(011) The making of an anti-Trump weapon – Julian Assange


This page outlines a scenario where the image of Julian Assange has been inflated by news media for several years. This may have been done partly in order to pressure president Trump during the 2020 elections. Assange has been made a significant person (out of insignificant “leaks”) and politicians must handle his case with care since it, among other things, reflects a balance between military need for secrecy and a general need for the propagation of the free word.

The possibility that Assange will be used against Trump was made by the blog as early as June 2019. [ -1-, -2-, -3-, -4- ]

Making an anti-Trump weapon – Julian Assange

The image of Julian Assange has been inflated for several years. The Main Stream Media tries to make him a symbol for free speech. But the organization he founded, Wikileaks, has leaked very little truly dangerous material.

Wikileaks star Chelsea Manning (a PC trans person) leaked 720.000 documents but none caused major damage to the US. The famous video “Collateral Murder” even comes with a watcher’s instruction in The New York Times – the photographer is killed because his camera looked like a weapon.

… the video does not show hostile action. Instead, it begins with a group of people milling around on a street, among them, according to WikiLeaks, Mr. Noor-Eldeen and Mr. Chmagh. The pilots believe them to be insurgents, and mistake Mr. Noor-Eldeen’s camera for a weapon. They aim and fire at the group, then revel in their kills.

“Look at those dead bastards,” one pilot says. “Nice,” the other responds.
[ collateral murder video ]
The New York Times

As described by this blog, in 2010 Assange was falsely accused of rape and strangely chose to spend 7 years interned in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, under asylum. The Ecuadorian government fell, its top members had to go in exile. Julian Assange and Ola Bini were connected to this.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) repeatedly tells us how Assange was falsely accused, how he had to hide for 7 years in the embassy. (Think of him as a new Nelson Mandela.) Like in Sweden and many other countries, mass immigration of “refugees” is used to destabilize governments. The news media raise unrealistic demands on behalf of the refugees. When the governments can not fulfill these demands they become vulnerable to attacks from the media.

Assange has been made an untouchable person that can now be used as a weapon.

He was extracted from the Ecuadorian embassy by police on April 11 2019 and put in jail. On the very same day, Ola Bini was arrested in the capital of Ecuador. Both had been in the embassy/capital of Ecuador for about seven years. This very strange coincidence in time was chosen so that Wikileaks could take the fall for Bini’s alleged espionage as described in the link above.

Bini was accused of espionage but strangely he was quickly released from prison. Even more strangely, the former foreign minister, Patiño had to go in exile! Why did the spy go free but someone who had only, allegedly traveled on the same flights as he, had to go into exile? The answer is that the courts are corrupt and the accusations against Bini were “transferred” to Patiño. Bini was used to frame Patiño.

Further strangely, the hearing on the extradition of Assange to US is postponed for as long as until February 2020! The reason for this could be that 2020 is election year in the US and Assange will be used as a weapon to attack Trump. This was predicted early by this blog, in May 2019.
A first sign of this could be accusations raised against Assange in July 2019, concerning collusion with Russia:

Assange is accused of contacts with Russian hackers and meddling in the 2016 election.

It is possible these accusations will be used in the same way as the accusations against Bini. – The accused (Bini/Assange) are not the main target of the accusations, but the attacks aim for politicians (Ecuador FM Patiño/President Trump).

Both Assange and Bini are agents for the US Deep State/the global media network.

Some possible scenarios are:

1. The accusations of collusion with Russia, made towards Assange are twisted to include president Trump.

2. President Trump is considered to attack free speech being the highest official demanding the extradition of Assange.

3. President Trump’s supporters will be divided into two groups: 1. those giving priority to free speech will support Assange 2. those giving priority to military defense will consider Assange a traitor. The globalist side hopes this can weaken the president’s voter base.

On Thursday morning, while he was being shoved into a police van, he suddenly changed his mind about British sovereignty. “U.K., resist!” he yelled out. “Resist this attempt by the Trump Administration!”
The New Yorker



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