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Wikileaks, Assange, Ecuador, Ola Bini

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Wikileaks, Assange, Ecuador, Ola Bini

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This page outlines a scenario where the US and Moreno government (Ecuador) used Ola Bini, together with Julian Assange/Wikileaks to put the blame for a faked “spy operation” on former foreign minister Ricardo Patiño: SUMMARY


Julian Assange and Wikileaks allegedly worked to expose war crimes. This does not seem likely. They are a front for the US to control leaks. Assange also took part in a scheme designed to show that whistleblowers will be prosecuted and war criminals will go free. One video

(“collateral murder“) published by Wikileaks showed how the US committed war crimes. The perpetrators were never brought to court but the whistleblower (Manning), Assange and several of his associates [Murray, Bini, Thordarson] received jail sentences or went to jail for various reasons. All was a show to demonstrate that whistleblowers are bad human beings. Around 2017-2018 Julian Assange/Wikileaks and the Swedish programmer Ola Bini took part in a coordinated scheme to destabilize Ecuador.

In general, whistleblowers are opposed by the global media system since news media and large corporations have united in an effort to take over control of the society, from democratically elected governments.



2006: Wikileaks is founded by American interests. US-allied Iceland och Australia take part in founding Wikileaks. At first servers at Amazon are used. Amazon is part of the global media network. (It is owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns The Washington Post.) Later WL moved to Swedish host Bahnhof, ostensibly “Pirate Party”, but founder/PP member is part of influential Swedish family. The great grand father of Bahnhof founder/PP member was prime minister of Sweden!

Wikileaks is created by the US with the intention to control information leaks. They can thereby obtain information about who is leaking. They can edit leaks and publish the leaks in a context suitable for the US.

Wikileaks leaks never lead to accusations in court against American military personnel. The soldiers shooting civilians from a helicopter were not brought to court, only whistleblowers Manning and Assange were.


Assange fake rape case

2010: Assange has sexual relations with two Swedish girls. The girls have been hired by the globalist network. The Swedish police builds a fake rape case against Assange. (The girls themselves do not even wish to press charges against Assange.)

Most likely both Assange and the girls are working together on creating a petty crime that can be magnified by authorities and media, working on orders from the US. A sex-crime is chosen since it attracts media attention. Sweden is chosen since related laws are extremely strict in this country. – Only in Sweden will consensual sex, but without condom, be regarded as rape. Assange is therefore invited to Sweden by a Social Democrat/Christian organization, likely infiltrated by the CIA, and this plot can materialize.



june 2012: Under the false pretence of fleeing from the Swedish police, Assange is granted asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Assange approaches Ecuador because he has been ordered to do so by his American employers, since Ecuador possesses oil. A process to destabilize Ecuador begins.

If something goes wrong in a country today, the country very likely possesses oil reserves: Ecuador, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria …

The reason for granting asylum gradually shifts from the Swedish fake rape charges to vague accusations of espionage on the US. No formal indictment is presented, but insinuations are given, e.g. a misprint in a court, revealing Assange’s name.

Later these accusations also prove to mean very little. – They only refer to an incident where Assange discussed a password with Chelsea Manning. At most it could render Assange a couple of years in prison, but more likely he would be acquitted. It is also unclear if it really was Assange taking part in the chat. This incident ought to have been resolved in court long ago. But for this reason, Assange has been residing in the Ecuadorian embassy for 7 years!

Addition January 2020: During spring 2019 the US added charges of espionage, against Assange. The process is still a show trial to give a fake impression that Assange is an enemy of the US.

2017 Feb 19: Lenín Moreno is elected president. Rafael Correa was not allowed to stay longer on the post, according to the constitution. Correa was very popular and efforts were being made to change the constitution. However Correa decided to retire!

Assange/WikiLeaks were definitely part of ousting FM Patiño by taking the blame for the Bini alleged spy operation. What further consequences Assange’s long stay at the embassy had, have not been assessed yet. It is definitely a destabilizing fact, to have a famous refugee lodged in the embassy. His tight US connection makes it certain he would try to add to removing Correa. But how and if he succeeded this blog has ot yet found out.

Assange’s Twitter was a disturbing fact for Ecuador. The blog has not followed this drama closely from the beginning. So far the blog has only noticed his Tweets on Catalunya independence, comparing Spain to Franco period. This was after Correa resigned, though.


Assange and Wikileaks terminate the asylum

Assange is arrested and carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. In his hand, a book by Gore Vidal: History of the National Security State

2019: Assange behaves increasingly erratically at the embassy. He looks like a bum, does not shave. He and his cat soil the embassy. Assange even smears faeces on the walls of the embassy! He is evicted.

An intelligent journalist, fearing for his life, claiming to need protection would never risk his asylum by such erroneous behaviour. (A US approved loan has also been mentioned in this context.)

Assange behaves badly to give president Moreno a reason to evict him. Otherwise former president Correa would have criticized Moreno even harder for evicting Assange.

As is discussed below, the Moreno government intentionally, falsely claim that Ola Bini is a Wikileaks spy. He is falsely connected to Patiño. Eventually this leads to the exile of Correa main spokesperson Patiño, but Correa can’t criticize Assange since Correa granted him asylum.

The eviction is also preceded by a media campaign by Wikileaks: Pamela Anderson visits Julian, a leak about a US prisoner transport plane in London is published, police agents are said to be at the embassy etc. Wikileaks also threatens to take Ecuador to court because the country uses surveillance cameras in the embassy. – A completely irrelevant move by Wikileaks, taken to further confront Ecuador and give them a reason to evict Assange.

At this time, Assange makes sure to be evicted from the embassy to draw attention from another, simultaneous, more important event in Ecuador. It is described in the following:

The eviction of Assange may have been done by Moreno/Ecuador in conjunction with Assange/Wikikeaks, all supervised by US. Assange could originally have been planted in the embassy to interfere with the Correa government.

Correa may have come to that conclusion by now. But he can say nothing but praise Assange since Correa was the one to grant the asylum.

It is a master plan. Correa’s FM Patiño said the planning was so intricate that Moreno was not smart enough to carry it out himself. It had to come from the US embassy. (But Patiño did not specify the details of the plan.) The CIA takes part in government meetings, according to Patiño.

broken promises, refugees and riots

Some believe Assange was exchanged for an IMF-loan that Ecuador received. It also entailed harsh economical squeeze. Petrol and other items have doubled in price October 2019: Riots are abundant in Quito. The government has fled to Guayaqil.

Moreno failed the promises he made before the election. Instead he introduced neoliberal politics. This is very similar to Swedish politician Annie Lööf.

In Ecuador one famous refugee, Assange, was accommodated during this period when US overtake led to street riots. In Sweden mass immigration of refugees has made streets unsafe.


Ola Bini

Ola Bini


Bini receives crypto training in the US

2007: The Swedish programmer Ola Bini is employed by a US company. He used to work on programming languages but is now taught encryption.

