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The New World Order

Part 030

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Table of Contents

7. The Internet

+: people can access information more easily. The regime’s web of lies is starting to fall apart /

-: mass surveillance

The Internet is the biggest change to society in a very long time. Its effects are still changing and if there is a final result it is not yet known.

[mass surveillance <–> freedom of information]


Two tendencies can be seen:

1. Mass surveillance is easier, the regime has now probably access to most of what we write and speak.

2. People can access information more easily. The regime’s web of lies is starting to fall apart since we now can compare more sources of information. Travel has done the same thing. Therefore the regime controls the Internet by f.ex Google and trolls and restricts travel by flying shame (that so far has flopped) and corona (successful, unfortunately). Ban on meetings using Corona for pretext.

7a. Internet trolls

Internet trolls support the news media “left” agenda and are surely paid by the same sources. Other trolls oppose them but use strange arguments, fake awkward personalities, use negatively connected user names and avatars etc. Trolls that oppose the global agenda sometimes use nicknames with a Russian connection. They mix true and false arguments. Trolls make conflict of any small details to prevent unity and constructive criticism of the global agenda.

Two common ways to derail the discussion is to try to discuss the opponents person or define terminology. Sometimes teams of trolls send forward representatives with different views depending on the situation. Logical arguments are often deflected by general talk.

The most common tactic is to change subject.

One method is to make irrelevant comparisons. If power transfer from Sweden to EU is debated, the power balance Swedish counties like Skåne and Swedish central authorities should obey the same pattern.

Trolls vary explanations depending on context. If Starship works it is a fantastic moon rocket. If it explodes it is really another rocket that is going to the moon. … If there is hot weather it is according to the climate theories. If the weather is cold we should read other “scientific” essays that predict this instead. The theory can never be wrong. … When the EU needs more money we hear “I want you to panic. Our house is in fire.” But if we should take resolute action and put EV:s on the streets or consume less it is enough if we just “do what we can”.

The general idea of global propaganda is not always to win the discussions since this is not possible because global take over is based on lies. Instead newspapers and trolls try to focus the debate on harmless topics adjacent to the main issues.

Large amounts of trolls defend the impossible ideas of the global agenda by debate manipulation. In this way they also contribute to spreading conflict in the population when facing people who have having formed opinions on logical reason. In this situation the trolls make use of the forums being bought by global interests, moderators allowing argumentation against the person (“ad hominem”). To remind of the downfall of organized societies with strong state, trolls frequently associate to Nazi/Hitler. This also protects media interests, reminding of the Holocaust when many meida today are Jewish owned.

A major function of trolls is to try to detail serious criticism into criticism of facts that can not be changed or are of minimal importance, like personal properties of a politician.

The trolls try to derail any discussion into petty conflicts between posters, they either attack other posters or other trolls. Conflicts between trolls can also drown serious discussions. By ruining (f.ex) Swedish people’s possibility to have places like foras for discussions and formation of common ideas, the trolls facilitate global take over, f.ex by the EU.

Information shifts.

Greta was initially presented as the anorectic child with social problems and Asperger syndrome and won fame because she had just sat down outside parliament with a picket sign. Later it was presented that she had won a competition writing essays. Later she was considered skilled with social media from the start and was successful at Twitter. Later her anorexia disappeared. Later she was considered unusually brave and extrovert, singing and dancing in front of a large crowd. She started out with the message that we are facing a climate disaster in 10 years. Even the World Economic Forum interpreted her message that way but she had to correct them that it was only the “carbon dioxide budget” that was running out in 8 years. It now seems there are no crucial “tipping points” but we should just do what we can. She then seemed to have forgotten the climate and went into several different areas, like the Hong Kong/China issue, Indian farmers situation, a Danish sewage plant. (When the EU raised the CO2 levels through the Corona recovery packages Greta said nothing.) She said she would not attend the COP26 climate meeting since the Covid vaccine was too unevenly distributed over the globe (but she attended).

She is just an actress (with actor training) followint the whims of the global agenda.

-- Internet

--- trolls [almost everyone you meet on the net is a troll]

---- defend global values

---- attack global values with incorrect arguments or a faked, unpleasant personality

---- cause conflicts to impede unity that could raise demands on leadership

--- buying forums, controlling moderation

Trolls diminish criticism and transfer it to other areas. After Corona EU borrowed and gave money to member countries. This is against rules. Trolls move criticism of this to criticism of politicians and the Swedish system not having a constitutional court. EU transfers funds to private corporations that give board posts to politicians spending on EU. But trolls criticize politicians’ “high salary”.

Trolls move criticism of system, media and banks to “incompetent politicians”.

Trolls usually project system criticism on the poster, f.ex calling him/her “bitter”. If they cant provoke anger they go for bitter.

Trolls can try to divert criticism by quoting particularly strong parts to make it sound unreasonable or weak parts to make it sound unjustified. Much of trolling is about neglecting context and focus on detail, like f.ex other posters grammar.

Trolls divert arguments towards personal aspects. Greta Thunberg’s political agenda is downplayed and instead personal factors are stressed, like diagnoses, eating habits, IQ. Jewish networks are deflected into Jewish IQ, genetics, history, religion. Like all globalist actors trolls often deflect discussions with sexual aspects.

Trolls sometimes try to divert serious arguments by mixing serious arguments with misconceptions, random chat, talk about sex or anything unrelated.

As the agenda progresses the trolls change their positions. As the agenda becomes stronger, Internet trolls that sometimes criticized the agenda stop posting or gradually change their views to more progressive ones.

Party SD became EU friendly since

1. They got more voters and could get more influence but did not really wish to leave the EU.

2. The agenda moves forward and the regime tries to wipe out any EU-resistance.

Common techniques to destroy discussions where trolls have problems defending the regime:

1. write long avout peripheral details

2. misunderstand what other say

3. “straw man arguments” argue agains something the opponent did not claim

topic diversion
EU fees, borrowing, supra-national control politicians’ personalities, EU history, how many decades can EU exist
Greta Thunberg agenda split women and men, pressure politicians, is supported by high finance Greta’s mother abuses her for financial benefits
Jewish networks’ activity in other countries Israel atrocities against Palestinians
problems of mass immigration racism
destruction of well organized Nordic societies with: safe streets, low corruption, low abuse of power, good relations between countries, long period of peace, well developed social systems, low income gaps, good education, medicare, technology Swedish culture like Midsummer games or traditional authors; Swedish food, genetic variables of Nordic people

Nordic culture meant transparency (“offentlighetsprincipen”), low corruption, low abuse of power, low income gaps, peaceful relations to neighboring countries, low violence, safe streets, low conflict, result orientation, good and free education, high tech industry, goal-orientation, frugality, modesty, good and available healthcare, well developed and well spread social care. The economy was not based on imperialism or war. (Cp Michael Moore: “Where should we invade next?”)
The Nordic countries are not larger than it is possible for people to monitor what politicians are doing and for democracy to function. In these smaller countries people learn to cooperate. This has to be broken to make people willing to give up control to Brussels. As the EU increases its power and remote control, conflicts between individuals and groups (as through mass immigration and feminism) are promoted and local self esteem is demoted. Conflicts between the Nordic countries are already being instigated.

