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16.011 reasons, means, targets, untouchables, decoys; methods, larger units

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true reason

exaggerating war and cold war, rearmament

1. hide common leadership
2. pretend nations will go to war easily; make people ask for supranational leadership
3. make people fear other people
4. lock people down so they can not form bonds with people in other countries
5. drum up support for the government
6. cold war can escalate conflicts around areas with different ethnicities, like Crimea
7. convince the peoples of smaller countries they need to join bigger units. “Europe must unite to fight a Russian invasion.” (very unlikely).
8. Middle East faked conflicts: keep up the oil price
break borders 1. large areas, like Europe, can be governed
2. mass immigration
3. multinational corps can enter
mass immigration 1. divide population -> reduce demands on leaders
ad 1. If you come from a less developed country your #1 priority is to make money to survive and sometimes send it home. You will be less likely to question the system in a foreign country since you don’t understand more than the pay check.
2. reduce the level of education (it takes much more time to reach higher education and understanding in a foreign culture)
3. efface culture and national pride
4. support EU. If you came to a highly developed country aided by EU migration rules, you will support EU.
5. Immigrants never saw the country while it worked and can not see its decline.
feminism 1. divide population even into the families
2. attack men (that build nations)
3. women and persons appointed by affirmative action are both more dependent of networking and therefore more easily controlled
4. When you belong to a group (women) that is supported by media you will support media.
youth revolt rock music, climate activists, youth culture are used to split up families and society
equality (not equal opportunities) 1. hatred and envy, pitch group against group, conflict
2. get access to people’s money and then redistribute it with poor accounting
3. get the right to legislate
4. make countries “equal” – under the same leadership
affirmative action injustice and conflict
news media reports disinformation, hatred
Internet positive: information, unity
Internet trollning conflict, disinformation, misled criticism
conflict division, isolation
immobility isolation
climate * cause chaos and panic by claiming crisis but not specifying action
* collect money, trade restrictions (CBAM) (housing crisis?)
* demand supranational leadership (EU)
* isolation (flying shame)
* conflict (alarmists/deniers)
* divide population by promoting young women, often of color, youth revolt
* blame, guilt (people caused the disaster), cp christian sin
* draught – food crisis?
* draught – US war refugees were actually climate refugees
Corona, Covid-19 * cause chaos and panic by claiming crisis but not issue recommendations
* collect money (recovery package)
* demand supranational leadership
* isolate people and populations (social distancing)
* kill small business (lockdown)
* blame, guilt (people transmit disease), cp christian sin
* introduce dictatorship laws
1. “climate crisis” but no clear instructions how people should deal with it
2. “Corona crisis” but no clear instructions what people with symptoms etc should do
1. authorities can continue to A. amass taxes B. cause division; w/out taking action and responsibility
2. cause panic -> readers susceptible
3. conflict (since rules do not regulate relations)
chaos 1. cause division (differences btw groups disagreeing on how to act; activism and differences must be allowed but recommendations must be issued in questions of national urgency) without rules, conflict will ensue
2. crush democratically elected leaders and rules
3. globalists don’t build their own strength (they use others’ countries), they crush others, often through infiltration leading to chaos, Globalists can never control strong, well-functioning countries
collect money 1. funding for political motives
2. hand over control to debt holders
1. division (through conflict and isolation)
2. governing by decrees
3. governing from remote places like Brussels, Naypyitaw, Brasilia or Kamakura
conflict isolation
starvation? conflict
poverty 1. conflict
2. starvation
1. covid
2. shootings
hostile (contagious/dangerous) environment
1. hostile (contagious/dangerous) environment
2. recipes, pets, lap dogs, smartphones
bound to house, isolation
Middle East conflicts 1. Produce refugees
2. Teach us that Muslims mean conflicts
3. Criticize Jewish actors in a place we have no influence. This aids hiding legitimate criticism of Jewish networks (like many newspapers) in the west.
4. Keep up the oil price
terrorism 1. keep people locked down (fear crowded places and air travel)
2. spread hatred towards and fear of muslims
3. keep focus on the Middle East
4. motivate measures that create friction, like the fluid restriction in hand luggage
5. create a feeling of panic to make the receiver of the message more easily influenced
6. motivate further intrusion into privacy through mass surveillance
7. Take focus from other political processes connected to globalization.
fear of muslims isolation, division and conflict in society
create larger units (EU) 1. take the possibility to influence politicians away from people/voters
2. larger units can create cold war
3. a pyramid structure is necessary to control large areas from one center
drugs * Make society fall back and be more easily controlled by the EU
* make society more difficult to control by politicians
* pressure politicians to solve problems and at the same time undermine their possibilities to do so
* cause conflicts between traditional and drug liberal citizens
harassment and mobbing rules and control mechanism are not openly defined
hidden control mechanisms dictatorship will not reveal its control mechanisms or people in control
bring down national pride apathy, subjects easier to control,
national borders effaced
1. flying shame
2. Corona
3. terrorism
4. cold war
asperger 1. make independent thinkers and system critics seem to to suffer from brain damage (Soviet style)
anorexia 1. focus on being slim (vegetarianism)
vegetarianism 1. divide people into groups
2. make vegetarians seem like better people if the regime produces famine as a future crisis, leading politicians are slim. climate agenda also advocates vegetarianism.
Pride 1. split up people into groups
2. create hatred against gays by exaggerated sexual display in parades
me, cfs 1. somatize patients, put pressure on authorities



