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Trolls try to make others believe stories from media that are so implausible that the stories would be considered completely outlandish if they were written as fiction.

“You couldn’t make this sh-t up.”


Wikileaks never leaked material harmful to the US. Assange’s image was gradually twisted from free speech hero to sexual perpetrator. This was all done in order to deter people from criticizing US warfare.

Much information about Assange can be found in this blog. One summary is here

Assange: Compare da Costa


The anti-mass-surveillance activist Kamphuis disappeared during holiday in northern Norway.

Kamphuis had no canoeing experience. But police say he went canoeing in rain, at sunset, on dangerous waters, the same day he was supposed to end his holiday, likely without a life west. The canoe that was found had been exposed to strong violence (more than expected from a sea accident) but was never sent to forensic examination.

Kamphuis worked with computer security and was an activist against mass surveillance. Kamphuis disappeared in an area with many military installations. The canoe found was wrongly assembled. This could lead to believe that Kamphuis had been killed and the killers had assembled the canoe hastily to fake a canoeing accident. The main enemies of Kamphuis was the CIA and NSA. This made possible that Kamphuis could have been killed by the CIA.

Kamphuis Twitter avatar. Kamphuis was an anti-NSA activist.

However, many strange details surround the case, not only canoeing at night without experience. Police revealed very little about Kamphuis whereabouts. Family was not particularly upset and employed an ex-Playboy model, active in the Pirate Party, to handle media.

The sequence of events was strange. Kamphuis should have arrived by train in Rogan without connecting to the cell tower on top of the train station. He should have been able to paddle back to Fauske at high speed to connect to the cell tower where the canoe was found. The canoe was found on land, it never became clear if someone had pulled it there or if the alleged killers left it there.

It took three weeks before the police interviewed the key witness, a train conductor. The result of the interview was never published.

Police claimed not to be able to locate one single CCTV recording from Kamphuis almost 2 weeks of stay in Bodö. But after one year they claimed to have located a blurred video possibly showing how Kamphis was paddling on the evening he disappeared!

Kamphuis disappearance was very likely rigged to teach us not to criticize mass surveillance. Kamphuis probably got a new identity.

Much information about the case can be found in this blog. E.g. Ref

Catalán Sharp

Two young UN workers were killed in Congo while on assignment to inspect mass graves, possibly after massacres by the government. A video, allegedly showing the killings appears. It is partly blurred. It has been edited. Sharp falls before a shot is heard.

Obviously real killers would not shoot video of the killings and distribute it. The video appear to show Catalán and Sharp. Probably acting.

Later it is said Catalán had acquired strong evidence of murder committed by the Congolese government and she was to discuss these with a minister. No one would take such risks. She had been using almost “James Bond” like methods, with a sound recorder built into a pen.

Catalán could have become a true heroine of the feminist movement but she and Sharp were quickly forgotten. The video even showed the faces of some of the killers but no major manhunt was conducted by the 18.000 UN troops in Congo.

The mineral coltan is important for electronics. It is extracted in Congo and sold on the black market. The illegal trade is done by the Congolese government in collaboration with the UN. The killings of Catalán and Sharp are likely fake to scare others from investigating this situation. Catalán and Sharp probably got new identities.



If this story had been true, Catalán would have been made a hero of the highest degree. She was a feminist with background in environmental action. She risked her life to give murdered Africans justice. She was killed under extremely brutal circumstances. The killing is even recorded on video.

She acted like a James Bond with hidden recording apparatuses. She collected strong evidence against the murderous Congo government.

But there are no statues, no monuments, no streets with her name. Anniversaries not promoted in media. She is quite simply forgotten. That would not have happened if the story had been true. This blog concludes that the Catalán-Sharp killings probably is a fake story.


911 lead to the downfall of Europe through war and refugees

Wars that lead to nothing. Loss in deserts of Afghanistan. Iraq Iran oil already under US control. Assad still in power.

Only result of war was the destruction of Europe by refugees

How could buildings fall straight down? 2021, just neatly before the 20:the anniversary, a Miami condo (w many Jewish residents) fell straight down.

Assange (CIA) refuses to discuss 9/11 conspiracies.


911 lead to the downfall of Europe through war and refugees

Obama was given the peace price but removed Ghadaffi

(Lockerbie – Ghadaffi)

Buildings seldom collapse straight down. One did just in time for the 20:th anniversary of the tower collapses. It is highly publicized. Animation:

The Surfside Condo Was Flawed and Failing.


US embassy Teheran hostage crisis 1979-81

Dubrovka Theater hostage crisis, Moscow 2002

Samantha Smith

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, disappearance

AEH disappears from her home on Oct 31, 2018. A ransom note is found. For 8 months the police treat this as a kidnapping but then switch to call it a killing. The main reason for now labeling the case a murder is that the alleged kidnappers did not communicate or did not communicate as expected.

