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The New World Order

Part 040

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US attack on Europe

WW2/Marshal, Refugee crisis/US Wars, Exit Paris accord (enter again w/ empty promises), All Covid restrictions lifted for vaccinated in the US June 2021

Feminism, drug liberalism, Californian lax lifestyle

Nov 3, 2020: US exits Paris climate accord. Europe will now overexert itself taking care of the entire world’s CO2, after already disintegrating taking care of refugees from US wars.

Global networks are the strongest in the US and are seemingly controlled from the East Coast. The New York Times is the most influential newspaper in the world.

Weapons of mass migration are successfully used to break Europe. US makes war, at least as the newspapers present it. Small, “neutral” Sweden is even made to participate, mainly in regions that will bring more refugees on us (Afghanistan, Iraq/Syria). Ghadaffi stopping African refugees was removed by NATO.

US is organized and controlled from the East Coast but Hollywood, CNN and similar spreads a progressive image over Europe and the rest of the world to make it rot from within.

Polls are faked for Biden. AOC is promoted.

But Trump is in control and may win the elections.

California, Hollywood, dope culture is for export, like CNN. The US is run from the east coast.

Assange: A story where we should learn that even legitimate criticism of the US by a famous journalist will end in long time in house arrest, prison etc.

Greta was only questioned in US Congress but in Canada she had big rally, big speech in EU.

Greta does not talk to Trump (in order not to criticize the US and create gender conflict)

Most terms are decoys. Geo-political – Geo related to land but frontier is between authorities and people. But in Europe, some countries are not yet fully under network control and are attacked. (The alleged independence of Poland and Hungary does not seem real, though. Neither of the coutries use their veto in the EU.) Orbán received a Soros scholarship.)

foreign operatives

US tries to pick non-US operatives in order not to be blamed. These naturally often come from friendly countries.

Assange, Hrafnsson, Thordarsson …

Ardin, Wilén, Swartz, …

Morales (Spain, NATO trained), Mr Blue (P.R.)

Bini, Singam (Indian connection)



Covid restrictions lifted in the US.


wwr: 76127268

Det är Europa som drabbas, ingen tvekan. Detta gäller både flyktingar och Covid-restriktioner.

As Vaccines Turn the Tide, America and Europe Diverge on a Path Forward

The United States has essentially lifted all rules for those who are vaccinated against Covid-19.

But the emergence of a new variant is leading Britain and the European Union to move with more caution.

But while the United States appears to be trying to close the curtain on the pandemic, across the ocean, in Britain and the European Union, it is quite a different story.

progressive culture is exported by the US

Progressive culture is exported but the US is strictly run. California and Hollywood gets attention in the media but the country is run from the east coast.


other US take over

[ Assange, Ecuador, Bolivia ]%

Assange is CIA. His anti US image makes him able to take the fall for Bini, assist another US op, Snowden to Russia to make Snowden seem anti government. Ecuador was taken over while Assange resided in embassy. See the link.

Bolivia. Continues all over the world.

constant smearing

The press constantly smears leaders that protect their countries to try to make Europeans believe EU socialism is better but in fact must run down countries in refugee crisis, euro crisis, climate crisis, Corona crisis …%

Trump is smeared, Mueller etc, but he and US are doing great.

Johnson is smeared. But he and UK will likely do better after Brexit. A process similar to Mueller is started by the EU.

Lukachenko is smeared, but EU/OECD never sent observers to elections.

Trump’s so called coup. A faked situation where people enter capitol. Pelosi wants to open investigation on Trump, but will likely not happen.

alleged problems should not be solved

The objective of the propaganda seems to be to constantly influence people. The situation should not be change but remain as a notice for them propaganda.

For example, fhw newspapers do not wish an independent Scotland (EU member), they just want to whine about an alleged failure to arrange a new referendum in order to smear UK because UK left the EU.

building in secrecy

The networks build their power in secrecy and do not display it until they dominate the situation.


It was not expected the networks could close down the entire world for an influenza.

