16.011 reasons, means, targets, untouchables, decoys; methods, larger units, effects of EU – News media and globalization

16.011 reasons, means, targets, untouchables, decoys; methods, larger units, effects of EU


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true reason

producing and exaggerating war and cold war, rearmament

* a purpose of the cold war is to scare independent nations into the sphere of influence of one of the super powers [ref]

* support the US dollar

* rebuilding countries into being controlled by super powers/globalists

* take over countries by support and reconstruction during and after a war, buying their politicians and ceo:s

* give control to the superpowers that have the mightiest militaries

* convince peoples of smaller countries they need to join bigger units. “Europe must unite to fight a Russian invasion.”. EU defense. We should all be scared of the enemy’s nuclear wepaons so we just sit at home and obey Biden or Putin depending on which side we are on.

* drum up support for the leadership, like the EU (EU energy crisis 2021-22 is because we are not buying evil Putin’s gas – and starving ourselves!)

* pretend nations will go to war easily; make people ask for supranational leadership

* hide common leadership

* weaken countries by giving them loans for rebuilding

* EU: collect money for rebuild

* weaken countries by lockdowns

* make people fear other people

* lock people down so they can not form bonds with people in other countries

* install security controls

* cold war can escalate conflicts around areas with different ethnicities, like Crimea

* Middle East faked conflicts: keep up the oil price

* be a pretence for starving Europe of energy to weaken countries in order to control them, by claiming Russia is attacking Ukraine and we should not buy their natural gas (2021). US even sells gas to Europa at the same time and according to some information even buys Russian gas via intermediaries.

* be a pretence for multinational companies to raise prices which they can do since they often have aquired a monopoly, often through EU manipulations like corona lockdown or the manipulation of EU politicians, cp how Jurvetson supported Obama who cancelled the space shuttles to pave the way for SpaceX

* Blame blockades for social failures of other origins el bloqueo

* cover up drug production (Burma), illegal mining (Congo) …

* increase sovereign debt and give opportunities to large corporations to rebuild destroyed countries

break borders

1. large areas, like Europe, can be governed

2. mass immigration

3. multinational corps can enter

4. global blackmail by large corp’s threatening to leave the country

5. global race in state aid to attract large corps, transferring wealth from citizens to enterprises

mass immigration

* divide population, create conflicts between groups -> reduce demands on leaders

ad. If you come from a less developed country your #1 priority is to make money to survive and sometimes send it home. You will be less likely to question the system in a foreign country since you don’t understand more than the pay check.

* create segregated areas that in due course will demand independence, leading to armed conflicts

* fill upp the deficit of population that occurrs through feminism and the break down of families.

* increase the amount of labor and competition for jobs to give corporations an advantage to exploit workers

* reduce the level of education (it takes much more time to reach higher education and understanding in a foreign culture)

* efface culture and national pride

* support EU. If you came to a highly developed country aided by EU migration rules, you will support EU. The immigrants support the system that brought them to a country with higher standard of living and wages.

* Immigrants never saw the country while it worked and can not see its decline.


1. divide population even into the families

2. attack men (that build nations)

3. women and persons appointed by affirmative action are both more dependent of networking and therefore more easily controlled

4. When you belong to a group (women) that is supported by media you will support media.

youth revolt

rock music, climate activists, youth culture are used to split up families and society

equality (not equal opportunities)

1. hatred and envy, pitch group against group, conflict

2. get access to people’s money and then redistribute it with poor accounting

3. get the right to legislate

4. make countries “equal” – under the same leadership

affirmative action

injustice and conflict

news media reports

disinformation, hatred


positive: information, unity

Internet trollning

conflict, disinformation, misled criticism

green politics

centralization, only EU can handle global environmental issues

energy starvation to keep countries weak

Cancel regions and countries

green politics



up electricity price

up petrol price

energy starvation

energy starvation

keep European countries weak

dampen national celebrations like Christmas 2021 and also lessen social contact (cp Corona regulations)


division, isolation




* climate refugees

* cause chaos and panic by claiming crisis but not specifying action

* collect money, trade restrictions (CBAM) (housing crisis?), isolating Europe behind trade barriers, France refusing Mercosur free trade due to climate reasons but true reason is protect French farmers

* demand supranational leadership (EU)

* isolation (flying shame)

* conflict (alarmists/deniers)

* divide population by promoting young women, often of color, youth revolt

* blame, guilt (people caused the disaster), cp christian sin

* draught – food crisis?

* draught – US war refugees were actually climate refugees

* separating peoples (flying shame), concentrating people to cities where they can be surveilled (fuel taxes). The goal is to concentrate people to cities, living in couples, isolated from other people.

green agenda

1. green dictatorship

2. collect money

3. halt energy production, weaken countries

4. climate refugees

5. company closures

nuclear energy is dangerous

oil is dangerous

hydroelectric power is not sustainable

peat is not sustainable

create energy crisis

clean up plastic waste

EU plastic tax

Corona, Covid-19

* cause chaos and panic by claiming crisis but not issue recommendations

* collect money (recovery package)

* demand supranational leadership

* isolate people and populations (social distancing)

* kill small business (lockdown)

* blame, guilt (people transmit disease), cp christian sin

* introduce dictatorship laws

1. “climate crisis” but no clear instructions how people should deal with it

2. “Corona crisis” but no clear instructions what people with symptoms etc should do


1. authorities can continue to A. amass taxes B. cause division; w/out taking action and responsibility

2. cause panic -> readers susceptible

3. conflict (since rules do not regulate relations)


