Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, disappearance, summary


Tom Hagen, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (lawyer Svein Holden)

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, disappearance

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen disappears from her home on Oct 31, 2018. A ransom note is found. For 8 months the police treat this as a kidnapping but then switch to call it a killing. The main reason for now labeling the case a murder is that the alleged kidnappers did not communicate or did not communicate as expected.

– Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is still most likely to be subject to a serious criminal offense, but we consider it less likely that we are facing an abduction with an economic motive. The main hypothesis has therefore been changed to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen being killed, police inspector Tommy Brøske said at a press conference.

vg June 26, 2019

Investigations of the husband do not start until after 8 months and only last for a few months

For months, therefore, the police have been investigating Hagen in secret.

After the NRK gets informed, the hidden investigation must have been ongoing since the summer of 2019..
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The main suspect is her husband. He is very wealthy, portrayed as extremely mean, only giving his wife 0.01% of his fortune in a prenup. The most common photo in media shows a man with sinister looks and a nose possibly bearing witness of long time alcohol consumption. The wife looks friendly.

No major search for the lady was carried out. Police acts extremely strange by first calling it a kidnapping and switching to “murder” 8 months later. On the contrary, this has always been a case of missing person. The ransom note does not change this.

[ www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/70xRkw/politiet-endrer-hovedhypotese-anne-elisabeth-69-er-drept ]

A filing to Interpol was made, but police and newspapers give the general audience an impression this was mainly a case of kidnapping that changed into a case of murder.
A Google search, May 2020, shows that only kidnapping and later murder have been presented to the general audience, not a voluntary disappearance. (The quoted articles use the word ‘staged’ for covering up for murder, not for disappearance.)

Police seem to have failed grossly by not investigating all possibilities from day one. Murder and voluntary disappearance should have been taken into account from the start.

An obvious possibility is that AEH willingly disappeared. This has not been considered by the police.

She could be alive, but the police is not searching for her internationally.

The first time the blog has seen this possibility brought up seriously in Flashback forum is here, 18 months after the disappearance. (But the thread is long and the blog has not looked in detail. However it is strange how quickly the possibility that she is alive, was dropped from the discussion.)

If she disappeared with the help of authorities, she will now have a new identity.

Much of what we read about in media are staged events where media can control the story to fit their agenda.

This could be a staged kidnapping. Everyone involved, including police, may know this. The blog has not followed the case in detail. It could be a case of showing men as mean (prenup), aggressive (murder), alcoholic (rhinophyma) and privileged (getting away with murder).

[ www.nrk.no/norge/holden-om-politiet_-_-feil-a-antyde-at-tom-hagen-ikke-har-samarbeidet-1.15015421 ]
[ www.nrk.no/norge/holden-om-politiet_-_-feil-a-antyde-at-tom-hagen-ikke-har-samarbeidet-1.15015421 ]

The older white man is pitched against a woman (his wife). The police prosecutor has immigrant background. The chief of police is a good looking woman.

[ www.nrk.no/norge/holden-om-politiet_-_-feil-a-antyde-at-tom-hagen-ikke-har-samarbeidet-1.15015421 ]

Hagens lawyer is a white man with Nordic looks.


If the man escapes sentencing we are also taught that society high class people can get away with murder. But evidence are very weak

The man behaves erratically and goes to court over the cordoning of his house. He claims police can not cordon the site of the crime, since he owns it!

Comments in social media from what is assumed to be professional trolls emphasize:

1. The court did not see the gravity of the accusations and let TH go free even though he is obviously guilty of murder

2. What high class people like Tom Hagen says in court is erroneously considered more reliable by the court.

This case is designed to teach us hate between social groups.

The circumstances are unclear. TH had meetings about cryptocurrencies before his wife disappeared. But that is all.

Very vague reporting in media regarding what was found in the house or the meetings about cryptocurrencies. All seems designed to give a media image of TH as guilty but in fact he is not from a legal point when details are examined.

In May 2020 the cryptoexpert JRU and TH are both taken in again by the police. But it seems this is only to give the case publicity. They have already been questioned about these matters.




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