News media try to make objections against mass immigration into a matter of racism by labeling protesters “racists”. This is mostly wrong. Few people care about the color of skin of others. But Internet trolls try to focus disussions on genetics and historical differences. (1) However, the countries of origin of the migrants are very differently run than f.ex. the Nordic countries and by many standards the Nordic countries were better run and more pleasant to live in than f.ex Syria, Afghanistan or Somaila. Therefore the cultural input will be negative to the inhabitants of the target countries. (2) Above all mass immigration will divide the society. In particular since authorities do not try to integrate immigrants. Their target is to split up society so that no common demands can be made on the politicians. A global dictatorship can only be run as long as the pople does not unite against it. (3a) Even if you have no objections against people of other ethnicities you can never be sure they have the same thinking. Some segregated areas with migrant population are considered dangerous, especially for native Swedes. (3.b) The image is strengthened by the media giving an image of migrants as dangerous, connecting them to shootings and other crime. (3.c) It also seems that the regime is spreading conflict in the population by letting psy-op agents perform conflicts between migrants and natives in order to spread a behavior of conflict. This may sound horrendous but considering that the purpose of mass immigration is to disrupt society, the possibility of regime subversive elements must be taken into account. A Swedish older white man is definitely more likely to be met by women or migrants in contact with autorities. People from these other groups definitely seem interested in creating problems and friction. They seem to have been instructed to do so. They would never do that unless their superiors had instructed them to it. Security guards in malls and similar places are often of migrant origin which can create opposition between groups if they must take action against native Swedes. (Compare the Kalergi plan)

[ causes for mass immigration ]


* focus on ad hominem, opponent’s personality.

* start conflict about anything to stop unity which could lead to political demands. Conflict about petty detail, spelling errors. Agression is a foundation for globalization.

* focus on “intelligence” instead of agenda

* confuse topic with history, theory, genetics, skin colors, to emphasize differences between geoups. their knowledge is vast on Jewish and many other parts of history

* bring up old posts

* terminology

* just take arguments from the opposition and use them against the opposition even when they do not fit. If someone points out that a troll is misinterpreting, trolls will soon say that poster is misinterpreting, just to cause confusion. When news media use Greta Thunberg to create hatred (e.g. by handing out a prize in her name that wishes older white men to die) trolls claim she is hated. (Which is motivated by a few trolls pretending to hate her.)

* say the opposite e.g. when globalists lock down society w/ flying shame & Corona restrictions they claim globalization facilitates contacts

* split up reasoning, sometimes by cutting up other posters posts in small parts. Trolls try to pick out parts and neglect the whole.

* if the regime has a major setback, the trolls sometimes start a similar case to confuse. Ex. the Iraqi defense minister received Swedish welfare. Later a similar case concerning an Afghan politicians received much publicity but it turned out to be based on loose grounds.

If trolls say someone seems intelligent, the person works for the networks. Those that ghe trolls consider inadequate are usually network actors pretending to oppose the global agenda.

Globalist fear of competition also destroys the Internet as a place to develop ideas, through troll activation.

7b. moderation

label as “conspiracy theory”

label as “Off Topic”

divide in different threads


7c. Internet shutdown

2020: globalists seem to start breaking up the internet.

Internet shutdown


8. conflict between individuals

To try to make people with different views angry is a main m.o. of globalist actors. Much hatred in society is constructed by globalists. This is not only done by pitching groups against each other. It is also a way of how they deal with people of different opinions than their own.%

Every small aspect is turned the same way by the networks. Trolls promote going to the gym since some people use their muscle to attack others.

Big corporations prioritize to create conflicts with customers rather than helping them since competition between corps have ceased. Fulfilling the EU agenda of conflict will make them eligible for EU grants (which practically never are accounted for to the public). Creating friciton with the customer is prioritized.

In some pre EU coutries you can meet people who have not been exposed to the conflict agenda. In many smaller streets of f.ex Belgrade (Serbia) you can enter smaller shops and people are genuine and truly helpful to the customer. They value cooperation and wish the customer to come back. (2021)

9. people against government

Stir up rebellion against national government to have decisions moved to the EU.

Plastic tax

Left wing parties levy an impopular national plastic bag tax at about the same time as the EU silently levy a plastic tax. Psy ops are trying to stir up anti government sentiments.%


To enhance division and conflict, the system promotes violence,.f.ex in movies (Hollywood) and video games.


Some people that go to the gym use their muscle for violence. When one social forum recently discussed Covid closedowns, the situation of the gyms seemed to be the major points of focus.

When New York Times describes how youth have parties in Washington Square they mention they arrange boxing tournaments.


Claiming to fight discrimination, the agenda itself discriminates.

Greta Thunberg discriminates against white (racism), men and older people.


Climate live

Major daily The Guardian wishes old, white men to die. [ ] —

Nia Dennis wins plaudits for stunning ‘black excellence’ gymnastics routine


Greta Thunberg will not ask for any sacrifices for the climate when she meets minorities like native Americans or Swedish sames.

separation and isolation

Stop people from meeting or having contacts (Cp the movie The Matrix)

Climate: flying shame

Corona, Covid-19: face masks, regard fellow man as contagious, restrictions on travel, bans on meetings, social distancing, working from home

Internet: social foras have technical difficulties%

reduced mobility, isolation, trade barriers

Leaders unite and keep their peoples in conflict. Travel makes understanding between peoples possible. Travel therefore makes it more difficult for the leaders to command their people by imagined threats from distant countries. The Internet already makes it more difficult to imagine a Russian invasion of Sweden and more sophisticated threats, like invisible Corona virus must be used.

If it is more difficult to move, we must rely more on the news media image of the world around us. News media can then give an image of conflict between countries to make people unite behind the leaders.%

The two last major mechanisms used by the globalists included lessened mobility: The climate: shame of flying and Corona travel restrictions. Corona also splits people apart by social distancing, bans on meetings etc.

The plan seems to be to obliterate cultural differences between European countries and allow us to travel within Europe. But we will still be given an impression that Americans and Chinese are bad. Lately (2020) it seems the vilification of Russia and Putin has possibly been reduced. Will Russia be included in the European block?

Ad April, 2021: the vilification of Russia arises again. Russia is accused of planning to invade Ukraine. “Evidence” false. Completely unreliable Bellingcat is quoted, some images even show Ukrainian tanks with cations about Russia.

International trade is impeded. Amazon tries to suppress smaller competition. In Sweden Postal Companies are allowed to levy haphazard fees on imports from outside the EU.

Any factor reducing mobility is promoted, newspapers promote baking and cooking. We are encouraged to own pets.

restrictions of mobility, isolation (link to this blog outside this summary)

[ Corona Covid-19 ]

Travel counteracts division and bigotry, Mark Twain.

hostile environment, fear; Covid, shootings, city planning

One way to promote isolation is producing a hostile environment. Covid makes people fear getting infected. Shootings make people fear go outside.


Swedish national public media even uses words that can have a positive connotation when they describe the “record” number of shootings.

The highly promoted artist Lady Gaga plays the role of the wife that arranged the killing of heir to Gucci fashion empire and served 18 years for it.

city planning: raising rents in centers of cities, depopulating common areas, reducing contact. Constructing jammed shopping malls with fwe seating areas. Mixing EU-scooters, electric scooters, and pedestrians with no rules and no separation.

Creating a hostile environment

…, som varit ledare för ett kriminellt MC-gäng och avtjänat flera fängelsestraff, tränar juniorer i Sollentunas hockeyklubb.