isolation 1. conflict
2. Corona
3. terror
4. cold war
conflict 1. mass immigration
2. feminism
3. youth revolt
4. Pride (not homosexuality which is just as normal as any other sexual orientation)
5. cold war and hatred between nations
6. Internet trolls
7. stir up people and turn against their national governments
cold war, lockdown 1. China
a. Taiwan
b. HongKong
2. Belt and Road
4. Aukus, English language
a. Brexit
5. EU increased power, walls
6. flying shame
7. Corona lockdown, fear of the virus
8. fear of shootings and terror attacks
9. shortage of drivers (2020)
10. supply chain crisis
11. increased petrol and diesel prices



white men (build nations)
national parliaments (but in balance with presidents, parliaments are supported)
personal voting systems
Catholic church
Nordic countries
connections between people
nuclear family
contact between humans
education, science, logical thinking
universities, scholars
”high capacity independent thinkers” (Asperger)
Trump, Orban, Bolsonaro
Assange, whistleblowers
ordinary people raising demands against corporations


Jewish networks (not Israel, that can be criticized, sometimes to an exaggerated degree that creates compassion)
large enterprise

comparatively untouchables

climate theories


[decoy/true controller]

the immigrants are a decoy for people to direct their complaints at while power and money are transferred to EU, they also split up society so common ideas in f.ex Sweden can form.

* immigration, immigrants/EU, global dictatorship under formation formed
* Jewish people/NWO, EU
* France/EU
* politicians/NWO
* journalists/media owners
* immigrants/media, politicians etc that started mass immigration
* euro crisis/partially a decoy for collecting money for slush funds like the euro 750 bn that was collected by EU in 2021
* military defence promoted in newspapers/the true attacks are by implanting sick ideas like immigration, feminism, Pride in the people’s minds (but gays are no problem, only Pride)

* money is a decoy for many political manipulations:
* f.ex Greta Thunberg was created to induce division and exaggerate crisis so authority could be transferred to the EU, not to make money for her family
* the Afghanistan war was started to drown Europe in refugees, not to launder support money to a developing country or chase bin Laden (911 hijackers were Saudi and bin Laden was found in Pakistan)


– disinformation

– dysfunction

– isolation
lock down
— conflict
— discrimination
— racism
– destabilization (amphetamine)
— chaos
constant restructure to keep the chaos going
breaking rules, not following them, in order to impede local initiatives, impede skilled people from forming working initiatives
always criticize an election that didn’t go the way the regime had hoped. What the people voted for is always wrong if it is not in accordance with the agenda.
– memory erasure, slow change
— youth culture
– conforming
— mobbing


conformity within but still conflict
move decisions away from people (EU, proportional voting – lists decided by party leaders)

larger units

One of the most basic mechanisms to remove voters influence and build a global dictatorship is to move decisions away from people and give authority to larger units, like the EU.

In a smaller country with homogeneous population where people have good possibilities to communicate with each other, the voters can raise demands on politicians. Therefore the global dictators try to move decisions to larger units like USA, USSR, China, EU etc.

Conflicts that arise from mass immigration, feminism, youth revolt (“climate warriors”) impedes common thinking. Corona regulations hinder us from communication.

Countries are made to function poorly som we do not support them. Our cultures are destroyed

Communication between the peoples of different countries is impeded in the same way, in order to impede common thinking. Ex cold war, fake conflicts, flying shame. We should support our leaders and erroneously believe that foreign people necessarily are bad and dangerous.


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