(Ola’s then-g.f. HF has connections via the Twitter network #prataomdet to AA, one of the girls that dated Assange in 2010. Some connect AA to US intelligence. AA was once deported from Cuba. Together with other facts much is in favor of AA having a CIA-connection.)


In 2008 he tries to open a branch office in Sweden, no traces of that can be found today. In 2010 he is transferred to Chicago. He learns encryption. In November 2013 he is further transferred to Ecuador. In October 2017 he leaves the company and he is set to work at an independent firm in Quito, together with two Russian (?) girls and others. The US company keeps their office in Quito.


spy operation and blackmail

April 2019: Minister of the Interior María Paula Romo (feminist lawyer) claims that Ola has tapped in on Ecuadorian state secrets. Ola is connected to Wikileaks: He has made 12 visits to Assange in London, probably ordered by his former employer.


the INA-papers

An attempt to blackmail president Moreno is said to have taken place. – The “INA-papers”

It is said the blackmailers try to make president Moreno protect Assange. But in fact the whole plan is a joint attack by the US (via Ola’s former employer) and the Moreno government on the previous government. (The attack started when Assange was inserted into the embassy, during the former, leftist government, as a disturbance.)

Ola is said to be connected to the blackmail through embassy visit logs and he is arrested.

[ twitter.com/olabini/status/1116341908371062794?s=19 ]
[ www.eluniverso.com/noticias/2019/04/11/nota/7279946/jackers-rusos-miembro-wikileaks-viven-ecuador-denuncia-maria-paula?amp&device=mobile&__twitter_impression=true ]

The spy who Tweeted about his bust!

Ola does not act rationally. When minister Romo announces that Ola is wanted, Ola Tweets that he is busted, gathers his spy equipment, heads for the airport and is arrested!

Ola Bini replies to a question about this in a Swedish social forum: (Google Translate from Swedish)

wwr: 70395875

The Minister of the Interior announces that they are looking for a person. You believe this person may be you and you are (obviously) worried. You then write a Twitter about this and go to the airport with electronic equipment and get arrested.

Why don’t you empty the electronic equipment instead and try to escape from the country by car, like Ricardo Patiño did? Correa also had to flee.

You stand accused of anti-government activities. The charges are diffuse and sometimes extreme. It has been mentioned, for example, that you would have hacked the president’s cell or remotely controlled the cell phones of Ecuadorian people.

I don’t think you did this. But just being accused of this in Ecuador, one must get out of the country immediately. Why did you not try to leave Ecuador? [/ I] The possibilities of winning against the government in court are low, regardless of the state of evidence. The courts are controlled by the government.

olabini: 70431930


First a little clarification – I did not think it was me who the Minister of the Interior talked about. My tweet at the press conference said “this seems like a witch hunt to me.” – not “against me”. Some translations have missed that detail – I’m not talking about the press conference being a witch hunt towards me, but that it looks like a witch hunt from my perspective.

If I had known that it was me they were talking about, I would definitely not have gone to the airport. Airports are not a particularly good place to be arrested – often the legal elements are a bit skewed and abuse is more likely – just what happened to me.

The truth is that I was on my way to Japan on a trip that had been planned for two months. Since I didn’t think it was about me, I continued my day as planned.

You are right that my legal situation is not very easy, in large part due to the government’s involvement in the legal side. I will probably lose the first trials in lower courts. But I’m innocent – I haven’t done anything wrong. If I escape, it will look like I am guilty, and there is a great risk that my life will be ruined forever. My only chance for a normal life again is to be patient and prove my innocence in the higher instances – or even in international trials

The “INA-papers” show the luxurious life of the president:

Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno having lobster in bed. Picture leaked in the “INA-papers”.

The INA-papers contain pictures of president Moreno’s luxurious life and also documents suggesting bribery. The pictures receive attention but in all, the “leak” makes no actual damage on Moreno. [ unspecific criticism ] He has probably leaked these pictures himself only to later blame Ola for hacking them, in order to frame Patiño. (After having been shot during a robbery, Moreno is paraplegic. Being shown eating in bed can even be positive to him. It illustrates the difficulties a disabled person must overcome.)

The INA-leak was known in Ecuador but made international headlines when Wikileaks mentioned them on Twitter. Media claim this is one reason Assange was evicted. This could contain some truth. But why would Wikileaks do such a stupid thing and risk the asylum of Julian? (Wikileaks is just another US operator, now trying to move attention away from the US and onto Wikileaks.) It is all about covering up the entire “spy operation” of Ola Bini. The pictures are just a small superficial part of it. The rest is certainly connected to oil and an attack on the previous government.

Minister of the interior Romo says Ola has spied for the previous government. Air travel logs show that he and former foreign minister Patiño have made coinciding trips. It is very possible the government put Ola on the same flights as Patiño, to frame Patiño.

More true is probably that the US and Moreno gov’t put Ola on the same same flights as Patiño in order to claim collusion. Patiño must flee the country, like Correa did before. Patiño may have done nothing wrong in this case.

Ola was released in June 2019, after 70 days in jail. Trial set to Mar 2020.

April 11, 2019: Ola Bini is arrested at Quito airport carrying ample electronic equipment. He is accused of blackmailing the president. The government makes hints that he is connected to a recent leak of documents and pictures – “the INA-papers”.

His arrest occurs on the very same day Julian Assange is evicted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The government says Ola acted together with former foreign minister Patiño, since they both have sometimes travelled on the same flights. But more likely, the US and the Moreno government put Ola on the same flights as Patiño, to frame Patiño.

President Moreno leaks his own holiday photos. The government then falsely claims that Ola and Patiño colluded in a spy scheme to obtain the pictures and documents of the “INA-papers”-leak. Ola visits Assange at the embassy 12 times. This connection to Wikileaks is used to explain the espionage by a false claim that Ola wanted to help Wikileaks, when in fact he is a US agent. The connection to Wikileaks has been constructed to keep Ola’s US background out of attention.

Like ex-president Correa before him, ex-foreign minister Patiño must now flee the country.

Both Ola Bini and Julian Assange were sent to Ecuador/embassy around the same time 6-7 years ago to destabilize the leftist government. Both are US agents and were recently extracted at the same time to prisons in US-friendly states.

In Sweden, Germany and many other countries, “refugees” are used to destabilize the countries. The “refugee” Assange was used against Ecuador in the same way.

Patiño was involved in the Nicaraguan Sandinista revolution in the 80’s. October 2018 he mentioned blocking roads and authorities in a speech. This is a further reason for trying to arrest him. But he flees to Mexico via a car trip to Peru. Correa already exiled in his wife’s home country Belgium. The present plan, including Ola, is part of larger scheme against the former government. New accusations have also been raised against the former president Correa.

The connection between the spy Ola and the global media network is evident by the positive press reviews Ols receives. The global media network is pro US/Deep State.


former employer

Ola’s former employer is a US crypto expert company that e.g. arranges meetings on Wikileaks and a hackathon in Assange’s home town Melbourne. It has 40 offices world wide (6 in S. America). Olas present company has two offices, in Quito and Sao Paolo. Two of his former employer’s 40 offices also reside in these cities. As well as Wikileaks, these firms are also fronts for US intelligence. LinkedIn shows at least one more engineer having been transferred between the two companies.

