20.01 Bloggens uppkomst och metoder; omvärderingar

Bloggens uppkomst

Det grundläggande synsättet för bloggen har skapats genom att upptäckten av motstridande uppgifter i massmedia. Författaren reser ofta, främst utanför Europa, och finner ofta att de uppgifter media ger om förhållanden i andra länder inte är korrekt skildrade. Continue reading “20.01 Bloggens uppkomst och metoder; omvärderingar”

20.02 01 === Sammanfattning ===

A short (less complete), more recent summary can be found here.


Demokratin har upphört att fungera i Sverige.

Flertalet politiska partier har likartade åsikter, dikterade av massmedia.

Svenska massmedia har synnerligen koncentrerat ägande och kontrollerar helt svensk politik.

Media agerar för globalisering och motverkar nationalism. Continue reading “20.02 01 === Sammanfattning ===”

20.06 01 Fake news, examples

What is called fake news naturally depends in the definition. In 2003 “Weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq was fake news, but proven much too late to make much difference.

Reporters often say “we didn’t know” and add that they just never checked sources. That the drawings of chemical weapons, presented by Colin Powell in the UN were fake was pretty obvious to most people.

When news media oligarchs, politicians and paid social media administrators and trolls act together, they define the “truth” of the New World Order.
Continue reading “20.06 01 Fake news, examples”

21.00 The lighter side of politics

As this blog has described. The world is run by a network of globalists.
They try to destabilize governments to make them susceptible to media control. They try to  break down borders and national identities, both of which stabilize countries. Conquer and divide is a common method- making group fight group. F.ex. in Sweden women and immigrants have been set against the older Swedish men that in much built Sweden. Continue reading “21.00 The lighter side of politics”