reinforced military cooperation with France and the United States, curbed the autonomy of Nigerien army commanders and launched anti-corruption programs that targeted some of Issoufou’s proteges, notably in the oil sector, making enemies in the process.



wwr: 85533320

Den franske ambassadören skickas hem av den nya regimen, som sagt.

“Macron, säg åt dina hundvalpar att åka hem.” står det på demonstranternas plakat 😀


Undrar hur detta kommer att gå.

Om ambassadören lyder ordern så godkänner han indirekt den nya regimens auktoritet. Få se om han åker för sin egen säkerhets skull och hur fransmännen formulerar det.


wwr: 85563397

wwr: 85556267

Nigererna vill kasta ut den franske ambassadören. Andra västländer verkar de inte ha något emot. Nu har de stängt av el, vatten och leveranser till den franska ambassaden. De vill att “Macrons hundvalp” skall åka hem, som demonstranterna uttryckte det. Demonstranter stormade även en fransk militärbas med skyltar där det stod “Ned med Frankrike”.

Få se vad detta leder till.


En möjlighet kan vara att detta är en riggad statskupp för att försöka motivera ökning av franska och andra globala trupper i landet. Svårbedömt ännu. Men grannländerna verkar inte pigga på att gå in och kasta ut militären som nu har makten.



It seems more to be an expression of true anti-French,anti colonial sentiments and the former French colonies may become Russian allies, like Libya after the war and the extrajudicial killing of Ghadaffi, clearly a war crime.


Smutz: 85562382

Det tror jag är långsökt. Så som jag förstod det var gamla presidenten mycket positiv till de utländska trupperna (de hade jag också varit om mitt land vore nedlusat med bindgalna islamister). I den kontexten upplevdes det nog som att Frankrike gjorde Niger en tjänst.

Med det sagt är det såklart massa skit bakom kulisserna här utöver ryssarnas inblandning. Det finns alltid någon som vill vara kalif istället för kalifen och nu uppenbarade sig ett läge helt enkelt.

Det här blir nog en ”kall” konflikt tills det blir tydligare hur det går i Ukraina och vilket engagemang i Afrika som kan förväntas från Ryssland och väst när krutröken där lagt sig. En tillbakakaka-kupp är också fullt tänkbar och förmodligen något både ECOWAS och väst skulle föredra framför en regelrätt invasion.


Jag anser att stormakterna arbetar på det sättet.

Cold war

Stormakterna agerar tillsammans som gangsterledare som säljer beskydd från andra stormakter. Det kallas kallt krig.

French malmanagement “Françafrique” can turn former colonies into Russian allies


Gabon and Niger follow Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali and Chad as the latest African countries where the army has in recent years seized control; all of these countries are former French colonies.


Bombing of Libya and brutal killing of Gaddafi put Libya under Russian influence

Kazakhstans elnät sänktes med bitcoinriggar. Energikris följde. Amerikansk färgrevolution och presidenten “blev tvungen” att kalla in ryska trupper.

Ryssarna attackerade Ukraina som genom detta blivit kraftigt inblandat med EU, Nato, andra västmakter, BlackRock etc.

Ryssarna skrämde in Sverige och Finland i Nato.

Kineserna fick slå ned på HongKongs demokratirörelse utan alltför stora protester från väst.

Stormakterna har liksom storföretagen och politikerna, förenats mot folken. De konkurrerar inte längre utan bildar karteller där t ex. stormakterna helst undviker att kriga mot varandra.


I want to be clear: We will defend every inch of NATO territory with the full might of a united and galvanized NATO.

But we will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine.

A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is World War III. And something we must strive to prevent.


US presidentBiden, Twitter

Stormakternas målsättning är främst att få in mer oberoende länder under sin kontroll, oberoenden vilken stormakt.

Länder som ligger mer perifert, som t.ex. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan och även Norden har klarat sig längre från denna maffiaverksamhet men är nu schemalagda för förstörelse i den globala samordningen. (Det rör även på sig i Nya Zeeland, ekonomin har kraschats, woke-Ardern röstades bort, t.o.m. av de unga.)

Det afrikanska kuppbältet/Sahel ligger en bit från kusten och har inte haft gummiplantager o.dyl. som stormakterna varit ute efter.


Så nu är det dags för de globala gangstrarna att ge sig på “stanländerna” och kuppbältet. Ledarna står säkert redan under global kontroll. Nu skall även folket manipuleras in under någon stormakt.

Vilken stormakt Niger kommer att tillfalla står ännu inte klart. Många i området hatar väst efter attackerna mot Libyen. Alla minns mönsterlandet Libyen och videon med Ghadaffis sista stund. Niger är muslimskt och passar inte in i väst. Grannländerna är inte beredda att kriga mot sina svarta bröder för att stödja Macron och västlig “demokrati” 😀 Det fanns demonstranter med skyltar “Leve Putin”.




Möjligen kommer kuppmakarna att segra och “Wagner och Putin” får Niger.

Det kan också bli en långdragen konflikt “mellan Wagner/Ryssland, Macron/Frankrike/Väst och som tredje part muslimska fundamentalister/Boko Haram” för att ytterligare kunna sänka Europa (med våra mindre, innan EU mer oberoende länder) med fler muslimska flyktingar, vid behov.



If successful, the coup would represent the eighth in west and central Africa since 2020. Coups in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger have all undermined democratic progress


wwr: 85581813

Gabon and Niger follow Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali and Chad as the latest African countries where the army has in recent years seized control; all of these countries are former French colonies.



Både Niger och Gabon kör med CFA-franc. De har givit “omvänd u-hjälp” till Frankrike genom att deponera halva valutareserven i Frankrikes nationalbank 😁

Both CFA francs have a fixed exchange rate (peg) to the euro: €1 = F.CFA 655.957 exactly, and member countries deposited half of their foreign exchange reserves with the French Treasury.[3] The currency has been criticized for restricting the sovereignty of the African member states, effectively putting their monetary policy in the hands of the European Central Bank. Others argue that the CFA “helps stabilize the national currencies of Franc Zone member-countries and greatly facilitates the flow of exports and imports between France and the member-countries”.[4]

In May 2020, the French National Assembly agreed to end the French engagement in the West African CFA franc, including the foreign reserve deposit requirements. The West African CFA franc is expected to be renamed as the “Eco” in the near future.[5][6]



Europa befinner sig i en liknande situation nu, med kontroll från Bryssel och Paris, gemensam valuta. Svenska råvaror som energi, stål och skog manipuleras.


wwr: 85594886

Vi diskuterar väl oroligheterna i området tillsammans. Modsen får naturligtvis begära separata trådar, v.b.


