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The New World Order

Part 060

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Table of Contents

Jewish networks

The Jewish diaspora is probably the most important foundation for globalization. The diaspora was voluntary. They wanted to be kicked out of countries. Ig was a method of spread. They were the archetypical refugees.

Jewish networks are definitely very strong, deep reaching and probably spearhead the global agenda. But they will only show their presence faintly and seldom formally. July 2020: ’20, ’16 US presidential nominees all had Jewish son in laws. All 4 Biden’s children. Kamala Harris husband. Very sensitive. Not even trolls catch on.

Soros, Burns

Maximally media-promoted tycoon Elon Musk has a Jewish given name “after grandpa” probably maternal. We are not told more. Zuckerberg, Page, Brin. 60% of Hollywood bosses are Jewish, as are some of the people behind the film Icarus that stated the attack against Russia in anti doping.

All 4 major Swedish dailys have Jewish owners as well as the world’s leading paper The New York Times, NYT.

Newspaper ownership

The Jewish networks are played two ways:

[ both ways ]

several ways

1. Showing them to deflect criticism as antisemitism (This tweet instructs us to watch the video about Soros to the end where his Jewish connections are described.)

But also the opposite

2. Hiding them if criticism becomes too pointed.

3. Giving exaggerated leads that may make the person pointing them out seem like pointing out coincidences. Ex:

Madonna, Israel

(cp. Lady Gaga, Biden inauguration)

maternal transfer of ethnicity

Freud, Spock, Quick-Norell protected until after her death

We should know they are there but not question.

Editor in chief Mattson seemingly has to resign within a day. No reason give. The networks show who is in charge.

Jewish actors are almost exclusively globalist. Considering the disapora and the high frequency of Jewish media owners and to some extent in banking they are definitely on the frontline of globalization. However, today the networks are so large that many ethnicities must participate.

It is interesting how willingly the networks let Jewish connected actors act as fronts: Page & Brin, Zuckerberg, Elon Musk (Jewish name). It may be a way of diverting well-founded criticism to claims of antisemitism. Like with newspapers, Jewish people often seem to lead networks.

Taboo to discuss Jewish influence in the West. But mandatory to scold Netanyahu. Epstein case could possibly all be fake news of the same type – to criticize Jewish people for activities not related to politics outside Israel.

Politicians like Merkel and Macron fiercly call others anti-semites in order to hide that M&M are the new nazis in the meaning of European dictatorship, aided by the Jews.

Page, Brin, Zuck, Elon make it possible to divert criticism as anti-semitism. Also Yakob Yurovsky/Russian revolution/lead killing of tsar family, Sidney Rittenberg/running media during the Chinese cultural revolution, many media owners

Both Google and Facebook have Jewish CEO:s. Google almost always getting good media coverage. But Zuckerberg/Facebook is given the role of slightly bad, f.ex selling user data. But Page and Bring/Google are given a very low profile in media.

Some Jewish actors are given the role of extremely vicious and bad, like Epstein, Spector. Their doings seem exaggerated by media. It could be a way to being out strong criticism and label the critics as antisemites. Like some videos depict IDF shooting at Palestinians or Wikileaks “collateral murder”. Their critic can also appear as conspiracy theorist.

Others that can be compared to this group are Soros, Rosenstein (discussed bugging the WH), Netanyahu

A Jewish twist is often added to stories, like Borg Husarö “scandal party”. The host was Jewish and Borg’s gf had been to Jewish school.

decoy true
Jewish networks cause war globalist (including, probably lead by Jewish) networks promote conflict between people, occasionally leading to war
credit cards put people in debt globalist (including, probably lead by Jewish) networks put nations in debt
fortunately the “amoral Jew” George Soros is old and no longer a threat globalist networks are continuously setting the world in debt to control it, most recently within the EU

[ terminology ]

the Holocaust card

Jewish actors try to make criticism nog their actions seem like criticism of their ethnicity. If you criticize media (whose owners often are Jewish) Internet trolls criticize you of antisemitism or add to you criticism in blunt anti-semitic ways.


In Ukraine a Jewish media owner managed to promote a Jewish TV-comedian to president. The president goes to EU and asks for help from NATO due to an alleged Russian invasion. The entire process is likely part of including Ukraine into the EU. The opposition to EU membership is depicted in newspspers as “nazi” directed towards the Jewish president. In this way media tries to falsely draw a picture of EU saving the country from “nazism”.

Swedish “nazis” have been said to go to Ukraine and defend the country. But nazis are illegal. It is not allowed to praise Hitler. These “nazis” are constructed to falsely make nationalism look like nazism! The same is true for Ukrainian Azov-batallion and Swedish NMR.

By constant condemnation of Hitler; Macron, Merkel etc try to hide they are the new Hitler.

Is it antisemitism to discuss the roles of news paper owners and Jewish networking?%

Ukraine: TV channel oligarch promote Jewish president. Jewish president asks EU for help against fake Russian invasion. News media paint false nazi picture of Ukrainians opposing EU membership.

EU take over has been made into look like a defense against nazis. (That died out 70 years ago.)


The press often labels it critics (racist, misogynist …). This is a way to try to make criticism of the press seem like personal problems among people who criticize it.