1. cause division (differences btw groups disagreeing on how to act; activism and differences must be allowed but recommendations must be issued in questions of national urgency) without rules, conflict will ensue

2. crush democratically elected leaders and rules

3. globalists don’t build their own strength (they use others’ countries), they crush others, often through infiltration leading to chaos, Globalists can never control strong, well-functioning countries

collect money

1. funding for political motives

2. hand over control to debt holders

1. division (through conflict and isolation)

2. governing by decrees

3. governing from remote places like Brussels, Naypyitaw, Brasilia or Kamakura







1. conflict

2. starvation

1. covid

2. shootings

hostile (contagious/dangerous) environment

1. hostile (contagious/dangerous) environment

2. recipes, pets, lap dogs, smartphones

bound to house, isolation

Middle East conflicts

1. Produce refugees

2. Teach us that Muslims mean conflicts

3. Criticize Jewish actors in a place we have no influence. This aids hiding legitimate criticism of Jewish networks (like many newspapers) in the west.

4. Keep up the oil price


1. keep people locked down (fear crowded places and air travel)

2. spread hatred towards and fear of muslims

3. keep focus on the Middle East and the religious conflicts originating there

4. connect violent activity to national movements (like IRA, ETA, Corsicans, Sikh, Tamil)

5. motivate measures that create friction, like the fluid restriction in hand luggage

6. create a feeling of panic to make the receiver of the message more easily influenced

7. motivate further intrusion into privacy through mass surveillance

8. Take focus from other political processes connected to globalization.

fear of muslims

isolation, division and conflict in society

create larger units (EU)

1. take the possibility to influence politicians away from people/voters

2. larger units can create cold war

3. a pyramid structure is necessary to control large areas from one center


* Make society fall back and be more easily controlled by the EU

* make society more difficult to control by politicians

* pressure politicians to solve problems and at the same time undermine their possibilities to do so

* cause conflicts between traditional and drug liberal citizens

harassment and mobbing

rules and control mechanism are not openly defined

hidden control mechanisms

dictatorship will not reveal its control mechanisms or people in control

bring down national pride

apathy, subjects easier to control,

national borders effaced

1. flying shame

2. Corona

3. terrorism

4. cold war



Attacking the male ideal of being an independent thinker, planning well and building functional systems and societies.

Basically classify independent thinkers as sick. (more used for men)

1. make independent thinkers and system critics seem to to suffer from brain damage (Soviet style)



Attacking the female ideal of looking slim and good.

Basically declaring good looking women as sick to make women and men more alike. (more used for women)

1. anorexia can promote vegetarianism since vegetarian are slimmer. this is connected to the climate issue and possible future famine, used as a crisis to control people and create conflict

2. defining slimness as a disease makes women’s bodies more like men’s and reduce their sex appeal which breaks up bonding in society

3. making men look like oppressors by finding slim women more attractive

4. splits up society regarding their view on slimness

5. impose guilt on others for causing the condition, (even though it is “inborn and genetic”)

gyms, bodybuilding

Going to the gym is not “the male counterpart to anorexia”. Promoting gyms is a way to try to make men self destroy by solving conflicts by muscular force.

1. make muscle seem more important than thinking (“brains versus brawn”)

2. make men self destruct my resolving to physical conflict


Basically give a bad conscience to those eating normal tasty food made from dead animals. Control is based on trying to force people to ask for forgiveness for normal things or things that happened in the past. (cp kneeling)

1. divide people into groups

2. make vegetarians seem like better people, like self denial in christianity

2a. not killing (cp Buddhism)

2b. climate agenda advocates vegetarianism, who can eat the ickiest food is the winner (like religious)

2c. if the regime produces famine as a future crisis, leading politicians are slim

Pride, exaggerated focus on LGBT

1. split up people into groups

2. create hatred against gays by exaggerated sexual display in Pride parades, split up people

3. destabilize the family (whereas just being gay has never been a problem to almost anyone)

4. Break down traditional gender roles and make gender identity more uncertain. This will make it easier to feminize men and make them follow the group, like women are more prone to do.

5. Gays do not have children which promotes the genocide by exchange in Europe.

6. in politicians, like Buttigieg: (1) defocus from politics to evaluating people according to which group they belong to (2) label serious opposition to Buttigieg’s politics as “homophobic”

7. when two similar people engage in relation it promotes men and women to enter relationships where the difference between the sexes have been eradicated.

8. eradicating the differece between sexes will make them compete for the same goals

9. create discussion topics (should trans people take care of childern …) in the media in order to take focus from central issues in society (economy, present war in Ukraine …)

(10. feminism have made women similar to men and fewer people are having sex. If sex between same sex partners is promoted, maybe more couples are formed and couples are more predictable than singles.)

me myalgic encephalitis, cfs cronic fatigue syndrome

1. somatize patients

2. put pressure on authorities

3. blame the victim, Soviet style “slow schizophrenia” diagnosis given to dissidents

war crimes and war related mishaps

By discrediting warring parties, the message appeals to those who criticize authorities, leasing them to emphasize how war is conducted when in fact, many wars are only staged conflicts to hide a common government

religion (compare cold war)

1. conflict between religions

2. control of the group

religious conflicts, like Muslims vs Jews in Palestine, or vs Christians in refugee recipient countries

1. create division of population in refugee recipient countries

2. spread global system (*)

(*) spread of global system

1. Jews – take control of first banking and then media

2. Muslims – create division in society

mass immigration

1. slave trade

2. Khrushchev donated Crimea to Ukraine

3. US fake wars in the Middle East

military activities must be kept secret

the military secret to be kept: wars are fake tools for directing flows of money and people (refugees)