Lite om bakgrunden till kupperna:

Ja, nu sitter grodätarna löst. “Negergeneralerna” verkar betydligt klyftigare än vår bögarmé som i annonser marscherar under regnbågsflaggan och antyder att den är viktigare att försvara än den svenska fanan. Afrikanerna har förstått att de har blivit blåsta. Det har inte vi.

Simple guide to the Gabon coup

The army officers said they had decided “to defend peace by putting an end to the current regime” adding that the elections “did not meet the conditions for a transparent, credible and inclusive ballot so much hoped for by the people of Gabon”.

After the announcement, hundreds of people took to the streets to welcome the coup.

Despite having one of sub-Saharan Africa’s highest average yearly incomes per head – almost $9,000 (£7,000) in 2022, according to the World Bank – over a third of its population are said to live in poverty.

Basically, most of the country’s oil wealth goes into the pockets of a small amount of people.

very close relationship with France under a system known as “Francafrique“, where the Gabonese government would receive political and military support in exchange for business favours.

And knowing that France had been pushed onto the back foot in the Sahel could have made the soldiers realise that the French would not intervene militarily to support Ali Bongo as they would have done his father in decades past.




In international relations, Françafrique (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃safʁik]) is France’s sphere of influence (or pré carré in French, meaning ‘backyard‘) over former French and (also French-speaking) Belgian colonies in sub-Saharan Africa.[

Following the accession to independence of its African colonies beginning in 1959,[10] France continued to maintain a sphere of influence over the new countries, which was critical to then President Charles de Gaulle’s vision of France as a global power (or grandeur in French) … France kept close political, economic, military and cultural ties with its former African colonies that were multi-layered, involving institutional, semi-institutional and informal levels.[1][3]

African cell, a group that comprised the French President and his close advisors who made policy decisions on Africa, often in close collaboration with powerful business networks and the French secret service.[1] franc zone, a currency union that pegged the currencies of most francophone African countries to the French franc.[1][3] … allowed France to establish close political, economic, military and cultural ties with its former African colonies.[3] France also saw itself as a guarantor of stability in the region and therefore adopted an interventionist policy in Africa, resulting in military interventions that averaged once a year from 1960 to the mid-1990s.[3][11] Finally, a central feature of Françafrique were the personal networks that underpinned the informal, family-like relationships between French and African leaders. These networks often lacked oversight and scrutinity, which led to corruption and state racketeering.[1][3]



N-ordet använder jag bara undantagsvis när svarta har gjort något bra. De svarta har reapproprierat ordet så det gör jag med, ibland. Jag har inga problem med bögar heller däremot Pride och soldater som bytt den svenska flaggan mot regnbågsflaggan.


wwr: 85603069

Det dras igång fler konflikter i området. Algeriet påstås ha skjutit ihjäl fransk-marockanska turister som kommit in på algeriskt vatten på jetski. Länderna har konflikt om Väst-Sahara.



Libya lights up after years of power cuts


wwr: 85634124

Strömmen tillbaka i Libyen, vill man nu göra gällande.

Libya lights up after years of power cuts



Opinionen i Niger och området präglas förmodligen starkt av vad som skedde i Libyen.

Ghadaffi byggde ett jämförelsevis högt utvecklat land.

After coming to power, the RCC government initiated a process of directing funds toward providing education, health care and housing for all. Public education in the country became free and primary education compulsory for both sexes. Medical care became available to the public at no cost, but providing housing for all was a task the RCC government was unable to complete.[2] Under Gaddafi, per capita income in the country rose to more than US$11,000, the 5th highest in Africa.[3] The increase in prosperity was accompanied by a controversial foreign policy, and increased domestic political repression.[1][4]



Det står ganska klart att USA bidrog till den arabiska våren med bl.a. finansiering.

Some activists had taken part in programs sponsored by the US-funded National Endowment for Democracy,



I vilket fall släckte NATO (Obama/Biden) och allierade ljusen i Libyen 2011.

Chronic electricity shortages had shaped the daily lives of Libyans since the fall of Moamer Kadhafi in a NATO-backed 2011 uprising.



On 19 March 2011, several countries prepared to take immediate military action at a summit in Paris.[15] Operations commenced on the same day with a strike by French fighter jets, then US and UK forces conducting strikes from ships and submarines via 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles and air assets bombing Gaddafi forces near Benghazi.[16



Franska stridsflygplan beskjuter Ghadaffis bilkonvoj. Ghadaffi fångas in. Man kör upp en bajonett i anus på honom och skjuter ihjäl honom.


The killing of Muammar Gaddafi took place on 20 October 2011 after the Battle of Sirte. Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed leader of Libya, was found west of Sirte after his convoys were attacked by NATO aircraft, as part of the 2011 NATO military intervention in Libya. He was then captured by National Transitional Council (NTC) forces and was killed shortly afterwards.[1]

The NTC initially claimed Gaddafi died from injuries sustained in a firefight when loyalist forces attempted to free him, although a video of his last moments shows rebel fighters beating him and one of them sodomizing him with a bayonet[2] before he was shot several times.[3]

Attack type

War crime, extrajudicial execution, assassination



Svenska JAS deltog i attacken mot Libyen men bara med övervakningsuppdrag. Wallenberg hade övertalat Juholt till det.

Detta minns ju folket i Niger. Dessutom alltså den fortsatta franska kontrollen över de tidigare kolonierna.

De hatar oss lika mycket som vi får lära oss att hata Putin och hela den ryska befolkningen. Det är så systemet fungerar. Vi skräms in I NATO, Ukraina blir även insyltat med EU. Hatet och rädslan tvingar in oberoende länder under stormakterna eller EU. (Att krossa Libyen lade också grunden för flyktingkrisen.)

Fransmännen verkar åka ut med huvudet före men ersätts förmodligen av ryssar i Niger och de övriga länderna där militären genomfört kupper. (Vi borde göra samma sak med EU som också domineras av Frankrike.)


%%%%% Libya

wwr: 85637216

Det handlar också om uran.

EU försöker ju styra Europa från Frankrike och Belgien. Länder som Tyskland och Sverige utsätts för energisvält genom att kärnkraft lagts ned medan Fankrike med sina 56+14 kärnreaktorer får 70% el från kärnkraft. EU planerar att vi andra skall få köpa energi av Frankrike i form av vätgas för att göra oss beroende av Frankrike. Man flyttar vårt gasberoende från Ryssland till Frankrike. Det anser i alla fall jag.

