05. Methods: 5.010.00 misguiding criticism; the anti-semite card

05. Methods: 5.10 misleading criticism

To mislead and misdirect criticism is probably one of the most important mechanisms used by media when they issue false flag attacks on actors they in fact try to protect. They attack other aspects than the one needed to be critizised. They may attack minor aspects or aspects that can not be changed etc

[misguiding criticism,misleading criticism]

When the false flag party Alternativ för Sverige or social media trolls make false flag attacks on immigration, they may attack resonable aspects of immigrants, f.ex. how they dress:


When news media criticize immigration they often try to criticize the religion of the immigrants and also focus terrorism on religion.

“Jag körde på otrogna”

 Vänder sig Akilov mot de som har utomäktenskapliga förbindelser?


Israel is criticized for its actions with Syria, Palestine, religious practice, arrogant personal behavior, distorting the history about the concentration camps … … …  but never how Jewish interests run Swedish newspapers.

Jewishness is defined by genetics, religious practice … but never how networks of individuals of Jewish origin run news media world wide.

Israel is often criticized in media. But only for what happens in Israel. It is not really the business of Swedish people. But in doing this, media leads us to believe that this is the major problem of Jewish actions. When it comes to Sweden, the media monopoly, owned by Jewish interests, running Sweden not for its own best but for foreign interests, is the problem.

This criticism makes other imitate the attack and continue this distorted form of criticism. The attackers will be counterattacked for illegitimate criticism and can never form serious criticism themselves.

Media tries to make us form misguided criticism against the phenomena they bring on us without our consent, criticism that will not lead to change, criticism that at first may seem reasonable is easy refuted or illegal (“go fight with the lefties in the street”), criticism that can not be carried out.

Vid kritik av media brukar trollen hålla med om begränsad, ospecifik kritik som inte kan medföra några förändringar. “Tänk så dåliga tidningarna är.” ofta överdriver trollen hur dåligt det kommer att gå för MSM: “Gammelmedia är slut.”, “När SD vinner valet får SvT nya order.” (SD vinner inte detta val i alla fall (2018), även om de går framåt.)

Men i konkreta fall så försvarar ofta trollen sin arbetsgivare MSM.

MSM-trollen talar om rysstroll, trollfabrik i St Petersburg och “nyttiga idioter”. Men ryssar har inget intresse att störa Sverige. De som har intresse av att kontrollera Sverige är MSM som för detta använder troll.


The anti-semite card

Legitimate criticism of Israel and jewish activities is often branded as illegitimate anti-semitism. Here is one opinion.

For example. The New York Times (articles by f.ex. Judith Miller) made strong propaganda for the US entering the Iraq war. The SITE institute claims to have “found” the IS execution videos on the Internet. It is very posiible that the SITE institute produced them or obtained them from sources allied with the US/Israel. These videos were published without any reasonable wource criticism in Swedish newspapers.

The New York Times is owned by Jewish interests, the SITE institute is lead by a Jewish person. Swedish newspapers are owned by a monopoly formed by two Jewish families. Therefore it is logical to continue by investigating Jewish interests. Jewish interests are connected to globalization and international finance.

To use the term Jewish to describe these networks is legitimate. Naturally they also include non-jewish people and the term globalist can then often be used.

To investigate Jewish influence is fully legitimate, as it would be to investigate Russian, German, American or whatever if citizens of these countries owned a monopoly of newspapers in our county.

The anti-semite card

Russophobia is widely spread by Swedish and other newspaper but not acknowledged to the same degree.

When the effect of Jewish networks is investigated, trolls immediately try to divert the discussion into Judaism, the history of the Jewish people etc This is to try to make the criticism look illegitimate as if the religion or the people itself were criticized.

One argument is that the Jewish media owners are secular. But that is irrelevant. What is relevant is their connections to other Jewish media owners.

Att sprida russofobi är däremot helt normalt i t.ex. sociala forum. Det drar även uppmärksamheten från ämnet. Länken kommer från det för England och västsidan mycket pinsamma fallet med Skripals. Det mesta tyder på att väst ljugit ihop en historia om rysk nervgasattack. I det senare skedet måste britterna i det närmaste kidnappa Yulia Skripal och hålla henne isolerad. Allt förmodligen för att den sanna historien inte skall läcka ut.

if Americans make something bad we say it was done by the Americans. If Jewish people make something bad we say it was done by the Jews, but then we are suddenly anti-semites.

Another ‘fake news’ master-class from the Guardian. A bomb hoax to stop Corbyn-supporting, Jewish Labour members screening a film about how Labour’s ‘anti-semitism crisis’ has been manufactured is framed as *more* evidence of Jew hatred in the party! https://t.co/H2YzWD4Lv0
The Guardian





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