The US and the current government of Ecuador are jointly trying to put the blame of a faked spy operation on Wikileaks and the former Correa/Patiño government. Coinciding air travel between Ola and Patiño is presented. Wikileaks is in fact pro US. In this case WL is used to take the blame for other actors that are more easily connected to the US, like Ola’s employers.

News media and professional psy-ops try to focus Ola’s work around his personality. He is described as extremely intelligent, a world leading authority on computer security and a very dedicated activist. Whether this could be true or not is hard to say and less relevant. (Other sources have described him as a self acclaimed high-school drop-out. He has not learnt Spanish during six years in South America, which is unusual.)

What is important is his connections. He worked for an American intelligence company for 10 years. The company assigned him to Quito. He is an operator for US intelligence having taken part in a scheme to oust Patiño from the country.

Whether Ola also has contributed to bringing down the former leftist government is not known. He has likely taken part in efforts to do so, since he is now part of a scheme against Patiño, but no concrete facts about his earlier work in Quito are known.


cover up

The US has covered up its presence by:

1. employing non-americans (a Swede and two possible Russians)

2. transferring Ola from the US company to an independent company

Sofia Celi

3. employing two beautiful Russian (?) girls (pictured above) to be used as decoys and center of attention (with “Russian hackers” stamped on their foreheads) when the scandal goes public. They may also have been personal assistants and supervisors of Ola when Ola focused entirely on his work. The girls are not main characters of this plot.


Oct 2019

Celi tried to fake a Russian connection by temporarily giving herself a Russian name on the company webpage. As far as this blog’s author can understand, the name was wrongly written. Celi has proven to be Ecuadorean. She has given a lecture in Stockholm at the Royal Institute of Technology. Strangely, there seems to have been no problems for her to get a visa to Sweden even though her boyfriend Ola is suspected of espionage in Ecuador. He is probably considered a “good” spy.

4. as described above: letting Ola Bini visit Assange 12 times. This will connect the Swedish-American spy to Wikileaks while his true employer – the US, is hidden.

5. ordering Assange to behave disorderly and even smear faeces on the embassy walls. The Wikileaks team also threatens the state of Ecuador for spying on Julian. The president clearly suggested this was the final straw that lead to his eviction. The eviction helped cover up for the simultaneous bust of the Swedish-American spy Ola Bini in Ecuador. The bust becomes connected to Assange/Wikileaks and not to the US.

Julian and Ola came to Ecuador/the embassy during the same period. After about 6-7 years, both their lives independently collapsed, in London and Quito, at exactly the same time. Both arrived in Ecuador during the leftist government but now that Ecuador is more US friendly, their services may not be needed.

What Assange did in the Ecuadorian embassy is not fully known. What we know is:

1. He took the fall for Bini’s “espionage”.

2. One night Assange called the Ecuadorian consul at 4 am and influenced him to write a “letter of free passage” which could help Edward Snowden to leave Hong Kong. US vice president Biden called president Correa to cancel the letter, at a time exactly suited to put US agent Snowden “stranded” in Russia.

3. President Moreno has accused Assange of running a spy central in the Embassy. This may, however be an allegation made in order to hide the cooperation between the two.

4. During Assange’s stay in the embassy, the US has taken control of Ecuador.


the oil connection

In addition to Ecuador Ola Bini has also visited Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, England and Spain.

The four largest oil producing countries in South America are: 1. Venezuela 2. Brazil 3. Colombia 4. Ecuador

If something goes wrong in a country today, the country very likely possesses oil reserves: Ecuador, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria …

What happened to Ola can be compared to what happened to Michael Sharp, Zaida Catalán, Arjen Kamphuis and Yulia Skripal.

Arjen Kamphuis also worked with Americans that claimed to work against US government. Kamphuis, like Ola was non-American. Both were given expense accounts and lead a jet-set life. Both Arjen and Ola ran into problems.

The connection to Arjen Kamphuis.

News media use Wikileaks and Assange to present American war crimes in a way that will not lead to demands for change. Before (and to some extent, still) the same was done with the Palestinians/Israel.

The Manning leak is so large and vague that it will only lead to general complaints, no to any change. Being a trans-person, Manning is viewed by many as not reliable (“not being of the sex she claims to be”). Manning and Assange are plants.

A bearded, worn, seemingly confused Assange, carried out of the embassy, holding a book by Vidal reminds of Chomsky – Making us think of some old intellectual, criticizing the US in irrelevant ways.



The refugee as a weapon

News media influence the public opinion to make Ecuador accept the “refugee” Assange in the same way as Sweden, Germany and other many countries are made to accept extreme amounts of immigrants from incompatible cultures (“weapons of mass migration”) – a common method to destabilize countries, in this case Ecuador and Sweden .

President Moreno has even described Assange as ‘rude, ungrateful and meddling‘. President Moreno and the minister of the interior told how Assange smeared faeces on the walls of the embassy! The Wikileaks team threatened to take the government of Ecuador to court for using surveillance cameras where Assange resided. He does not seem to have made any efforts to learn Spanish.

This clearly shows that Assange’s claims are false. He is an intelligent person and a journalist knowing how media and governments work. He claims to be a refugee living under death threat. – In this situation no person would ever behave so poorly that his hosts are forced to terminate his asylum.

Media like the press/Wikileaks raise extreme demands on the governments of Sweden/Ecuador to comply with the wishes of the refugees that have been imposed on them by media pressure. This destabilizes the two countries.

The extensive mass immigration in Sweden, Germany and many other countries is a highly effective means to destabilize them.

The refugee as a weapon: Weapons of mass migration (The page is in Swedish language, please use translation tools readily available on the page.)

Julian Assange evicted after smearing faeces on embassy walls, Ecuador president says.

‘He exhausted our patience and pushed our tolerance to the limit’.

(The minister of the interior has also verified this.)

Assange smeared faeces in Ecuador embassy,’ says president


The final straw came “two days ago”, president Moreno suggested, when WikiLeaks directly “threatened the government of Ecuador”. On Tuesday Assange’s legal team gave a press conference in which they accused Quito of illegally spying on him.

A wicked scheme by the US, Wikileaks and Assange was put in action when Assange met the two Swedish girls in 2010. They probably all knew, at that time, that their meetings would incur extensive political consequences.

Assange hearing, extradition to US, part 1, Feb 2020

Few people seem interested. Hired protesters? Image from The Guardian.

[ www.theguardian.com/media/2020/feb/26/julian-assange-lawyers-argue-us-charges-are-purely-political ]

Most media reports concern Assange being confined in a glass cage reducing his opportunities to communicate with his legal team.

For motives stated elsewhere, this blog considers Assange a CIA agent that willingly took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy. Swedish, UK, US and present Ecuadorian regimes all colluded (Swedish girls were hired). The only true enemy and target was the Correa regime in Ecuador.