Chinese investors do the same when they gradually buy Cambodian real estate. Before you knew it KPS wa suddenly Chinese and many Cambodians left.

slow play

The geopolitical game is played slowly. To get to make people not notice how globalization takes away their independence and money, the process is slow.

To make Brexit look difficult it was made to last 4.5 years.

When Ukrainian president Zelensky is going to Europe he is not warmly welcomed by the EU to cover up the EU ambitions to take over Ukraine.



The global agenda is inefficient since it is kept secret and many decoys must be used to cover the true motives of globalization and conflict.

see also slow play


Media played along all the time, pretending they did not want Brexit and loves the EU. But media loves both Brexit and EU, as long as UK gets out. UK was too independent. As soon as UK went, maximum spending and loans started in 2020.

Europe is one of the few areas left standing with independent countries. Globalists batter it with refugees, climate regulations, feminism, debt crisis, Corona crisis, common loans. The Mediterranean countries fall like bowling pins for the Euro Europe must be destroyed before it can be overtaken by EU.

Globalist media support this. They will report a bad situation from the UK to support the EU, whereas the UK in fact has escaped all this. Maybe the UK has made promises to the US, no one knows.

The closer to US, the lower EU fees: Iceland, Norway. Now old US partner UK is changing allegiance, from EU to US.

Media will hate Johnson like they hate Trump. Just so that others believe they are bad. But in fact media and most people want Johnson and Trump, they take care of their countries. Anyway they were elected and the media image of these leaders kidnapping their countries is completely unrealistic.

Media try to make us believe that two corpulent blond men in strange hairdos have hijacked two of the worlds largest economies and will singlehandedly run them down. This is impossible. Johnson advisor Cummins is presented in an unfavorable manner. [ -1-, -2- ] Cummins even seem to contribute to this himself by having Sonia Khan woman, immigrant advisor to immigrant treasurer “frog marched” out of #10. He travels during Corona lockdown


The same media slant is used the US: CNN floods Europe and the world with Democratic chaos, BLM, AOC, faked high Biden polls. We imitate and out countries rot, but media and others let Trump rule. Mueller was never meant to succeed in impeachment of Trump. He was just another way of making foreign countries believe it is right to attack leaders that protect their country. The negative publicity towards Trump is extreme. During several days of discussions one discussion board could only find one positive news item about Trump (the handling of N. Korea). (July 20)

But Trump still controls the US – impossible if the press in reality wanted him gone.

EU activities heavily corrupt. Fees can not be followed to recipient, after Brussels. Too far from member countries. MEP on board posts (Wikström). Also top politicians getting board posts after carreer. They give away taxpayers’ money to get back as board posts. MEP opposition is only verbal. Votes always pro EU. Parties in Sweden nominating MEP are all pro EU. Ex minister saying she will speak out against revising budget (July 2020) abstianed in vote.

The networks make maximal usage of Corona pandemic. For long time only politicians disliked by news mesiay fell ill according to reporting.

United Kingdom must play a part in this and also reports a new strain of mutation of the virus. It “may” spread faster. It is already spread world wide but Germany influences EU-countries to close the border around Dec 20, 2020. Clearly a revenge for UK taking the final step in Brexit on Jan 1. British export of shellfish to EU ruined.

Trade deal negotiations have reached nowhere during 4.5 years. But news media report intense negotiations. This is all to cover up that the EU does not allow a big European country a trade deal without subjecting to EU high fees, extensive legislation and free movement over borders (having lead to the refugee crises). A few countries have slightly better deals (Norway, Switzerland).

Only remote countries like f.ex Canada, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam can have normal grade deals without fees.

The UK clearly expressed they wanted a deal similar to Canada’s and the EU clearly refused such a deal.

The final period of “negotiations” seem completely blocked around a French demand on fishing. President Macron seem to have influenced negotiatior Barnier to insist on shared fishing rights. The UK naturally vehemently refuses this. The UK correctly states that no souverign nation has ever given up it’s fishing rights for an extended period.

UK fishing waters are extensive and around the Canal islands extend close to the French border. Dutch fishermen catch 50% of their catch in British waters. They state they risk bankruptcy.