Niger ligger tvåa (-trea) i Frankrikes uranimport. Kazakhstan toppar. På lång sikt är det en viktig faktor. En nigerisk tidigare minister anger siffror från 2010. Han menar att Frankrike bara betalt 0.5 miljarder euro för uran värt 3.5 miljarder.

France, the former colonial power in Niger, is in a particularly tight spot. Around two-thirds of its electricity comes from nuclear power plants powered by uranium sourced in Niger. It also exports electricity to other countries in Europe that have no nuclear plants of their own.

“Everyone in Niger feels this partnership is very unequal,” said Mahaman Laouan Gaya, a former Nigerien energy minister and the Organization of African Petroleum Producers (APPO) secretary general until 2020.

In an email to DW, Gaya cited what he said were significant inconsistencies. Niger, he wrote, exported uranium worth €3.5 billion ($3.8 billion) to France in 2010 but received only €459 million in return.




wwr: 85674212

Kuppen riskerar försämra Europas gasförsörjning. Europa stryps konsekvent på energi. Det globala systemet har utsett Europa för förstörelse igen.


Franska Orano drar ned uranproduktionen. Sanktioner mot Niger.


(Svårt att skriva längre text. Samsung förstörde telefonens motherboard vid ett batteribyte och har inte fixat den ännu.)


wwr: 85689452

Militärkuppen gör att franska och amerikanska trupper funderar på att åka hem 🤣🤣🤣

France is reported to be in talks with Niger’s military about possible withdrawal of French troops from the West African nation in the wake of the fraying of ties following a coup in July, according to French media reports.



US could begin withdrawing troops from Niger in coming weeks, US officials say



Kan vi inte bjuda in de där “negergeneralerna” till Sverige? De kunde göra en hel del nytta här.


wwr: 85760327

wwr: 85689452

Militärkuppen gör att franska och amerikanska trupper funderar på att åka hem 🤣🤣🤣



Kan vi inte bjuda in de där “negergeneralerna” till Sverige? De kunde göra en hel del nytta här.


Exxus: 85755891

Försvarsallians mellan juntorna


“BAMAKO, Sept 16 (Reuters) – Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, three West African Sahel nations ruled by military juntas, signed a security pact on Saturday promising to come to the aid of each other in case of any rebellion or external aggression.”


Mali, Niger och Burkina Faso gick samman så USA och Frankrike darrade och gick till reträtt 🤣😂🤣

Afghanistan slog USA. Västvärlden är slut. Vi får stryk av länder som nästan ingen hört talas om, för att ungefär använda Trumps ord.


wwr: 85841780

Smutz: 85834660

Alla som gillar att krigsrunka kan eventuellt se fram emot drönarfilmade Mad Max-strider mellan tuareger och Wagnersluskar. Toyota Hiluxar med maskingevär på flaket gasar fram genom öknen mot ärrade psykopatryssar beväpnade till tänderna.


Media har nog produktionerna på gång redan. Det blir repris på Afghanistan och Irak. Afrikas blå män gör sig bra på bild. Kamelerna kanske är utfasade ur försvaret. Wagner får antiterrorist-uppdrag.

Eller tuaregerna blir “moderata rebeller” i USA:s tjänst, typ Syrien. Vita Hjälmarna står beredda. Vi kom er att få läsa om det strävsamma ökenfolket där männen “bär slöja” …

De franska trupperna fegade ur helt och gav sig utan kamp. Nu tog Macron hem ambassadören också. Det är så man bör hantera imperialister, som t.ex EU. (De viker sig när det gäller. Polen och de andra verkar just ha knäckt Bryssel om Ukrainasanktionerna.) Men tyvärr kommer som sagt ryssarna in istället.

Niger coup: Macron says France to withdraw troops and ambassador




wwr: 85861948

Nu är den franske ambassadören försvunnen.

No sign of departing French envoy after Macron announces Niger retreat



Men kuppmakarna verkar ju inte ha dödat någon I alla fall. Förutom då en get, utklädd i franska flaggan, som de skar halsen av:


De franska och amerikanska trupperna som skulle hålla ordning i landet säger att kuppmakarna inte är villiga att bekämpa terrorism. Därför åker de hem. Men en avsikt med att ha trupper I landet var ju faktiskt att förhindra kupper, i synnerhet sådana som befrämjar terrorism.

Tidigare uppgav man att trupperna togs hem eftersom Frankrikes relationer med den nya regimen var dåliga. Men den nya regimen är ju faktiskt fienden och man kan inte förvänta sig bra relationer med den.



Imperialisterna åker ut ur hela regionen

France has already had to withdraw troops from neighbouring Mali and Burkina Faso, where they now no longer have ambassadors.


och jag har inget emot fransk kultur, men landet skall inte styra andra länder


wwr: 86188216

Nigererna kastade ut fransmän och amerikaner. Rankas nu som världens fjärde bästa tillväxtekonomi 🤣🤣🤣

Burkina Faso gjorde likadant, rankas 9.


När kastar vi ut EU?

Macrons knähund, som demonstranterna kallade den tidigare presidenten mår bra hälsar hans läkare. Men han är otillgänglig för intervjuer. Macron är arg.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his concern over the uncertain situation Bazoum is in and called “for his immediate release and that of his wife and son”, on Friday.



%%%%% Niger



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2023 08 12 Earlier: Northvolt agenda

2023 08 10 Earlier: Libya, Ghadaffi

2023 07 30 Earlier: Wealth, control

2023 07 26 Earlier: Niger under global attack

2023 07 24 Earlier: Trump, creating a rebel, Europe’s downfall

2023 07 20 Earlier: Brics vs EU

2023 07 16 Earlier: F16 to Ukraine

2023 07 15 Earlier: Steel price

2023 07 10 Earlier: dawn of a muslim era

2023 07 09 Earlier: H2GS shows that EU=Soviet

2023 07 05 Earlier: LIV-golf, muslims now taking the role of the jews, financial dominance

2023 07 01Earlier: Thailand lost to neoliberals

2023 06 08 Earlier: Titan submersible

2023 06 05 Earlier: reactor size

2023 05 28 Earlier: steel price

2023 05 27 Earlier: NASA/H2GS global take over

2023 05 25 Earlier: LIV golf: attitude to free market chages rapidly

2023 05 24 Earlier: Hydrogen for global coordination

2023 05 23 Earlier: Elite gets away

2023 05 22 Earlier: Separate after ethnicity

2023 05 21 Earlier: Another Trump investigation

2023 05 20 Earlier: The green sting

2023 05 19 Earlier: Green whining

2023 05 18 Earlier: LIV golf polarization

2023 05 17 Earlier: No one celebrates national day (June 6)

2023 05 15 Earlier: Clinton-Lewinsky scandal

2023 05 14 Earlier: Iran, MEK, court case, possible war

2023 05 13 Earlier: Sweden falling

2023 05 11 Earlier: Northvolt battery hysteria

2023 05 10 Earlier: Turkey, stock rally, Erdogan

2023 05 09 Earlier: Trump – the scapegoat

2023 05 07 Earlier: Ron DeSantis – fake conservative

2023 05 06 Earlier: EU customs reform

2023 05 05 Earlier: Modern slavery?

