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As this blog has described. The world is run by a network of globalists.
They try to destabilize governments to make them susceptible to media control. They try to  break down borders and national identities, both of which stabilize countries. Conquer and divide is a common method- making group fight group. F.ex. in Sweden women and immigrants have been set against the older Swedish men that in much built Sweden.
Another aspect of globalization is the struggle over commodities. This and other situations require a strong army. Therefore globalists always revere the military and rearmament.
Parliamentary democracy is gone. All parties have the same views, dictated by media.
Globalist capital is extremely strong and can buy anyone. Adelson gave $100 milj just to the “enemy” Trump.
Globalist play all sides at the same time. They have reduced Swedish nationalists to a joke. Conservatives in Sweden are paid to run stupid agendas that can only lose elections. Many are also paid to have nazi  views. Real nazism or racism with the aim of one race to control the others is not a real threat in Sweden. It is only propagated  by paid false flag trolls. Trolls paid by Jewish media owners to impersonate antisemitism are very common.
Anyone having suggestions about media politics will be pariah in the phantom zone, outside media coverage, like Anna Hagwall.
Ad. Hagwall. 20180607 The blog has started questioning Hagwalls intentions. It is possible they are not serious. At least it is difficult to understand why she joined the definitely not serious party AfS and is not active there.
Serious nationalism is about controlling a country for the people, not on orders from the outside.
A serious nationalist will be up against immense capital, media oligarchs, endless amounts of trolls playing both sides in forums owned and controlled by globalists, politicians all having the same agenda, set by media.
In this situation you can just do like the old  Buddha, 彌勒菩薩 does, laugh it off.
The humor that comes out of oppression is similar between the former USSR and the present globalization.

kurder (Swedishness)
influencing elections
Lavrov on influencing elections
Sången återfinns inte på Youtube, ens när man söker på:
Jon Niklas Rønning: Johaugs vise

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Blair, Ghadaffi
Ullenhag booster Åkesson Aktuellt
Caster Semenya



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Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]

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