The French/EU demand on fishing in British waters reflects the good fishing waters of the United Kingdom. But basically it is a way to block the Brexit negotiations by an unreasonable demand to fish in another souverign nation’s waters. This demand is an excuse not to expose the true reason for the EU refusing a deal – European countries can not have trade deals with the EU, they must be members of the organization in order to have free trade. The UK free trade deal will be blocked by the EU on Jan 1, 2021 when the UK stops paying their fee.

[ historical comparisons: Pope, Luther, reformation, frugal 4, Kalmar union, Gustav Wasa, Lübeck, Hansa, Romans, Napoleon, Hitler, Merkel, Sassoli, mafia ]

2020 Christmas crisis

Brexit deal a total success for UK. They stop paying EU-fee but keep the right of free trade. Sweden pays more instead. Swedish politicians do not comment. Media creates pseudo news about Swedish PM buying spare parts for his shaver during Corona lock down. Swedish Lagrådet disapproved of governing by decrees in spring. Kammarrätten and Justitieombudsmannen also diapprove but government still pushes on with “pandemic law“.

So called “alternative media” are all controlled opposition. Swebb-TV pretends to be shut down by YouTube and the others protest by shutting down themselves!

The constructed crisis was used to carry out business that was intended to

Boeing 737 MAX reintroduction

SunYang doping aquittal

UK got all benefits from EU and does not pay fees and can control immigration

Capitol Riots

Trump fakes promoting undemocratic power coup only to give media an opportunity for the constant blaming of nationalist politicians.

To make national agenda seem unpleasant activists are hired to enter Capitol, Jan 2021. Even Trump participates by not condemning the action clearly and acknowledging Bidens win earlier.

[ -000- -001- -002- -003- -004- -005- ]

See professional activists

Capitol riots also show that police couldn’t even defend parliament. Biden is 77 yo and Pelosi 81, not so active any more. Anti democratic behavior from authorities.

Compare Brazil Bolsonaro, 2021 Sep 7

Thaksin red shirts.

Same manuscript.


wwr: 74221914

Trumpsupportrar stormar Capitol. Kvinna skjuten till döds. Trump anklagas för anstiftan (jämför t.ex en annan bananrepublik – Ecuador, anklagelserna mot Correa, Patiño). Jag har inte kollat detaljerna men det börjar bli mycket nu. Man frågar sig om Trump avslutar som han började, med hjälp av firma fake news.

Woman dies after shooting in U.S. Capitol; D.C. National Guard activated after mob breaches building

Självklart har Trump spelat med. Han har redan börjat tona ned presidentimagen, liksom sin hårfärg.

Biden får ta över nu. Han spelar senil peddo, tjafsar på tjejer och har en knarkande son. Det är den enda typ av politiker som massmedia vågar släppa fram. (Och så svetsarlärlingar.)

A streak of hope is left about vaccination but this seems unlikely to stop shutdown measures.

The increasing repression is brought about by improvement of connections between people through the Internet. It is not possible to claim we must fight the “bad Russians”, any more. Globalism is based on division and racism. But increased possibilities to meet people from other cultures makes it possible to form bonds between peiple. This threatens globalist control. Therefore connections between people are shut down with travel restrictions and bans on meetings.

Another factor eliciting the fascist globalist lockdown is Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump is, at least officially, against globalization. At the beginning of his presidency he expressed strong opposition to the global media. This made people more aware of the intentions of the global media networks. The networks must therefore now increase the repression.

a streak of hope

Repression usually leaves a streak of hope to avoid provoking desperation and protest in the population.

The Corona counter measures that started in 2020 were extremely exaggerated and have never been needed for earlier flus.

They are in themselves a proof of central control (“NWO”). They could never have been imposed world wide without global central leadership. The countries claimed to be targeted varied with NWO need. When the euro had broken the economies of Spain and Italy they needed most Corona support. When Britain made Brexit and was smeared in media, the new mutation came from there.

The Corona counter measures meant extreme lockdown of the world. But there was always hints that the pandemic would pass and that vaccination would come. After more than a year vaccination has arrived but lockdown continues. The authorities have not prepared vaccination certificates! By leaving some (false) hope protests are diminished.