Många föräldrar i klubben är, enligt Aftonbladet, upprörda men klubben kände till Jonas bakgrund när han anställdes.

“Frågan är om samhället tjänar på att utestänga människor från idrotten”, säger klubbens ordförande Karin Myrestam


Paolo Roberto, programledare

impeding air travel

Air travel is intentionally made difficult to stop people from communicating.%

* air lines impose more strict visa regulations than immigration authorities

* Internet booking has made air travel cheaper and simpler but not to the extent possible. It has even become more difficult to check bags to final destinations, reserve meals etc, in recent times

* many airports demand “self check in” which almost invariably fails on longer, multi leg trips

* the reduced fluid rule for cabin luggage was said to be removed long ago, but is still in effect

* Security check is often chaotic

* climate flying shame

* corona travel restrictions

Airlines don’t want you to travel!


Ban on meetings and travel using Corona as an excuse.

Wearing face masks impede communication.

“Refrain from talking on the Bangkok SkyTrain”

“Covidianity” is a religion of isolation.%

UK: no meetings >6 ppl outside work, except organized (gov’t approved) sports. Weddings >15 ppl must be invited.

restrictions of mobility, isolation (link to this blog outside this summary)

[ Corona Covid-19 ]


Health, organization, productivity, goal orientation, development all threaten the global dictatorship. They are therefore counteracted. [dysfunctional]


Top gymnast Simone Biles is probably influenced to not perform during the 2020 Olympics. She claims to suffer from an experienced lack of coordination!

Taking pride in work is discouraged. (How much pride can an Internet troll feel in his or her work?)

destabilization and chaos

Chaos will impede unity and thereby democratic demands. Inconsistent rules create conflict. Logical builders of society will be demoted. When there are no written rules, leaders can not be held responsible and rules can be applied according to group affiliation, not according to facts.


Chaos will hide the true actions. The multitude of fake news like climate, Covid, Estonia (2020 Sweden) will cover up global dictatorship take over (like the EU)

The world’s two richest men cashes in on more taxpayers’ money as US lunar landing project falls into disarray.

Some aspects of destabilization are not necessarily catastrophical. If a person once uses dope at a party, plays rock and roll music, questions his/her parents, it will not make society go under. But chaos is a prerequisite for undemocratic, unelected networks, including the press, to keep control and keep elected politicians from executing the will of the people.

News media writes anything. Maybe just to make us give up committing ourselves to what they write about. Biden wall. ref

authority, breaking down

While authority was in Sweden, newspapers encouraged people to criticise it. Now that authority is moving to the global networks, newspapers slant articles against people that criticize those in power.


It all switched. As long as authority was national we were taught to attack it (1960’s). Now that authority is supra-national/EU/global people who criticize it are regarded as idiots in the newspapers or given diagnoses as Asperger like f.ex system critics Julian Assange or Greta Thunberg.

Swedish government is still a target for criticism but in general newspapers convey an image of how meaningless it is to criticise enterprise and local authorities.


Many of the processes used by globalists to create chaos and undercut democracy are ways of destabilizing society.%

To achieve a dysfunctional society, the news and other networks try to destabilize it in many ways, as described in this blog. Promoting diagnoses/mental illness and drug prescription, like amphetamine is one. Disrespecting education is another. Conflicts between groups of people are created through feminism and mass immigration.

Much of what is described in this text, like conflicts, drug abuse and more can be labeled destabilization or chaos.

turning hierarchies, the dictatorship of the proletariat

One way of destabilizing society is to turn hierarchies upside down. Put competent people at the bottom. When Kublai Khan was emperor of China, intellectuals were given a very low rank in society.

This corresponds to the dictatorship of the proletariat under socialist systems.%

The white men are now put at the bottom of society in Western societies.

stock market volatility

Stock prices are more and more controlled by Internet actors like Reddit/Wall Street Bets or Elon Musk promoting seemingly random stock. The often falsely high evaluation contributes to instability and sets up opportunities for hedge funds and short sellers. Gamestop, Robinhood. Tesla.


wealth, money

The global networks are in very strong financial control. After buying newspapers and politicians (f.ex by board posts) they can just continue transferring taxpayers money to big enterprise they control. F.ex 2020 EU took €750 bn of taxpayers money and spread without accounting.


Countries and EU do not have any more money to give to high finance. Countries are already in debt to high finance and in 2020 also EU got a souvereign debt, which of course falls back on countries and individuals. We had no more money to give to high finance so we borrow from them and give back to them through corps they control.

Billionaire Soros even criticizes Sweden for wanting not to break EU rules and demand that borrowed funds are lent to recipient countries, not donated. But Sweden is already in debt to Soros and his partners. Therefore, in this blogs opinion, Soros and high finance could have footed the bill.

Due to massive financial overpower high finance have been able to totally control the lives of others by putting them in debt. This is another important fact, a cording to this blog. Democracy has changed into plutocracy. Super rich bpeople have the right to a very good life for themselves and their families, but their wealth does not give them the right to control society and the lives of others, according to the opinion of this blog.

These are opinions, but a fact is that media, trolls etc stress wealth. Even some politicians describe anti global people as failed. Hillary Clinton, f.ex said Trump supporters belonged in the “basket of deplorables”. Making people obsessed with money is an important control mechanism of the global dictatorship.

accepting the unreasonable

Elon Musk now [2021] claims SpaceX will land manned spacecraft on Mars 2026. But the Starship that are tested explodes almost completely, more often than not. It seems completely impossible to land manned spacecraft on Mars before 2026.

Caster Semenya is a man claiming to be a woman. He even does not dress like a woman on many occasions. News media do not question the unreasonable situation where he competes against women in top level running.

Ukraine elects comedian Volodymyr Zelensky as president.

News medias efforts to normalize completely unreasonable situations make logical reason lose ground in society. Instead of logical reasoning we are encouraged to think of which group we belong to and decide on what others think.

Caster Semenya wins the 800 metres World Championships finals, Berlin, 2009

However these illogical claims are promoted in news media. This is a way to destabilize society. Logical reasoning is depreciated. People get used to hearing things that are unresonable.

a constant flow of orders

Making citizens obey a constant flow of orders serves the same purpose. Air line hijackings have almost stopped and not letting passengers bring drink through security is not needed but still enforced. Wearing face mask in many situations, long after the Covid influenza is not motivated. Constantly making people obey illogical commands makes them stop reasoning.

counteract concentration


concentration is a disease (Asperger)



wwr: 77683734

Där rök en jurymedlem till. Denna gång för att hon spelat sudoku under vittnesmålen. Hon hänvisade naturligtvis till att hon är “fidgety” och alltid virkar när hon tittar på TV. (Regnbågsfärgade fidgety-toys säljs allt mer som alla säkert noterat. Alla försök att koncentrera sig skall utplånas.) Tidigare sparkades två för dålig ekonomi resp en Buddhist som enligt sin religion inte kunde delta i att utdela fängelsedomar!

Det finns två avbytare kvar och man kan visst gå ner på 11 personer i nödläge, sedan blir det “mistrial”.