The trial fills the following purposes:

1. Claim that press freedom is threatened. (However, an international network of media already controls the Western world.) For this reason, Assange is given a poor treatment in court.

2. Show what happens to whistleblowers. Demonstrate how harshly people who reveal military illegal activities, are treated. (Compare to Kamphuis, whistleblower about mass surveillance.)

3. Produce conflict between men and women. All prosecutors in Sweden and judges in the UK have been female. Media reports how they treat Assange poorly.

4. Show a staged conflict between the US and Assange to cover up that Assange in fact works for the CIA. Assange leaks never lead to any prosecutions. The trial tries to give an impression that Wikileaks was against the US which is false.

Assange hid in the embassy to:

4A. Help overthrow Correa regime. However, the details of this are not known.

4B. Take the fall for Ola Bini’s contribution to counteracting Correa regime (by e.g. forcing Patiño to flee).

4C. Assisting in putting Snowden in Russia

5. This blog had expected Assange to be connected to accusations of “Russian collusion” against president Trump. Some of this has come true before the trial, but not to the extent expected.

This is probably so because the US 2020 elections are rigged. Democrat candidates are extremely weak and commit intentional blunders to promote Trump. The US is closing up. They can now control the world through the Internet and open warfare is not the first option. Both Rep’s and Dem’s know that Trump regime is best for the US. Chaos, refugees etc can now be brought on Europe through other mechanisms than warfare, e.g. media and EU.

[ The Guardian    consortiumnews    craigmurray    -1-    -2- ]

Media and courts want to show that if you protest against US war crimes, you will be harshly treated. The Americans that committed war crimes were not brought to court but the leaks (Assange, Manning) were. For no real reason Assange is put in a glass cage and has not given interviews.

Before the second part of the hearing (April, May 2020) a woman is presented. She is Assange’s partner. She also works as his lawyer. Her past is very much hidden. She has been scrubbed from social media and seemingly much other Internet presence. She changed her name from Sara Gonzalez Devant to Stella Morris just to be able to “research documents more anonymously”!

The media reports focus on their relationship. This is done in order to cover up for the US war crimes Assange and Wikileaks exposed. The reporting of these war crimes is what the trial is about but that is now hidden. (ex. video “collateral murder”) The press and Internet trolls can continue to connect Assange to sexual acticities (two Swedish girls, Pamela Anderson, date w/ Gaga, fathering children in the embassy, Sigurdur Thordarson, convicted sex criminal being a Wikileaks volunteer, Manning transsexual, Craig Murray wife, Nadira Alieva lap dancer) guardian. Craig Murray to prison for reports around a Scottish #metoo campaign/trial. The Swedish WL server admin (homosexual):


The strange fact that the woman can not remain anonymous is blamed on the female judge, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser. As described elsewhere in the blog, this process is also narrated to enhance the conflict between men an women.

10 years ago Assange was a hero. The newspapers republished his leaks about US war crimes. Now the newspapers turn on him and stop writing. Occasional reports mention the rescinded investigation of minor sex offence.

New York Times explains what they are trying to get us to believe – that the person who criticizes the US military is really a cheap sex offender:

a career in which Mr. Assange has morphed from a crusader for radical transparency to fugitive from a Swedish sexual assault investigation, to tool of Russia’s election interference, to criminal defendant in the United States.


While this spectacle went on, the US military smashed Mosul into a pile of gravel. But criticism of this was hardly seen in the media.

Assange’s team has long claimed that he was constantly spied upon by surveillance cameras, in the embassy. During the extradition hearing in 2020, however, it emerges that he fathered 2 children in the embassy, met his fiancee daily there and also one of his sons. It also emerges in news papers that the police surveillance of the embassy had been withdrawn.

The Assange case can be interpreted in different ways.

1. The news media picture: Assange used to expose US war crimes (now forgotten) but proved to be a simple sex offender that was lucky and got away.

2. The alternative media picture: Assange is a hero that exposed US war crimes and anyone who tries the same will, like Assange, be punished for long time. (But alternative media are also run by MSM so they spend much space criticizing the girls that set up Assange. This will in fact just focus more on the (now discontinued) investigation of sex offence. The alternative media in fact just contribute to smearing Assange. If they truly supported Assange they would focus on his journalistic feats.)

3. Seeing Assange as an agent: Assange is a CIA agent. He has agreed to play a role where he is punished for long time in order to deter others from being whistleblowers. He also contributed to replacing the leftist Ecuador regime by US puppets.

4. The NWO perspective: Same as 3. above but also assuming that the leftist regime (Correa, Patino) were part of the plan. The CIA involvement was just to give the leftist regime an excuse to hand over control of Ecuador to the CIA which (through Moreno gov’t) cast the country into turmoil with IMF-loans, riots, big corporation control, worse poverty for common people etc

Assange and Wikileaks are likely US operatives.

WikiLeaks as an independent news source is fake. If Assange had acted rationally he would have returned to Sweden to sort out the minor accusations with the police. He would not have hidden in an embassy for seven years.

US would have presented their accusations immediately and had WikiLeaks taken off the web (like e.g. anakata’s site).

At least some newspapers would have supported Assange. Now they cover up the case. None of the exposed war criminals went to trial. However most of the WikiLeaks collaborators did: Assange, Manning, Siggi, Craig Murray (former ambassador for the UK). Several had special connections to sex: Assange/the 2 girls, Pamela A., boasting about many kids according to his son, Manning/sex change, Siggi/convicted pedophile, ambassador Murray met his wife in an Uzbek strip joint, which she made a theater play about!

Wikileaks/Assange, notable facts

** US would immediately have taken WL of the web and prosecuted the site, if its material had endangered the lives of allies or smeared the US.

** Manning: 7500 documents leaked, no consequences for the soldiers, but Manning, Assange, Siggi, Craig Murray all went to jail for various reasons. collateral murder

** JA would have returned to Sweden and sorted out allegations, but he was seeking the embassy

** ISP: Amazon, Bahnhof, thoroughly establishment

* Wikileaks is founded by American interests. US-allied Iceland och Australia take part in founding Wikileaks. At first servers at Amazon are used. Amazon is part of the global media network. (It is owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns The Washington Post.) Later WL moved to Swedish host Bahnhof, ostensibly “Pirate Party”, but founder/PP member is part of influential Swedish family. The great grand father of Bahnhof founder/PP member was prime minister of Sweden!

* US allies Iceland, Australia involved

* Hrafnsson has media background

* Leaks are extensive, but no specific demands for change are made

* Not one single war crime is brought to court.

* The only cases brought to court were the whistleblowers: Manning and Assange

* occasional “close to” war crimes are shown but there is an explanation why things went wrong (the photographers had a camera that looked like a weapon). The leaks therefore help explain innocents being killed instead of bringing them justice.

