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Wikileaks, Assange, Ecuador, Ola Bini

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Wikileaks, Assange, Ecuador, Ola Bini

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How the US and Moreno government used Ola Bini to put the blame for a non-existing “spy operation” on Ricardo Patiño: SUMMARY


Julian Assange and Wikileaks allegedly work to expose war crimes. That is not true. They are a front for the US to control leaks. Recently they were also used to cover up a plot against the oil producing Republic of Ecuador.

Julian Assange/Wikileaks together with the Swedish programmer Ola Bini took part in a coordinated scheme to destabilize Ecuador. Bini is now under arrest.


2006: Wikileaks is founded by American interests. US-allied Iceland och Australia take part in founding Wikileaks. At first servers at Amazon are used. Amazon is part of the global media network. (It is owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns The Washington Post.)

Wikileaks is created by the US with the intention to control information leaks. They can thereby obtain information about who is leaking. They can edit leaks and publish the leaks in a context suitable for the US.

Assange fake rape case

2010: Assange has sexual relations with two Swedish girls. Maybe (or not) unknowingly to Assange, the girls have been hired by the globalist network. The Swedish police builds a fake rape case against Assange. (The girls themselves do not even wish to press charges against Assange.)


2012: Under the false pretence of fleeing from the Swedish police, Assange is granted asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Assange approaches Ecuador because he has been ordered to do so by his American employers, since Ecuador possesses oil. A process to destabilize Ecuador begins.

If something goes wrong in a country today, the country very likely possesses oil reserves: Ecuador, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria …

The reason for granting asylum gradually shifts from the Swedish fake rape charges to vague accusations of espionage on the US. No formal indictment is presented, but insinuations are given, f.ex a misprint in a court, revealing Assange’s name. Later these accusations also prove to mean very little. – They only refer to an incident where Assange discussed a password with Chelsea Manning. At most it could render Assange a couple of years in prison, but more likely he would be acquitted. It is also unclear if it really was Assange taking part in the chat. This incident ought to have been resolved in court long ago. But for this reason, Assange has been residing in the Ecuadorian embassy for 7 years!

Assange and Wikileaks terminate the asylum

Assange is arrested and carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. In his hand, a book by Gore Vidal: History of the National Security State

2019: Assange behaves increasingly erratically at the embassy. He looks like a bum, does not shave. He and his cat soil the embassy. Assange even smears faeces on the walls of the embassy! He is evicted.

An intelligent journalist, fearing for his life, claiming to need protection would never risk his asylum by such erroneous behaviour.

The eviction is also preceded by a media campaign by Wikileaks: Pamela Anderson visits Julian, a leak about a US prisoner transport plane in London is published, police agents are said to be at the embassy etc. Wikileaks also threatens to take Ecuador to court because it uses surveillance cameras in the embassy. – A completely irrelevant move by Wikileaks, taken to further confront Ecuador and make them evict Assange.

At this time, Assange makes sure to be evicted from the embassy to draw attention from another, simultaneous, more important event in Ecuador. It is described in the following:

Ola Bini

Ola Bini

Bini receives crypto training in the US

2007: The Swedish programmer Ola Bini is employed by a US company. He used to work on programming languages but is now taught encryption. In 2008 he tries to open a branch office in Sweden, no traces of that can be found today. In 2010 he is transferred to Chicago. He learns encryption. In 2013 he is further transferred to Ecuador. In October 2017 he leaves the company and he is set to work at an independent firm in Quito, together with two Russian (?) girls amd others. The US company keeps their office in Quito.

spy operation and blackmail

April 2019: Minister of the Interior María Paula Romo (feminist lawyer) claims that Ola has tapped in on Ecuadorian state secrets. Ola is connected to Wikileaks: He has made 12 visits to Assange in London 12, probably ordered by his former employer.

the INA-papers

An attempt to blackmail president Moreno is said to have taken place. – The “INA-papers”

It is said the blackmailers try to make president Moreno protect Assange. But in fact the whole plan is a joint attack of the US (Ola’s former employer) and the Moreno government on the previous government. (The attack started when Assange was inserted into the embassy, during the former, leftist government, as a disturbance.

Ola is said to be connected to the blackmail through embassy visit logs and he is arrested.

The spy who Tweeted about his bust!

Ola does not act rationally. When minister Romo announces that Ola is wanted, Ola Tweets that he is busted, gathers his spy equipment, heads for the airport and is arrested!

The “INA-papers” show the luxurious life of the president:

Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno having lobster in bed. Picture leaked in the “INA-papers”.

