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Control by chaos

The main reason globalists promote chaos is to enhance conflicts. When there are no rules people disagree and get into conflict.

Chaos seldom appears by itself. It can be organized for different purposes. As shown in this blog, one purpose is destabilization.

Stockholm Arlanda airport

1. visa

The blog author is Swedish but has spent about 95% of the last 20 years abroad, mostly traveling. After  visiting home, flying out from Stockholm Atlanta airport is seldom smooth.

The check-in staff often do not know visa regulations. They consult the database Timatic, maintained by the airline industry. For many countries Timatic often states “Travellers without onward ticket may be refused entry.” It is correct that ANY traveller may  be refused entry to any country for various reasons. But this vague statement is used to force travellers to buy tickets they do not need. The author has  been asked to buy return tickets for countries where and when it is has not been needed, f.ex Thailand and Cambodia. The staff sometimes do not accept tickets they can not locate in their database and may also be unaware that onward and return tickets fill the same purpose for visa matters. They may try to create further chaos by not accepting basic facts stated by the passenger. – They may continue to believe that Burma is an island in Thailand even though the passenger politely explains the situation.

The general inquiry phone number to the airport can assist. But referring to it is not accepted at check-in. Depending on country you can naturally prepare with copies from embassies, Foreign Dept./Sweden Abroad, bank statements, phone numbers to airlines not in the computer database, travel guides, travel forums, old passports if you visited the country before etc.

If you are willing to take the discomfort you can try to stare them down, or you can buy the  cheapest ticket out of the destination country, over the internet. Timatic does not specifically ask for an air ticket, but using a bus ticket might cause problems.

The only two countries where this author has been asked for proof of onward travel are the island countries of Indonesia and the Philippines.

I once emailed a complaint saying they had wrong information about visa regulations. After the 7 weeks long, mandatory response time I got a reply saying that they were sorry if I “felt that way”.

2. Scandinavian check-in, Stockholm

Since long time Scandinavian in Stockholm have machines where you should check in yourself. Instructions are not obvious. A repeated traveller within Europe may learn to do this. Multi leg trips can not be easily checked in there. No staff has ever managed to do that when I have asked for help.

You are virtually asked to do the work of check-in staff without proper training and using inferior equipment.

You are often first refused check-in over the counter – “You must try the machines first”. You must then find staff to help you, but they have not been able to check in multi leg flights outside Europe when I have asked. Last time they could check me all the way and my bag to the stop over.

With those, useless documents you are allowed to approach the check-in counter.

Last time I asked, politely, why we must use the machines that not even staff can operate for multi leg flights outside Europe.
– It makes it more difficult for you. But it makes it easier for us to find you in the system, the girl said.

I didn’t argue. But it doesn’t look easy. The clerk tore up the boarding card and baggage tag that the other staff had produced at the machines and I had attached as well as I could.

Then she slipped my passport in the computer to find me. (I wonder if my failed attempt to check-in really made it easier to find my data.)

Air travel was simpler about ten years ago when you just bought flights at a website (and later app), kept some kind of copy (e.g. electronic) with you for “safety” if you preferred (or a handwritten note with flight numbers etc), and had a normal check-in done by professional staff and no web-check in or machines that often do not work or even staff can not operate.

My question now is basically very simple. Air travel is high tech business. How can they demand that I make a print-out from my computer, carry it to the airport and show it to them so they can confirm that it fits with what they have got in their computer? They ought to have that information in their computer too.

In addition I must make the print-out the day before I leave, when I had other things planned.

(I am aware of the exception where the airline has started using electronic boarding cards (which probably only are an advantage if you travel shorter trips with no luggage) but still do not have modern machines at the gate so they can only read paper at the gate. But that is a small minority of the cases and they ought to get good machines. Definitely not applicable to a multi-leg intercontinental flight.)

From a travel forum:

I must say I believe both posters I discuss with work in the airline industry.

One is advising me to go against the instructions I get with the ticket. (I have been fined for not bringing paper.)
The other is advising me to buy through airlines (very little convenience when comparing prices, that is what the apps are for) or change airline (I believe I should be able to use any airline).
No one in the thread even admits the completely unnecessary action of printing out something that is in their computer.

Honestly I believe many forums are dominated by industry workers in different ways, trying to reflect relevant questions back onto the posters instead of accepting criticism which means there may come improvement.

In this forum I believe it became worse when BBC bought it. If you discuss differences in culture or local people’s attitudes towards foreigners, these comments will also be explained as some attitude of the traveler (!) (even though the same person compares different countries). Globalization is killing the foras.



The function of chaos

As described elsewhere destabilization and chaos are part of a geopolitical attack on Europe. In this case the chaos is also promoted by feminism since the majority of check-in staff are female and the lack of rules give them influence over people.

The staff with short education also get influence over travellers which sometimes have high positions in society,  some passengers are not used to travel and are in an excited state. The situation can appeal to schadenfrohe among staff.

The female staff are suitable for the work. They never admit any faults in the system. They just argue.

Bank and other phone support lines show similar patterns.

In this case the chaos makes it possible for the multinational companies to shirk responsibility. Media supports this by not supporting consumers any longer.

Chaos can be part of globalization.

mess [härva, härvor]

Presenting information in a mess is often used, as has been described in this blog.  Newspapers present information regarding alleged Russian doping and Trump staff Russian connections in a mess. They make statements that are supposed to be verified elsewhere or later. When you click links in these articles they do not take you to clarifying pages. The links may lead almost anywhere, e.g. back to the newspaper index which is not clarifying.

Nyhetsmedia presenterar att en rökare måste betala ersättning till värden vid utflyttning. Men vilka regler som gäller redogör inte tidningen för. Det skapar kaotiska diskussioner på Internet.

ztyrez: 73590008
Kärringen röker som en borstbindare under köksfläkten och förfaras över att hon skall betala hyresvärden för detta. Har hon levt så pass länge som 67 år ska väl kärringen ha tillräckligt med konsekvenstänk för att inse att detta kan kosta när hon väl flyttar? Hade hon lagt undan 50 öre för varje cigg hon rökt under fläkten hade hon säkerligen kunnat betala fakturan.

wwr: 73594800
Står det i lagen? Men att tolka reglerna i förhållande till rökning kan man inte diskutera sig fram till. Man måste känna till tolkningen.

Tidningen verkar ha gjort en sedvanlig suddig sk-tartikel. Den verkar inte ha skrivit vad hennes kontrakt säger. Journalisten har heller inte tagit reda på vilka regler som gäller. Sedan blir det bara ändlösa diskussioner på Internet.

Vad jag förstår är enda sättet att ta reda på vad som gäller att fråga Hyresgästföreningen. Skall man betala om man rökt i lägenheten och i så fall hur mycket?

Men tidningar vill dumstämpla folk och sprida kaos så de gör inte det.

wwr: 73596739
Men då är det ju ingen nyhet att damen får betala. Tidningen borde redogöra för vad som betraktas som skälig ersättning om man rökt i lägenheten. Om folk inte känner till att rökare måste betala avgift vid utflyttning så beror det ju på dålig information av pressen.


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