WW2 was caused by one (single !) madman (Hitler)

1. smear countries run by a strong leader (Japan, Germany, Italy)

2. smear national socialism (Germany)

3. smear organized countries (Japan, Germany)

4. smear trade unions (Italy)

Ukraine war was caused by one (single !) madman (Putin)

1. scare smaller countries to join NATO and EU by creating cold war

2. be a pretence to starve Europe of energy by not buying Russian gas

3. smear president run countries like Russia

4. genocide of Ukrainian people, a part of the Kalergi plan

5. carve up Ukraine between US/EU and Russia

6. collect European taxpayers money and rebuild Ukraine into a EU subordinate state

solidarity with others (e.g. any natural disaster is highly publicized)

make populations accept mass immigration, intentionally directed to come from populations (ethnicities/religions etc) difficult to integrate and without making efforts to integrate the refugees

control of countries

control of money flow

1. solidarity, development assistance

2. cohesion (EU) “corruption”

control of money flow

control of money flow

1. impoverish and control the giver

2. bribe the reveiver

population explosion + mass immigration

* increase the amount of labor and competition for jobs to give corporations an advantage to exploit workers

* increase friction and competition between people

* divide society into groups to reduce democratic demands

… see mass immigration


due to:

* EU breaks borders, multinationals enter and kill competition

* multinationals buy up start-ups

* corona lockdown and energy crisis killed small enterprise and competition

* global control effaces competition

will cause:

* money is transferred from people to enterprise which will increases peoples dependence on companies

color revolution (if leader is not overthrown)

1. Serve as a role model for conflicts in other countries. E.g. women i Belarus (2021) and Iran (2022) revolutions will cast women against men in Western countries.

2. Serve as an excuse for leader to summon foreign troops. E.g. Kazakhstan 2022, when a US colorrevolution made the leader call in Russian troops. Independence is lost.


Artificial Intelligence, AI

* threat to humanity (cp global warming) to create worry

* Make us believe that AI is controlling the world, not global dictators

* Discredit human capabilities in order for the global dictatorship to take over


promote LGBT agenda, spread scare of homosexuals to divide the population

general spread of anxiety

USSR fell because of Gorbachev’s person and discontent in the population

USSR was a perfect machine of oppression and could have stayed for longer but was dismantled to

1. make it possible to build the EU, If people had been able to compare the USSR and EU they would have opposed the EU more strongly

2. make border conflicts possible to create new cold war and give excuses for setting up new flows of people and assets: Ukraine, Georgia, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh …

military conflicts between groups

1. escalate to war → financial manipulations

2. ethnic opposition

3. produce refugees

stimulus package

1. increase taxation and control of people by impoverishing them and making them dependent on subsidies

2. put country in debt and hand over control to high finance (note: Russia has lowered debt but still acts in coordination with global values, like starting Ukraine war)

3. cause “inflation” and give large corporations reason to raise prices

4. transfer money from people to corporations

(5. gain votes)

economic cycles

1. expand federal government pretending to solve crises

2. earn money during boom, buy up during recession

trust funds

remove competition and correct evaluation of corporations by letting tryst fund managers assign politically determined values to shares, like e.g inflating green stock like Tesla

Hamas – Israel war, 2023

1. Keep newspaper focus on war but detract focus from West loss of 20% of Ukraine area to Russia. This is meant to cover up the lost war in Ukraine.

2. Always imprint an image of treacherous muslims that will split societies with muslim immigrants and stop people from making joint demands on the politicians (divide and conquer)


1. Promote agenda: green, immigration, feminism, subsudies to industry,

2. destroy Scania and Volvo

H2 Green Steel, import ore from South America to make low carbon steel, extend harbor and railway

Export more iron ore from Sweden. Belgian EU exploit natural resources like elgium did in Congo

















%%%%% true

%%%%% reason



true reason


1. smear nationalist activities

2. destroy Europe so that USSR could invade and US finance reconstruction


cold war with Chinese


cold war with Russia/China

Kuwait/Gulf war

???create animosituy against Saddam to prepare for Iraq war???

Iraq war

take control of Iraq and give it to US controlled Iran

war on IS

attack Europe with refugees

US-Afghan war

attack Europe with refugees


carve up Ukraine between US and USSR

starve Europe of energy so that EU can build dictatorship

Iraq Iran war

(build hostility against Iran to enhance middle east conflicts, polarize ME: Iran vs SAudi)?

(similar to 2019 Trump campaign against Iran)


cold war/proxy war/polarization of the Middle East Iran (Russia)/Saudi(US)





%%%%% wars





1. conflict

2. Corona

3. terror

4. cold war

5. mass surveillance, informants


1. mass immigration

2. feminism

3. youth revolt

4. Pride (not homosexuality which is just as normal as any other sexual orientation)

5. cold war and hatred between nations

6. Internet trolls

7. stir up people and turn against their national governments

cold war, lockdown

1. China

a. Taiwan

b. HongKong

2. Belt and Road


4. Aukus, English language

a. Brexit


5. EU increased power, walls

6. flying shame

7. Corona lockdown, fear of the virus

8. fear of shootings and terror attacks

9. shortage of drivers (2020)