Racist, ethno-nationalist (very different from opposing mass immigration)



Misogynistic (but no opposite)

mansplain (but no old wife’s tales)


Populist (swe: missnöjespolitiker)

Conspiracy, tin foil hat (but no mass media believing gullibility)

Asperger but no hysteria

keyboard warrior, incel

Nationalist: the thinking that brought forward low corruption, high tech industry, comparatively low income gaps, social justice without conflict, low conflict, low violence, good, free education, low organized crime, responsiblity, modesty

Social skills/ techniques

Social kompetens

Nordic culture meant transparency (“offentlighetsprincipen”), low corruption, low abuse of power, low income gaps, peaceful relations to neighboring countries, low violence, safe streets, low conflict, result orientation, good and free education, high tech industry, goal-orientation, frugality, modesty, good and available healthcare, well developed and well spread social care. The economy was not based on imperialism or war. (Cp Michael Moore: “Where should we invade next?”)
The Nordic countries are not larger than it is possible for people to monitor what politicians are doing and for democracy to function. In these smaller countries people learn to cooperate. This has to be broken to make people willing to give up control to Brussels. As the EU increases its power and remote control, conflicts between individuals and groups (as through mass immigration and feminism) are promoted and local self esteem is demoted. Conflicts between the Nordic countries are already being instigated.

News media try to make objections against mass immigration into a matter of racism by labeling protesters “racists”. This is mostly wrong. Few people care about the color of skin of others. But Internet trolls try to focus disussions on genetics and historical differences. (1) However, the countries of origin of the migrants are very differently run than f.ex. the Nordic countries and by many standards the Nordic countries were better run and more pleasant to live in than f.ex Syria, Afghanistan or Somaila. Therefore the cultural input will be negative to the inhabitants of the target countries. (2) Above all mass immigration will divide the society. In particular since authorities do not try to integrate immigrants. Their target is to split up society so that no common demands can be made on the politicians. A global dictatorship can only be run as long as the pople does not unite against it. (3a) Even if you have no objections against people of other ethnicities you can never be sure they have the same thinking. Some segregated areas with migrant population are considered dangerous, especially for native Swedes. (3.b) The image is strengthened by the media giving an image of migrants as dangerous, connecting them to shootings and other crime. (3.c) It also seems that the regime is spreading conflict in the population by letting psy-op agents perform conflicts between migrants and natives in order to spread a behavior of conflict. This may sound horrendous but considering that the purpose of mass immigration is to disrupt society, the possibility of regime subversive elements must be taken into account. A Swedish older white man is definitely more likely to be met by women or migrants in contact with autorities. People from these other groups definitely seem interested in creating problems and friction. They seem to have been instructed to do so. They would never do that unless their superiors had instructed them to it. Security guards in malls and similar places are often of migrant origin which can create opposition between groups if they must take action against native Swedes. (Compare the Kalergi plan)

Mass immigration controlled by Jewish newspapers is focused on ethnic problems between christians and muslims.

When EU makes us pay debts for Spain and Italy, those countries are blamed. But they just know how to deal with EU mafia rules.%

When Phil Spector dies after 10 years in prison after the brutal murder of an actress Internet trolls focus the discussion on his musical talent (“wall of sound”).

When Assange is wrongly indicted by the US for espionage, Ardin publishes a book related to an investigation of sex offences that has been cancelled.

The main tactic of Internet trolls is to refocus the discussion on other subjects than the topic. Most often something personal about their discussion opponents. In general something that is aimed at creating personal conflict. By creating petty conflict in the discussions, unity is more difficult to obtain. And unity is what is needed to bring back control from the global dictatorship to the people. The people can not control larger units than national parliaments.

Trolls often quote less relevant parts of others’ posts and use to to create personal conflicts around. They even go to older posts to divert attention from the topic. They often cut out parts of others’ posts.

1. On people

Ad hominem


Hatred against Greta is actually provoked

2. Discussion topics


Misleading words.

The tools/words people are given to understand their own situation are intentionally defect.

The “New” World Order is probably a misnomer like so many more of globalist origin. It could have been around us for ages. [ jewish networks ]

Globalization is also a bad term. Travel, trade, exchange of ideas are all good. What is bad is supranational control. To achieve this people must be turned against each other and also against their country. When the globalists are done with Europe here will be no differences in ideas to exchange, no differences in countries to visit.

Open Society

Corona and climate/flying shame are locking us down.

Globalization means one government controls the world secretly.

Geopolitics – The conflicts are not between areas of land. The enemy is within. Conflicts are between people, not nations.

“EU cooperation” is an oxymoron. Cooperation is good. EU is a tool for the global dictatorship.

Globalists terminology is often misleading.

Interpretation of terms is mostly one sided. Both patriarchal and feminist describe special treatment of one sex but patriarchal is negative and feminist mostly positive.

child rearing

children are flexible and can be conditioned in different ways. They can either learn conflict or cooperation.%

Globalists condition their own children for conflict, reward for destruction and gloat, setting the group before truth and efficiency. But the educational system is set up for cooperation, modesty, honesty, helpfulness, constructive approach, defend those that are being mobbed.

breaking self confidence

The global networks try to break the self confidence of people so they do not try to build something. Consumer support has changed into declaring victims of fraud and poor manufacturing as “idiots”.


Newspapers regard common people as “idiots” when they experience problems in relations to corporations. Consumer support articles are seldom published. Elon Musk is an exception (not regarded as an idiot) because his corps are an equivalent to EU – organizations to whom we should just give our tax money and hope they do the best with it, without the taxpayers control and even without accounting for the spending. Greta Thunberg is also considered a genius. The true reason is that she advocates the EU.

fear and intimidation, psychological warfare, panic

psychological warfare

Staffanstorp, Hunger Games


The regime tries to instill fear and resignation in people by comparing itself to the dictatorship of the novels “The Hunger Games”. Lady Gaga acts out with extreme self confidence.

