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In 2015, after 200 years of uninterrupted peace, Sweden went to war in the Middle East. This blog set out to find the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events.


The dangerous and disastrous aspect of globalization is to undercut democracy and control governments from above (“NWO”).

Travel, trade, exchange of ideas are highly valued and must be protected. Globalization on the contrary tries to lock people down like with Corona restrictions or climate/flying shame. To control people globalists split them apart, both as countries and as groups in countries. The endpoint of globalization will be a world in constant conflict between groups, with no differences, no cooperation between people and no ideas to exchange.

The blog initially treated Swedish conditions and was first written in the Swedish language. Later, extensive international connections  were discovered.  The blog is now gradually being adapted to the English language.

At present it is possible to read an automatic translation of each page by pressing the corresponding flag or choosing language/translation from the menu on each page.

A table of contents in English is found below, on this page. Please choose a page and select your language on the page.

After 200 years of uninterrupted peace, in 2015 Sweden went to war in the Middle East.

This blog set out to try to find the reasons behind this unexpected decision.

The reasons for Sweden’s involvement in war proved to have international connections.

The blog has reevaluated much of the content on this page. Militarization is now considered a fake threat constructed to hide how global leaders have united against their peoples.

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1 introduction

Section one of the blog is an introduction. It describes how Sweden’s involvement in war is driven by news media.

1-1 Rearmament

Sweden rearms and goes to war for the first time in 200 years. Why is this happening?

1-2 Who could benefit from Sweden’s rearmament?

Only USA/NATO and Swedish defense could benefit from rearmament.

1-3 Who is strong enough to put pressure on the gov’t of Sweden?

The one part strong enough to put pressure on the government of Sweden to go to war is USA/NATO. (The Swedish defense does not control the Swedish government. Sweden has  no tendencies to military rule.)

1-4 So, does Sweden bow to the mighty US?

So, does Sweden take orders from the US president?

1-5 Sweden only supports US warfare, not the US president.

After the installation of president Trump, one can clearly see that Sweden does not bow to the US president. The Swedish government and media often speak very (exceedingly) negatively about president Trump.

But Sweden still supports US/NATO warfare and thereby Israel which depends on a strong  US/NATO.

1-6 Sweden is controlled by news media.

2015 Sweden goes to war to support Israel’s allies, the Kurds. Swedish media is entirely owned by Jewish interests. Media is the only actor strong enough to influence the Swedish government to go to war. Media has already converted Swedish politicians into an indifferent mass, each individual trying to be the best at fulfilling media’s orders. Examples of this are shown below, in many posts in this blog. Mass immigration and extreme feminism are two of medias orders to the politicians.

Differences between groups are assumed to depend on oppression and is used to promote conflict. In this way news media can rule by “divide and conquer”. Minority groups, like HBTQ, are put forward to an extreme degree.

Basically, Sweden is controlled by a news media oligopoly. The oligarchs also seem to control social media by ownership/moderation of foras and by employing large amounts of trolls. Both these activities are supported by immense globalist funds.

The blog has so far identified three mechanisms controlling Swedish politicians:

1. news media – the media has the power to easily depose politicians through biased reporting. One example is given in the blog  ( Anna Kinberg-Batra  ).

2. deterrence by US sanctions and revenge, sometimes on false presumptions, like in Iraq 2003 (making it even more frightening)

3. financial motivators, sometimes on the border to bribes

1-6.1 Add. Who owns the media?

Dagens Nyheter (“Todays News”, a newspaper); Swedish national TV (SvT) buys TV4 & CMore

Mittmedia sold to oligopoly

Thomas Mattson, Expressen editor in chief suddenly resigns

1-7 Israel is connected to globalization

1-8 The consequences of media rule

1-9 How can media control a nation?

2 globalization: destabilization and militarism

Section two describes how Sweden’s involvement in war is connected to globalization and how news media use Sweden for this purpose. Two major ways in which news media control the Swedish society are:

1. destabilization of Sweden, often through mass immigration and extreme feminism and

2. militarization of Sweden, f.ex. by gravely exaggerating a (at present practically non-existing) military threat from Russia.

Destabilization paves the way for a top-down government if Sweden, controlled by foreign interests. Contact between voters and representatives is worked against.

2 The objectives of  news media

How can news media accomplish their objectives?

3.1.1 destabilization

Section 3.1.1 describes globalization through destabilization and the role of media in this process. It describes how  news media can destabilize the Swedish society and rule it by means of “divide and conquer”. Divide and conquer is disasterous for a country, for Sweden now, as well as for Iraq starting 2003.