Investigations of the husband do not start until after 8 months and only last for a few months

For months, therefore, the police have been investigating Hagen in secret.

After the NRK gets informed, the hidden investigation must have been ongoing since the summer of 2019.

(Google translate)nrk.no

The main suspect is her husband. He is extremely wealthy, portrayed as very mean, only giving his wife 0.01% of his fortune in a prenup. The most common photo in media shows a man with sinister looks and a nose possibly bearing witness of long time alcohol consumption.

No major manhunt has been carried out. Police acts extremely strange by first calling it a kidnapping and switching to “murder” 8 months later. On the contrary, this has always been a case of missing person. The ransom note does not change this.

Police seem to have failed grossly by not investigating all possibilities from day one. Murder and voluntary disappearance should have been taken into account from the start.

An obvious possibility is that AEH willingly disappeared. This has not been considered by the police.She could be alive, but the police is not searching for her internationally.

The first time the blog has seen this possibility brought up seriously in Flashback forum is here, 18 months after the disappearance. (But the thread is long and the blog has not looked in detail. However it is strange how quickly the possibility that she is alive, was dropped from the discussion.)

If she disappeared with the help of authorities, she will now have a new identity.

Much of what we read about in media are staged events where media can control the story to fit their agenda.This could be a staged kidnapping. Everyone involved, including police, may know this. The blog has not followed the case in detail. It could be part of an agenda showing men as mean, aggressive and alcoholic. If the man avoids sentencing. We are also taught that society high class people can get away with almost anything, even murder.



Summer desperado streak:

Canadian triple killers


Eric Frein

Schwarzwald Rambo Yves Rausch

Anna Chapman


Nemtsov killing

Kashoggi killing?


Midanao Philippine kidnappings

speedboats Palawan,

decapitation sailor kidnap Samal

terrorists Bohol (at time of Asean meeting)

Tham Luang rescue


minister for foreign trade Ann Linde (now FM) greets the Iranian president

Iran roamed the Mediterranean with an oil tanker of and delivered to Syria. Both countries under sanctions. They hijacked a Swedish / British tanker and kept for a long time without serious protests. They shot down an American drone. A general who Trump sent memes to was later allegedly assassinated by the United States. Iran’s homemade rockets passed the Saudi Patriot anti missile system without any reaction! Iran are alleged to have shot down a commercial aircraft with 17 Swedes and 65 Canadians, among others. The day before they shot down the plane, the president insinuated that they could do something similar. No protests. Trudeau had a polite meeting with Iran’s leadership stortly after. Sweden has not protested against the murders etc. FM Zarif breaks all diplomatic codex and Tweets that Netanyahu will “Fight to the last American soldier.”.

No publicity in Sweden around memorial events (do they exist) after downing of Ukrainian plane.

The conclusion is that Iran is under American control. They are keeping up a fake conflict with the US.

Swedish, government led, delegation to Iran.

Iran botched rescue operation

Downing IA 655

Chemical weapons Syria

Downing of plane w/ Ayatollah Mike in Afghanistan

Michael D’Andrea

Faridah Currimjee D’Andrea

Hua Hin bombings

Russian plumbers Davos

Otto Warmbier – too harsh punishment

The assassination of Kim Jong-Nam occurred on 13 February 2017 when he was attacked with VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia. Kim Jong-nam was the eldest son of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and the half-brother of Kim Jong-un, who is currently the leader of North Korea.


Oklara domstolsförhandlingar

Nervgas på flygplatsen!

Norwegian girl contracts rabies in “Asia” and dies. Gradually it comes out that she allegedly found a puppy in outback Philippines.

Air India Flight 182 was an Air India flight operating on the Montreal–London–Delhi route. On 23 June 1985 it was operated using Boeing 747-237B registered VT-EFO. Wikipedia

Summary: Aviation bombing by the Babbar Khalsa (BK), Canadian Khalistani terrorists

Is it fake? Sikhs ruling India like Jewish running the US.

Mad cow disease?

EU control



Taboo to discuss Jewish influence in the West. But mandatory to scold Netanyahu. Epstein case could possibly all be fake news of the same type – to criticize Jewish people for activities not related to politics outside Israel.

wwr: 78655403

Lite som Epstein. Judisk familj, hemska brott. Nu död.

In a story made for supermarket tabloids, Mr. Durst, a small, rail-thin man, was a cross-dressing fugitive from justice with $100 million in assets. On the run, he became a vagrant urinating in public, sometimes disguising himself as a mute woman. He beat his wife and forced her to have an abortion; beheaded a man he had killed as he sat in a pool of blood, and once wrote a “cadaver note,” telling the Los Angeles police where to find a woman who had been shot in the head. Distraught and alone in a bathroom, he unwittingly confessed to all the killings on a live recording used in a 2015 HBO mini-series about himself.