10. supply chain crisis

11. increased petrol and diesel prices


global perspective, unite the world against external threat like ET

promote Musk


earth will become inhabitable due to climate change

promote Musk

extreme weather

promote climate theories

stay at home

















%%%%% means


Social democrat party Sweden, together with unions built the Nordic model

Unions, balance large corporations that strive for complete control of society

white men (build nations) (Trump, Johnson, Orbán (EU controlled opposition), Erdogan (NATO controlled opposition), Åkesson (Swedish controlled opposition), Bolsonaro)

old people (give stability, have experience from earlier restructuring mistakes, more critical and not at easily influenced as young people, often a more stable economy thatn young people and can adhere more to values)

engineers (trained to see consequences and objectively evaluate systems, sometimes diagnosed as Asperger, build and do not destroy society)

national parliaments (are attacked to support EU, but in balance with presidents, parliaments are supported)

personal voting systems (can not be manipulated as easily as PR lists)

royalties (national symbol)

national flags

Catholic church ((had) strong leader and rules)


United Nations UN, (can issue regulations that control large companies, can stop war)

Nordic countries (independent, strong)

Nordic societies in many ways (e.g. forestry, Fjällräven hiking gear, cross country skiing connected to doping)


Norway is targeted by Swedish media. Sweden and Norway has a long history of very good relations and media is trying to split the two countries in order to weaken the Nordic area to simplify EU take over. Any bad news around the border or in Norway is inflated.

Switzerland (independent, strong)

Turkey (mixes US fighter aircraft with Russian air defense, strong stock market during 2022 recession, questions Kurds used by networks to destabilize, popular president, good deal with EU without membership fee or supranational control)

Uzbekistan (independent) (NK terrorist in Sweden and Istanbul shooter were allegedly Uzbek. But their muslims seem very moderate.)

Texas (independent)

Japan (organized)

Swedish areas outside Stockholm targeted as a result of globalization where a hierarchy must be maintained: Washington – EU/Brussels – Stockholm

Värmland county Sweden (independent, good relation with Norway)

Gothenburg, Gögeborg, west coast of Sweden targeted to centralize power to Stockholm

Norrland (independent thinking, Nordic cooperation, far from Brussels and rich commodities, could become strong)

Skane Skåne, (scania, esconia ?)


(Hungary, fake nationalism fake target, like Poland)

Serbia (non EU)

stan countries (independent)

South America (male presidents, few wars, catholic, family, national pride like soccer, warm hearted)

Saudi Arabia (traditional, muslim, control oil resources, enhance Sunni-Shia conflict)

Iran, but not as strong hatred as against Saudi

N Korea, but not as strong hatred as against Saudi

connections between people

nuclear family (that counteracts division)

individual people (considered stupid in relation with corporations when in fact corporations have botched up)

contact between humans

education, science, logical thinking (oppose chaos)

universities, scholars

”high capacity independent thinkers” (Asperger)

slim girls (anorexia)

Russia (cold war)

Trump, Orbán, Bolsonaro, Putin (strong leaders)

nationalist controlled opposition: Orbán, Åkesson; NATO controlled opposition: Erdogan

Johnson (did Brexit)

Assange, (whistleblowers)

ordinary people raising demands against corporations

UN is imaged as weak to promote war to promote superpowers

native indians (the rightful owners of the United States)

national authorities like environmental agencies that try to regulate big enterprise

labor unions that defend the workers’ rights against big enterprise

environmentalists are used as targets for dissatisfaction with high energy prices and also as “lunatics”, gluing themeselvs to impede traffic and (stoping big corps from making profit)

Bezos (Texas)

Golf, horse riding

any travel: Corona lockdown, flying shame, Greta Thunberg even discontent with trains

Bezos, Blue Origin, NASA (Bezos connected to Texas, an independent state)

Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic (competitors to Musk, an image of the good CEO)

State owned companies, like Greta attacking Deutsche Bahn

traditional sports, pentathlon

equestrian sports, horse riding

sports with male predominance, parachuting, golf

democratic elections (in order for global dictatorship take over)

technical inventions, inventors, geniuses -2-

Greta’s true message is revolt against authorities. In this case against “eltern generation” (German: the parents’ generation).

parents (youth revolt)

Railways, trains


Anything Swedish or Nordic (regarded as a threat by the EU)

Swedish politicians …

SIDA fb (anything Swedish attacked, SIDA finds out real conditions in countries and helps there, does not bring refugees here) development support ulandsbistånd



%%%%% targets


compare the global agenda




Jewish networks (not Israel, that can be criticized, sometimes to an exaggerated degree that creates compassion)

large enterprise

agression in society and between countries

%%%%% untouchables

but untouchables can decay with time, Musk may now 2022 have started a classic white mans downfall

the climate agenda is maybe giving way for consumption


promoted, comparatively untouchables




Duplantis (French ancestry, French looks, French name; US will control Europe through France)

climate theories



young, non-white girls, preferably muscular athletes (images in media)

going to a gym

Some reasons psychiatry is left-wing is to define normality:

1. people w diagnoses Greta, Musk/ Asperger

2. Alzheimer, to discredit old people giving stability to society and to promote age apartheid

%%%%% comparatively untouchables

generally promoted





motorcycles, biker gangs (gang wars, drug peddling, organized crime, extortion, assault, heavy parties, road accidents, going to the gym)

traditional medicine

abortion (US Supreme court overturns Roe v Wade and gives state authorities right to legislate over abortion, but European media mostly covers protests that allegedly are very big)


kurds (create uprisings in four countries in the M.E., and also other places like Paris 2022)



%%%%% generally

%%%%% promoted


tennis, also women’s even when sometimes play is moderately strong



neurological disease, in particular in older, white men

%%%%% interesting


See also decoys in summary 04

[decoy/true controller]

the immigrants are a decoy for people to direct their complaints at while power and money are transferred to EU, they also split up society so common ideas in e.g. Sweden can form.