Creating a chaotic, conflict filled society will move focus away from the Jewish media owners to the Muslim immigrants. The more different the immigrants are from the Swedish indigenous population, the more likely conflicts are to arise and take focus from Jewish control over media ownership and lack of assimilation.

The Russian leader, Putin, is pictured like an evil dictator because Russian media are not in a position to control society. Russia is not under globalist control.

3-1-1 Globalization through destabilization

Section (4)
Section (4) describes how refugees can be used as “weapons of mass migration“: (4) The refugee as a weapon in geopolitical warfare.  (see 3-1-2-9)


3-1-1-3 Destabilization through laxity

Greta Thunberg 001 (—)

Greta Thunberg 002 (002) -003 (007)- -004 (008)- -005 (008)-

Resistance in the White House

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

3-1-1-4 (2) Destabilization through influence on leaders 2.
International organizations

other leaders

3-1-1-6 Destabilization: Police, drugs

3-1-1-7 Destabilization 7.1 Worry and distress (1) NCCC fire

3-1-1-7  Destabilization: 7.2 Worry and distress (2) article about Marawi

3-1-1-7 Destabilization: 7.3 Worry and distress (3) Global filtering of news material

3-1-1-7 Destabilization: 7.4 Worry and distress (4) Tham Luang cave rescue (1) -2- -3-

Corona virus, Covid-19, EU 2020

EU, Covid 002

EU: plastic tax

EU 4

Corona, Covid-19; 3

3-1-1-8 Destabilization: Misc.

3-1-1-9 Control through chaos

3-1-1-10 control through hatred

3.1.2 militarization and war

Section 3.1.2 describes globalization through militarization and war, conflicts and geopolitics

3-1-2 Globalization through militarization

3-1-2-1 Militarization – Obsession with security matters

cyber attacks

psychological warfare

3-1-2-2 Militarization – NATO membership

Sweden buys Patriot missiles

3-1-2-3: 1.1 Militarization – Cover up and lack of source criticism: 1.1 Iraq war ad.1 Delayed rebuilding of Mosul

3-1-2-3: 1.2 Militarization – Cover up and lack of source criticism: 1.2 The war in Syria

3-1-2-3: 1.4 Militarization – Cover up and lack of source criticism: 1.4 Wounded photographer?

3-1-2-3: 2. Militarization – Cover up and lack of source criticism: 2. The sources of information

3-1-2-4 Militarization – Terror attacks

3-1-2-5 Militarization – The terrorists’ objectives

3-1-2-8-Militarization – The Kurds

sports imports, Duplantis

3-1-2-12 (1) British spy Sergei Skripal allegedly falls ill  , – (2) –  , – (3) – , – (4) – , – (5) – , – (6) – , – (7) – , – (8) –

Skripal -6-, media as rulers, media monopoly

3-1-2-13 Chemical weapons

3-1-2-14.1 Russia

Mueller investigation-000

3-1-2-15 Israel

3-1-2-16 (1) Iran -2- -3- -4-

air crash, Iran

3-1-2-17 North and South Korea (1) -2- -3-

3-1-2-17 (2) Korea, source criticism

Deep State, NWO

mobility, travel, blocks


us 2020 elections are rigged

3-1-2-19 Afghanistan

Eastern Europe, Ukraine


Duterte, Abu Sayyaf, Mindanao, The Philippines


Arjen Kamphuis, Wikileaks, disappeared, Aug 20, 2018 -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8-

Saudi Arabia



Venezuela 02

Venezuela 03


Canada, triple killer hunt






South Africa

Switzerland direct democracy


3.1.3 anti-nationalist activities

resistance against nationalism

3-1-3 3. Expressions of antiglobalism

3-1-3 4. Catalonia independence

influencing elections


political trials Counteracting democracy

3.1.3 6.(1) Linux, Ubuntu


Party system, elections

Julian Assange, Wikileaks

Wikileaks, Assange, Ecuador, Ola Bini (på svenska)

Ola Bini

Assange 002 -003-

Making an anti-Trump weapon (Assange)
-004- -005-

Edward Snowden


3.1.4 promoting globalization

3-1-4 Some functions and organizations promoting globalization Air crash investigations Other parties The media climate Politicization The Swedish UN-union global warming

Climate change, Paris treaty Hollywood Zeitgeist European Union (1), Brexit -2- -3- -5- -6- delegated-censorship: #jagärhär Expo, AFA

Double play in business

Starlink -002-


Obama paid to promote SpaceX


elon musk

-1- -2-
Swedish politics and elections are influenced by George Soros Open Society Foundations. The so called “school for politicians” named “Raise your voice” is founded by a Soros employee. Höj rösten.