* some leaks are pointless and resemble advertising, like the “Amazon atlas”

* star leak is trans-person, HBTQ often promoted by globalists

* trans-person can be looked upon as unreliable (genetic and perceived sex different) making leak “uncertain”

* no escape attempts from the embassy, often no police present

* STRANGE scaffolding and THREATENING burglary attempt – media stunts

* Wikileaks claims to be extorted for as much as €3 M for CCTV of Julian and lawyer documents

* publishing racy picture with Pamela Anderson even though he is being investigated for a sex crime

* his hosts criticize him for personal hygiene and not cleaning up after cat (if you claim to risk death penalty or close, how can you risk your asylum on these details)

* skateboarding on video does not look like he really is into it

* why skate on wooden floors that can be damaged, which he has been criticized for

* Wikileaks has media campaign before extradition: 1. Pamela Anderson 2. Gitmo Express (USAF plane used for extraordinary rendition, like to Guantanamo base) in London 3. police agents at embassy

* keeping cat, eating vegetarian burgers with Pamela Anderson, skateboarding (punk culture) – makes us think that only “soy boys and quiche eaters” criticize US warfare

* unshaven and messy hair shows disrespect to hosts, in particular in South American country

* Julian looks worn, holds book by Vidal: This is to “make a Chomsky” – make us believe that only old, theorist fools criticize US warfare

* globalists often work both sides. Wikileaks can now identify whistleblowers; filter, edit and publish leaks

* chat w/ Manning will not lead to punishment worth staying 7 years in embassy for

* Wikileaks star leak Chelsea Manning has passed gender affirmation surgery. Only 10 out of 1.3 million US soldiers have done that. Trans-sexuals are often promoted by globalist interests.

* Manning leaked much information and images but it led to no indictment. Leaking 750.000 documents but no revealing secrets makes her a fake.

* why didn’t the US reveal this very moderate indictment against Assange?

* when all inconsistent behavior is noted, trolls that criticized Assange switch and defend him

* US supporter Oliver Stone visited Julian at the embassy. Stone has also promoted the movie about Kamphuis colleague Bill Binney, ex NSA.

* Assange ha not learnt Spanish, at least refuses to answer the question if he has at least tried to do it

* ‘rude ungrateful and meddling‘ (The Guardian)

* Assange claims to be under death threat but still forfeits his asylum as described above. This is done by, among other things, Wikileaks threaten to take Ecuador to court only because the embassy uses CCTV! Assange even smears faeces on the walls of the embassy!

* Assange demamds to send Tweets that are politically sensitive for Ecuador.

* President Trump has recently switched to a more negative attitude to Wikileaks. Maybe to cover up a US connection to the website.

* Why wasn’t Assange questioned by Swedish police over a video link from the Ecuadorian embassy?

* Assange had been in contact with both Swedish and British police w/out being arrested or extradited to the US. In this situation, it is not reasonable to seek asylum. He ought to have cleared out the (minimal) accusations of sex crime w/ the police.

* Assange wore an ankle monitor and reported daily to British police for 18 mo, instead of returning to Sweden to sort out the minor accusations! He claimed Sweden would extradite him to US. But he had recently been in contact with police, in Sweden, without being arrested. And intelligence work much more closely between UK & US than between Sweden & US. (His true agenda was to infiltrate the Ecuadorian embassy.) Assange should have returned to Sweden to clear out the minor accusations with the police. This is also the opinion of Amnesty International that does not consider him a political prisoner.

* obsessed with justice/Assange: 18 months ankle monitor, 7 years house arrest, 1 year prison and counting … “But he showed Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny that she was wrong. He did not go to Sweden!”

* obsessed with justice/Manning: Threatens to starve herself to death instead of going to court and reply evadingly to questions. (Why hasn’t she the “right to remain silent”.)

* obsessed with justice/Bini: Asked for all documents in English. After that asked for all in Swedish. When that finally arrived he finally refused to sign.

* Manning going in and out of jail. Serious whistleblowers would not have movie, opera, book, off-Broadway show about them, like Manning and Binney (sic!, not Bini).

* Assange, Manning, Bini, Binney – all show trials/cases making headlines out of petty accusations. They are not seriously investigated. The judicial processes are there only to create an image of “enemy of the state” out of US agents.

* Assange, Manning, Bini: eat vegetarian food, go to prison, have special characteristics Assange looked like a hobo when carried out of the embassy, Manning is trans, Bini is punk. Assange and Thordarson are suspected sex criminals, Manning trans. – Some of these properties could have been added for effect. This interview w/ a WikiLeaks worker even suggests that Manning’s sexual identity could be constructed.

* When Bini learns that he is wanted, he first Tweets that he is busted, then collects his electronic equipment, goes to the airport and is arrested. (If the accusations were real he would naturally do like Patinño – try to escape the country by land, in low profile.

* Ardin (a christian) together with christian Social Democrats invited Assange. Ardin made friends with Assange. Ardin has worked with anti-Castro/pro US activities. She would not make friends with him if he was a political oponent. Christians are often pro-US.

* The Western press including the Swedish have a very positive attitude towards the US. They also treat Assange, Manning, Bini like rock stars, not like spies or traitors. These actors work for the US.

* One Swedish forum that often publishes the full names of people in the news mostly referred to the girls Assange dated by initials only.

* US keep charges secret and add charges after arrest. (Same unclear prosecution as in Bini case)

* How come Hrafnsson dares go to UK? Why isn’t he afraid of being extradited to the US? Like Ola Bini, Assange seems to be the only person of interest. Neither has the US tried to take WikiLeaks off line.

* AFTER being extracted from the embassy Assange claims his long beard is due to his shaver being taken from him, three months eselier. Even a UN torture rapporteur confirms this! Why didn’t Assange get a new shaver? Why didn’t he report such an obvious infringement of his rights earlier?

* If someone takes his shaver he refuses to shave for three months and calls in UN torture experts.

* If Swedish police want some simple answers from Assange he refuses and has to use an ankle monitor for 18 months, holes up in an embassy for 7 years, goes to prison for one year and … still counting (June 2019)

* Why is the US not trying to shut down Wikileaks?

* Ardin and Assange partied w/ Rick Falkvinge, PiratPartiet 2010 08 15. The Pirate Party is suspected false flag, according to the author of this blog.

Julian Assange (rt), Aug 15 2010, practically all the time since then in house arrest or prison (now 2020). What authorities later investigated as one of two “rape victims”, on the left. Alleged sexual assault took place two days before this picture was taken and first reported one week later, five days after this picture was taken. The possible rape victim looks unexpectedly relaxed together with Assange.

* The Guardian has always opposed Assange. But now they say he does not need to face justice in the US. (They may plan to support Assange against Trump.)

* Assange’s health is said to suddenly deteriorate after leaving the embassy. No reason is given. This may be a trick to avoid further imprisonment. Assange was useful as a US agent in the embassy. But there is no gain in locking him up. A UN expert on torture is expected to ask the British government not to extradite Assange.

* Selfies of Assange from inside the Belmarsh “Guantanamo” high security prison appear in the news! Even video! Cameras are not allowed in prisons.

* If Assange or Manning would threaten US interests seriously, they would have been locked away for good. Assange would not be able to publish video from prison.