Robert Durst, Real Estate Scion Convicted as a Killer, Dies at 78 nyti.ms

Vilken story



Alex Murdaugh


Missionary killed on North Sentinel


BurningHead: 65903975

Den indiske antropologen T N Pandit har besökt ön och visst kan de göra upp eld. De verkar inte ha varit speciellt aggressiva på den tiden, verkar inte ha gått någon nöd på dem heller.

I remember my first visit to North Sentinel in 1967. I was a member of a party of scientists being escorted by armed policemen and unarmed naval men. The tribespeople were on the beach, watching the boat come to the island. There was a large number of them. But there was no reaction or resentment from them. We went about a kilometre inside the forest. They did not come face to face with us, but rather hid in the forest, watching us. After some time, we came upon a large area of forest cleared for a camp. There were 18 small huts, with little fires burning in front of each, fenced off with sticks.There was plenty of food material including wild fruits and fish being smoked on the fire.


The same goes for Puigdemont and Catalan independence

Puigdemont looked a little odd in his hairdo. Ended up as MEP, the opposite of freedom fighter!

Zapatista uprising

probably also programmed to fail like Catalunya

Hopefully no one died in reality

On January 1, 1994, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) coordinated a 12-day Zapatista uprising in the state of Chiapas, Mexico in protest of NAFTA’s enactment.[4] The revolt gathered international attention.[5]


Feminist soldiers

Cute murales, like Cuba

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Altamirano, Las Margaritas, Ocosingo, and Chanal.

Lacandon jungle

300 people died in the duration of the conflict.[11]

Subcomandante Marcos

Born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Marcos earned a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy and Litrature at the presitigous National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM),[5] and taught at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) for several years during the early 1980s.[1] During this time he became increasingly involved with a guerrilla group known as the National Liberation Forces (FLN), before leaving the university and moving to Chiapas in 1984.[1]

The Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) (Zapatista Army of National Liberation; often simply called the Zapatistas) was the local, Chiapas wing of FLN, founded in the Lacandon Jungle in 1983, initially functioning as a self-defense unit dedicated to protecting Chiapas’s Mayan people from evictions and encroachment on their land. While not Mayan himself, Marcos emerged as the group’s military leader, and when the EZLN, acting independently of the FLN, began its rebellion on January 1, 1994, he served as its spokesman.[2]


Viktor Yushchenko

Alexei Navalny

Novichock in underwear


Mars Rovers: Curiosity, Perseverance

It is not possible to send such an advanced landing system to Mars without test flying on esrth. ref

James Webb Space Telescope JWST

Not certain the project is accurate. Not much published before becoming high profile news during Christmas 2020. Uses solar sail, which is almost on the verge of sci-fi, first proven to work 2019 around earth. No cameras on board.

Elon Musk Twitters “Nice try” and compares images to his own kitchen slab

Munich massacre

Extremely brutal actions, lessen “support” for the terrorists.

Weightlifter Yossef Romano, a veteran of the 1967 Six-Day War, also attacked and wounded one of the intruders before being shot and killed. In its publication of 1 December 2015, The New York Times reported that Romano was castrated after he was shot.[26]


Bay of Pigs

“Never forget, the press is the enemy, the press is the enemy. The establishment is the enemy, the professors are the enemy, the professors are the enemy. Write that on a blackboard 100 times.”

US President Richard Nixon




Was Nixon in cahoots with the New York Times?

The captain of Estonia did not die, as claimed. Appears on video after disaster.


Lenient treatment for sex murder torture

wwr: 73319924

Den för bara två år sedan livstidsdömde sextortyrmördaren klarade nästan att springa ifrån vakterna om han bara inte gjort den där rundan som kameran fångade så tydligt. Man förvånas snart inte över något i nyheterna längre.


De där raketkillarna verkar helt oberäkneliga. Se på Musk.


wwr: 77282508

Nu dansk lag på väg, påstås det. Raket-Mads och andra livstidsdömda får inte bli kära!

Han lär rymma igen 😀

Danmarks regering föreslår att det ska bli förbjudet för livstidsdömda att inleda nya kärleksrelationer. Mördaren Peter Madsen är en av dem som berörs av förslaget – som ser ut att inom kort bli verklighet.

om lagen blir verklighet skulle Madsen stoppas från att träffa sin fru som han gifte sig med i Herstedvester-fängelset 2019.



Det finns en video i artikeln. Han ligger omringad av hundar och krypskyttar. Han tog tydligen en kvinnlig psykolog som gisslan. Då har han väl rymt flera gånger. Förra gången promenerade han väl nästan ut. Bra bildsekvenser varje gång i alla fall.