Was there life on Mars? Perseverance, Mars rover 2020.

Greta Thunberg: “I want you to panic!”

Prophets of doom

“a crisis is coming”

US strategic command, incomprehensible Twitter

Lockdown made me do it: how we lost our will power



the scare factor

Globalist actors in roles that criticize the system are part of designed dramas where they meet problems.


Julian Assange (rt), Aug 15 2010, practically all the time since then in house arrest or prison (now 2020). What authorities later investigated as one of two “rape victims”, on the left. Alleged sexual assault took place two days before this picture was taken and first reported one week later, five days after this picture was taken. The possible rape victim looks unexpectedly relaxed together with Assange.


Arjen Kamphuis on a sail yacht to avoid tapping signals during meeting

Catalan Sharp

Zaida Catalán, Michael Sharp

Snowden (mass surveillance)

Juholt (political criticism of technocracy)

sex offence

One type of intimidation is starting trials for made up sex offenses, like in the Assange case.%


Hunger Games



Clark Olofsson


Clark Olofsson “celebrity gangster”

Paolo Roberto


Media promotes violence. Fake nationalist AfS supporters call others “cuck” if they disagree with fighting immigrants in the streets. If Corona restrictions are debated, gyms are often highlighted since some people going to gyms use their muscle for fighting. See also conflicts [ ref ]



anger is promoted since it enhances conflict


In particular women are encouraged to be angry.

The only article in the authors news flow from the Swedish Championships in track and field, this female athlete is angry because she failed to register in the appropriate way and others did not remind her!


Moa Hjelmer missförstod regelverket och prickade inte av sig och får nu inte ställa upp på distansens slutomgångar.


Imposing guilt is central to the globalist agenda. Like when Greta Thunberg blames the older generation. (This is done to cause division in society.)% ref

applying present mroal standard on past events

applying present mroal standard on past events%

Applying present moral standards to past events to pressure politicians- —
Canadian Protesters Toppled Statues of Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II —
projecting own faults

Globalist actors often just project their own problems onto others. Greta Thunberg spreads hatred towards older people and men, but claims to be hated.

Many actors that claim to defend equality prioritize women and non-white people.


blame the victim

Those opposed to mass immigration are falesly labeled “racists”. Opposition to mass immigration does not mean having an opinion that one race is better than the other. After long time different ethnicities can learn to coexist or assimilate. But unfortunately the networks do not work for integration, they promote conflict.

Those hit by hard Corona restrictions during travel are labeled stupid. Travel agencies lack.of information is covered up. See consumers’ rights

belittle the individual:

Catalán-Sharp “careless”

someone who asks his GP if he can travel tests positive for Corona and isolated, this person is ridiculed.

Immigrants do not understand they must insure their apartment even if conflagration is not their fault and are ridiculed

blame the individual, whistleblowers

Encouraging diagnosing individuals will move the blame for problems relating to society to the individual and the system will not be questioned.


In the same way trolls in forums very often do not defend the system when it is criticized but instead make up fantasies about people criticizing it.

News media have completely shifted their allegiances. Before, when nations were in control, individuals who criticized the system were encouraged. Today, when a global dictatorship is being built, individuals criticizing the system are being treated as deviants, articles strongly slanted against the. So called activists like Greta Thunberg (multiple diagnoses) are really supporting the system, collaborating and being friends with world leaders. Assange (Asperger) is actually playing a role in a drama discouraging people from becoming whistleblowers.

whistleblowers are discouraged by presenting cases which are designed to give them a difficult date, like Assange and Snowden. Also cp UN officer Anders Kompass, Swedish nautical official Anders Ahlberg, Tsesisolyckan “fången på fyren”, the engineer trying to avert the Challenger disaster.

memory is short


2019: climate was in focus, low CO2

2020: stimulus packages after Corona, now suddenly we should increase consumption and CO2 instead!

climate and stimulus package are both about getting money for control, no matter low or high CO2

2020 EU climate law sets target to 2050, but then all will forgotten (earth will perish 2030 according to the theory!)

“Climate” is an excuse for gathering power and control.

2010: Assange is lauded hero for free speech

2019: Assange’s image in media is “the sex criminal that got away”

Gradually publishing similar news with different core content.

memory erasure

Elon Musk never Twitters about his native South Africa. He is a global person with no history or affiliation to country.%

predictions, alleged feelings/worry

To be able to lie more freely, politicians and media often focus on future predictions. Climate “action” means setting up goals 30 years ahead (when the world has perished long ago according to the same theory) but do nothing.%

Worry works in a similar way. When media have no facts to base their reporting on, they can claim authorities or others are worried.

100 SVT Text Söndag 07 mar 2021

Mutationerna bakom

ökad oro i Finland


The entire Green Sting is about spreading worries about environmental disaster to make people willing to send their money to, for Europeans, the EU which is out of people’s control.

To cover up that the money is not used for green purposes, news media publishes articles about green changes that will be undertaken in the future. But these will never happen. On the other hand, the gas pipeline Nord Stream is being built from Russia to EU now. (Even though Russia is under oil sanctions for Crimea incident.)

The same goes for president Bidens climate promises. They are mostly being stopped by courts, judges, administration, a republican Senate etc.