* Why didn’t Assange just go back to Sweden and cleared out the minimal accusations? He just came from Sweden and had had contact with the police there, without being extradited.

* The two girls that started the entire process are claimed to be groupies. But AA is very likely CIA (e.g. she Tweets that). Both girls w/ military in family. SW was professionally scrubbed from the web, soon after the incident. She was given a new identity and has gone underground ever since, even though court proceedings continue. She is now represented by the same lawyer that has represented the son of former PM Reinfeldt. A book mentioning her has an anonynous author. An artist claiming to verify her studies in Wales has worked in Melbourne – Assange’s home town. She is no ordinary groupie, which the main narrative claims.

* In June-19 it is decided the extradition will be decided in Feb.-20. Such a long delay until the hearing is imposed to hold the hearing during election year.

Manning 720.000 documents did not harm the US to much extent. Assange’s image has been inflated beyond reason by the media. All this may have been done by the media to write articles during election year about how the “evil Trump” is a threat to free speech by extraditing Assange. Possibly Assange will also be given fake “Russian” information to smear Trump.

* September-19 Assange’s time in prison for skipping bail runs out on Sep. 22. Authorities wish to keep him incarcerated until a hearing in February 2020. A judge presents him the possibility of applying to be released on bail. However he refuses to even apply! He obviously wishes to make himself a victim. News media try to cover up this incident by claiming the judge or his lawyer made this decision. -1- -2-

* Assange was part of a chain of events that led to Edward Snowden being stranded in Russia.

* Both Assange and Kamphuis basically used legal methods to expose/protect from US/the system. But both suffered severe consequences. Both are showcases that we should not criticize the system, not even in legal ways.

* WL started on Amazon server. It continued on Banhof Sweden. Both easily controlled by US gov’t. (Swedish gov’t would immediately pull the plug on WL if US asked.) But US gov’t let WL continue. “Collateral murder” was published 2010. But US did not raise any accusations until opening a closed indictment in 2019(?). The US is not after WL, it is not after Hrafnsson, it does not want to stop these leaks. It only wants to make a showcase of Assange to scare others from exposing US military.

* Assange’s team has long claimed that he was constantly spied upon by surveillance cameras, in the embassy. During the extradition hearing in 2020, however, it emerges that he fathered 2 children in the embassy, met his fiancee daily there and also one of his sons. It also emerges in news papers that the police surveillance of the embassy had been withdrawn. // “However, a round-the-clock policing operation by Scotland Yard had been withdrawn following a public backlash over the spiralling £13.2 million cost.” // He could easily have escaped from the balcony or other ways, if he had wanted. But he was under order to stay in the embassy.

* Assange’s team are no peace activists. His fiancee and lawyer is highly likely an American agent. Her father left Cuba in 1959, probably fled from Castro and is pro US. She and the children live in the US. She works with globalist organizations like Jeanne Sauvé Foundation – Next Generation Public Leadership and the journal The New International. She even had to change her name to be able to work for Assange (like self-confessed agent Ardin). (Sara Gonzalez Devant -> Stella Morris) Like one of the Swedish girls (Wilén), Gonzales was scrubbed from the Internet before her appearance in court. (Mostly Western, US backed intelligence services can do that.)

* To smear Assange, many sexual connections are made, meeting two girls in liberated Sweden, anal intercourse, Siggi pedophile, Pamela Anderson, Pirate Party anakata went to Cambodia, at that time roumored for sex trade, PP member Swartz (WL server) on flicker with a pic of a penis & wrote a book about sex in Sweden & also gay which st the time was connected to oversexualized Pride parades.

In his book Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website, former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg claimed that Assange admitted to having multiple children. “Often I sat in large groups and listened to Julian boast about how many children he had fathered in various parts of the world,” Domschiet-Berg claimed.

* Trump meets Australian PM, but Assange is not discussed officially! Aussie PM accepts Assange’s predicament. It is part of a plan that also Assange knows of. If an Austrailian were detained to be tried for extradition to the US for journalist work, the PM would blow his top over this. Assange’s mother comments:


* The US delayed indictment nine years and did not demand the material should be removed from the Internet even though they later claimed it risked their partners lives.

* “coincidences”:

June 19, 2012: Assange enters Ecuador embassy

2013: Ola Bini is transferred to Ecuador

April 11, 2019: Assange is arrested in Ecuadorian Embassy, London

April 11, 2019: Bini is arrested in Ecuador

Feb. 24, 2020: Assange trial starts in London

Feb. 17, 2020: Bini trial starts in Ecuador

* During the trial Assange calls a specialist in neuropsychiatry. This leads to discussion about Assange’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, family history etc. Assange ought to have called experts in PTSD, reactive depression etc.

* Like Greta Assange’s background includes actors. His stepfather Brett was an actor who ran a nomadic theatre company with his mother, according to “Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography“. Strangely no authorized biography has been written.

* Assange is investigated by a neuropsychiatrist. Assange has no brain defect.

* According to “Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography” his family was stalked and terrorized by a blond man with a Scandinavian given name Leif Meynell, also known as Leif Hamilton, a member of Australian cult The Family, led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne. They dyed their members hair blond. Assange claims Leif also dyed his hair blonde.(Compare Assanges own strange hair color.)

Being stalked by a blond man, member of a cult dying their hair blond, carrying a Scandinavian name fits well with the anti Nordic agenda, part of the global agenda.

This information has not been verified outside the unauthorized autobiography. It may be false. But if Assange did not agree with this image of his childhood, he ought to have challenged the publication and brought it to court.

* Assange’s positive coverage in media, including photos, confirms that he is a West agent.

This coverage turned to the opposite later in his career when media depicted him as “the sex criminal that got away” in order to show that anyone criticizing the US will face trouble.



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2022 02 06 Earlier: Kamila Valieva doping case rigged

2022 02 05 Earlier: Norwegian public service attacking Russia [Nordic sports /2]

2022 02 04 Earlier: Greta Thunberg discriminates (2)

2022 02 01 Earlier: indigenous peoples are only used for conflict. They will also be conformed.

2022 01 31 Earlier: nazi & other smearing of [Nordic sports /1]

2022 01 30 Earlier: Greta, criticism

2022 01 27 Earlier: Nobel prize to stop sexual violence, not wars.

2022 01 26 Earlier: Catalán Sharp murder media coverage cover up multi-nationals’ control. Belgium made a mess of Congo and now of Europe.

2022 01 25 Earlier: Catalán, Sharp, coltan, Congo, conflict; Assange, Manning, Bini, Kamphuis, Snowden, Kashoggi

2022 01 24 Earlier: Greta Thunberg’s backers, dangerously trying to recreate the Chinese cultural revolution

2022 01 23 Earlier: Northvolt global mess

2022 01 22 Earlier: Next crisis

2022 01 21 Earlier: Greta demonstrations rigged, express apartheid

2022 01 20 Earlier: Media covers up WEF 2022

2022 01 18 Earlier: Turkey

2022 01 17 Earlier: EU energy stavation agenda, cable refused

2022 01 16 Earlier: Energy crisis in Europe

2022 01 15 Earlier: Northvolt, EU – green socialism

2022 01 14 Earlier: Tesla, EU – socialism

2022 01 13 Earlier: Assange revealed US war crimes.