Spreading hatred and agression

Creating hatred is central to globalization. Globalists start conflicts with other people and incite hatred towards third parties (like muslims, Greta Thunberg, activists etc).%

1. general

* non-useful customer support, airline check-in etc

* the 100 ml x 20 x 20 cm rule at airport security check in

* having to wear face masks even though the influenza season is over since long

2. conflict with the next person

Globalists will attack fellow men in discussions where it is not motivated, just to stop unity among people.%

Globalist actors may start conflict with fellow man for now reason, just to keep hatred flowing. Globalist bosses may promote women and order them to treat men harshly to keep gender conflicts going.

3. promoting an impossible agenda

News media often promote an illogical agenda impossible to carry out. Climate action is promoted but EU only sets up goals and invests €30 bn in fossils infrastructure. This creates anger in the population. Since the population since long has been cut off from political influence, this anger will only add to people’s frustration. A generally increased level of agression among people reduces the possibilities of joint action.


Ex: Greta

wwr: 73634021

Ibland är hon ung forskare, ibland holistisk shaman, ibland jammar hon med Queen. Hon sitter i Corona-panel i CNN. Hon undervisar världens ledare i miljöfrågor. Hom hoppar in som chefredaktör på en av Sveriges största tidningar. Tidningarna betraktar hennes ord som absolut sanning. 17-åringens bakgrund för att skaffa sig denna erfarenhet var att ligga hemma och gråta.

Ingen tror väl på detta. Det handlar om att pressa ut en omöjlig agenda för att skapa konflikt i befolkningen.

Jag tror hon är en skådespelerska som är ganska duktig i skolan där hon borde vara på heltid, eller med hennes egna ord

This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school

Hon påminner en del om detta Twitterkonto som skojar med Elon Musk

beta2-agonist drugs

Norwegian skiers use more asthma medicines. They claim it cures asthma. But it would be ridiculous if so many top level skiers had pulmonary disease. A conflict is created when others must argue that the improvement in capacity is doping and not curing a disease. It is trolling to claim the top level skiers are sick. This conflict is an effort by globalists to split up the Nordic countries.

holistic agenda

Media mostly promotes a unified holistic agenda. It is used to create conflict with scientific results.


4. agression against unknown (often famous people/objects/events etc)

Globalists spread hatred towards many objects, even those they have designed themselves. Globalists spread hatred towards Greta Thunberg. This can make others hate her (and also make it possible to claim she is hated).%

Hatred towards fellow people disrupts unity and political demands in society. Hatred towards our home country and its politicians simplifies taking over it. Creating self hatred makes people believe they are the problem and not society.

Greta Thunberg’s backers try to create an image that she is hated. If that is really the case it is probably not to an extensive degree. Some criticize the agenda her backers make her promote, but her person is left out of serious criticism. Some actors attacking her personality, like “rebel news” and “anti-Greta” Naomi Seibt are probably employed by media to engance this image.

Hatred “against Greta” is not widely seen, but is sought by the media. For example by letting major newspaper The Guardian share an award in Greta’s name. The award hopes that ‘bitter, old, white men will be driven apoplectic and pass on’.

Major daily The Guardian wishes old, white men to die. [ ]
Major daily The Guardian wishes old, white men to die. [ ]
In this video, retweeted by Greta, a man ‘gets irrationally angry at a child’.

Caster Semenya is a transsexual, biological man, wishing to compete in athletics as a woman. But to provoke hatred, Semenya acts like a man. News media support Semenya.

Caster Semenya (rt)
Caster Semenya (rt) wants to be accepted as a woman but acts like a man

Small, false flag, Swedish political party “Alternativ för Sverige” creates condlict with immigrants. If people ask supporters about the party the supporters do not try to defend party ideas or win others over to party membership. Instead anyone thinking different is attacked in person.

AfS attacks people that ask about the party, create conflicts with Muslims and supporters talk about street fighting. One prominent person among supporters grabbed a poster violently from a girl demonstrating against the party. People supporting integration are sometimes derogatoryily labrled “cuckd”.

Many people seem trained to promote agression. In shopping centers you see people promoting hatred towards immigrants. Psychiatrists talk about releasing aggression. Psychologists about bitterness.

In a foreign country visa office with many western foreigners, some foreigners seem to take part in a game provoking new foreigners. In forums for foreigners some posters try to make others question the police, which is impossible in that country. Seemingly ordinary people will encourage agression and envy. Networks go deep.

One way of promoting hatred is to try to create envy, for example against the rich. In the Norwegian Hagen (“Lörenskog”) kidnapping case news media promotes a picture of the rich, white man as untouchable by law.

Network actors often try to provoke anger in their opponents. This can be done through unfair treatment. If anger fails they sometimes erroneously try to claim that those who criticize the system are bitter!

creating hatred against onself

creating hatred against onself


Sejfu: 77600721

Poeten Jimmy Alm har blivit anställd av Tranemo kommun för att en gång i veckan skalda om kommunen. Kostnaden på 894 000 betalas av – skattebetalarna!

Enligt ansvariga chefen Juan Ochoa – Echevarria ska konstnären Jimmy Alm få arbeta fritt och utan styrning. En dikt i veckan i ett års tid ger en kostnad på nästan 20 000 kr/dikt.

Inom ramen för samma statliga projekt finns Kulturbryggan, där konstnärer får flera miljoner kronor för att skapa konst för naturens minsta invånare; fåglar, maskar och skalbaggar.



– Är det rimligt att lägga skattepengar på dikter för nästan 20 000 kr/st?

– Vad hade man hellre kunnat prioritera i Tranemo?

– Är det rimligt att lägga flera miljoner kronor på konst för skalbaggar och fåglar?


wwr: 77629723

Vilket poem! Inte illa.

Det är ren trolling. Man fortsätter spräcka upp samhället. Denna gång sprider vänsterns dårpoeter hat mot sig själva.

Miljonstöd till konst för mask och svamp

NORDMALING. Skattebetalarna står för notan – 1 030 000 kronor – när statliga Konstnärsnämnden finansierar konstutställningen.

Publiken: fåglar, maskar, skalbaggar – och svampar.

– Det är de som är huvudpersonerna. Vi ser dem som bofasta och oss som migranter, säger konstnären Mats Caldeborg, som befarar att besökarna kommer att ”äta upp varandra”.

– Jag ska inte tycka något om det, säger tidigare kulturministern Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP).



define groups and create conflict

Globalists create conflict by:

Emphasize the differences between people, create groups, connect properties. Make politics of qualities have no relation to politics, like sexual orientation, vegetarianism, influenza …

Connect vegetarianism, gay, climate …

Give only vague facts so that groups will squabble.


An efficient way to spread conflict and hatred is to create inequalities.

1. affirmative action for women [ “kvotering” ]

2. Antidoping

a. Therapeutic Use Exemption, see Björgen, asthma drugs

b. anti Russian handling, since 2016 (today July 2020) Russia has been treated extremely poorly by WA (IAAF), IOC, WADA etc

Democratic system broken down; signs of NWO

Democracy has been broken and politicians are no longer controlled by the people. Politicians act in unison. There are no agreements or meetings that could make world politicians act like one. A common power controlling them must therefore exist.

[evidence of NWO]

By making chaos out of democratic events like Sweden formation of government, execution of Brexit vote result (took >4 years), US election 2020, letting crisis actors carry out capitol riots, another Swedish government crisis about a minor matter (rents) June 2021 … the networks hope to make people wish for dictatorship.