Media: The New York Times

The Guardian

Dagens Nyheter, DN

Political parties:
Centerpartiet, Centern, Center Party

Liberalerna -2- -3-


Sverigedemokraterna, Sweden Democrats


The news are directed. The scare factor

stories, cases

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen , disappearance, summary

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen , disappearance

A*nnika S*trandhäll

3.2 Zionism

Section 3.2 describes connections between globalization and Zionism.

03-2 1 Zionism

03-2 2 History

4 conformism

Section 4 has only been started. It will discuss the connections between conformist, media control and globalization.

4 conformism

5 some mechanisms used by news media and in social media

Section 5 discusses methods used to promote globalization. Section 3 treated main methods and objectives of globalization in relation to media. Section 5 treats some details how these objectives are accomplished, often in news media and social media.

5-1 Decoys

Common methods for globalist agenda-trolls are to move focus from financial and other big perspective factors to irrelevant details. Jewish activities in Europe are masked by always trying to focus discussions on Palestine, religion, WW2 etc. Legitimate criticism against media may be called nazism. If globalist actions are criticized, only irrelevant details are exposed

Infiltration, false-flag attacks and playing both sides in conflicts are essential tools to globalists.

5-2 Confusion and trolls

5-3 Responsibility transferred to others – buffers

5-4 False flag attacks, infiltration, moles

5-5 opinion forming

5-6 Timing of news

5-7 Creating and using conflicts; The Cold War

The Cold War military aspects, INF-treaty

As the wars in Iraq and Syria have almost come to an end in 2017, it seems Western powers immediately seek other conflicts. The routine delay of moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem is highly publicized, leading to Arab protests that are inflated in media.

In Swedish media the search for more refugees is shown by profiling rohingyas from Burma/Bangladesh and also possible refugees from so called Boko Haram-attacks in Nigeria.

The same is true for Israel’s “conflicts” with its neighbors. The conflict in Palestine is very much entertained for a purpose. Media puts focus on the Middle East trying to make us believe it is a top prioritet problem för other countries like Sweden. Thereby important discussions about our own situation are drowned. The questions prioritized by media are about refugees. On the other hand horrible atrocities and suspected genocide in Mosul are covered up.

Other similar phenomena are the “nuclear weapons crisis” in North Korea and the McLaren report on allegations of doping in Russia.

The Cold War

The Cold War is an obvious example of how conflicts are used. In 2017-18 Western powers have worked exceedingly hard to try to kindle a new Cold War. Several examples of this are given in this blog: North Korea , McLaren/Rodchenkov , Khan Sheikoun , Skripal , Douma , Mueller , Iran nonproliferation treaty ,

5-9 media hunts, feeding frenzy

5-11 news slant, fake news

5-12 media preference and dislike

5-13 dissidents-defectors

fake images and recordings

Incompetence as a merit

7 Detecting fake news

Control of the Internet

12 who controls the media?
Section 12 discusses some possibilities how media could obtains its orders.

12 Who controls the media?

14 Globalist training

14 The globalist personality

The globalist personality, journalists, training to be a globalist.

16 solutions

Section 16 describes some possible solutions to the problems of a media ruled society. This topic is, however, out of the scope of this blog.

16 Possible solutions




contradictions, strange events

national perspective


18 financial aspects

Financial aspects of globalization (the page has only been started)

trade deals

multinational corporations


Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin



Some methods used to obtain material for this blog.

Methods used in this blog


Summary 04

Summary 04 (010)
Summary 04 (020)
Summary 04 (030)
Summary 04 (040)
Summary 04 (050)
Summary 04 (060)

Summary 05: structured

Table of contents, in short:

Table of Contents, short version

Foreign controlled media implant destructive ideas into our minds. Our society is slowly rotting from within. Against media monopoly, immense globalist capital and armies of paid Internet trolls we can just see our civilization go down. It is already reflected in crime rate, medicare, education and other fields.

Many common people understand what is happening and disagree with the media-politician-complex. But democracy has been undercut, as well as the expression of free speech. Therefore we can just watch the media-politician-complex act out a play we know is false, but that we can not influence. All is decided beyond our reach, above our heads.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents, divided into parts: part one

Table of contents, in English

Fake news, examples


False flag actors

fake rebels



The lighter side of politics



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2020 10 15 Earlier: Corona restrictions will demand rewriting the constitution.

2020 10 16 Earlier: Authorities still hasn’t published recommendations for those w/symtoms, positive test or anyone really.

Table of Contents (in English)

Summary 04


Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


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