In the same way climate politics will set goals for 2050 and not do anything now.

wwr: 76972912

Tesla är en av de främsta företrädarna för den Stora Gröna Bluffen. Man har diktat samman en kris, klimatet, som kräver att vi alla måste underkasta oss en global regering som skall ordna vädret åt oss.

Men inget görs. Man bara sätter upp målsättningar. Detta har skett sedan 70-talet. (Men då skulle det bli kallt istället för varmt.)

Tesla bygger på Elons drömmar. Nu har man börjat bygga en människoliknande robot som ännu inte presterat något. Men massmedia skriver om vad som kommer att ske. Media försöker på samma sätt som med klimatet få diskussionen att handla om gissningar inför framtiden, inte om vad som sker nu .

Är det någon som kräver att något skall göras nu, ungefär som Greta “the real zero, now” Thunberg så stämplas de som avvikande, genom att hon t.ex påstås ha Aspergers syndrom. Samma gäller Assange (Asperger) när han lägger fram bevis om USA:s krigsbrott. Därför regnar det diagnoser nu, t.o.m. Elon själv (Asperger) och elitgymnasten Biles (ADHD-medicinerar) för att ta några aktuella exempel.

Man behöver fokusera mycket mer på vad som händer nu, istället för att gissa om framtiden eller diskutera de personer som framför olika ståndpunkter.


vague and oppositely meaning terms

Nationalism means open societies and multiculture since globalism means dividing people and nations and licking them down like with Covid restrictions.

So called multiculturalism means increased conformity within opposing groups.

The EU is a problem because it moves power away from people by taking decisions and money from national governments. But European cooperation is good.

Soros “socialism” means a weak state where multinationals rule by f.ex bribes/board posts to politicians in Brussels and lobbying.

Affirmative action means inequality. (Equal opportunities is fair.)

conformism, mobbing, cancel culture, target individuals (TI)

To exert hidden control group formation is essential. Conformism and mobbing is therefore strengthened. Compassion and tolerance are not accepted.


Cancel culture or call-out culture is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. … The expression “cancel culture” has mostly negative connotations and is commonly used in debates on free speech and censorship.

After mobbing/ostracizing an individual, the individual him/her-self is blamed for the action by giving him/her neuropsychiatric diagnoses like Asperger or selective mutism.

The larger a country/unit becomes the more will it’s government try to conform the thinking of the people out of fear of smaller units becoming independent. When you talk to EU or Ukrainian (being manipulated into the EU) people they often have similar views.

When you talk to Serbian people they seem to have their own opinion and are less prone to impose it on you.

Target Individuals

Covert Surveillance, Gang Stalking, and Harassment.

NYT explains it as mental problems

Google search of TI very strange with a music artist on top


Media and trolls try to paint a picture where globalists are successful and those criticizing globalism and it s values as financially less well off loners. Financial values are prioritized at the expense of moral.


decoys, excuses

The military is a decoy to hide the NWO. Media describe many conflicts between countries that are exaggerated.%

Middle East conflicts

See above

Financial benefits are often a decoy for political control.

Soros attacks the British pound since Britain is hesitant to further EU power and the euro currency. The attack is intended to show the weakness of the pound. Possibly also Evelyn Rothschild with influence over Bank of England aided in not making sufficient supporting purchases of pound.

“click for revenue” is a decoy – newspapers are not dependent, they control, ads are money laundering, enterprise support newspapers

(schadenfreude, sob (“snyft”) are often decoys for political indoctrination. Schadenfreude and classifying some consumers as stupid help entrrprise peddle inglferior products.

Google will often show decoys (ex. Images of NWO).

“anti racism” really means “supports mass immigration”

“Swedish culture is Midsummer festival” – Swedish culture was low violence, low corruption, low income gaps, good education, available medicare; not only its festivals

US/Trump and Israel/Netanyahu run efficient policies but are criticized in Western media to make our thinking rot.

excuse true reason
Christianity money and control
(international) communism money and control
climate money and control
vague criticism

Vague criticism will not lead to action and improvement. Criticism is unspecific in order to create conflict and not to solve conflict.


EU levies sanctions on Russia instead of trying to find a diplomatic solution to the Crimea issue (quite simply a new vote)

Greta says that Swedish forestry is poor but does not say in what way and how to improve it.

Sweden and USA kneel before their game in Tokyo Olympics 2020 (played 2021 due to Corona). This kind of general protests are intended to sharpen conflict between groups, between blacks and whites and between kneelers and those who find the action exaggerated. Instead criticism of possible racial maltreatment must be specific.
false flag, controlled opposition

Controlled opposition in Sweden: Opposition does not go against Swedish government approving €750 bn rescue package

Jewish owned DN support the Palestinians!

NMR, Nordic unity should mean nazism! (NMR does not spread a program they just march and waive their flag for media to take photos (and supreme court to ponder if their flag is nazi)


controlled opposition

AfS – racism connected to resistance to mass immigration

“Anti-Greta” Naomi Seibt nazi image

Scientology, space gods, against amphetamine and journalists

No true nationalist sources at all in media.%

false flag

Controlled opposition in Sweden: When SD finally reaches about 15% and could voice their demands they give up EU resistance. They don’t protest against false nazi smearing refusing them democratic rights. They even focus on nazi smearing by doing the same against government S party. That smearing will stick to SD themselves.

Controlled opposition in the EU: Poland, Hungary

Denmark is possibly also another country under strong network control but is promoted as “anti immigration”.