2023 05 03 Earlier: Create scandal, shift blame on state for EU electricity price hikes – Historical revisionism

2023 04 30 Earlier: Escape for low tax and subsidies.

2023 04 28 Earlier: Energy, EU, ICA let’s decoys and fall guys take the blame.

2023 04 25 Earlier: Green transition = socialist revolution = religion

2023 04 23 Earlier: Too high grades in high school due to privatization.

2023 04 22 Earlier: Will China and Russia take the lead in the space race.

2023 04 21 Earlier: The Great Depression and The New Deal … again

2023 04 19 Earlier: German energy starvation: Morgenthau plan

2023 04 17 Earlier: Russians dodge sanctions by going to Thailand.

2023 04 15 Earlier: Democracies broken, dictatorships going forward.

2023 04 05 Earlier: H2MED, pink hydrogen pipelines, Macron, nuclear

2023 04 04 Earlier: France dictatorship, nuclear, agriculture, CAP

2023 04 03 Earlier: Above criticism: China, EU, France

2023 04 02 Earlier: Blackmail your country

2023 04 01 Earlier: Privatized space development

2023 03 31 Earlier: Council of Europe “solves” crisis and war by kicking out Russia.

2023 03 30 Earlier: EU, France, energy, control.

2023 03 29 Earlier: Unit size, sanctions

2023 03 28 Earlier: Amazon oligopoly

2023 03 27 Earlier: Nike ads

2023 03 26 Earlier: Another Trump investigation

2023 03 25 Earlier: EU pretends to ban combustion engine

2023 03 24 Earlier: Swedish nationalist party breakdown

2023 03 23 Earlier: US cowards does not dare war with Russia.

2023 03 22 Earlier: Lapland, the hydroelectric power and battery republic?

2023 03 21 Earlier: US on the sideline

2023 03 20 Earlier: Iran situation coming up

2023 03 19 Earlier: Kalergi exchange, genocide of Ukrainian people

2023 03 18 Earlier: Europe under attack

2023 03 17 Earlier: EU energy and trade starvation agenda

2023 03 16 Earlier: USA drives the Ukraine war

2023 03 15 Earlier: Putin – child abductor

2023 03 14 Earlier: system change to dictatorship

2023 03 13 Earlier: market volatility is part of system change

2023 03 12 Earlier: UK joins US

2023 03 11 Earlier: Philippines – a vision of Sweden in the future?

2023 03 11 Earlier: Northvolt summary

2023 03 10 Earlier: EU depleting Europe of energy

2023 03 09 Earlier: stock market levels and crash fabricated

2023 03 08 Earlier: crisis is the new normal

2023 03 04 Earlier: Oil producing countries moving in

2023 03 03 Earlier: ILO convention, native peoples

2023 02 26 Earlier: support for Russia regarding Ukraine, Russia not alone

2023 02 05 Earlier: Also Sweden Democrats a completely fake, false flag nationalist party

2023 01 31 Earlier: Sweden: Criminal gangs taking over local government

2023 01 30 Earlier: The fall of Rome due to Goth immigrants

2023 01 15 Earlier: follow the money

2023 01 14 Earlier: secret collaboration

2023 01 13 Earlier: Turkey, Erdogan

2023 01 12d Earlier: Värmland, a future Donbas

2023 01 12c Earlier: Greta, climate agenda collapse?

2023 01 12b Earlier: Northvolt coincidences

2023 01 12 Earlier: Northvolt production

2023 01 10c Earlier: Northvolt smears countries

2023 01 10b Earlier: Northvolt political message

2023 01 10 Earlier: Northvolt Virtual Reality, Poland assembly, Chinese stock?

2023 01 09 Earlier: EU-Putin collusion

2023 01 08c Earlier: manipulations

2023 01 08b Earlier: Own nothing, be happy (WEF)

2023 01 08 Earlier: World going backwards

2023 01 07 Earlier: Why run businesses at a loss

2023 01 06 Earlier: Virtual Reality

2023 01 05 Earlier: Battery production is located in Asia and Meta – Tesla, Northvolt, Virtual Reality

2023 01 04 Earlier: Anti-Russian sanctions starve Europe

2023 01 03 Earlier: Artemis woke

2023 01 02 Earlier: The crypto weapon

2023 01 01 Earlier: Sanctions are often useless

2022 12 31 Earlier: Trump summary

2022 12 30 Earlier: In practice a one-party system

2022 12 29 Earlier: The “green transition” is virtual

2022 12 28 Earlier: Suppressive moderation (Northvolt)

2022 12 27 Earlier: Northvolt may go to delapidated California

2022 12 26 Earlier: Northvolt questions

2022 12 25 Earlier: Greta Kurdistan

2022 12 24 Earlier: Forum agenda

2022 12 23 Earlier: US borrowing: In Fink We Trust

2022 12 22 Earlier: Green delay tactics

2022 12 21 Earlier: Biden-Zelensky bonding

2022 12 20 Earlier: Large corporations threaten to leave Europe

2022 12 19 Earlier: Security-, Corona- & CO2-rules lead to de-industrialization

2022 12 18 Earlier: Will PM be the fall guy? (Northvolt)

2022 12 17 Earlier: Gaslighting older

2022 12 15 Earlier: robots, AI

2022 12 14 Earlier: Wall St. & China, NWO

2022 12 13 Earlier: too complex solutions, energy chaos, creating a crisis

2022 12 12 Earlier: another EU fund

2022 12 10 Earlier: forums closing

2022 12 09 Earlier: More people, more batteries (Northvolt)

2022 12 08 Earlier: Northvolt, climate predictions

2022 12 07 Earlier: EU corruption, divert anger

2022 12 06 Earlier: Blame the victim

2022 12 05 Earlier: Harry & Meghan – on races

2022 12 04 Earlier: Democratic Republican cooperation – a different US policy for export. Twitter Files

2022 12 02 Earlier: EU energy

2022 12 01 Earlier: Enron (2)

2022 11 05 Earlier: Energy unions, France

2022 11 29 Earlier: France will control EU energy. Norway good politics.