* immigration, immigrants/EU, global dictatorship under formation formed

* Jewish people/NWO, EU

The Jewish people is a decoy for international networks that control economy and society without democratic control. The Jewish people is a decoy for Jewish networks and other international networks. There is no reason to criticize a person for being of Jewish or of other race. But networks that try to take power from elected national governments and exert undemocratic control should be criticized.

* France/EU

* politicians/NWO

* environment/regulation and energy depletion

* Green Party/EU energy depletion agenda

* journalists/media owners

* immigrants/media, politicians etc that started mass immigration

* euro crisis/partially a decoy for collecting money for slush funds like the euro 750 bn that was collected by EU in 2021

* military defence promoted in newspapers/the true attacks are by implanting sick ideas like immigration, feminism, Pride in the people’s minds (but gays are no problem, only Pride)

* glacier melting and sea rise are just decoys for climate refugees that will invade Europe

* money is a decoy for many political manipulations:

* e.g. Greta Thunberg was created to induce division and exaggerate crisis so authority could be transferred to the EU, not to make money for her family

* the Afghanistan war was started to drown Europe in refugees, not to launder support money to a developing country or chase bin Laden (911 hijackers were Saudi and bin Laden was found in Pakistan)

* probable president candidate Buttigieg’s homosexuality is used as a decoy to avoid scrutinizing his opinions on climate and other difficult questions

* Ukraine war is to

1. enforce global currency and social credit system “like in China”

2. vaccinate everyone (with microchips in the vaccine)

true reason

Ukraine war is to build cold war and starve Europe on energy


These leads are only decoys to make critics of the global agenda go astray. The most important aspect of globalization to criticize is how money and influence is removed from the people and goges into the hands of invisible global dictators. This is done through the collaboration of US, Russia, EU and China, which is hidden.


Ukraine war:

Ukrainians are nazis

USA labs for chemical warfare in Ukraine

NATO bases for training soldiers

Hunter Bidens laptop


Hillary Clinton

Hitler used Jews as a decoy to channel anger over problems in society

Our regime uses Muslims for the same purpose.

Broken glass night, Kristallnatten, Kristallnacht = burning korans in Sweden

the law against defamation of religious symbols was abolished in 2005 (?)

The war in Ukraine was started by the global superpowers USA and Russia in agreement. Cold war is strengthened. The war forces Sweden and Finland into NATO. Europe is under self induced energy crisis and EU will be strenghtened when we must pay the EU for rebuilding Ukraine.


* Putin has become crazy

* Putin wants to split Europe (USA and Russia act together. Russia would never dare roll tanks into Ukraine without US pre-approval. EU is a tool for US and high finance) The superpowers wish to make EU control Europe (sometimes by splitting).

France will shut down street lights but in fact builds new nuclear power.

wwr: 80925267

Macron lovar bygga 14 nya reaktorer.

France to build up to 14 new nuclear reactors by 2050, says Macron

French president says ‘renaissance’ of atomic energy industry will help end country’s reliance on fossil fuels



Detta var från februari, men det gäller väl fortfarande.

Japan öppnar 9 reaktorer till i vinter. Vår energi skickas till Tyskland. EU vill krossa mindre länder. Vi måste ur EU, sluta skicka energin utomlands och bygga kärnkraft nu. Vi måste tillsätta politiker som inte är köpta av EU.



wwr: 80959428

Nyheten om att slå av gatubelysningen låter som en typisk blåsning. (Kanske sant men bara en detalj.)

Det väsentliga är att Frankrike bygger 14 nya kärnreaktorer och köper tillbaka det privata elbolaget Electriceté de Francetill staten så landet kan få ordning på eldistributionen.

Som vanligt handlar det om att försöka finta bort mindre länder (som Sverige) att förstöra sig själva. (Som USA ständigt gör med de europeiska länderna.)


When EU and UK finished text deal EU closed the tunnel so that british shellfish was ruined. This was done to cover up that EU gave UK full access to EU without paying fees. Same with exaggerated fishing deal conflict.

Musk and press covering up Musk’s failed Starship and Tesla problems.

To build nuclear reactors is one way to revleive the energy crisis. But it is used as a decoy to hide the obvious, imminent cause of the crisis: The EU gas boycott of Russia and the EU pricing system that gives big advantages to energy producers (pay-as-clear, ETS, market manipulations like economic witholding)

Individuals are blamed for system errors.

Politicians take the blame for EU.

Dead pilots are blamed for poor airline security.

Ethnic differences and old national borders are blamed for conflicts. But the real reason is that conflicts are staged to motivate flows of energy (oil, gas, electricity) and money, often to enable superpowers and their tools (like the EU) to take over independent coutries.

Criticizing politicians and other actors for high salaries is a decoy for hiding criticism against their actions.

Mass immigration is a decoy for giving away a country’s independence. Even if mass immigration is stopped a coutry will continue to develop backwards as long as it is used as a chess piece by foreign powers. To survive a country must take back control.

Ursula von der Leyen is a decoy for the multinational companies that control EU and create a human hostile, corporation friendly Europe, in 2022 by hiking prices for energy and other products, for example

Almost anything political in the news today (like veils in Iran, LGBT etc etc) is a decoy for irreversible federalization of the EU. We can lose oour independence for ever in that way.

The “military-industrial complex” as a reason for armament is a decoy for other reasons to create war and conflict. E.g. Ukraine war to carve up Ukraine and Afghan war to attack Europe with refugees. The multinationals do not priarily make their money on war, but in the recovery phase. Ukraine was created cold war and starved European countries to subdue them to the EU. The money will be earned by the mulitinationals in the rebuild phase. Corona paid off by recovery funds. This could be the reason the climate crisis was aborted. There was no recovery phase, just lowered production and consumption which the mulitnaitonals never would have accepted.

