05. Methods: 5.009 Media hunt, feeding frenzy; mediedrev

This page has only been started. It mentions a few famous media hunts.

The given reason and the true reason for a media hunt are not the same.

The power of media lies in its ability to either cover up or expose. If it decides to expose, it can hunt a politician until it is forced to resign. Many politicians have committed errors during their career, but mostly those having opinions contradictory to media’s will  be hunted.

In articles on media hunts the line between serious criticism of politicians and media hunt are discussed. This is a problem but the true power of media is whom they choose to hunt.

The same goes for moderation of social foras. MSM controls major social foras and mostly posts contradictory to media’s opinions will be scrutinized in detail for parts that are “off topic” and can be removed. The same rules are not be applied to all posts.


The media hunt for Anna Kinberg-Batra has been described elsewhere in this blog. It was motivated by an alleged “lack of confidence” for her. The true reason was that she, as the leader of the party Moderaterna, had expressed doubts about the mass immigration. She was replaced by Ulf Kristersson, a politician fully in line with media’s wishes.

The case of Anders Borg has been mentioned elsewhere in this blog. He made a fool of himself at one social gathering, media caught on to it and he became impossible as the candidate for leader of M. He had also expressed doubts about the mass immigration. Whether his one time stupid behavior at a social gathering would ever have been reported if he had not expressed opinions contradictory to media’s, we will never know. Media continued to being up this incident long after it happened.

Håkan Juholt was the leader for the Social Democratic Party for a short period. The ostensible reason for the media hunt is described like this in Wikipedia:

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published an article in October 2011 claiming that Juholt had, from 2007 until his time as head of the Swedish Social Democratic Party in 2011, requested SEK 160,266 too much in allowance for the residence he shares with his partner. As a result of the claim, he immediately paid the money back and stated that he wasn’t aware of any rules. Later on, the senior public prosecutor concluded that no such rules existed at the time.

In spite of the court’s ruling the controversy continued to grow., seriously damaging the Social Democrats’ poll ratings. There was heated debate in the media over both Juholt’s and Aftonbladet’s conduct.

The true reason for the media hunt against Juholt may have been that he had expressed the opinion that democracy is dead in Sweden. This is a very sensitive issue. This blog agrees with Juholt’s opinion and has concluded that  news media and not the people of Sweden control the politicians.

In some news paper articles strange conclusions are drawn from Juholts criticism of Swedish democracy. They, probably falsely,  try to insinuate that he advocates a “strong man” system. This would  ot likely  not be a democracy either. It is probably how media tries to spin information that questions its power over politicians.

The Swedish government has also criticized his statements on democracy.




High politicians possibly receive apartments in Stockholm in “extraordinary” ways and media can choose to hunt or not hunt depending on the politicians views. Juholts mistake was small amd his political views caused the hunt.

The hunt on Freiwalds was ostensibly caused by conversion of her rented apartment to owning it. The true reason for the hunt on Freiwalds has not yet been found by this blog.

News media are not the guardians of the housing market. They go into action when a politician goes against their agenda. This blog does not know where Freiwalds went against media.


Other famous politicians exposed to media hunts:

Ove Rainer, Gudrun Schyman, Jan O Karlsson, Laila Freiwalds, Sten Tolgfors, Maria Borelius, Mona Sahlin, Sven-Otto Littorin,








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[Mediedreven kring fyra svenska toppolitiker En studie av hur mediernas granskningsfunktion riskerar att mynna ut i en avskedandemakt Magnus Laurin Malin Einarsson] [Ref]



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