2022 11 28 Earlier: Stress over energy prices

2022 11 27 Earlier: Inflation is really price hikes

2022 11 26 Earlier: The military – a financial tool

2022 11 25 Earlier: Is the left manipulated (“useful idiots”)

2022 11 24 Earlier: Air show crash

2022 11 23 Earlier: Chess smear campaign

2022 11 21 Earlier: Traditional advent calendary ridiculing prince

2022 11 20 Earlier: Greta, kurds,old folks

2022 11 19 Earlier: Israel builds Noah’s ark on the moon, tardigrade crash

2022 11 18 Earlier: Ernst & Young financial services – a political actor?

2022 11 17 Earlier: Does the left believe in its teachings?

2022 11 16 Earlier: National daily AB: How to sell your car.

2022 11 15 Earlier: Businesses have gone green to gain influence.

2022 11 13 Earlier: neolib

2022 11 12 Earlier: Privatization means impoverished space research

2022 11 10 Earlier: Sami activists cropped out of Greta picture

2022 11 08 Earlier: Artemis 1 – time for SpaceX to deliver

2022 11 07 Earlier: Sunak stares at Lavrov

2022 11 05 Earlier: NASA smears itself

2022 11 04 Earlier: Sweden elections 2022 (2): New gov’t, same policies

2022 11 03 Earlier: Google admits Crimea is Russian

2022 11 02 Earlier: “Crisis” is really price increase; centralization

2022 10 31 Earlier: Big Mac index

2022 10 30 Earlier: False flag rightist government; Sweden elections 2022 (1)

2022 10 28 Earlier: Turkey

2022 10 27 Earlier: Twitter buy. Musk-Trump oligarch empire forming?

2022 10 26 Earlier: World Economic Forum, WEF, is a decoy (2)

2022 10 25 Earlier: Sunak appointment means divide and conquer

2022 10 24 Earlier: Oil producers are “axis of evil

2022 10 23 Earlier: The decline of the West

2022 10 22 Earlier: India, networks

2022 10 21 Earlier: Politicians main objective: stop votes from having effect

2022 10 20 Earlier: Politicians (Johnson) manipulate the system.

2022 10 19 Earlier: Globalization intensifies

2022 10 18 Earlier: EU lack ofdemocracy

2022 10 17 Earlier: acting loser

2022 10 16 Earlier: Leader vs MP:s

2022 10 15 Earlier: Secretive courts protect the oil industry – Energy Charter Treaty

2022 10 14 Earlier: Destructive investments

2022 10 13 Earlier: Macronism

2022 10 12 Earlier: Women vs men

2022 10 11 Earlier: Terrorists in Sweden?

2022 10 10 Earlier: Energy privatization

2022 10 09 Earlier: Divide and conquer, common enemy

2022 10 07 Earlier: Election fine print

2022 10 06 Earlier: Sweden 2022 elections undemocratic

2022 10 05 Earlier: iran: Hijab unrest; Swedish courts obey The People’s Mujahedin

2022 10 03 Earlier: Entrepreneurs counteracted

2022 10 01 Earlier: “stan”-countries run over, sports for globalization

2022 09 29 Earlier: Asssange actor

2022 09 28 Earlier: Forming government, Sweden 2022

2022 09 26 Earlier: Tricking the people into believeing SD won

2022 09 25 Earlier: EU isolates the Nordic countries by slow trains

2022 09 24 Earlier: Sweden elections – same s… new wrap

2022 09 23 Earlier: Ransomware – privacy laws

2022 09 22 Earlier: EU loser mentality

2022 09 20 Earlier: Unwashed, stench, filth, dirt – trend

2022 09 19 Earlier: Forming government in Sweden 2014-2022, all delays, on EU orders.

2022 09 18 Earlier: So called “extreme right

2022 09 17 Earlier: Iranian PR – #1

2022 09 16 Earlier: Media “extreme right” is just normal

2022 09 15 Earlier: Germany supports EU irreversible federalization

2022 09 14 Earlier: EU meddling in elctions

2022 09 13 Earlier: EU’s self destructive sanctions against Russia, over Ukraine

2022 09 12 Earlier: Europe heading for a new Stone Age

2022 09 11 Earlier: US attack on Europe.

2022 09 10 Earlier: FED creates chaos.

2022 09 09 Earlier: Nationalist SD does not demand influence, SD opposes itself

2022 09 08 Earlier: Liberals switch sides.

2022 09 07 Earlier: Inflation is an excuse for increasing prices due to lack of competition.

2022 08 27 Earlier: Sweden elections: Parties split up to promote EU

2022 08 26 Earlier: The political system is broken.

2022 08 25 Earlier: EU oil starvation

2022 08 24 Earlier: Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh – a new Ukraine?

2022 08 23 Earlier: Money transfer to corporations

2022 08 04 Earlier: NASA can not fill propellent

2022 08 03 Earlier: Privatization is only good when you benefit (LIV golf)

2022 08 02 Earlier: Left and right united against the people

2022 08 01 Earlier: The community must regulate energy

2022 07 28 Earlier: NASA racism

2022 07 31 Earlier: Northvolt update

2022 07 26 Earlier: EU orchestrated energy chaos

2022 07 25 Earlier: Energy divide and conquer stragtegy

2022 07 24 Earlier: Save POW:s, not drug smugglers

2022 07 23 Earlier: Northvolt, EU battery frenzy

2022 07 22 Earlier: Delay tactics

2022 07 21 Earlier: Superpowers use cold war to dominate.

2022 07 20 Earlier: Is LIV golf an object to hate for future sanctions against Saudi.

2022 07 19 Earlier: EU energy crisis like California (2), Enron

2022 07 18 Earlier: LGBT – one piece in the fall of Rome

2022 07 17 Earlier: Energy crisis, like California (1)

2022 07 12 Earlier: Media focus on personal details when in fact SpaceX and Tesla are in trouble.

2022 07 11 Earlier: EU kamikaze crash (2)

2022 07 10 Earlier: EU Covid package

2022 07 04 Earlier: EU kamikaze crash (1)

2022 06 03 Earlier: Logging companies avoid being scrutinized.