2022 01 12 Earlier: Going virtual

2022 01 11 Earlier: EU lets eastern European nuclear crisis grow

2022 01 07 Earlier: Ukraine Jewish president doesn’t fight nazis [-2-]

2022 01 05 Earlier: EU single candidate system

2022 01 04 Earlier: EU self destructive gas boycott

2022 01 03 Earlier: Hong Kong democracy clamp down

2022 01 02 Earlier: Silk Road, China is becoming part of the global agenda.

2021 12 31 Earlier: Global takeover

2021 12 27 Earlier: Biden acts senile not to have to fulfill his promises.

2021 12 26 Earlier: US and EU construct energy crisis in Europe. (press spoiler button at link target)

2021 12 23 Earlier: Christmas feeling

2021 12 22 Earlier: Privatization down sides, illustrated by Elon Musk

2021 12 21 Earlier: Kamala Harris – the fall guy?

2021 12 20 Earlier: nuclear delay

2021 12 19 Earlier: Northvolt – just a green delusion?

2021 12 17 Earlier: Reasons for the energy crisis

2021 12 14 Earlier: The crises are constructed

2021 12 08 Earlier: USA/EU democracy failure

2021 12 04 Earlier: EU uses psychological warfare against the European peoples.

2021 12 01 Earlier: Greta covers up four things

2021 11 30 Earlier: Greta is too white

2021 11 28 Earlier: Market economy, energy crisis

2021 11 27 Earlier: Musk and Tesla go for feodalism

2021 11 26 Earlier: EU exploits Ukraine

2021 11 10 Earlier: Climate refugees

2021 11 08 Earlier: Musk vs authorities

2021 11 04 Earlier: Refugees from EU

2021 11 03 Earlier: EU energy scam helps the EU

2021 10 28 Earlier: Putin helps the EU

2021 10 27 Earlier: EU constructs energy crisis

2021 10 28Earlier: shirking responsibility

2021 10 27 Earlier: Biden no climate action

2021 10 26 Earlier: origins of climate theory

2021 10 25 Earlier: Greta Thunberg builds generation gap

2021 10 24 Earlier: climate predictions

2021 10 23 Earlier: child shaming

2021 10 22 Earlier: Greta Thunberg discriminates (1 )

2021 10 21 Earlier: big oil not at COP26. Greta anonymous in Sweden.

2021 10 20 Earlier: European energy crisis

2021 10 17 Earlier: Weapons of mass migration

2021 10 16 Earlier: Streisand effect, muslims

2021 10 15 Earlier: information shifts

2021 10 08 Earlier: The cold war is back

2021 10 05 Earlier: The climate weapon

2021 09 25 Earlier: Banks, big corporations

2021 09 19 Earlier: Aukus

2021 09 09 Earlier: The Fall of Rome

2021 09 07 Earlier: Greta – the witch doctor.

2021 09 03 Earlier: Construct problems to split the population.

2021 08 30 Earlier: Energy consumption stops crypto.

2021 08 15 Earlier: Big corps

2021 08 10 Earlier: Argumentation against the person

2021 08 08 Earlier: Climate models exaggerated.

2021 08 06 Earlier: Olympic gold sprinter Jacobs’ nutritionist under police investigation for distribution of anabolic steroids. Attacking the messenger/person.

2021 07 23 Earlier: Controlled opposition

2021 07 20 Earlier: Globalization is dysfunctional.

2021 06 30 Earlier: EU demands elicit government crisis in Sweden.

2021 06 29 Earlier: EU climate tariffs

2021 06 25 Earlier: EU m.o. is crisis. Crisis timeline

2021 06 24 Earlier: Is Greta Thunberg bluffing about her education? [ -1-, -2- ]

2021 06 23 Earlier: Greta Thunberg uses parliament for dancing not debate.

2021 06 22 Earlier: The privatization of space activities is at the expense of research and development.

2021 06 21 Earlier: Greta accuses Nordic countries vaguely, without presenting evidence.

2021 06 20 Earlier: Fake government crisis

2021 06 19 Earlier: EU ramps up CO2. Media twists refugees from US warfare to be “climate refugees”.

2021 06 18 Earlier: US keeps up the oil price.

2021 06 16 Earlier: EU supports regime that encourages death squads.

2021 06 14 Earlier: EU creates cold war

2021 06 12 Earlier: US out of lockdown but not Europe

2021 05 27 Earlier: EU puppet regime, Belarus

2021 05 26 Earlier: EU fakes hi-jack to buy Belarus.”

2021 05 24 Earlier: climate “science

2021 05 22 Earlier: nwo m.o.

2021 04 24 Earlier: Cryptocurrencies hype yet another way to deprive country through reduced tax base. Bitcoin “mining” is really transfer fee. Ethereum hacker became lawful owner of loot.

2021 04 22 Earlier: Tesla crash used to hide lack of sales

2021 04 19 Earlier: climate attack on Nordic countries

2021 04 14 Earlier: US – taliban win-win

2021 04 13 Earlier: Resistance to EU/global control is connected to nazis, terrorists etc.

2021 04 10 Earlier: Media and politicians attack white men.

2021 04 03 Earlier: National states vaccinate more efficiently

2021 04 02 Earlier: Covid is used to form airline monopoly

2021 04 01 Earlier: Airlines don’t want you to travel!

2021 03 31 Earlier: Biden attacks Europe using the climate agenda.

2021 03 20 Earlier: EU-Covid

2021 03 18 Earlier: Georgia

2021 03 12 Earlier: Holodomór terror famine

2021 03 09 Earlier: Biden chosen by Dems meant manipulating democracy to promote Harris.

2021 02 21 Earlier: Archeology on Mars is psychological warfare.

2021 02 06 Earlier: Will agriculture and food supply be the next crises?

2021 02 02 Earlier: Tesla stock is inflated to support green take over by f.ex EU.

2021 01 31 Earlier: Bill Gates knew society would respond to Covid with disproportionate strength.

2021 01 30 Earlier: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a decoy (1)

2021 01 29 Earlier: The true nature of The (not so) Great Reset

2021 01 12 Earlier: starvation

2021 01 08 Earlier: Trump-Assange agenda

2021 01 06 Earlier: Global lockdown

2020 12 26 Earlier: Maggie Thatcher on EU.

2020 12 26 Earlier: Brexit – a complete success for UK.

2020 12 12 Earlier: Covid mostly affects politicians media dislike.

2020 12 01 Earlier: European Union 7 year budget negotiations 2020.

2020 11 30 Earlier: Belarus 2020 – “revolution” is only newspaper feminist agenda and likely EU influencing

2020 11 26 Earlier: Greta – the modern Don Quixote

2020 11 25 Earlier: EU-satellite deals are better than EU membership.