Public debt

EU promotes debt. To get funding you should be in debt. The US has large debt. Debt is how the networks control countries.

See also Corona-Euro crisis.

To be in debt means to give up control to international actors. Learn the truth by memorizing the opposite of what Justin Trudeau says.

The world press is coordinated. It is very likely the buyers of government bonds are the same. By controlling at which price they buy bonds they can influence governments’ finances and thereby their decisions.

The so called Corona crisis was really just the continuation of the euro crisis/debt crisis.

High finance bribe politicians with board posts. EU politicians borrows money from high finance and gives back to corporations that are under the control of high finance. Then they borrow it again. For every lap the countries comes more in the hands of debt holders.

Even Forbes admit that countries may go bankrupt.


The Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis Will Boost Cryptocurrencies

As economics seems to be devolving into a race to accumulate more debt, an emerging sovereign debt crisis is starting to accelerate. More than a hundred countries are expected to pay $130 billion in debt interest by this year — with about half of that debt being held by private investors.

taking on more debt may lead to unstable financial and economic instability.

Countries may be quickly swamped by instability in their debt and the increasing interest rates demanded of them.

There is the possibility that with economic slowdown, a raft of sovereign bankruptcies will happen: countries overwhelmed by their debt obligations will see their yields attacked, with investors asking for more return in order to hold certain forms of sovereign debt. This makes it much more difficult for the country to service its debt and at an extreme, negotiate deals with investors that are akin to a bankruptcy.

This is nothing new — after the 2007-2008 recession, there were sovereign debt crises around the world, including the famous Eurozone sovereign debt crisis

the possibility of multiple nations declaring default,

Swedish and other politicians are bribed by lucrative jobs after their political career. EU politicians even have these posts at the same time as they are supposed to work for their countries. In return the politicians give away the taxpayers’ money to corporations that can pay back the politicians by the high paid jobs. The result is strengthening of private finance and weakening of nations. Nations come in debt to private networks and fall under their control. Exactly this happened to Greece where German companies now run many important airports, harbors and other companies.

In 2012 Soros told Germay, regarding the euro, to “Lead it or leave it!” This was a signal for Germany to end their frugal policy and start wasting. Germany then lead the EU into wasting, like the €750 bn Corona package, atartinf a process to put the entire continent in debt and under the control of debt holders.

[ jewish networks ]

By the beginning of the century Greek and other S. European politicians were led to introduce the Euro and were given extensive loans. This was done in spite of f.ex Greece having to high public debt. But everyone was willing to do it. Greek politicians were under the influence of the EU. When loans could no longer be paid back, Germany took over much of Greece.

After the Corona influenza 2020 a similar borrowing has started in Europe. Our politicians are under the influence of international networks. Politicians are bribed with board posts, coerced under media pressure. They willingly put Europe in debt. Much of the debt is held by private banks.

The difference is that this time (2020) the entire continent put on a track to deficits. In 2010 the debts were limited to some S. European countries. One for this is that the German overtaking of Greece gave Germany a very bad reputation. It will now also serve as a decoy when Germany turns 180 degrees and start spending. It makes some believe that Germany is helping when in fact it is setting Europe on a track to deficits.

The euro zone crisis:


Eurokrisen, även kallad skuldkrisen i Europa eller den statsfinansiella krisen i euroområdet[1], syftar på den kris som uppstod i slutet av 2009 till följd av snabbt växande statsskulder[2] och risk för försämrad betalningsförmåga i några av Europeiska unionens medlemsstater,[3] i synnerhet Grekland, Portugal och Spanien.[4][5] Detta föranledde en förtroendekris samt ökade räntor på statspapper och kreditförsäkringar, credit default swap, mellan dessa medlemsstater och andra medlemsstater inom EU, huvudsakligen Tyskland.[6]