World Economic Forum, WEF, Bilderberg, “globalists”, Soros used as decoys to divert criticism from concrete changes to vague targets out of reach.

inflation is price hikes due to large corporations monopoly

Was AIDS exaggerated to promote LGBT-agenda? – Definitely. A scare making us susceptible to the conception there are (contrary to among animals) a lot of individuals who want to have sex with the same sex.

US war atrocities are exaggerated to draw the attention from the fact that leaders of diffrerent nations cooperate to suppress the peoples and democracy.

Capitalism and (international) socialism are just two sides of the coin. Strong financial actors rule whether it is US or Soviet oligarchs or the large corporations controlling the EU. The two systems are completely inteertwined.

Military industrial complex as a cause for war is a decoy for wars being a cover up for how international leaders have united against the peoples.

Eva Kaili alleged EU bribe case is a decoy to take the heat off EU big money spending to buy political leaders

Linda Staaf is a decoy to defocus Swedish peoples criticism of authorities due to European financial policies failure

Sam Bankman-Fried is a decoy to defocus from crypto curreny failure

“Tesla securing lithium supply” and “controlling the entire production chain” is a decoy from Tesla buying battery cells from Asia

Satoshi Nakamoto who just disappeared is a decoy for the global actors inventnig Bitcoin (“CIA”). Bitcoin consumes energy and is meant to illustrate that decentralized systems don’t work. BTC has been extensively promoted by global actors like Musk. EU even put contracts on Ether blockchain.

Most politicians are decoys for how NWO creates a people-hostile environment and make people slaves under big corporations. The politicians get board postts and other benifits for this. Jacina Aren resigns but the problem is NZ economic policy.

During “Holocaust remembrance week” Swedish dailys advice us to settle in Thailand to finish the Swedish genocide by replacement.
Slow down your aging (since aging is like an infectious disease and those affected must be isolated). During “Holocaust remembrance week” Swedish dailys advice us to settle in Thailand to finish the Swedish genocide by replacement (“geno exchange”, Kalergi plan). 7 Swedish people (no connection) chased by police world wide. 6 immigrants and one alleged nazi (last one possibly fake, anyone can be labeled a nazi by the Swedish press). The meaning is immigrants and muslims are dangerous and cause conflict in our society.

Now seeing that the Ukrain war is likely completely staged, one must also ask what was really happening during WW2 taking place at a time when information from abroad was even more limited than today.

Anyway a Jewish genocide was alleged to have taken place. (Since Jewish people today are stronger than ever, the term genocide can be questioned.) Today media still give highest priority to “remembering the Holocaust” (not using the word genocide), but the Jewish people are stronger than ever while the European peoples are getting more and more diluted at a fast rate, through mass immigration.

In this was the Jewish genocide is used as a kind of decoy to make the current geno-exchange of the European peoples seem less significant.

NATO is a decoy for EU. This promotes cold war agenda and makes people forget about EU financial and control take over.

* media tries to direct anger for increased food prices onto shop owners instead of high finance

Ica-affären: ”Kanske det största insiderbrottet vi haft” expr

wwr: 85624242

Detta kan säkert vara ett brott. Men media blåser upp detta och försöker få folk att hata ICA-handlare när problemet med prisstegringarna orsakas av kartellbildning mellan storföretag.


mine gruva Kallak


%%%%% decoys


– disinformation

– dysfunction

– isolation

lock down


— conflict

— discrimination

— racism

– destabilization (amphetamine)

— chaos

constant restructure to keep the chaos going

breaking rules, not following them, in order to impede local initiatives, impede skilled people from forming working initiatives

always criticize an election that didn’t go the way the regime had hoped. What the people voted for is always wrong if it is not in accordance with the agenda.

– memory erasure, slow change

— youth culture

– conforming

— mobbing

%%%%% methods










conformity within but still conflict



move decisions away from people (EU, proportional voting – lists decided by party leaders)

%%%%% objectives

larger units

One of the most basic mechanisms to remove voters influence and build a global dictatorship is to move decisions away from people and give authority to larger units, like the EU.

In a smaller country with homogeneous population where people have good possibilities to communicate with each other, the voters can raise demands on politicians. Therefore the global dictators try to move decisions to larger units like USA, USSR, China, EU etc.

Conflicts that arise from mass immigration, feminism, youth revolt (“climate warriors”) impedes common thinking. Corona regulations hinder us from communication.

Countries are made to function poorly som we do not support them. Our cultures are destroyed

Communication between the peoples of different countries is impeded in the same way, in order to impede common thinking. Ex cold war, fake conflicts, flying shame. We should support our leaders and erroneously believe that foreign people necessarily are bad and dangerous.