2020 11 23 Earlier: Future of globalization

2020 11 22 Earlier: Climate doom

2020 11 22 Earlier: Dictatorship: Sweden ban meetings.

2020 11 10 Earlier: Internet communication has led to globalists going for broke.

2020 11 06 Earlier: Diet and body shape are abused to divide the population

2020 11 01 Earlier: Globalism will bring chaos until units of control are shrunk.

2020 10 16 Earlier: Authorities still havn’t published recommendations for those w/symtoms, positive test or anyone really.

2020 10 15 Earlier: Corona restrictions will demand rewriting the constitution.

2020 10 13 Earlier: Greta is not environmental, she is EU and Hong Kong activist.

2020 10 12 Earlier: Greta turns to Macron, not Swedish politicians.

2020 10 08 Earlier: The climate issue is political.

2020 10 02 Earlier: Is the Estonia ferry disaster fake?

2020 09 20 Earlier: Assange trial

2020 09 08 Earlier: Globalists incite subversion and rebellion against the national government

2020 09 05 Earlier: Soros, Nixon, FED

2020 08 31 Earlier: Activism creates tthe problems it claims to counteract.

2020 08 28 Earlier: European Union

2020 08 18 Earlier: EV-charging

2020 08 15 Earlier: Sweden pays Italian Olympics.

2020 08 14 Earlier: Media spread mental problems.

2020 08 11 Earlier: Soros is a decoy.

2020 08 09 Earlier: When Soros crashed Sweden.

2020 08 07 Earlier: Brexit will increase EU power.

2020 08 05 Earlier: Controlling Europe through debt

2020 08 03 Earlier: polarization

2020 08 02 Earlier: “Covid rescue” illegal in two ways

2020 07 26 Earlier: “Covid rescue” is really euro bailout

2020 07 25 Earlier: False idols look appealing

2020 07 23 Earlier: PM Löfven tricked out of EU rebate.

2020 07 20 Earlier: Macron & Merkel dictate the EU agenda

2020 07 12 Earlier: Immigrants ridiculed in headline for not recieving information

2020 07 10 Earlier: white males – slandered in media

2020 07 05 Earlier: US elections – a show for foreign countries

2020 07 03 Earlier: Cross-country skiing champion Marit Bjorgen – a product of the globalist agenda

2020 06 20 Earlier: Swedish PM splits Nordic unity for no reason. – He must be under globalist control.

2020 06 18 Earlier: Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter [BLM]

2020 06 16 Earlier: The Brexit dilemma (1)

2020 06 12 Earlier: Why the media hate Latin America

2020 06 11 Earlier: Why the UK can not get a deal with the EU.

2020 06 10 Earlier: Why SpaceX recovers boosters.

2020 05 27 Earlier: Send Greta to the European Union to stop Corona recovery. We in Northern Europe are paying for it.

2020 05 22 Earlier: Blackmail the European Union

2020 05 02 Earlier: Norwegian police never tries to find the missing person

2020 05 06 Earlier: Fairy tales newspapers compose

2020 05 02 Earlier: Elon Musk plays the fool

2020 04 30 Earlier: Brexit, current status

2020 04 12 Earlier: fake rebels

2020 04 06 Earlier: The government/press/elite are less likely to use espionage against other states, but would rather use it against their own people.

2020 03 25 Earlier: Corona & climate – full panic but no real action taken.

2020 03 12 Earlier: US elections 2020 are rigged.

2020 03 08 Earlier: US liberal chaos is only for export.

2020 02 29 Earlier: Assange extradition trial

2020 01 27 Earlier: Is Mars rover “Curiosity” fake??

2020 01 25 Earlier: Climate gender conflicts

2020 01 22 Earlier: The scare factor

2020 01 20 Earlier: The European Union threatens w/ bank blockade to make United Kingdom to follow EU rules.

2019 12 19 Earlier: Neil Farage: Parties like SverigeDemokraterna (SD) become corrupt in the European Union.

2019 12 14 Earlier: Elon Musk is intentionally a poor role model, to destroy youth values.

2020 01 26 Earlier: Are Starlink spy satellites?

2019 12 08 Earlier: Obama tries to break US self confidence by cutting the space program.

2019 12 01 Earlier: Are the Iranian ayatollahs CIA-agents?

2019 11 26 Earlier: Arjen Kamphuis‘ disappearance

2019 10 10 Earlier: Greta Thunberg‘s true, dark motives

2019 08 10 Earlier: Edward Snowden – US operative

2019 04 14 Earlier: Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Ola Bini are likely American agents.

2019 04 12 Earlier: Ola Bini, Arjen Kamphuis connection

2019 02 01 Earlier: Elections 2018: Globalist parties pretended to have different opinions. Collaborate to favor large corporations at the expense of workers.

2019 02 01 Earlier: Bilderberg calling the shots: Center party is hi-jacked and Liberal party is ordered to self-exterminate.

2018 09 10 Earlier: News media gives birth to a political party – Ny Demokrati

2018 09 09 Earlier: All parties unite to refuse party SD posts as chairman according to election results.

2018 09 08 Earlier: The media monopoly sells outdated technology to the Swedish gov’t @ SEK 10 bn.

2018 09 07 Earlier: Feeding frenzy, the media monopoly disposes of politicians that do not follow the agenda

2018 09 06 Earlier: Quotes

2018 09 05 Earlier: Control of the Internet, Google, troll farms

2018 08 30 Earlier: Soros’ funds used to influence Swedish politics

2018 05 30 Earlier: Fake news

2018 05 22 Earlier: False flag awards

2018 05 10 Earlier: Who owns the news media

2018 05 01 Earlier: Journalist wounded by IS ?

2018 04 27 Earlier: The Cold War and other anti-Russian activities. The image of conflict; The useful enemy

2018 04 25 Earlier: Why only few air crash investigations are accurate. – Passengers lives are at an unnecessary risk.

2018 04 22 Earlier: The Iraq war 2003 was built on fake evidence. / So far, no accusations of chemical warfare have been proven true. / Also the war on IS was built on fake evidence.

2018 04 10 Earlier: Bjärred-case. Politically correct psychiatry exterminates a whole family?

2018 04 02 Earlier: UN obstructs murder investigation – UN supports an illegal regime. The true reason why Catalán and Sharp were killed.

2018 03 10 Earlier: The terrorists’ objectives

2018 03 01 Earlier: Tesla, Ubuntu/Linux – self destructive moles & Google, Facebook – political control mechanisms

2017 12 25 Earlier: Geopolitisk krigföring – Media/USA attackerar Europa med flyktingar. The enemy within. Weapons of Mass Migration

2017 12 18 Earlier: Destabilisering genom feminism och HBTQ

2017 12 15 Earlier: Destabilisering genom invandring

2017 12 12 Earlier: IOK saknar bevis – Internationella Olympiska Kommittén stänger av Ryssland utan bevis

2017 12 09 Earlier: Trump om Jerusalem – den verkliga orsaken till Trumps uttalande funnen

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Summary 04


Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


Nästa: (004) The Arjen Kamphuis – Ola Bini – connection


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