See voting system

The Swedish politicians fake another government crisis around a small matter, June 2021

Obvious signs the system is broken are

1. Politicians change but not policy. Elections do not change policy. The network and news media are in control. We do not elect our leaders, we do not even know who they are. For example, the politicians parties send to the EU-commission only act as fronts for technocrats. EU policy is never debated, never changes.

Politicians seldom meet the people and are not clearly associated with one constituency

EU is moving decisions away from the people affected by them.

Political parties have few activities for ordinary people and few activities where they get to attract members.

2. News media all over the world present the same news with the same evaluation. This controls the politicians. Even state owned media in Russia (RT) and Iran (both considered opposing the West) present the same picture. Iranian state media gave the same image of the unrealistic hi-jacking of a Swedish oil tanker during the US-Iran conflict during Trump regime.

3a. news media have stopped questioning politicians

3b. news media have stopped questioning enterprise

4. Governments worldwide accept the fact that an influenza

* leads to extreme countermeasures, even including bans on meetings contradictory to the constitution

* is said to continue long after the season for influenza is over

5. Big enterprise do not compete. They don’t care if you choose another big chain. They are even more interested to spread conflict between sales representatives and the public.

6. New CDU leader Armin Laschet has only 12% of Germans behind him. (Söder has 43%)

8. Georgian politician Saakashvili is transferred to another country (Ukraine) to likely participate in a similar revolution. (“Revolution of Roses”, “Revolution of Dignity”)

9. The few less globalist politicians that appear, at one stage often change their personal actions for the worse. F.ex 1. Trump refusing to admit Bidens win and also not taking a clear stand against the Capitol riots. Ex.2: Lukachenko with a machine gun flying helicopter over Minsk, referring to the citizens as rats. Hijacking the plane with the blogger.

10. President Biden is senile and grossly incompetent for the job but no one discusses it openly and the US keeps running business as usual.

11. Sweden will take measures that would not be supported by a majority of the people in a vote, like entering the Iraq war or introducing large mass immigration. The politicians must have received orders from above to undertake these actions.

There seems to be a hierarchy within the NWO. US is at the top and can attack Europe with f.ex refugees and US is spared regarding climate regulations. Within Europe France is at the top, in practice having much influence over the EU. This pecking order may have been influenced by coordinating a strike against the Nordic countries since they managed (e.g. were small enough) to combine high development, good social systems with democracy.

remote governing

To reduce people’s influence, politicians try to move control away from people. Swedish people have much more influence over Swedish politicians than they have over EU politicians. In Brussels lobby groups and bribes work more undetectedly.


attacking parliament

Politicians intentionally make fools of themselves. Like Sweden plastic tax, Sweden not being able to from government etc.%

After 2 years, Greta still hasn’t found the parliament entrance. She campaigns behind parliament! The world famous activist has not yet spoken to any Swedish politicians! She seemingly protests against the parliament itself, not its members or their decisions. Greta disrespects the Swedish politicians since her handlers has taught her that Sweden is best run from Brussels. [ ]

Parliaments are also attacked by external forces like Greta sitting or standing with her back to the Swedish parliament, not talking to the MP:s. (But EU MEP:s are so important that Greta leaves class to send them text messages.)

Ukraine president Zelensky is a former comedian that shoots the parliament in pieces using machine guns in his comedy series.

Capitol riots also show that police couldn’t even defend parliament. Biden is 77 yo and Pelosi 81, not so active any more.

voting system

Proportional representation lists makes us lose contacts with representatives. British system better. Therefore they could take back control in Brexit. Swiss system best. If 50.000 people sign a petition, referendum is called.


See: link

US makes a farse of voting process 2020.

Belarus 2020 elections: Lukachenko elected by 80% is forced to resign by protesters.

There should have been

* international election observers

* trial against Lukachenko if he locked up opposition and had protesters killed, as some claimed

* new election


wwr: 74362141

Valsystemet kan nog påverka lite grand och kanske hålla mot reset lite.

Laschet blev tillsatt som CDU-ordförande med bara 12% av folket bakom sig. Söder hade 43 i poll.

Britterna har valkretsar där folk känner kandidaterna. Det gör knappast vi med våra “pr-listor”. Alla partimedlemmar valde även Johnson som ordförande genom poströstning. Helt otänkbart i vårt system.

Britterna genomförde Brexit.

Föregångslandet Schweiz som är ett av de som bäst står emot reset har närmast direktdemokrati. För några år sedan ville regeringen köpa JAS-plan. Men folket gjorde tummen ner, inget köp.

The press expressed worry: “Can ordinary people understand so difficult matters?”

– The Swiss haven’t been at war since the invention of the airplane.

Nu har mer än 50.000 schweizare skrivit på. Så det blir folkomröstning om deras nya Coronalagar när de varit i kraft 9 månader. Även britterna har TV-debatt om Coronalagarna behövs. Helt otänkbart hos oss.

Sveirge och Tyskland är förlorade i EU-globalistträsket. Vi är redan helt resettade.

See democracy broken

control of politicians

Control of politicians (corruption) through:

1. News slant, feeding frenzy

2. Board posts, ambassador posts, well paid lectures

Democracy has been replaced by technocracy.

Brexit was unnecessarily postponed for 4 years through political and administrative tricks. But now (July 2020) this all seems to have been a smokescreen for Britain leaving Europe and connecting to the US starting 2021. Time will tell.

All parties in Sweden have the same agenda. They only put up a prolonged, fake conflict to form government 2018.

self hatred

Hating your own country is central to facilitate global take over, f.ex how the EU takes over control from Sweden.

Art in the center of Stockholm.
Håller turen i sig för Löfven? –

In his 2021 new year’s speech the Swedish PM stresses how poorly Sweden has acted against Covid.

World class pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis will compete for Sweden “since qualification is easier than in his native US”. French looks, heritage and name. The agenda promotes EU. Mondo is friendly and world class but makes a clean sweep of prizes at sports awards 2021, even parents (trainers) gets prizes. … We are being taught that foreign and French things are better than our own. A Frenchman will lead the Swedes in Tokyo Olympics (if they will take place) like France should lead the EU.

“Sweden doing poorly.” But no one asks why it happened and who drove this agenda. No we are supposed to be so poor that the EU should run the country.

Sweden and the Nordic countries were generally considered highly developed in many areas from technology and economy to social security and low corruption.

Michael Moore advocating the European model.

ridiculing democracy

We are taught that democracy is wrong. When the networks infiltrate Internet forums they intentionally let democratic procedures fail.%

The Swedish democratically politicians intentionally fail to make us distrust the system:

1. forming government 2017

2. Plastic tax

Catalan independence was constructed to fail. Puigdemont (a little unusual looking) ended up in the European parliament.

This tendency is very dangerous. Democracy is going down. We do not know who is talking over and what their goals are. Very possible federalization of the EU will occur. If exit from a compulsory union is not possible, revolutions and violence may ensue.

Ad 2018 election:

All parties in Sweden have the same agenda. After the 2018 elections, pseudo-conflicts lasted for about 6 months to pretend other government alternatives than the previous were possible. They were never possible since “right” parties M and KD did not even talk to SD.

Same with 2020 US presidential election. Counting votes is chaotic. Delayed, claims to go to court etc

President elect Joe Biden even acts senile with strange attraction to children and behavior to women. This will probably be used to put forward VP Kamala Harris.

News coordinated

3. Privatization has taken control out of the hands of the politicians. The reasons given are often “efficiency”. As the politicians make themselves weak, the people loses influence over the governing of the country.