Problemen med staternas växande budgetunderskott[7][8] och skuldnivåer världen över tillsammans med sänkta kreditbetyg för vissa medlemsstater inom EU[9] bidrog till en oro på finansmarknaden. Skuldkrisen har sitt ursprung i Grekland, där kreditbetygen sjunkit till en nivå sådan att många normala icke-spekulativa köpare av statsobligationer (såsom räntefonder) inte köper dem, så att det blivit omöjligt att på marknadsmässiga villkor finansiera statsskulderna. Den 2 maj 2010 beslutade euroområdets finansministrar tillsammans med Internationella valutafonden (IMF) att ge ett lån på 110 miljarder euro till Grekland under förutsättning att Grekland genomför stora nedskärningar och besparingar.[10] Den 9 maj 2010 beslutade euroområdets finansministrar att inrätta en europeisk stabiliseringsmekanism för att trygga den finansiella stabiliteten inom euroområdet. Mekanismen omfattar totalt 750 miljarder euro, vilket även inkluderar kapital från IMF och Europeiska kommissionen.[11]

Skuldkrisen omfattar nu inte bara Grekland, Spanien och Portugal utan har spritt sig till Italien, Irland och Cypern.

Grekisk kravallpolis avlossar tårgas för att skingra demonstranter vid Panathinaikostadion i huvudstaden Aten. De omfattande besparingar och åtstramningar som många regeringar tvingats genomföra runtom i Europa har på många håll lett till våldsamma protester bland befolkningarna

Den 28 november 2010 beslöt Europeiska unionens medlemsstater att ge 67,5 miljarder euro i lån till Irland för att hjälpa landet ur sin skuldkris genom stabiliseringsmekanismen. Samtidigt framlades förslag om nya regler för framtida finansiella ingripanden i ett försök att återställa förtroendet för den gemensamma europeiska valutan.[12]


The European debt crisis (often also referred to as the eurozone crisis or the European sovereign debt crisis) is a multi-year debt crisis that has been taking place in the European Union since the end of 2009. Several eurozone member states (Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Cyprus) were unable to repay or refinance their government debt or to bail out over-indebted banks under their national supervision without the assistance of third parties like other eurozone countries, the European Central Bank (ECB), or the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The eurozone crisis was caused by a balance-of-payments crisis (a sudden stop of foreign capital into countries that had substantial deficits and were dependent on foreign lending). The crisis was worsened by the inability of states to resort to devaluation (reductions in the value of the national currency).[3][4] Debt accumulation in some eurozone members was in part due to macroeconomic differences among eurozone member states prior to the adoption of the euro. The European Central Bank adopted an interest rate that incentivized investors in Northern eurozone members to lend to the South, whereas the South was incentivized to borrow (because interest rates were very low). Over time, this led to the accumulation of deficits in the South, primarily by private economic actors.[3][4] A lack of fiscal policy coordination among eurozone member states contributed to imbalanced capital flows in the eurozone.[3][4] A lack of financial regulatory centralization or harmonization among eurozone states, coupled with a lack of credible commitments to provide bailouts to banks, incentivized risky financial transactions by banks.[3][4] The detailed causes of the crisis varied from country to country. In several countries, private debts arising from a property bubble were transferred to sovereign debt as a result of banking system bailouts and government responses to slowing economies post-bubble. European banks own a significant amount of sovereign debt, such that concerns regarding the solvency of banking systems or sovereigns are negatively reinforcing.[5]

The onset of crisis was in late 2009 when the Greek government disclosed that its budget deficits were far higher than previously thought.[3] Greece called for external help in early 2010, receiving an EU-IMF bailout package in May 2010.[3] European nations implemented a series of financial support measures such as the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) in early 2010 and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in late 2010. The ECB also contributed to solve the crisis by lowering interest rates and providing cheap loans of more than one trillion euro in order to maintain money flows between European banks. On 6 September 2012, the ECB calmed financial markets by announcing free unlimited support for all eurozone countries involved in a sovereign state bailout/precautionary programme from EFSF/ESM, through some yield lowering Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT).[6] Ireland and Portugal received EU-IMF bailouts In November 2010 and May 2011, respectively.[3] In March 2012, Greece received its second bailout. Both Spain and Cyprus received rescue packages in June 2012.[3]

Return to economic growth and improved structural deficits enabled Ireland and Portugal to exit their bailout programmes in July 2014. Greece and Cyprus both managed to partly regain market access in 2014. Spain never officially received a bailout programme. Its rescue package from the ESM was earmarked for a bank recapitalisation fund and did not include financial support for the government itself.