2022 06 02 Earlier: Super powers vs people

2022 06 01 Earlier: Northvolt smearing Sweden.

2022 05 31 Earlier: Sweden going down

2022 05 30 Earlier: US renders president powerless

2022 05 29 Earlier: US doesn’t want to stop shootings

2022 05 28 Earlier: Cancel indians and other native/indigenous peoples

2022 05 27 Earlier: Russian deserters sue army

2022 05 26 Earlier: Nazi smearing

2022 05 25 Earlier: Why Greta is not in Swedish media.

2022 05 24 Earlier: Greta review

2022 05 23 Earlier: EU – Sovietcomparison

2022 05 22 Earlier: Ukraine, a new Korea (2)

2022 05 21 Earlier: War inflation attacks common people

2022 05 22 Earlier: False flag

2022 05 21 Earlier: Oil net import

2022 05 20 Earlier: Turkey in NATO supported IS. In NATO Sweden can end up in war with parctically any country.

2022 05 18 Earlier: US defends Taiwan, but not Ukraine. Joining NATO can mean war with China

2022 05 17 Earlier: 1. West employs cancel culture. 2. Jewish influence 3. Nordic systems were better.

2022 05 16 Earlier: A new Korea in Europe (1)

2022 05 15 Earlier: Why Europe is crashing (2)

2022 05 13 Earlier: Use blockade to blame foreign powers.

2022 05 11 Earlier: Burn quran is like burn kippah

2022 05 10 Earlier: Team USA-Russia vs Syria, Iraq, Kazakhstan …

2022 05 09 Earlier: Bombing independent countries

2022 05 08 Earlier: Why Europe is crashing (1)

2022 05 06 Earlier: Tesla – modern slavery

2022 05 02 Earlier: Join NATO in panic

2022 04 26 Earlier: Superpower take-over

2022 04 25 Earlier: Europe under attack

2022 04 23 Earlier: War destroys Europe

2022 04 21 Earlier: Musk SolarCity trial

2022 04 20 Earlier: Superppowers lose war.

2022 04 18 Earlier: Superpowers starve Europe of energy.

2022 04 15 Earlier: EU sanctions euro and blames Russia.

2022 04 14 Earlier: Ukraine war means energy depletion

2022 04 11 Earlier: It’s about war, not which side you’re on.

2022 04 09 Earlier: Ukraine war, global aspects

2022 04 10 Earlier: War will end when Europe is broken.

2022 04 08 Earlier: Ukraine war is not Putin’s war. It is EU:s war.

2022 04 06 Earlier: The war in Ukraine is orchestrated by globalists

2022 04 02 Earlier: No Russian bots (2)

2022 04 01 Earlier: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies self destruct.

2022 03 28 Earlier: Greta starvation, agenda controlled

2022 03 27 Earlier: There were no Russian bots (1)

2022 03 26 Earlier: Tesla sells conflicts, like in Texas

2022 03 25 Earlier: Zelensky chooses war

2022 03 24 Earlier: war and stock are globally directed

2022 03 22 Earlier: Reasons for war in Ukraine

2022 03 20 Earlier: EU decides fuel tax

2022 03 22 Earlier: must stop killing (2)

2022 03 21 Earlier: BlackRock’s Fink letter says gas and oil are good “transition fuels”

2022 03 20 Earlier: must stop killing in Ukraine (1)

2022 03 19 Earlier: International community must protect all

2022 03 18 Earlier: national socialism is very different from international socialism or nazism

2022 03 17 Earlier: Ukraine war is the superpowers attacking the European peoples.

2022 02 25 Earlier: Oligarch Kolomoisky runs Ukraine, president Zelensky, Azov batallion and Ukrainian air, allegedly shot down in Iran conflict.

2022 02 24 Earlier: finance crises, scandals; Europe is run from Brussels/EU like Congo was run from Brussels.

2022 02 19 Earlier: finance crises, scandals; finance timeline

2022 02 18 Earlier: EU rules send Swedish electricity to Germany

2022 02 17 Earlier: Ukraine war 2022

2022 02 16 Earlier: Racism is back

2022 02 06 Earlier: Kamila Valieva doping case rigged

2022 02 05 Earlier: Norwegian public service attacking Russia [Nordic sports /2]

2022 02 04 Earlier: Greta Thunberg discriminates (2)

2022 02 01 Earlier: indigenous peoples are only used for conflict. They will also be conformed.

2022 01 31 Earlier: nazi & other smearing of [Nordic sports /1]

2022 01 30 Earlier: Greta, criticism

2022 01 27 Earlier: Nobel prize to stop sexual violence, not wars.

2022 01 26 Earlier: Catalán Sharp murder media coverage cover up multi-nationals’ control. Belgium made a mess of Congo and now of Europe.

2022 01 25 Earlier: Catalán, Sharp, coltan, Congo, conflict; Assange, Manning, Bini, Kamphuis, Snowden, Kashoggi

2022 01 24 Earlier: Greta Thunberg’s backers, dangerously trying to recreate the Chinese cultural revolution

2022 01 23 Earlier: Northvolt global mess

2022 01 22 Earlier: Next crisis

2022 01 21 Earlier: Greta demonstrations rigged, express apartheid

2022 01 20 Earlier: Media covers up WEF 2022

2022 01 18 Earlier: Turkey

2022 01 17 Earlier: EU energy stavation agenda, cable refused

2022 01 16 Earlier: Energy crisis in Europe

2022 01 15 Earlier: Northvolt, EU – green socialism

2022 01 14 Earlier: Tesla, EU – socialism

2022 01 13 Earlier: Assange revealed US war crimes.

2022 01 12 Earlier: Going virtual

2022 01 11 Earlier: EU lets eastern European nuclear crisis grow

2022 01 07 Earlier: Ukraine Jewish president doesn’t fight nazis [-2-]

2022 01 05 Earlier: EU single candidate system

2022 01 04 Earlier: EU self destructive gas boycott

2022 01 03 Earlier: Hong Kong democracy clamp down

2022 01 02 Earlier: Silk Road, China is becoming part of the global agenda.

2021 12 31 Earlier: Global takeover

2021 12 27 Earlier: Biden acts senile not to have to fulfill his promises.

2021 12 26 Earlier: US and EU construct energy crisis in Europe. (press spoiler button at link target)

2021 12 23 Earlier: Christmas feeling

2021 12 22 Earlier: Privatization down sides, illustrated by Elon Musk

2021 12 21 Earlier: Kamala Harris – the fall guy?