Three Powers Are Now Capable of Launching Astronauts Into Space: Russia, China and Elon Musk. The privatization of space launches marks a new era in which the U.S. depends on the good will of tycoons 05.06.2020 [ ]

4. Competition exists no more.

Tesla and SpaceX are integrated with the international networks. Obama cancels US pride – crewed space program and replaces with SpaceX. (Grants from Jurvetson contributed.) Tesla has 0 PR budget. Editorial material makes Tesla the most valuable car company in the world, but they only sell 1.5% of cars on the US market. P/E about 200, 8 times more than average US car maker.

Musk is declared a genius but seems very ordinary in interviews. He displays global agenda. Smokes dope, has a trans-looking gf, is said to have anotherchild with strange name and gender neutral upbringing. He is a typical, good looking, globalist front.

Cars built are expensive and has technical overkill. Starlink: At present 540 satellites but no Internet service! Likely spy satellites.

Greta had no previous experience of environmental activism. National newspaper made interview the first day she “went on school strike”. She has theater background and training. She reads speeches with strong drama but is extremely poor off script. Adds to global agenda by hating the Nordic countries. Criticizes Danish sewage plant, refuses prize from the Nordic Council. She never criticizes corporations. She even helps oil company with PR by setting her name on their donations. Her role is to scold the EU (then she gets a standing ovation by EU parliament members!) to make them bring in more money they can use to spend on global agenda.

Today you must be approved by interview in a Swedish bank just to open an account. 40 years ago they compensated you for incorrect investment fund advice.

Today the company causing damage to your apartment is not responsible. You are! Better pay insurance!

5. Politicians elected are intentionally poor and incompetent, without visions and goals.

Sweden: Löfven, Kristersson; Trudeau.

When Corona is debated in Sweden, details about testing and not corona economy with stimulus package €750 bn are topics.

News media will only promote poor politicians that can be controlled. See intro.

The left-right scale of politics is outdated. Left and right differ very little in economic and other policy. The GAL/TAN scale measuring globalization is more relevant. However, politicians on every side are corrupt by the globalization. Nationalist politicians will betray their ideals with increasing political strength. – SD: started supporting the EU and climate agenda as SD grew stronger.

Hungary: controlled opposition within the EU: Orban (started on a Soros stipend)

6. European Union See the linked text.

7. US elections 2020 rigged

Biden fakes senility and inappropriate behavior towards women to promote Trump. Biden, AOC, BLM, climate, California dope culture are for CNN to export to make Europe rot from within. Mueller probe was never meant to succeed. Musk is only a dope smoking false idol for Europeans and other to follow.

Lies and inefficiency

Since the system wants to give an illusion of democracy but is controlled by networks/technocrats the entire image of the system given to people is gravely distorted. The system prevails purely on lies and repression.

Enhancing conflict instead of cooperation between men and women.

The system is extremely inefficient. Hiding lies and creating conflict takes most its efforts. The war in Iraq was probably fake to hide US control of the region, pretending Iran took over.

Exaggerating the Corona influenza and imposing months of lockdown only to hide that the euro currency is failing. Crushing efficient European cultures like the Nordic countries, to be able to take over and control them. Faking a long battle between government and parliament/deep state in the UK during Brexit, to hide the fact that UK has been granted permission to leave Europe.

complete unreliability

News media can lie about anything. Many independent observers of the Skripal case did not believe that Russia and Putin would use military grade nerve gas against civilians in a small British town or Assad using chemical weapons against his people.

The largest European ship accident since the Titanic: Estonia disaster 1994, 852 dead, captain reported dead but appears on video, in testimonies from hospital, list of survivors etc. An Estonian minister has doubts the captain is dead. National news media report him as survivor.

A minister will not just doubt. He will appoint an investigation. News media also reports a mysterious hole in the boat that has not been seen before during 25 years of on investigations. Media and politicians speculate about weapons smuggling and submarines.

No bodies were recovered by diving. The disaster may have been faked to continue a cold war after the fall of the Soviet Union. The mysterious fare it the captain may have been a way to attract attention to the case.

The illusion of choice

Practically all politicians are corrupt and support global values. Some of them, however, are given the roles to appear to be on the side of the people. Many such politicians regularly have small mishaps or display some generally strange trait. They all pursue their goals half-heartedly and when important decisions face them, they will fail. The politicians on the side of the people face hard criticism by media and trolls.

Borg: Husarö scandal, Batra: media frenzy

Brexit: Johnson/ hairdo, never claimed Benn act was unconstitutional, never used or withdrew the whip from renegade MP:s; Cummins/ looks, Sonia Khan “frog marched out of #10”, trip to Durham during lockdown; Media/ Hard Brexit gang; Juholt;

The political left and right work together

The political left will create chaos, relativism and envy between groups. Media can play these groups to squeeze the politicians between them.

The political left believing in a strong state, is just a decoy. Soros’ left causes disruption and hatred towards one’s own country and its institutions. News media can use this to add more attacks on society and politicians.

As the state weakens, multinational enterprise can take control and the political right will privatize. (In Sweden: Löfven (S) & Lööf (C))

Weakening governments

Media promotes weak politicians and support them. Media exaggerate crises, asking for costly and unnecessary measures, impossible for politicians to carry out.

Politicians making bad decisions for the people are promited by media since media fear popular politicians.

the countries’ politicians self destroy

The national level politicians act detrimentally to themselves in order to facilitate globalist take over. They have been made to do this by f.ex

1. corruption by receiving well paid works after political career

2. news media pressure

Examples of this are

1. Swedish politicians say the climate issue is important but do not act in it

2. Swedish politicians levy an extremely unpopular tax on plastic bags at the same time as EU levy a plastic tax

3. Formation of government in Sweden 2018: Swedish politicians act irresponsibly and half the country for six months during unnecessary negotiations before the government is appointed.

4. Joe Biden is elected US president 2020. He is or probably a ta grossly incompetent. He mixes up or forgets simple facts in his speeches. Many photos shows him behaving inappropriately towards women. Strangely major media do not attack this strongly. We are simply being taught that the world’s most powerful person is not needed any more. Others are running the system.

Links: destruction, self-destruction, unaware self-destruction:
unaware self-destruction
politicians self-destroy

attacking regulators

Large corps try to rid themselves of democratic incluence by the state. Regulators are attacked. “Global super corp leader Elon Musk” is often in disagreement with regulators.


work, employers, unions

Large global companies like Musk’s Tesla/Starlink (SpaceX) are promoted. Labor unions are demoted.


Swedish construction union

Tesla disapproves of unions.

Musk Tweet

Musk ordered to remove anti union tweet

European Union

The European Union is a major tool for globalist control of Europe.

The EU gets more power over its member countries the more of their money the organization spends. This leads to constant over spending.

EU demands high fees (ex UK €20 bn) and the right to legislate (ex UK 60% of laws and regulations) European countries for free trade, but regards other countries as equal trading partners giving them normal deals.

A few countries have managed to reduce fees, due to more independent traditions. Like Switzerland, Iceland, Norway. Turkey was given a non-fee Free Trade Agreement by the EU but UK, in the center of Europe was refused the same type of deal.

A Free Trade Agreement and free movement of people/goods/services (“internal market”) should not cost anything. They are just mutual agreements between independent countries.