Controlled opposition internationally: Russia, Iran, N Korea, Bolsonaro etc

In business: Boeing always making worse than SpaceX/Musk

leaks are controlled

leaks are controlled


controlled leaks


arbetet: 77480479

Kom ihåg att de som står bakom avslöjandet är The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists som bland annat finansieras av Soros Open Society Foundations:



wwr: 77488369

Det är ju samma regim som sköter politiker och läckor anser jag. Det gäller Pandoraläckan som verkar diffus och förmodligen inte kommer att leda till några åtgärder.

Jag menar att Wikileaks var samma typ av läcka. Mannings över 7000 dokument ledde inte till några åtal annat än av henne själv och Assange.

Hade Wikileaks på allvarligt sätt skadat USA hade USA tvingat bort materialet från nätet omedelbart. Men det ligger kvar efter mer än 10 år, vad jag vet. (USA tvingade visst bort material på någon annan sajt (av anakata) som hånade stupade soldater.) WL låg först på Amazon (Bezos) och sedan på en server som “administrerades av PiratPartiet i Sverige”. Men serveradmin tillhör den svenska eliten med släktingar som skriver i SvD och deltar i statliga utredningar. Hans farfars far var statsminister i Sverige.

Det som publiceras är kontrollerat vare sig det gäller Pandora eller Wikileaks. Läckor kontrolleras av systemet. Vi får inte se något som inte har passerat censuren.



Globalists today are sometimes Catholics. Pope overthrown, Podesta emails. Latin America in media shadow.%

keeping busy

Globalist leaders keep competent, independent workers busy and out of influence.%

bogging down

Google bubble will send long, winding, complicated, quasilogical, off the point, texts with erroneous headlines to try to confuse.

[cp. nyliberal röra]%


– actors we are taught to hate

— fat, strange hairdo, white skin

Trump, Johnson

— fat

Bolsonaro, Lukachenko, Orbán

— strange hairdo


– positive press

— slim

Biden, Mueller, Pelosi, Greta%

body shape; Summary 04 (020)
attack older white men; Summary 04 (020)
news coordinated; Summary 04 (040)
appearances; Summary 04 (050)
archetypes; Summary 04 (060)
Greta Thunberg, slim
diet food, body-shape

Slim, globalist
Obama, Biden, John Bolton, John Kerry, von der Leyen, Robert Mueller, Pelosi, Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Sassoli, Lagarde, Wolodarski
exceptions: Mutti, Timmermans

Overweight, national agenda (Trump connection)
Trump, Johnson, Lukachenko, Orbán, Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Bolsonaro, Juholt, Barr (Pompeo), Sven-Olle Olsson
exceptions: Kasselstrand

Overweight nazi agenda
the latest two NMR-leaders

Overweight “axis of evil”
Rouhani, Zarif, Kim Jong-un, “al-Baghdadi”, George Tuka (Ukrainian minister for Russian territories, cp. Vlodomyr Zelensky)
exception: bin Laden (Putin, Lavrov imagined as “sly”)

Overweight “bad boy”

Strange hairdo
Trump, Johnson, Puigdemont

Blonde dyeing
Trump, Assange, Giuliani (not blonde)

Good looking, globalist
Musk, Trudeau, Zelensky, Yuschchenko (“poisoned”)

Pointing finger
Rouhani, Giuliani, NMR-leaders, islamists

Unshaven and messy
Assange leaving the embassy (“whistleblower is really a sex criminal that got away”)

Short stature
Putin, Zelensky

Swedish party leaders
all globalist

connecting opposites

Pride parades are bad since they sexualize gays. Gays are just gays but the parades are bad.

EU-cooperation is a bad expression. Cooperation is good but EU is taking money and influence from people.



Time an event to make other important events draw attention.

Germanwings accident press conference on Sunday morning when there was elections in Germany.

737 Max back in service after accidents

UK given free trade

SunYang aquitted from crushing his doping sample because of racist slur of arbiter


Olympics 2020 (held 2021)

Elon Musk on trial

EU carbon border tax

gradual change

Globalization is almost always slow to make us not notice the change. Sometimes changes are not apparent to the new generation since they never saw something else.%

modifying the lies

Lies are gradually forgotten.

Starlink was said to revolutionize Internet service but turned into nothing.

In foras it was vehemently denied that Starlink would be spy stallites. But after more than a year of launching around 900 satellites, media information gradually started to describe, first missile recording satellites, later SAR-radar satellites. These satellites are said to be launched “together” with Starlink satellites.%

In effect, the lying news media gradually goes closer to the truth when the blatant lies become too obvious.

flow of nothing

In order to hide important events, like how people and countries lose power to globalist institutions like the EU, news media produces a flow of insignificant news that also are slanted according to the global agenda.


the devil is in the details

details override message

The main event of an article is often just a pretext to spread details that conveys an attitude.


World class pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis is persuaded to compete for Sweden. (This is according to The New York Times. According to Swedish media Duplantis wanted to compete in Sweden To have easier Olympic qualification.) He receives great positive attention in Swedish media.

2021: Swedish championships and major competition against Finland are timed so that Duplantis can not compete. He chooses more lucrative competitions in France and Belgium. Strong media attention is given to his no show in the competition against Finland. He will decide on the day of the competition if he will compete, which he will not and media writes about his problems to compete in Sweden. His girlfriend is a Swedish model.

Swedish authorities have not allocated the championships to the allotted time when International competitions make a break for this.