%%%%% larger

%%%%% units

Effects of globalization and EU

* crises will occur to keep member countries weak

* conflicts, men/women, original population/immigrants are incited to keep member countries weak

* your group (like young/old, man/woman, originial population/immigrant) will be more important than what you do, feminists and “anti-racists” (in fact stressing racial and religious factors, thereby creating racial conflicts) will form networks to promote immigrants and women, instead of assuring equal opportunities

* dysfunction and self-hatred will spread to avoid local initiatives to prosper

* assets are wasted on unprofitable projects in order to promote an agenda (Northvolt with 1500 workers, has no verifiable production after 14 months, billions SEK in EU and pension fund money spent in order to promote an agenda of green transition)

* media and courts become politically controlled in order to be able to remotely govern a country

* appointments to posts are made on political merits, not factual knowledge of a subject

* large corporations will rule, not government and unions

* science may contradict the agenda and is marginalized. university education spread all over the country and quality deteriorated

* small shops will disappear and multinationals and large chains will set any prices

* local culture will be eradicated not to make member countries compete with EU for control

* going to war (Iraq, Afghanistan) for the first time in 200 yrs

* over population and impoversishment of the population are promoted to increase conflict and competition within the population

(EU problems)

# Fallen from rank 4 to 12 in wealth since 1990
# pay hundreds of sek bn to overheat European aconomy after Corona leading to crash and inflstion
# accepts 100.000 refugees yearly without trying to integrate them
# small business and competion are replaced by large chains that set prices as they like
# just letting electricity flow out of the country according to EU regulations and letting energy prices rise, both electricity and fuel
# not building nuclear reactors
# paying much more than US for gas (US slightly more developed)
# increased bureaucacy (id for prescription, short date)
# poor medicare, long waiting lists

(only started)

%%%%% EU

%%%%% effects



(can also use orange tab – zoom out page)


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2021 06 21 Earlier: Greta accuses Nordic countries vaguely, without presenting evidence.

2021 06 20 Earlier: Fake government crisis

2021 06 19 Earlier: EU ramps up CO2. Media twists refugees from US warfare to be “climate refugees”.

2021 06 18 Earlier: US keeps up the oil price.

2021 06 16 Earlier: EU supports regime that encourages death squads.

2021 06 14 Earlier: EU creates cold war

2021 06 12 Earlier: US out of lockdown but not Europe

2021 05 27 Earlier: EU puppet regime, Belarus

2021 05 26 Earlier: EU fakes hi-jack to buy Belarus.”

2021 05 24 Earlier: climate “science

2021 05 22 Earlier: nwo m.o.

2021 04 24 Earlier: Cryptocurrencies hype yet another way to deprive country through reduced tax base. Bitcoin “mining” is really transfer fee. Ethereum hacker became lawful owner of loot.

2021 04 22 Earlier: Tesla crash used to hide lack of sales

2021 04 19 Earlier: climate attack on Nordic countries

2021 04 14 Earlier: US – taliban win-win

2021 04 13 Earlier: Resistance to EU/global control is connected to nazis, terrorists etc.

2021 04 10 Earlier: Media and politicians attack white men.

2021 04 03 Earlier: National states vaccinate more efficiently

2021 04 02 Earlier: Covid is used to form airline monopoly

2021 04 01 Earlier: Airlines don’t want you to travel!

2021 03 31 Earlier: Biden attacks Europe using the climate agenda.

2021 03 20 Earlier: EU-Covid

2021 03 18 Earlier: Georgia

2021 03 12 Earlier: Holodomór terror famine

2021 03 09 Earlier: Biden chosen by Dems meant manipulating democracy to promote Harris.

2021 02 21 Earlier: Archeology on Mars is psychological warfare.

2021 02 06 Earlier: Will agriculture and food supply be the next crises?

2021 02 02 Earlier: Tesla stock is inflated to support green take over by f.ex EU.

2021 01 31 Earlier: Bill Gates knew society would respond to Covid with disproportionate strength.

2021 01 30 Earlier: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a decoy (1)

2021 01 29 Earlier: The true nature of The (not so) Great Reset

2021 01 12 Earlier: starvation

2021 01 08 Earlier: Trump-Assange agenda

2021 01 06 Earlier: Global lockdown

2020 12 26 Earlier: Maggie Thatcher on EU.

2020 12 26 Earlier: Brexit – a complete success for UK.

2020 12 12 Earlier: Covid mostly affects politicians media dislike.

2020 12 01 Earlier: European Union 7 year budget negotiations 2020.

2020 11 30 Earlier: Belarus 2020 – “revolution” is only newspaper feminist agenda and likely EU influencing

2020 11 26 Earlier: Greta – the modern Don Quixote

2020 11 25 Earlier: EU-satellite deals are better than EU membership.

2020 11 23 Earlier: Future of globalization

2020 11 22 Earlier: Climate doom

2020 11 22 Earlier: Dictatorship: Sweden ban meetings.

2020 11 10 Earlier: Internet communication has led to globalists going for broke.

2020 11 06 Earlier: Diet and body shape are abused to divide the population

2020 11 01 Earlier: Globalism will bring chaos until units of control are shrunk.

2020 10 16 Earlier: Authorities still havn’t published recommendations for those w/symtoms, positive test or anyone really.

2020 10 15 Earlier: Corona restrictions will demand rewriting the constitution.

2020 10 13 Earlier: Greta is not environmental, she is EU and Hong Kong activist.

2020 10 12 Earlier: Greta turns to Macron, not Swedish politicians.

2020 10 08 Earlier: The climate issue is political.

2020 10 02 Earlier: Is the Estonia ferry disaster fake?

2020 09 20 Earlier: Assange trial

2020 09 08 Earlier: Globalists incite subversion and rebellion against the national government

2020 09 05 Earlier: Soros, Nixon, FED

2020 08 31 Earlier: Activism creates tthe problems it claims to counteract.

2020 08 28 Earlier: European Union

2020 08 18 Earlier: EV-charging

2020 08 15 Earlier: Sweden pays Italian Olympics.

2020 08 14 Earlier: Media spread mental problems.

2020 08 11 Earlier: Soros is a decoy.

2020 08 09 Earlier: When Soros crashed Sweden.

2020 08 07 Earlier: Brexit will increase EU power.