EU demands fishing rights in British waters, to regulate human rights in the UK, regulate data privacy and rule under European court, that US chicken is not imported in the UK … for a FTA.

EU moves control away from the people controlled. Politicians actions and money spending is much more difficult to monitor than on the national level.

EU obscures its actions. Fees paid can only be followed to recipient country. But how it is used there is not publicly known.

There are very few votes in the European Parliament that go against the bills passed. It is just a way of passing bills prepared by commission and other parties. No opposing views or discussions between different parties are presented. Sometimes “Hungary and Poland” are presented as “opposition” but the image is false. The politicians all agree.

In discussions trolls say European cooperation is good. That is true. But EU is supranational control, it charges fees for things that are free, it interferes in member countries’ legislation, it tricks countries to pay for a failing euro currency. Cooperation can be had without these drawbacks. What is the use of student exchange if differences between countries are effaced?

The EU is connected to immigration: The lack of border control makes mass immigration easier. Refugee crisis:

Statsminister Stefan Löfven betonade EU:s gemensamma ansvar för flyktingmottagandet:

– Mitt Europa bygger inte murar, vi hjälps åt


You can naturally help others without bringing them to your country. You can warn for the splitting up of society that mass immigration brings without being a racist or “ethno-nationalist”.

Mass immigration also breaks up national unity which would oppose border break down.

Compare Mindanao. Press tries to promote an image of Christian-Muslim conflict. Philippine authorities support this false image. Christians and Muslims get along well. The problem is recently introduced foreigners. This is the reason Swedish media tries to enhance conflict with immigrants. Media and networks fear integration.

Agricultural subventions needed because EU set up large scale specialized farming. CAP loathed by everyone.

European Monetary System, EMS caused crises in the 90’s and the euro is now (2020) a cause for big financial problems in the Mediterranean countries.

After 2 years, Greta still hasn’t found the parliament entrance. She campaigns behind parliament! The world famous activist has not yet spoken to any Swedish politicians! She seemingly protests against the parliament itself, not its members or their decisions. Greta disrespects the Swedish politicians since her handlers has taught her that Sweden is best run from Brussels. [ ]

Swedish government sends former left political Ylva Johansson as commissioner. Left produces chaos suitable for EU.

Corona crisis is really euro crisis

European countries pegged their currencies in 1979 (EMS, EMS wiki, ERM, (E)ERMwiki ECU ECU2 pdf). This led to some currencies becoming too weak and targets for shorting attacks in the 90’s by f.ex Soros.

During the attacks England and Sweden left EMS in an emergency and pound and Swedish krona were made to float. The euro crisis starting in 2009 and the alleged Corona crisis in 2020 are examples of the same problem, now within the euro area.


Black Wednesday occurred on 16 September 1992 when the British government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), after a failed attempt to keep the pound above the lower currency exchange limit mandated by the ERM.


China, US, devaluation


China controls the renminbi because it can use the bottomless buying power of its central bank, which publishes an official price for the currency every day around which it allows a certain amount of trading.

The People’s Bank of China has the ability to print renminbi to weaken the currency if the exchange rate gets too high. On the flip side, Beijing has $3 trillion in reserves it can deploy to keep the currency from getting too weak.

Right now, the United States doesn’t operate that way.

It has some capacity to intervene in financial markets by using the Exchange Stabilization Fund, a vehicle under the control of the Treasury secretary, with about $100 billion of buying power.

“Unless Congress gives Treasury authority to beef up the Exchange Stabilization Fund, it just doesn’t have enough firepower,” said Joseph Gagnon, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

So in the past, when American politicians wanted to change the value of the dollar, they had to coordinate efforts involving a number of countries. That’s what happened in 1985, when the United States engineered an agreement to weaken the dollar as part of an agreement known as the Plaza Accord.

Of course, those countries were all strategic allies of the United States. Persuading China to let its currency strengthen to help the United States is a different situation all together.


Mediterranean countries fall like bowling pins for the euro. “Corona crisis” is really euro crisis.

See also public debt.

July 2020: Euro currency prevented Italy and Spain from devaluating (previously same with Greece). EU countries must bail them out with record €750 bn plan under the pretext of post Corona kick start economy plan. Since previously they had huge national debt (Italy 130%).

The package breaks EU treaties in two ways:

1. bailouts is against Maastricht treaty

2. EU can only lend money it borrowed, not spend it

See also public debt.


Italy receives €170 bn, Spain €140 bn and Sweden €5 bn! The plan also puts EU in large debt for the first time, handing over control to international debt holders. Also makes countries’ future exit from union harder.

Swedish PM Löfven and other frugals completely crushed. Macron and Merkel got all €750 bn they asked for. (Also €540 bn passed in April with low publicity, finance minister video meeting.) Löfven believed he got fee rebate but he had to backtrack after summit. His own MEP:s did not vote to support the rebate they said they supported. All controlled by international networks to put EU in debt. Decision on €750 bn package was slipped through by EU commission using procedure disallowing EP influence.

News media and political (controlled) opposition silenced regarding any criticism of Löfvens actions or EU in general.

Politicians are bought to set EU in debt. MEP:s have board posts at the same time as EP service. Ex: Cecilia Wikström (priest education) on medical technology company board. Writes article on the need to create corresponding centers for treatment.

“Covid rescue” is really euro bailout

Lisbon treaty is broken by bailing out Italy (no-bailout clause). Italy is allowed 130% public debt (limit is 60%).

The euro crisis has been going on since 2008. Around 2015 Germany could use Greek’s high debt to over many Greek ports, harbors and other property. IMF-loans put Greek people under difficult circumstances. This time 2020 Germany’s tactics has changed and the whole of EU is put in debt and the money is poured into Italy’s and Spain’s high loans. Maybe Germany feared another blow to its reputation or that Chinese would buy Italian ports. Anyway the EU member states pay to keep Italy in the euro to keep the euro value low and help German export.

The debt created is held by private banks. (Like in the US.) Slowly globalist networks are taking over Europe.

Well, deficits are a way of measuring the kind of growth and the kind of success that a government is actually able to create

Justin Trudeau

The 2020 European Union Corona recovery packages (€540+570) will set EU on a track to debts that will let high finance control Europe. Europe will become a new Greece.

It will become a race against the clock. Who will cave in first? -Soros or the EU due to its debts to him. 😉

December 2020: EU budget plan for 7 years is decided. The Corona package has still not been paid out and the stock market has fully recovered. But still no one questions the package.

action effect
“Corona rescue” Euro (€) rescue

EU:s main aberration being that it charges high fees for things that should be free, like a Free Trade Agreement or free movement (“internal market”). Canada can get an FTA for free since it is located far away. Similarly Iceland get both, for free. The further you are from EU, the better.

Britterna lämnar och knyter sig förmodligen till USA. Sverige blir kvar i träsket som måste slås sönder med massinvandring, klimatfonder, Coronapaket, skuldsättning, feminism, självhat etc för att kunna kontrolleras av EU. Polis och brandkår slåss med varandra på Paris gator, i hjärtat av EU.

Vilka kriser har EU haft bara sedan skuldkrisen startade 2008? – Klimatkris, Coronakris. Katastroffonderna som vi betalt in om det blir översvämningar, jordbävningar eller liknande utlöste man när Brexit började förhandlas!

Greta Thunberg is an example of pro EU agenda.