This is one way of showing that national (Swedish) interests are subordinate to European. Duplantis chooses Europe before Sweden. This will also create resentment among some Swedish people who would expect Duplantis to compete for the Swedish team. Another Swedish star, Ståhl, sacrifices lucrative competition to compete for Sweden.

Swedish media emphasize Duplantis French connection (he is Cajun, French name, French looks). Here they choose an image where he is blowing kisses. Not a common Swedish custom.


svampsubba: 77202757

Vinnare i DL-finalen och tre försök på höjden 6,19 så sammanfattas säsongens sista tävling utomhus.

Vinst förutom en fräck pokal var $30 000/250 000 kr, undrar i vilket land och hur Armand Duplantis beskattar sina inkomster?

Vad fick vinnarna i Finnkampen/Sverigekampen tro, förutom äran att representera sitt land…


wwr: 77206265

Självklart tar SvT med en bild där han kastar slängkyssar till publiken, på franskt manér.

Killen är trevlig och jag hejar på honom. Han skall naturligtvis tävla var han vill.

Men nog vinklas han i media som “invandraren” som kom hit för att slippa ett tufft kval. Fick mycket publicitet. Hittade en tjej här och föredrar tävlingarna på kontinenten framför Sverige. (Enligt New York Times som citerats tidigare så tjatade svenska förbundet på honom för att få honom hit.) Man gjorde mycket publicitet av om han skulle delta i Finnkampen genom att han inte beslutade sig förrän sista dagen. Han skulle dessutom ha tagit emot en öl från en okänd person i publiken, vilket verkar helt otroligt att någon toppidrottare skulle göra. Det kan ju innehålla dopingmedel.

Intressant fall. Märkligt att SM inte läggs på någon av de tävlingsfria perioderna i DL. Inte heller Finnkampen borde väl behöva krocka med DL?

Som media vridit fallet så blir inte publiciteten odelat positiv för “invandraren” Mondo.

Men personligen hejar jag på honom. Han är bäst i världen i stavhopp i år och gör bara det bästa av sin situation.


Electric scooters

minor criticism

Pseudo problems

Does Starlink block those (children a cording to SpaceX Shotwell) that want to study stars. Did sex-criminal Epstein tour SpaceX (long before his wrongdoings were known). Sometimes Musk acts a little bad and wishes to open his factory early after Corona virus shutdown.

Musk – Epstein’s partner on picture.

Starlink interferes w/ astronomy, not integrity according to media. CIA tried to get Assange’s kids’ diapers, not act against a journalist exposing war crimes%

PM Löfven searches for spare parts to his shaver.

It is common the trolls tries to criticize what they want to promote. They say some screws in Tesla rust easily. A small problem but keeps focus on Tesla and makes critics seem petty.

Media writes that Greta is hated in India but they try to make her seem hated by the establishment which is not true.

When Greta becomes editor in chief for one day, some of the staff “protests”. When Elon Musk hosts SNL some of the staff “refuses to work with him”. All is just to create interest.

[ new frontiers ]

selection, “cherry picking”, falsifiability

100 SVT Text Tisdag 02 mar 2021 …

WHO: Antalet smittofall ökar

– första gången på sju veckor

If Covid spread diminishes for 6 weeks, nothing is published, but an increase in week 7 is on the front page.%

If the winter is warm, some essays on climate change are cited as support. If it is cold, other essays are cited. – A “theory” that always fits is not science.

pseudo news items

Greta in India is pseudo news, a constructed news item. It is published in the West but her actions do not influence India.%


fairy tales

Many stories printed in the press world wide are quite simply made up.

Zaida Catalán was a young woman with perfect personality (left politician, feminist, animal rights axtivist …), good looks. She exposed corruption and murder in Africa and lost her life for it under dramatic circumstances, pictured on video. If the story had been true she would have been one of the largest heros ever, but soon after the incident, media and society forgot her quickly.




worry, doomsday prophesies

To increase the susceptibility of the receiver, media exaggerate danger and catastrophies.


doomsday prophesies ref



To increase the reader attraction to fairy tales and other stories, the agenda sometimes add bits of mystery, like in Kamphuis disappearance or how a driverless Tesla did not use autopilot.



Like religion, education stabilizes society. Education forms common values like those promoted by impartial research. Therefore education is a major target for globalist attack.%

Elon Musk says the level of education in US corporations is too high!

Greta Thunberg used to go on strike from school. When being a 16 year old secondary school student, a student newspaper suggested her for a title of honorary rector at Glasgow university.

The education given at universities is far more theoretical than needed and does not prepare students for meeting real life problems. Guidance in how to relate to matters regarding salary demands, relations with bosses, social matters is very sparse. This will make the academic less efficient in the workplace.

The networks will not make education an important factor in society and the workplace. This would mean giving influence to competent workers. But the networks will give influence based on political conviction and network association. Therefore education is looked disparagingly on.

indirect promotion/slander

What is meant to influence the receiver of a message is often the details around the main event.

Ex: Switzerland


Science is being broken down. Climate agenda only allows science supporting it to be published. During Greta Thunberg’s heydays, once 11.000 “scientists” had signed a document stressing the gravity of the climate crisis but still nothing but money collection is done by politicians. They infact increase CO2 production through Corona recovery packages.%

So far academic astronomers have given very few comments on Mars Landing projects.

Scientific results regarding Covid are selected so almost every result we see show the gravity

of the disease.

Science communicators like Greta Thunberg and Sian Proctor can be used to give an image of the entire community standing behind interpretations that fit the agenda.