The INA-papers contain pictures of president Moreno’s luxurious life and also documents suggesting bribery. They were known in Ecuador but made international headlines when Wikileaks mentioned them on Twitter. Media claim this is one reason Assange was evicted. Maybe this could contain some truth. But why would Wikileaks do such a stupid thing and risk the asylum of Julian? (Wikileaks is just another US operator, now trying to move attention away from the US and onto Wikileaks.) It is all about covering up the entire “spy operation” of Ola Bini. The pictures are just a small superficial part of it. The rest is certainly connected to oil and an attack on the previous government.

Minister Romo says Ola has spied for the previous government. Air travel logs show that he and former foreign minister Patiño have made coinciding trips.

More true is probably that the US and Moreno gov’t put Ola on the same same flights as Patiño in order to claim collusion. Patiño must flee the country, like Correa did before. Patiño may have done nothing wrong in this case.

The US and Moreno government put Ola on the same flights as Patiño to frame Patiño. President Moreno leaks his own holiday photos. They then falsely claim that Ola and Patiño colluded in a spy scheme to obtain the pictures. Ola’s former US employer makes Ola visit Assange 12 times. This connection to Wikileaks is used to explain the espionage by a false claim that Ola wanted to help Wikileaks, when in fact he is a US agent. The connection to Wikileaks is constructed to keep Ola’s US background out of attention.

Like ex-president Correa before him, ex-foreign minister Patiño must now leave the country.

Both Ola Bini and Julian Assange were sent to Ecuador/embassy around the same time 6-7 years ago to destabilize the leftist government. Both are US agents and were recently extracted at the same time to prisons in friendly states.

In Sweden, Germany and many other countries, “refugees” are used to destabilize the countries. The “refugee” Assange was used in the same way against Ecuador.

Patiño was involved in the Nicaraguan Sandinista revolution in the 80’s. October 2018 he mentioned blocking roads and authorities in a speech. This is a further reason for trying to arrest him. But he flees to Mexico via a car trip to Peru. Correa already exiled in his wife’s home country Belgium. The present plan, including Ola is part of larger scheme agsinst the former government.

The connection between the spy Ola and the global media network is evident by the positive press reviews Ols receives. The global media network is pro US/Deep State.

former employer

Olas former employer is a US crypto expert company that f.ex arranges meetings on Wikileaks and a hackathon in Julians home town Melbourne. It has 40 offices world wide. Olas present company has two offices, in Quito and Sao Paolo. Two of his former employer’s 40 offices also reside in these cities. As well as Wikileaks, these firms are also fronts for US intelligence.

The US and the current government of Ecuador jointly are trying to put the blame on Wikileaks and the former Correa/Patiño government. Coincidences of air travel between Ola and Patiño are presented. Wikileaks is in fact pro US. In this case it is used to take the blame for other actors that are more easily connected to the US, like Ola’s employers.

cover up

The US has covered up its presence by:

1. employing non-americans (a Swede and two Russians)

2. transferring Ola from the US company to an independent company

Sofia Celi

3. employing two beautiful Russian girls (pictured above) to be used as decoys and center of attention (with “Russian hackers” stamped on their foreheads) when the scandal goes public. They may also have been personal assistants and supervisors of Ola when Ola focused entirely on his work. The girls are not main characters of this plot.

4. as described above: letting Ola Bini visit Assange 12 times. This will connect the Swedish-American spy to Wikileaks while his true employer – the US, is hidden.

5. order Assange to behave disorderly and even smear faeces on the embassy walls. The Wikileaks team also threatens the state of Ecuador for spying on Julian. The president clearly suggested this was the final straw that lead to his eviction. The eviction helped cover up for the simultaneous bust of the Swedish-American spy Ola Bini in Ecuador. The bust becomes connected to Assange/Wikileaks and not to the US.

Julian and Ola came to Ecuador/the embassy during the same period. After about 6-7 years, both their lives independently collapsed, in London and Quito, at exactly the same time. Both arrived in Ecuador during the leftist government but now that Ecuador is more US friendly, their services may not be needed.

the oil connection

In addition to Ecuador Ola Bini has also visited Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, England and Spain.

The four largest oil producing countries in South America are: 1. Venezuela 2. Brazil 3. Colombia 4. Ecuador

If something goes wrong in a country today, the country very likely possesses oil reserves: Ecuador, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria …

What happened to Ola can be compared to what happened to Michael Sharp, Zaida Catalán, Arjen Kamphuis and Yulia Skripal.