[ crises ]

[ democracy broken ]

a common currency fails

A currency common to different countries will fail. In the 90’s pegging European currencies made weaker currencies vulnerable to attacks like Soros’ who broke, among others, the national banks of England and Sweden. In the 2010’s, Greece, Italy and Spain can not keep up with Germany and the entire Europe must support them through so called “Corona packages”.

The problems started 1971 when president Nixon abolished the gold standard.


No wonder Soros claims to be a big EU supporter. In the 1990s, European monetary union (EMS, ERM) overvalued certain currencies so that he could crush them and earn a billion dollars in one day. Today, the euro means that Italy and Spain must receive huge social benefits / debt relief from Sweden and other countries, which means that everyone must borrow huge sums from Soros and his friends so that they can take control of Europe.

Same problem in both situation – other countries can not keep up with Germany. So in 2012 Soros told Germany to spend:

“Lead or leave: this is a legitimate decision for Germany to make,”



Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin

Purpose: Further reduce the people’s influence by undercutting tax base and reduce influence of elected politicians. Create a “no rules” system where authorities can stop or let pass transactions as they please, probably often based on political affiliation.


channeling money to the EU

Spending is transferred to the EU. The Swedish assistance to developing countries has always been of high quality but is now being criticized. The intention is likely to transfer the money to the EU.


Covid-19, Corona

Isolation, travel restrictions, bans on meetings, curfews.

Reduced travel (like climate)

No meetings outside work.

Immobilization, isolation. – “Globalization” is a false term.%


reduced mobility

Man får bjuda max 15 personer på bröllop i Storbritannien. Praktiskt taget inga andra möten för mer än 6 personer tillåtna. Dock tillåts passivisering med “organiserad” (statligt godkänd?) idrott inför stora åskådarmassor.

Avrådan från att tala med andra på Bangkoks SkyTrain. Japanerna känner sig nog hemma.

Den nya religionen Covidendomen stinker. Eller kanske är den nya socialismen en ideologi – Covismen.

The networks make maximal usage of Corona pandemic. For long time only politicians disliked by news mesiay fell ill according to reporting.

Mutations with “suspected faster spread” are said to start in UK. This is an excuse to give UK a negative image. It is made an excuse to block the Canal tunnel when the last step of Brexit is taken.

Mostly politicians disliked by news media are related as affected by the virus, like: Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Irans vicepresident Ebtekar, Duda, Lukashenko, Berlusconi (Hernández/Honduras, Giammattei/Guatemala)

Exception: Trudeau’s wife. She came back from a trip to UK, though. Barnier (but related to Brexit).

After this connection between disease and political view had been pointed out in social fora, French president Macron was also briefly related as self isolating.

No clear advice for how to behave are given, in order to create chaos. The conditions of having symptoms, being contagious and having a positive test are mixed. A positive test does not necessarily mean beating contagious, but that is not clearly stated. The pandemic has probably abated by spring 2020, like most influenza like disease and what we see now is a pandemic of test results. Politicians try to spread panic by f.ex self isolating after meeting others that later have positive tests.

United Kingdom must play a part in this and also reports a new strain of mutation of the virus. It “may” spread faster. It is already spread world wide but Germany influences EU to close the border around Dec 20, 2020. Clearly a revenge for UK taking the final step in Brexit on Jan 1.

Swedish government tries to enforce laws to control by decrees, but Swedish consultants in law for the parliament (“ombudsman”) so far advices against this since no lack of time can be used as a motivation for governing by decrees.

Bill Gates, TED talk, 2015!

Computer expert Bill Gates goes into the completely different field of infectious disease. He invests heavily in pharmaceutical industry. He warns for a large epidemic. The epidemic comes true or at least the strong response of society to an ordinary influenza. These are not coincidences.

Det får inte existera en enda virusvariant där inte alla kända vacciner har övertygande bevisats ha 100% effektivitet. Alla smittade räknas som sjuka. Inte en enda skröplig person får dö en minut tidigare pga pålagrad Covid. Alla som har Covidsmitta när de dör räknas som döda i sjukdomen. Man testar långt mycket mer än vid tidigare influensor. Tidningarna sprider skräckpropaganda. Den sämsta statistiken väljs hela tiden ut för att spridas. WHO ändrade sin definition av pandemi 2009.

Det räcker för att behålla lockdown på obestämd tid.

Och skulle det inte göra det så har Gates och andra köpt in sig i läkemedelsindustrin. De förbjuder troligen företagen att berätta hur många av de vaccinerade som inte sprider smittan vidare. (De två bästa vaccinerna skyddar mot sjukdom i 95% av fallen.)

Så har inte tidigare influensor behandlats.

Every person in society must be protected but with proportional and reasonable means. If the same standard as is put to Covid would be out to other areas of soxiety, we would have to stop car traffic, air travel etc.

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci meet with Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to discuss research opportunities in global health in June 2017 at NIH. Credit: National Institutes of Health | FlickrCC — … See

WHO exposed: How health body changed pandemic criteria to push agenda

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a German doctor and former member of parliament, had been watching the spread of swine flu in Mexico City – where the virus was first recorded – and was puzzled at the reaction of the WHO.

In 2010, he said: “What we experienced in Mexico City was a very mild flu which did not kill more than usual – which killed even fewer people than usual.

In the months leading up to the WHO’s declaration of the pandemic as a “level 6” contagion – the highest possible level – many countries including Italy, Germany, France and the UK made secret agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

These contracts obliged the countries to buy Swine Flu vaccinations only if the WHO raised the pandemic to a level 6.

During the 2018 documentary “TrustWHO”, filmmaker Lillian Franck unearthed footage that showed WHO delegates six weeks before the level 6 pandemic was issued as having described Swine Flu as a “moderate” situation.

This description was given six weeks before the WHO changed its criteria for a level 6 pandemic, deleting “severity of illness” from the requirement of a pandemic phase.

It was thus made easier to enter the world into a serious global pandemic.

Ms Franck spoke to German Velasquez, a former WHO Director in the Public Health Department, who served during the Swine Flu pandemic.

He said: “It was publicised around the world, that the criteria for declaring a pandemic were changed and at the same time the old guidelines vanished from the WHO website.”

Ms Franck asked: “Could they have declared the pandemic [Swine Flu, 2010] level 6 also with the old definition?”

Mr Velasquez: “No, because the severity, the number of deaths, would have been a factor.

This description was given six weeks before the WHO changed its criteria for a level 6 pandemic, deleting “severity of illness” from the requirement of a pandemic phase.

It was thus made easier to enter the world into a serious global pandemic.

The lack of transparency, the role of the experts who were being paid by the pharmaceutical industry.

“Then changes were demanded but the WHO didn’t respond to the Council of Europe – the WHO turned up for the first hearing and then didn’t come again.


Professional trolls spread disinformation regarding vaccination. They claim it is highly dangerous, includes chips and “nano robots” and leads to mass surveillance.

This seems to be a way the regime counteracts legitimate demands on vaccination certificates and return to normal life. The splitting up of people so they can no more communicate with each other is the greatest risk to democracy.

The politicians already know we are going into an “era of pandemics”! (Mar 1, 2021) Plans are madd for furthering this agenda of locking down people and infringing democratic rights, using exaggerated measures against ordinary influenza.

EU council president Michel prepares a treaty regarding future pandemics.

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