Soft science like human science will always be promited since it can be distorted more easily. Hard facts are detested by newspapers and trolls since they may have to be left behind and twisted, later.

wwr: 76962758

Nu backar de forskare som visat att kvinnliga idrottare förbättrar resultaten med testosteron, något!

Det visar hur styrda de forskningsresultat som vi ser i media är. Självklart förbättras resultaten.

Och New York Times ofta blir extremt ensidig med vissa budskap.

The scientists acknowledged that their study indicating a pivotal relationship between high testosterone levels and enhanced athletic performance among top female athletes was “exploratory” and “could have been misleading by implying a causal inference.”


Climate “scientists” predict ice age

Leonard Nimoy


Several points in globalization can easily be argued against

1. The rules are changing. F.ex small businesses were previously appreciated, now they are killed through Covid restrictions. Small business are not given a fair chance in competition which would benefit society.

2. We have not been told who is making the rules.

3. We are not told what the goal is. We don’t know what to prepare for.

4. When globalists bought the politicians they achieved unlimited power over our finances. Just letting our politicians borrow globalist money and give back to corporations under globalist control like in Covid rescue packages is not what people would willingly accept. It is an unfair way of putting people in debt.

Our children have the right to be born without being in debt.

The globalists have accumulated great wealth over generations to which they have the right. But they do not have the right to control the lives of other people like in Covid restrictions for meetings and travel.

5. News media is only giving a very skew image of things.


The globalist system is based on lies obvious to anyone looking into it and questioning media information. In order to hide it, education must be kept poor superficial culture is promoted. “sex, drugs, rock n’ roll”, videogames, porn …

Mass immigration is one way to reduce the quality of education. Anyone of us would need much time to enter higher education and understanding in a foreign culture.

Recreation is good but can also be used to divert people from important questions. Sex, sports, rock music, European Song Contest, video games, drugs, mobbing, Asperger diagnosis… also play a part in this.%

See the movie “The Matrix“.


[ 1984, The Matrix, Inception, Deus Ex, The Da Vinci Code, Hunger Games, Robocop, The Godfather]%


1984, Animal Farm

The Matrix

How the population is kept working while NWO networks control and use them.

The movie The Matrix can be interpreted as globalists exploiting mankind. 20 years after its premiere, both directors have had sex change and now claim the movie is about transsexuals (decoy).%

[ -1- ]

Sandemose anti nordic agenda

Daemen (Blue Origin passenger) påminner ju till namnet och kanske även utseendet om huvudrollsinnehavaren i Omenfilmerna – Damian


Antichrist Damien Thorn becomes US Ambassador to Britain, and is bent on total world domination.

[ superficial ]


Dominick “Dom” Cobb and Arthur are “extractors”: they perform corporate espionage using experimental military technology to infiltrate their targets’ subconscious and extract information through a shared dream world. Their latest target, Saito, reveals he arranged their mission to test Cobb for a seemingly impossible job: implanting an idea in a person’s subconscious, or “inception”. Saito wants Cobb to convince Robert, the son of Saito’s ailing competitor Maurice Fischer, to dissolve his father’s company.


Like media implants sick ideas into out minds to destroy out countries to make global take over possible

wwr: 73496288

De behövde Trump för att få ordning på landet.

Hillary, AOC, senile-pedo-womenMolester JoeB, California, drugs, CNN, Tesla suicide by FSD, Starship, wetbacks, feminism, klimat, dopehead Hunter B + Elon Musk

– chaos distributed by the US to make other countries emulate and self destroy.



Kejsarens nya kläder

media image not real, Musk’s failures neglected


Thomas Quick

Margit Norell, psykoterapeut; Sven Å Christianson, minnesforskare; AB

Wag the Dog

PR and newspapers controlling government.

Just before Lewinsky scandal with many parallels.


John Cleese. Punctual headmasters life cast into chaos.

Deus Ex

The game, titled ‘Deus Ex,’ had a plot that centered around a man-made virus used to control the population and an international elite that used an empowered China alongside a crippled America to further their agenda, all while exploring themes of transhumanism, mass surveillance, and the destruction of local powers and individual freedom.

Released in the summer of 2000, the game’s protagonist ‘JC Denton’ begins his journey working for the United Nations as an anti-terrorist agent augmented with nanotechnology enabling him to be an unstoppable super-soldier.

Throughout his journey, Denton unravels a mass conspiracy where unelected leaders of ‘benevolent’ organizations and multinational corporations use mass media to unperson opposition as terrorists while controlling most countries’ lawmaking.



The Da Vinci code

Anti catholic

Globalist networks depicted in a way to mislead


Weak state, enterprise control

Hunger Games

Repression usually leaves a streak of hope to avoid provoking desperation and protest in the population.

Battle Royal, Squid Game

The Simpsons

sharpest satire

The Godfather

Praising organized crime

Breaking Bad

producing and distributing crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future before he dies,

[defend pushers]

12 Monkeys

The Borg, StarTrek

The Crown

Antiroyalist paying off Harry & Megan

La Peste


Where should we invade next

Nordic culture.

Michael Moore

Men are from Mars, women from Venus.

Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump

George Papadopoulos

A prominent figure in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia-collusion investigation decries his persecution in this revealing but paranoid memoir. Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser who pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI, tells a troubling story of prosecutors railroading him for what he contends were innocuous misstatements

Papadopoulos’s saga unfolds like a spy thriller: he encounters mysterious intelligence operatives from various countries, shady businessmen with bundles of cash, and a seductive Turkish femme fatale, all—he says—part of a plot by the FBI, CIA, and other deep state reprobates to frame him and Trump.