2021 12 20 Earlier: nuclear delay

2021 12 19 Earlier: Northvolt – just a green delusion?

2021 12 17 Earlier: Reasons for the energy crisis

2021 12 14 Earlier: The crises are constructed

2021 12 08 Earlier: USA/EU democracy failure

2021 12 04 Earlier: EU uses psychological warfare against the European peoples.

2021 12 01 Earlier: Greta covers up four things

2021 11 30 Earlier: Greta is too white

2021 11 28 Earlier: Market economy, energy crisis

2021 11 27 Earlier: Musk and Tesla go for feodalism

2021 11 26 Earlier: EU exploits Ukraine

2021 11 10 Earlier: Climate refugees

2021 11 08 Earlier: Musk vs authorities

2021 11 04 Earlier: Refugees from EU

2021 11 03 Earlier: EU energy scam helps the EU

2021 10 28 Earlier: Putin helps the EU

2021 10 27 Earlier: EU constructs energy crisis

2021 10 28Earlier: shirking responsibility

2021 10 27 Earlier: Biden no climate action

2021 10 26 Earlier: origins of climate theory

2021 10 25 Earlier: Greta Thunberg builds generation gap

2021 10 24 Earlier: climate predictions

2021 10 23 Earlier: child shaming

2021 10 22 Earlier: Greta Thunberg discriminates (1 )

2021 10 21 Earlier: big oil not at COP26. Greta anonymous in Sweden.

2021 10 20 Earlier: European energy crisis

2021 10 17 Earlier: Weapons of mass migration

2021 10 16 Earlier: Streisand effect, muslims

2021 10 15 Earlier: information shifts

2021 10 08 Earlier: The cold war is back

2021 10 05 Earlier: The climate weapon

2021 09 25 Earlier: Banks, big corporations

2021 09 19 Earlier: Aukus

2021 09 09 Earlier: The Fall of Rome

2021 09 07 Earlier: Greta – the witch doctor.

2021 09 03 Earlier: Construct problems to split the population.

2021 08 30 Earlier: Energy consumption stops crypto.

2021 08 15 Earlier: Big corps

2021 08 10 Earlier: Argumentation against the person

2021 08 08 Earlier: Climate models exaggerated.

2021 08 06 Earlier: Olympic gold sprinter Jacobs’ nutritionist under police investigation for distribution of anabolic steroids. Attacking the messenger/person.

2021 07 23 Earlier: Controlled opposition

2021 07 20 Earlier: Globalization is dysfunctional.

2021 06 30 Earlier: EU demands elicit government crisis in Sweden.

2021 06 29 Earlier: EU climate tariffs

2021 06 25 Earlier: EU m.o. is crisis. Crisis timeline

2021 06 24 Earlier: Is Greta Thunberg bluffing about her education? [ -1-, -2- ]

2021 06 23 Earlier: Greta Thunberg uses parliament for dancing not debate.

2021 06 22 Earlier: The privatization of space activities is at the expense of research and development.

2021 06 21 Earlier: Greta accuses Nordic countries vaguely, without presenting evidence.

2021 06 20 Earlier: Fake government crisis

2021 06 19 Earlier: EU ramps up CO2. Media twists refugees from US warfare to be “climate refugees”.

2021 06 18 Earlier: US keeps up the oil price.

2021 06 16 Earlier: EU supports regime that encourages death squads.

2021 06 14 Earlier: EU creates cold war

2021 06 12 Earlier: US out of lockdown but not Europe

2021 05 27 Earlier: EU puppet regime, Belarus

2021 05 26 Earlier: EU fakes hi-jack to buy Belarus.”

2021 05 24 Earlier: climate “science

2021 05 22 Earlier: nwo m.o.

2021 04 24 Earlier: Cryptocurrencies hype yet another way to deprive country through reduced tax base. Bitcoin “mining” is really transfer fee. Ethereum hacker became lawful owner of loot.

2021 04 22 Earlier: Tesla crash used to hide lack of sales

2021 04 19 Earlier: climate attack on Nordic countries

2021 04 14 Earlier: US – taliban win-win

2021 04 13 Earlier: Resistance to EU/global control is connected to nazis, terrorists etc.

2021 04 10 Earlier: Media and politicians attack white men.

2021 04 03 Earlier: National states vaccinate more efficiently

2021 04 02 Earlier: Covid is used to form airline monopoly

2021 04 01 Earlier: Airlines don’t want you to travel!

2021 03 31 Earlier: Biden attacks Europe using the climate agenda.

2021 03 20 Earlier: EU-Covid

2021 03 18 Earlier: Georgia

2021 03 12 Earlier: Holodomór terror famine

2021 03 09 Earlier: Biden chosen by Dems meant manipulating democracy to promote Harris.

2021 02 21 Earlier: Archeology on Mars is psychological warfare.

2021 02 06 Earlier: Will agriculture and food supply be the next crises?

2021 02 02 Earlier: Tesla stock is inflated to support green take over by f.ex EU.

2021 01 31 Earlier: Bill Gates knew society would respond to Covid with disproportionate strength.

2021 01 30 Earlier: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a decoy (1)

2021 01 29 Earlier: The true nature of The (not so) Great Reset

2021 01 12 Earlier: starvation

2021 01 08 Earlier: Trump-Assange agenda

2021 01 06 Earlier: Global lockdown

2020 12 26 Earlier: Maggie Thatcher on EU.

2020 12 26 Earlier: Brexit – a complete success for UK.

2020 12 12 Earlier: Covid mostly affects politicians media dislike.

2020 12 01 Earlier: European Union 7 year budget negotiations 2020.

2020 11 30 Earlier: Belarus 2020 – “revolution” is only newspaper feminist agenda and likely EU influencing

2020 11 26 Earlier: Greta – the modern Don Quixote

2020 11 25 Earlier: EU-satellite deals are better than EU membership.

2020 11 23 Earlier: Future of globalization

2020 11 22 Earlier: Climate doom

2020 11 22 Earlier: Dictatorship: Sweden ban meetings.

2020 11 10 Earlier: Internet communication has led to globalists going for broke.

2020 11 06 Earlier: Diet and body shape are abused to divide the population

2020 11 01 Earlier: Globalism will bring chaos until units of control are shrunk.

2020 10 16 Earlier: Authorities still havn’t published recommendations for those w/symtoms, positive test or anyone really.

2020 10 15 Earlier: Corona restrictions will demand rewriting the constitution.

2020 10 13 Earlier: Greta is not environmental, she is EU and Hong Kong activist.