The crisis has had significant adverse economic effects and labour market effects, with unemployment rates in Greece and Spain reaching 27%,[7] and was blamed for subdued economic growth, not only for the entire eurozone, but for the entire European Union. As such, it can be argued to have had a major political impact on the ruling governments in 10 out of 19 eurozone countries, contributing to power shifts in Greece, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as outside of the eurozone, in the United Kingdom.[8]


The typical IMF-teargas scenario:

IMF loan -> restrictions-> demonstrations -> teargas

Germany benefited:


Germany has played a major role in discussion concerning Greece’s debt crisis,.[244] A key issue has been the benefits it enjoyed through the crisis, including falling borrowing rates, … investment influx, and exports boost thanks to Euro’s depreciation (with profits that may have reached 100bn Euros, according to some estimates), … …

Since 2010 Germany has been buying Greek government bonds as part of an EU deal to prop up the struggling Greek economy. The bonds were bought by the Bundesbank and then transferred to the federal treasury.

Initial agreements with the government in Athens set out that any interest earned on the bonds would be paid back to Greece when it fulfilled its reform obligations.

But the figures published by the government on Thursday show that Germany made €3.4 billion in interest payments on the bonds and only paid Greece €527 million in 2013 and €387 million the following year. That left €2.5 billion in profit, plus interest of €400 million on a loan from the KfW development bank.

The Green party have responded to the figures by calling for debt relief for Greece.


WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — To the victor goes the spoils.

The international airport in Thessaloniki will be turned over to a German company as part of the privatizations demanded by the most recent Greek bailout agreement.

The ink was not yet dry on the new European bailout accord for Greece before German companies started their plundering of Greek assets.

Per provisions of the “agreement” imposed on Greece, the Athens government awarded the German company that runs the Frankfurt Airport, Fraport, a concession to operate 14 regional airports,

Other assets to be sold will include the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki and valuable waterfront properties for hotel and casino development. State-owned electricity and train operations are also targeted for privatization


But Germany can not control Europe completely. Germany’s gains are not the ultimate goal.

In the crisis that started in 2010 Germany overtook Greece by harsh financial restrictions. In the 2020 crisis Germany turned completely and we are now all spending on Italy and Spain. The goal is to privatize an entire continent by letting private banks hold its high deficits, like the Fed in the US. Previously even bank bailouts assisted in this.

Other less significant theories for frugal Germany’s unexpected will to spend have been presented:


1. Save the country’s face. German reputation was damaged by the 2010 crisis.

– Much defamation of Germany is constructed.

Images in wikipedia

[ ]

Emotional reply in Quora

The price was paid by us by throwing Portugal, Ireland and Greece into the slaughterhouse as EU PIGs.

We Irish, Portuguese and Greeks are waiting in the long grass for Germany.

I and my family bought many Mercedes, Volkswagens, Meile, Bosch etc in the years before 2008.

I was an early or possibly the earliest adapter.

About October 2008 I stopped buying all German products.

Dearest Angels, you took 20 per cent of my income and my wife’s income to prop up your rotten and busted banks but I have not given you a Eurocent since and moved to Qatar for five years to enjoy and complete our financial recovery from your slaughter of the PIGs.

German takeover of Greece may have been a decoy for the current slow, global, insidious takeover of the entire continent.

Varoufakis Schäuble fake conflict

Open conflict or disrespect is a decoy. Politicians work for the same masters.

Whatever you read in media, it is likely manipulation according to the global agenda

2. Stop China from taking over Italy by buying first.

– China is just another globalist state. Belt and road, Huawei, industrial espionage etc etc are just fake news to hide the NWO

Thus, talk about Germany and China is just a decoy. What is significant is Europe having been put on a track to deficits and dependence.