Wild West movies, detective series shooting handguns

Promote agressive problem solutions.

nature movies

Nature movies often promote agression by stressing the uninhibited behavior of animals.

Even articles about nature can be used to promote aggression. In this article The New York Times presents a “bully octopus“: “Eight-Armed Underwater Bullies: Watch Octopuses Punch Fish”.

A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks

En flykting korsar sitt spår

En flyktning krysser sitt spor

Criticizes social environment where the author grew up. But authors personality is strange. Commits murder.

The Trueman Show

breaking out

The green lantern

Desire for order -> dictatorship (false)

His desire for order did well by him in the Corps, and initially led him to be considered one of the greatest Green Lanterns. As the years passed, he became more and more fixated upon not simply protecting his sector, but on preserving order in the society of his home planet no matter the cost. Eventually he concluded that the best way to accomplish this was to conquer Korugar and rule the planet as a dictator.


The Conservative Politics of “Guardians of the Galaxy”


TV-series V

Space lizards impersonate humans and try to take over the world. Trolls use the same analogy to ridicule opponents to globalization claiming “they are chasing space lizards”. The trolls chase false flag actors like David Icke.

Quote from Google:

“V” stands for “Victory.” This is the emblem/sign that gets spray-painted over posters of the alien race that have come to Earth and is used as a sign of rebellion for those who stand against the aliens. Reptilian in form, the aliens disguise themselves as humans in order to put them off their guard. They claim that they are in need of a chemical substance on their planet and ask for our help to produce it. In return, they offer to teach us about their advancements in science and technology. Little to the humans’ knowledge, the reptilians are in fact stealing our water and cryogenically freezing humans to transport back to their planet as food. The series centers on the efforts of a journalist named Michael Donovan and a group of rebel fighters, who try to save the planet by fighting against the aliens.

First episode date: October 26, 1984

Final episode date: March 22, 1985

Network: NBC

Program creator: Kenneth Johnson

Writers: Kenneth Johnson, Brian Taggert, David Abramowitz, David Braff

spent decades infiltrating human governments, businesses, and religious institutions, and are now in the final stages of their plan to take over the Earth

recruited Earth’s youth


Do not mix w “V for Vendetta” where a bomber tries to replace dictatorship w/ anarchy.

Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, 1979, Douglas Hofstadter

make logically oriented people follow theoretical pursuits

Enid Blyton

[The Famous 5] George is a trans boy

(unrelated material on Blyton in spoiler)



The Famous 5 is a children’s mystery book series that began in the 1940s. Georgina “George” Kirrin was written as a tomboyish character, however there are lot of unintentionally trans elements to her character.

George goes by a masculine name and absolutely hates her legal name “Georgina”.

George is very androgynous-leaning-on-boyish. She keeps her hair in a short crop and always wears unisex clothes (which, by 40s standards, were “boy’s clothes”).

George’s aunt mentions that “George hates being a girl, and we have to call her George, as if she were a boy.”

George outright introduces herself with “I’m George. I shall only answer if you call me George. I hate being a girl. I won’t be.”

George will only accept being called “Master George”, not “Miss George” or “Miss Georgina”.

George loves being mistaken for a boy

George was meant to be read as a tomboy but her overt disdain for being seen as female makes her read as a transgender boy instead. I could see an “Anne With An E” style reboot that depicts her as such.


Noddy, Famous Five, Secret Seven, and Malory Towers.

literary empire, sometimes producing fifty books a year in addition to her prolific magazine and newspaper contributions

rumours that Blyton employed an army of ghost writers,

Her books have been criticised as being elitist, sexist, racist, xenophobic

Her love of tennis included playing naked, with nude tennis “a common practice in those days among the more louche members of the middle classes”

film entitled Enid, which aired in the United Kingdom on BBC Four on 16 November 2009.[109] Helena Bonham Carter, who played the title role, described Blyton as “a complete workaholic, an achievement junkie and an extremely canny businesswoman” who “knew how to brand herself, right down to the famous signature”.



“Gäst hos verkligheten” “unga arga män”

Brazil, (Black Mirror, Netflix)

Love songs to make people form families to keep them busy.

The term incel indirectly looking disparagingly on single life.

video games, computer games

Cyberpunk 2077, highly published


The future looks bleak since globalization is based on conflict between groups. When people lose democratic control, conflicts with government also arises making mass surveillance, isolation (f.ex Corona restrictions) necessary.

The situation will never improve. The leaders must continue to promote conflicts among people. As soon as people in one area could unite and build a society, they would pose a threat and had to be split apart. Men and women cohabit all societies and splitting them apart with feminism is vital for the continued existence of globalism.

Internet will increase repression. The lies needed to hide the system now lie open for anyone to see. When disguise fades, repression hits in.

Trade and exchange of ideas are good. But to control nations they must be broken. People will not defend a defunct nation. Politicians are bought to promote destabilizing activities. Competence in workers will be demoted for globalist beliefs. There will be no individual ideas to exchange. Former national companies will be ordered from central government to produce details that should fit into a global frame.

Political disagreement and conflicts between countries are only a show. A class of media/politicans/big enterprises are controlling the world, often by instigating conflicts between social groups like ethnic groups or men/women.

Taking the Red Pill would mean understanding this situation. (It does not mean treating women as sex objects which is only a decoy/false lead spread by media and trolls to cause confusion.

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