2020 08 05 Earlier: Controlling Europe through debt

2020 08 03 Earlier: polarization

2020 08 02 Earlier: “Covid rescue” illegal in two ways

2020 07 26 Earlier: “Covid rescue” is really euro bailout

2020 07 25 Earlier: False idols look appealing

2020 07 23 Earlier: PM Löfven tricked out of EU rebate.

2020 07 20 Earlier: Macron & Merkel dictate the EU agenda

2020 07 12 Earlier: Immigrants ridiculed in headline for not recieving information

2020 07 10 Earlier: white males – slandered in media

2020 07 05 Earlier: US elections – a show for foreign countries

2020 07 03 Earlier: Cross-country skiing champion Marit Bjorgen – a product of the globalist agenda

2020 06 20 Earlier: Swedish PM splits Nordic unity for no reason. – He must be under globalist control.

2020 06 18 Earlier: Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter [BLM]

2020 06 16 Earlier: The Brexit dilemma (1)

2020 06 12 Earlier: Why the media hate Latin America

2020 06 11 Earlier: Why the UK can not get a deal with the EU.

2020 06 10 Earlier: Why SpaceX recovers boosters.

2020 05 27 Earlier: Send Greta to the European Union to stop Corona recovery. We in Northern Europe are paying for it.

2020 05 22 Earlier: Blackmail the European Union

2020 05 02 Earlier: Norwegian police never tries to find the missing person

2020 05 06 Earlier: Fairy tales newspapers compose

2020 05 02 Earlier: Elon Musk plays the fool

2020 04 30 Earlier: Brexit, current status

2020 04 12 Earlier: fake rebels

2020 04 06 Earlier: The government/press/elite are less likely to use espionage against other states, but would rather use it against their own people.

2020 03 25 Earlier: Corona & climate – full panic but no real action taken.

2020 03 12 Earlier: US elections 2020 are rigged.

2020 03 08 Earlier: US liberal chaos is only for export.

2020 02 29 Earlier: Assange extradition trial

2020 01 27 Earlier: Is Mars rover “Curiosity” fake??

2020 01 25 Earlier: Climate gender conflicts

2020 01 22 Earlier: The scare factor

2020 01 20 Earlier: The European Union threatens w/ bank blockade to make United Kingdom to follow EU rules.

2019 12 19 Earlier: Neil Farage: Parties like SverigeDemokraterna (SD) become corrupt in the European Union.

2019 12 14 Earlier: Elon Musk is intentionally a poor role model, to destroy youth values.

2020 01 26 Earlier: Are Starlink spy satellites?

2019 12 08 Earlier: Obama tries to break US self confidence by cutting the space program.

2019 12 01 Earlier: Are the Iranian ayatollahs CIA-agents?

2019 11 26 Earlier: Arjen Kamphuis‘ disappearance

2019 10 10 Earlier: Greta Thunberg‘s true, dark motives

2019 08 10 Earlier: Edward Snowden – US operative

2019 04 14 Earlier: Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Ola Bini are likely American agents.

2019 04 12 Earlier: Ola Bini, Arjen Kamphuis connection

2019 02 01 Earlier: Elections 2018: Globalist parties pretended to have different opinions. Collaborate to favor large corporations at the expense of workers.

2019 02 01 Earlier: Bilderberg calling the shots: Center party is hi-jacked and Liberal party is ordered to self-exterminate.

2018 09 10 Earlier: News media gives birth to a political party – Ny Demokrati

2018 09 09 Earlier: All parties unite to refuse party SD posts as chairman according to election results.

2018 09 08 Earlier: The media monopoly sells outdated technology to the Swedish gov’t @ SEK 10 bn.

2018 09 07 Earlier: Feeding frenzy, the media monopoly disposes of politicians that do not follow the agenda

2018 09 06 Earlier: Quotes

2018 09 05 Earlier: Control of the Internet, Google, troll farms

2018 08 30 Earlier: Soros’ funds used to influence Swedish politics

2018 05 30 Earlier: Fake news

2018 05 22 Earlier: False flag awards

2018 05 10 Earlier: Who owns the news media

2018 05 01 Earlier: Journalist wounded by IS ?

2018 04 27 Earlier: The Cold War and other anti-Russian activities. The image of conflict; The useful enemy

2018 04 25 Earlier: Why only few air crash investigations are accurate. – Passengers lives are at an unnecessary risk.

2018 04 22 Earlier: The Iraq war 2003 was built on fake evidence. / So far, no accusations of chemical warfare have been proven true. / Also the war on IS was built on fake evidence.

2018 04 10 Earlier: Bjärred-case. Politically correct psychiatry exterminates a whole family?

2018 04 02 Earlier: UN obstructs murder investigation – UN supports an illegal regime. The true reason why Catalán and Sharp were killed.

2018 03 10 Earlier: The terrorists’ objectives

2018 03 01 Earlier: Tesla, Ubuntu/Linux – self destructive moles & Google, Facebook – political control mechanisms

2017 12 25 Earlier: Geopolitisk krigföring – Media/USA attackerar Europa med flyktingar. The enemy within. Weapons of Mass Migration

2017 12 18 Earlier: Destabilisering genom feminism och HBTQ

2017 12 15 Earlier: Destabilisering genom invandring

2017 12 12 Earlier: IOK saknar bevis – Internationella Olympiska Kommittén stänger av Ryssland utan bevis

2017 12 09 Earlier: Trump om Jerusalem – den verkliga orsaken till Trumps uttalande funnen

Table of Contents (in English)

Summary 04


Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]



16.012 opposite actions, misleading terms; cause effect reversals, contradictions


20.04 (00000 links) Innehållsförteckning, ToC





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