Greece downfall standard IMF procedure:

bribe politicians -> politicians borrow from banks and waste -> national debt crisis -> IMF loan -> austerity -> riots -> water cannons & tear gas

Europe next in for the treatment. Police and firefighters already fighting with eachother on the streets of Paris, in the heart of EU.

Obama, Lagarde (IMF)

Greece downfall standard IMF procedure:

bribe politicians -> politicians borrow from banks and waste -> national debt crisis -> IMF loan -> austerity -> riots -> water cannons & tear gas

The rich get richer and the poor become poorer.

Same as when Ecuador recently betrayed Assange.

action effect
“stimulus package” handing over control to debt holders

A basic mechanism for how big corps take over influence and funds from the state/people is privatization.


One aspect of privatization is the recurring demand from trolls to cancel Public Service media.

— other —


news coordination, the global agenda

The flow of news is synchronized. Elections will not change policy. The world is controlled by international networks. This is easily realized from the fact that the same news with the same slant appear in most media in the western world. – The global agenda.

1. The same events are highlighted in all media world wide.

2. The same values are presented in all media.

Nowadays news media only seldom go against politicians. The two have amalgamated into one.

This is used in many ways. Events that are against the agenda may be presented in outlets that have been given a less serious tone, like f.ex Daily Mail.

You will almost always see young, non-white women presented in a positive way and older white men in a negative.

President Trump is constantly given a negative image in media and his words are doubted. So when the news presents that he condemns police shootings, we may even start wondering if it is wrong to condemn shooting police officers.

Jan 2021. Assange extradition case is hot. Court case just decided. Many expect Trump to pardon. But in Sweden (where the original sex-offense investigation took place) media suddenly writes a lot on the old sex offense investigation that was discontinued years ago. A book is even published. – CIA is controlling the press.

The major points of the global agenda:

1. immigration

2. feminism

3. climate

4. covid (2020)

5. military tension

Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro – bad

Obama – good

climate – urgent

Greta, Musk – never questioned

SpaceX – always successful

EU – good

nationalism – bad

refugees – welcome

asap Rocky – important performer

Corona – scary

women, especially young girls – good

older white men – incompetent

LGBT – great fun

drugs – great

Putin, Assad (Russia now being replaced as the bad guy by China, to some extent) – villans

Salisbury, Syria – chemical weapons

Russia – uses illegal substances, invades Crimea (97% voted to join Russia, Crimea was given Ukraine by Donbass-Khrushchev, EU sanctions toothless – EU buys 25% of oil imports from Russia), meddles in elections (Mueller probe failed)

China – spies and expands

Iran – sly and evil

public service media – incompetent, should be abolished

corporations – should do as they like

authorities – interfering with corporations, should be abolished

men/women – are in conflict

immigrants – cause conflict

islam – dangerous and violent

democracy – tedious, impotent and doesn’t work

muslims – scary, dangerous ( etter stay at home and watch government TV if there are muslims in the street)

status actor
untouchable newspapers and their owners, EU, military, climate theory, the danger of Covid, Elon Musk, Greta Thunberg

always wrong Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro, Lukachenko

[ democracy broken ]

Squeezing the politician between different interests or between reasonable actions (no climate shutdown) and the media

A coordinated news media network can control the world by dividing it. Promoting climate alarmists, feminists, immigrants, LGBT, Black Lives Matter will create conflicts with opposing groups.

By making politicans having to decide between the interests of different groups the politicians become weak, always criticized by ssome side. This criticism will be blown out of proportion by media, to bring down the politician, if necessary.

News media fear cooperation, like “All Lives Matter”, immigrant integration. The climate issue is made a matter of polarized debate (Greta in UN), not joint action.

