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What is called fake news naturally depends in the definition. In 2003 “Weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq was fake news, but proven much too late to make much difference.

Reporteras usually say “we didn’t know” and say they just never checked sources. That the drawings of chemical weapons, presented by Colin Powell in the UN were fake was pretty obvious to most people.

When news media oligarchs, politicians and paid social media administrators and trolls act together, they define the “truth” of the New World Order.

It is difficult to go against fake news. If a chemical attack is said to have happened inn Syria, Trump will send missiles (but harming no person). If Metrojet crash is declared to be caused by a bomb. Putin must make a “haunt the terrorists down”-speech. If the Congolese gov’t publishes a fake video, only marginally questioned by media, all parties will make statements as if it were real, just act differently.

Those going against fake  news are often labeled as “conspiracy theorists”.



Examples of fake news:

2015: The crash of Metrojet 9268 was not caused by a bomb. The debris of the airplane fell in a desert, easy to examine. No consistent statements about explosive residues were made. No extensive investigation of the origin of a possible bomb was made, like in f.ex the Lockerbie bomb, or TWA800 where a bomb was first suspected. It would have been easy to determine if a bomb had caused the Meteojet accident. If that had been the case a major criminal investigation would have been carried out. That was not the case. Only vague statements were issued. “Airport staff held for interrogation”, “, “An airport worker had a cousin in the IS” and a few more such vague statements that were not followed by further information. A Twitter post of a soda can with electric cables was taken as proof of a bomb!

Many more air crash investigations are fake  news.

2017-18: The Russian doping scandal never proved any doping. Even the statements of Rodchenkov were probably false. He claimed it was possible to open security bottles with a small hand tool. No one has ever been able to show how that could have been done.

Some more examples from the Philippines: war on drugs, Abu Sayyaf, nccc mall fire

What is common to several of these cases is that media coverage and above all, the details of the investigations, are much fewer that expected from such events if they were true. The bombing of an airliner would result in extremely extensive investigations.

The “execution videos” initiating the war on IS were not showing real executions and were not produced by IS as motivated in the link.

The war correspondent/photographer described in the link was probably not injured.

Den kongolesiska regeringen publicerade en video påstått visade  morden på Catalán och Sharp. Allt talar för att videon falsk.

The British spy Skripal falling ill (March 2018) is claimed to result from an attack with Russian nerve gas. So far (2018 03 14) British authorities have however not been able to produce any evidence of this. This is another case of fake  news.

As the case has proceeded, the authorities abducting Yulia Skripal, making her sign a statement that she does not want contact with her family etc, this case is surely fake  news. This is also true for the comical repeat of an alleged attack in the vicinity of the first attack, naturally occurring during the World Cup in Russia 🙂


Svenska FN-förbundet


skilj på import och nettoimport

Läser man denna artikel får man ett intryck att USA inte behöver olja. Artikeln nämner ej den väsentliga netto-exporten.




Saudi ligger främst och USA sist vad gäller nettoexport av olja. 119 undersökta lönder. USA är det land som har största nettoimporten olja.


News slant



Strong contradictions in the Tham Luang rescue. Either version must be false.

















Naturally most fake news is connected to the globalist agenda. This is  because globalist interests control a majority of  newspapers and thereby also many governments.




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