Arjen Kamphuis also worked with Americans that claimed to work against US government. Kamphuis, like Ola was non-American. Both were given expense accounts and lead a jet-set life. Both Arjen and Ola ran into problems.

The connection to Arjen Kamphuis.

News media use Wikileaks and Assange to present American war crimes in a way that will not lead to demands for change. Before (and to some extent, still) the same was done with the Palestinians/Israel.

The Manning leak is so large and vague that it will only lead to general complaints, no to any change. Being a trans-person, Manning is viewed by many as not reliable (“not being of the sex she claims to be”). Manning and Assange are plants.

A bearded, worn, seemingly confused Assange, carried out of the embassy, holding a book by Vidal reminds of Chomsky – Making us think of some old intellectual, criticizing the US in irrelevant ways.


The refugee as a weapon

News media influence the public opinion to make Ecuador accept the “refugee” Assange in the same way as Sweden, Germany and other many countries are made to accept extreme amounts of immigrants from incompatible cultures (“weapons of mass migration”) – a common method to destabilize countries, in this case Ecuador and Sweden .

President Moreno has even described Assange as ‘rude, ungrateful and meddling‘. He and the minister of the interior told how Assange smeared faeces on the walls of the embassy! The Wikileaks team threatened to take the government of Ecuador to court for using surveillance cameras where Assange resided. He does not seem to have made any efforts to learn Spanish.

This clearly shows that Assange’s claims are false. He is an intelligent person and a journalist knowing how media and governments work. He claims to be a refugee living under death threat. – In this situation no person would ever behave so poorly that his hosts are forced to terminate his asylum.

Media like the press/Wikileaks raise extreme demands on the governments of Sweden/Ecuador to comply with the wishes of the refugees that have been imposed on them by media pressure. This destabilizes the two countries.

The extensive mass immigration in Sweden, Germany and many other countries is a highly effective means to destabilize them.

The refugee as a weapon: Weapons of mass migration (The page is in Swedish language, please use translation tools readily available on the page.)

Julian Assange evicted after smearing faeces on embassy walls, Ecuador president says.

‘He exhausted our patience and pushed our tolerance to the limit’.

(The minister of the interior has also verified this.)

The final straw came “two days ago”, president Moreno suggested, when WikiLeaks directly “threatened the government of Ecuador”. On Tuesday Assange’s legal team gave a press conference in which they accused Quito of illegally spying on him.

A wicked scheme by the US, Wikileaks and Assange was put in action when Assange met the two Swedish girls in 2010. They probably all knew, at that time, that their meetings would incur extensive political consequences.

Assange and Wikileaks are likely US operatives.

Wikileaks/Assange, notable facts

* Wikileaks started at Amazon (Bezos)
* US allies Iceland, Australia involved
* Hrafnsson has media background
* Leaks are extensive, but no specific demands for change are made
* star leak is trans-person, HBTQ often promoted by globalists
* trans-person can be looked upon as unreliable (genetic and perceived sex different) making leak “uncertain”
* no escape attempts from the embassy, often no police present
* STRANGE scaffolding and THREATENING burglary attempt – media stunts
* Wikileaks claims to be extorted for as much as €3 M for CCTV of Julian and lawyer documents

* publishing sexy picture with Pamela Anderson even though he is investigated for sex crime
* his hosts criticize him for personal hygiene and ot cleaning up after cat (if you claim to risk death penalty or close, how can you risk your asylum on these details)
* skateboarding on video does not look like he really is into it
* why skate on wooden floors that can be damaged, which he has been criticized for
* Wikileaks has media campaign before extradition: 1. Pamela Anderson 2. Gitmo Express in London 3. police agents at embassy
* keeping cat, eating vegetarian burgers with Pamela Anderson, skateboarding (punk culture) – makes us think that only “soy boys and quiche eaters” criticize US warfare
* unshaven and messy hair shows disrespect to hosts, in particular in South American country
* Julian looks worn, holds book by Vidal: This is to make a “Chomsky” – make us believe that only old, theorist fools criticize US warfare
* globalists often work both sides. they can thereby identify whistleblowers; filter, edit and publish leaks
* chat w/ Manning will not lead to punishment worth staying 7 years in embassy for
* why didn’t the US reveal this very moderate indictment
* when all inconsistent behavior is noted, trolls that criticized Assange switch and defend him
* US supporter Oliver Stone visited Julian at the embassy. Stone has also recommended the movie about Kamphuis colleague Bill Binney, ex NSA.
* has not learnt Spanish, at least refuses to answer the question if he has at least tried to do it
* ‘rude ungrateful and meddling‘ (The Guardian)



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