Typical templates are

elegant globalists:


Pelosi (age 80)


Belarus opposition






Thierry Baudet

Jennifer Robinson

ruffled nationalists:




Frost (Brexit)

Kim (N.K.)





body shape; Summary 04 (020)
attack older white men; Summary 04 (020)
news coordinated; Summary 04 (040)
appearances; Summary 04 (050)
archetypes; Summary 04 (060)
Greta Thunberg, slim
diet food, body-shape

Slim, globalist
Obama, Biden, John Bolton, John Kerry, von der Leyen, Robert Mueller, Pelosi, Trudeau, Greta Thunberg, Sassoli, Lagarde, Wolodarski
exceptions: Mutti, Timmermans

Overweight, national agenda (Trump connection)
Trump, Johnson, Lukachenko, Orbán, Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Bolsonaro, Juholt, Barr (Pompeo), Sven-Olle Olsson
exceptions: Kasselstrand

Overweight nazi agenda
the latest two NMR-leaders

Overweight “axis of evil”
Rouhani, Zarif, Kim Jong-un, “al-Baghdadi”, George Tuka (Ukrainian minister for Russian territories, cp. Vlodomyr Zelensky)
exception: bin Laden (Putin, Lavrov imagined as “sly”)

Overweight “bad boy”

Strange hairdo
Trump, Johnson, Puigdemont

Blonde dyeing
Trump, Assange, Giuliani (not blonde)

Good looking, globalist
Musk, Trudeau, Zelensky, Yuschchenko (“poisoned”)

Pointing finger
Rouhani, Giuliani, NMR-leaders, islamists

Unshaven and messy
Assange leaving the embassy (“whistleblower is really a sex criminal that got away”)

Short stature
Putin, Zelensky

Swedish party leaders
all globalist

Signs of NWO

[proof of NWO]

Most countries we read about follow the global agenda. This is proof of the existence of NWO. A few regimes like Hungary, Brazil sometimes go against it slightly and leaders like Orbán and Bolsonaro are depicted as “irresponsible”.

If the NWO did not exist, news media would not be able to promote the global agenda without being questioned.

Covid was handled in very much the same way in most countries.

Another factor which joins most countries is high sovereign debt, a mechanism to exert global control.

information shifts

The global agenda constantly contradicts itself. The only basic instinct is moving influence from the people. CO2 was increased by Corona packages later the climate agenda was reintroduced to lower CO2 again.


Information shifts.

Greta was initially presented as the anorectic child with social problems and Asperger syndrome and won fame because she had just sat down outside parliament with a picket sign. Later it was presented that she had won a competition writing essays. Later she was considered skilled with social media from the start and was successful at Twitter. Later her anorexia disappeared. Later she was considered unusually brave and extrovert, singing and dancing in front of a large crowd. She started out with the message that we are facing a climate disaster in 10 years. Even the World Economic Forum interpreted her message that way but she had to correct them that it was only the “carbon dioxide budget” that was running out in 8 years. It now seems there are no crucial “tipping points” but we should just do what we can. She then seemed to have forgotten the climate and went into several different areas, like the Hong Kong/China issue, Indian farmers situation, a Danish sewage plant. (When the EU raised the CO2 levels through the Corona recovery packages Greta said nothing.) She said she would not attend the COP26 climate meeting since the Covid vaccine was too unevenly distributed over the globe (but she attended).

She is just an actress (with actor training) followint the whims of the global agenda.

[ greta ]

endless accusations

Long-winded law processes like Mueller, Ukraine against Trump and Brexit related towards Johnson. End in nothing.

Pelosi: Democrats will move to impeach Trump

capitol riots, Jan 2021

[endless law processes, accusations]

Russian doping. The case seems never to come to a conclusion. Included in the punishment was download of a database that gave rise to new accusations.

black protests in the US (conflict)

sanctions against Russia (cold war)

Hong Kong protests

endless trials

The networks show their dislike for actors of other opinion by exposing them to almost endless trials in court.

Trump/Mueller, Democrats



Puigdemont (still going on 2021)



Globalists and the fake radicals they employ (“Soros’ left”) always demand change and restructure. They give good causes but the change they undertake is global takeover.

pretext real action
climate action split population, supranational control
split and destroy

To take over, globalists split countries into internal conflicts that destroy them.


crisis effect
debt crisis, euro crisis losing control to private banks
refugee crisis ethnic conflicts, setting in debt
climate crisis conflict between alarmists (in media connected to young women) and deniers, setting in debt, supranational control
corona crisis debt accumulation

[ EU crises ]

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