(04) (KCNA) Militarization: North and South Korea, source criticism; KCNA

It is not certain that western society gets a true picture of the Korean side. The North Korean government site is “often” inaccessible. During discussions in forums I have never met anyone being able to access it.

Western media claim that this is because the server is down. It could also be possible that the Western side blocks the information.

In forums, Japanese sites (.jp), sometimes with “KCNA” in their name, and the site KCNA-watch are often mistaken for the North Korean government site.

It is unlikely that the North Korean government would use a domain name from an “enemy” country like Japan.

It is very possible that the sites many forum members believe are North Korean government sites, in fact are run by nationals from other countries or North Korean defectors, maybe wishing to distort the information of the North Korean government.

KCNA-watch is based in Washington and  New Zealand. The head of the site is using a false name. KCNA-watch seems to be blocked in both N. and S. Korea. KCNA-watch is said to rewrite articles to “better English”. It can be suspected that it introduces bias in the articles or invents articles. The site claims to have downloaded many articles from the government but the articles are no longer present on the government server. These articles give a negative picture of Korea. We can  not be sure if KCNA-watch wrote some of these articles themselves. KCNA watch also claims to have downloaded tens of thousands of articles from the government server. It seems like a high number considering how difficult it is to access the server, especially since KCNA-watch claims to be selectively blocked by the North Korean government.

KCNA-watch publishes a “threat level diagram”. The site seems made to portrait NK as a threat.

Adding up this information it seems most likely KCNA-watch is produced by other parties than the North Korean government and is made to discredit the  North Korean government.

One must be very careful with this type of sites that claim to “monitor” other sites. Especially when they monitor sites from “enemy” countries. KCNA-news can be compared to the SITE institute described elsewhere in this blog.

kcna.kp är nog en äkta site från nordkoreanska regeringen, men den är svår att nå. Gissningsvis är den blockerad från väst.


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Möjligen är Rodong Sinmun (inkluderande engelsk version) en äkta nordkoreansk tidning.

Vad gäller kcna.kp så tror bloggen att det är den koreanska regeringens sajt. Den citeras ibland av västmedia som alltså inte har problem att nå den. Ändå hävdar västmedias att koreanska sajter ofta ligger nere. Den har inte gått att nå när bloggen försökt. Bloggen gör antagandet att den är blockerad av väst och bara öppen för vissa media som ger oss passande delar.






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Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]

Nästa: Deep State, NWO; Bilderberg; congress/president power balance



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