2020 10 12 Earlier: Greta turns to Macron, not Swedish politicians.

2020 10 08 Earlier: The climate issue is political.

2020 10 02 Earlier: Is the Estonia ferry disaster fake?

2020 09 20 Earlier: Assange trial

2020 09 08 Earlier: Globalists incite subversion and rebellion against the national government

2020 09 05 Earlier: Soros, Nixon, FED

2020 08 31 Earlier: Activism creates tthe problems it claims to counteract.

2020 08 28 Earlier: European Union

2020 08 18 Earlier: EV-charging

2020 08 15 Earlier: Sweden pays Italian Olympics.

2020 08 14 Earlier: Media spread mental problems.

2020 08 11 Earlier: Soros is a decoy.

2020 08 09 Earlier: When Soros crashed Sweden.

2020 08 07 Earlier: Brexit will increase EU power.

2020 08 05 Earlier: Controlling Europe through debt

2020 08 03 Earlier: polarization

2020 08 02 Earlier: “Covid rescue” illegal in two ways

2020 07 26 Earlier: “Covid rescue” is really euro bailout

2020 07 25 Earlier: False idols look appealing

2020 07 23 Earlier: PM Löfven tricked out of EU rebate.

2020 07 20 Earlier: Macron & Merkel dictate the EU agenda

2020 07 12 Earlier: Immigrants ridiculed in headline for not recieving information

2020 07 10 Earlier: white males – slandered in media

2020 07 05 Earlier: US elections – a show for foreign countries

2020 07 03 Earlier: Cross-country skiing champion Marit Bjorgen – a product of the globalist agenda

2020 06 20 Earlier: Swedish PM splits Nordic unity for no reason. – He must be under globalist control.

2020 06 18 Earlier: Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter [BLM]

2020 06 16 Earlier: The Brexit dilemma (1)

2020 06 12 Earlier: Why the media hate Latin America

2020 06 11 Earlier: Why the UK can not get a deal with the EU.

2020 06 10 Earlier: Why SpaceX recovers boosters.

2020 05 27 Earlier: Send Greta to the European Union to stop Corona recovery. We in Northern Europe are paying for it.

2020 05 22 Earlier: Blackmail the European Union

2020 05 02 Earlier: Norwegian police never tries to find the missing person

2020 05 06 Earlier: Fairy tales newspapers compose

2020 05 02 Earlier: Elon Musk plays the fool

2020 04 30 Earlier: Brexit, current status

2020 04 12 Earlier: fake rebels

2020 04 06 Earlier: The government/press/elite are less likely to use espionage against other states, but would rather use it against their own people.

2020 03 25 Earlier: Corona & climate – full panic but no real action taken.

2020 03 12 Earlier: US elections 2020 are rigged.

2020 03 08 Earlier: US liberal chaos is only for export.

2020 02 29 Earlier: Assange extradition trial

2020 01 27 Earlier: Is Mars rover “Curiosity” fake??

2020 01 25 Earlier: Climate gender conflicts

2020 01 22 Earlier: The scare factor

2020 01 20 Earlier: The European Union threatens w/ bank blockade to make United Kingdom to follow EU rules.

2019 12 19 Earlier: Neil Farage: Parties like SverigeDemokraterna (SD) become corrupt in the European Union.

2019 12 14 Earlier: Elon Musk is intentionally a poor role model, to destroy youth values.

2020 01 26 Earlier: Are Starlink spy satellites?

2019 12 08 Earlier: Obama tries to break US self confidence by cutting the space program.

2019 12 01 Earlier: Are the Iranian ayatollahs CIA-agents?

2019 11 26 Earlier: Arjen Kamphuis‘ disappearance

2019 10 10 Earlier: Greta Thunberg‘s true, dark motives

2019 08 10 Earlier: Edward Snowden – US operative

2019 04 14 Earlier: Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Ola Bini are likely American agents.

2019 04 12 Earlier: Ola Bini, Arjen Kamphuis connection

2019 02 01 Earlier: Elections 2018: Globalist parties pretended to have different opinions. Collaborate to favor large corporations at the expense of workers.

2019 02 01 Earlier: Bilderberg calling the shots: Center party is hi-jacked and Liberal party is ordered to self-exterminate.

2018 09 10 Earlier: News media gives birth to a political party – Ny Demokrati

2018 09 09 Earlier: All parties unite to refuse party SD posts as chairman according to election results.

2018 09 08 Earlier: The media monopoly sells outdated technology to the Swedish gov’t @ SEK 10 bn.

2018 09 07 Earlier: Feeding frenzy, the media monopoly disposes of politicians that do not follow the agenda

2018 09 06 Earlier: Quotes

2018 09 05 Earlier: Control of the Internet, Google, troll farms

2018 08 30 Earlier: Soros’ funds used to influence Swedish politics

2018 05 30 Earlier: Fake news

2018 05 22 Earlier: False flag awards

2018 05 10 Earlier: Who owns the news media

2018 05 01 Earlier: Journalist wounded by IS ?

2018 04 27 Earlier: The Cold War and other anti-Russian activities. The image of conflict; The useful enemy

2018 04 25 Earlier: Why only few air crash investigations are accurate. – Passengers lives are at an unnecessary risk.

2018 04 22 Earlier: The Iraq war 2003 was built on fake evidence. / So far, no accusations of chemical warfare have been proven true. / Also the war on IS was built on fake evidence.

2018 04 10 Earlier: Bjärred-case. Politically correct psychiatry exterminates a whole family?

2018 04 02 Earlier: UN obstructs murder investigation – UN supports an illegal regime. The true reason why Catalán and Sharp were killed.

2018 03 10 Earlier: The terrorists’ objectives

2018 03 01 Earlier: Tesla, Ubuntu/Linux – self destructive moles & Google, Facebook – political control mechanisms

2017 12 25 Earlier: Geopolitisk krigföring – Media/USA attackerar Europa med flyktingar. The enemy within. Weapons of Mass Migration

2017 12 18 Earlier: Destabilisering genom feminism och HBTQ

2017 12 15 Earlier: Destabilisering genom invandring

2017 12 12 Earlier: IOK saknar bevis – Internationella Olympiska Kommittén stänger av Ryssland utan bevis

2017 12 09 Earlier: Trump om Jerusalem – den verkliga orsaken till Trumps uttalande funnen

Table of Contents (in English)

Summary 04


Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


Nästa: Switzerland; direct democracy; Credit Suisse


20.04 (00000 links) Innehållsförteckning, ToC








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