Similar stories:

Murder Ida Johansson, Lisa Holm

Elin Klinteberg, presenteras till påskhelgen

Thomas Quick


smearing white men

Thomas Quick

Gareth Williams wiki, intelligent, mathematician, rumors of bondage

Nicola Bulley case: Peter Faulding

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, disappearance snow

Johan Gustafsson, kidnapping Mali?

Moland, French, Congo?

Spyrock, UK, Moscow


Curiosity, Perseverance

the blog does not make final decision if U2 incident was genuine

carrying a silver dollar with a poisoned needle

The next Soviet missile struck the MIG-19 flown by Sergei Safronov, 30, who was killed.

[transponder not set due to May 1 celebrations; friendly fire, like Swedes in Afghanistan]

Ivazyan survived and later married Safronov’s widow.

He used neither the automatic destruction device nor a poison pin he had been given

[ shellfish? ]

Powers died in August, 1977, when his Los Angeles traffic helicopter–apparently out of fuel–crashed in Encino.


Turkey shot down Russian fighter jet

Mikael Ljungberg suicide



Dagen efter förlovningen intervjuas brottaren Ida-Theres Karlsson i Expressen om Mikael Ljungberg och hans blivande roll som sportchef. – Vi har inget förtroende för Ljungberg. Han har aldrig visat intresse för dambrottning. Förbundet trampar oss rakt i ansiktet. Och jag vet inte ens om Ljungberg kan våra namn, säger hon. Förre förbundskaptenen Frank Steen stämmer in i kritiken. – Han är novis vad gäller dambrottning. Ljungberg hamnar ju i en konstig sits. Tänk om han får jobbet trots att hälften av de aktiva inte vill ha honom. Då kan det bli jobbigt.

Brottaren Mikael Ljungberg var dopad 1994 och avtjänade en två år lång avstängning. Det felaktiga påståendet finns att läsa i en känd statistikbok om Olympiska spelen.

Complete Book of the Olympics är en statistiktegelsten som många sportjournalister lutar sig emot.

David Wellechinsky, har bett om ursäkt och skrivit ett brev till Ljungberg.

Wallechinsky was born in Los Angeles to a Jewish family,[1] the son of writer Sylvia Kahn and the author and screenwriter Irving Wallace.[2] His younger sister was fellow author Amy Wallace, a “witch” of Carlos Castaneda who co-wrote many books with him and their father and authored Sorcerer’s Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda in 2003.

Irving Wallace (March 19, 1916 – June 29, 1990) was an American best-selling author and screenwriter. He was known for his heavily researched novels, many with a sexual theme.[1]

“A wave of robberies in fashionable areas in Stockholm. Residents tied up and watches and handbags stolen.”

wwr: 78077207

Du kan ha rätt i detta fall, detta var tydligen inte på gatan. Nog för att det har blivit farligare på gatorna och i samhället men här har man tydligen ligor som går in i lägenheter bara för att plocka klockor och väskor. Det är inte omöjligt men det låter extremt.

Ibland undrar man om inte eliten på Östermalm låter blåsa upp dessa situationer för att försöka ta lite tryck från sig själva när folket mer och mer upplever att det skapas en klyfta i samhället mellan elit/politiker/media/storföretag och å andra sidan vanligt folk. Om folk får uppfattningen att eliten inte heller kan värja sig mot våldet så kanske eliten hopas att folket har mer överseende med den katastrofala samhällsförändring som eliten genomför. Med det är bara vad eliten hoppas … Själv hoppas jag att folk börjar inse hur EU-inträdet och massinvandringen skapat ett uppsplittrat och farligt samhälle och det uppträder demokratiska politiker som är villiga att avstå från mutor och styrelseposter och vågar berätta för folk vad som är fel.


wwr: 78077308

Men utgör inte offren i artiklarna oftast folk som bor på Östermalm och bär klockor som kostar upp till en halv miljon. Då kallar jag dem eliten i detta sammanhang även om det finns flera steg upp. Och visst kan även andra drabbas.

Men värre kommer det att bli tills någon klarar av att väcka folk. Och det går inte att kasta att invandrarna, det skapar bara mer konflikt. Man måste börja samarbeta och försöka lyfta Sverige igen.


DHL måste säkert fundera över hur de skall legitimera sina bud.

Andra artiklar berättar om telefonbedragare som kommer undan med stora summor utan att de drabbade ersatts. Elitens mål är att vi inte skall svara i telefon eller öppna dörren när någon ringer på. Att gå ut är otänkbart. Då blir man smittad eller skjuten. (Välkommen till EU!)


wwr: 78332633

Idag meddelade den tyska polisen att man avslöjat hur antivaxers planerat att mörda delstatens premiärminister. Man har tidigare misstänkts använda rått kött förgiftat med Covid eller Zyklon B! Så bilden av antivaxers framstår som klart negativ.

German police have carried out armed raids on several locations in the eastern state of Saxony in connection with a plot by anti-vaccination activists to murder the state’s prime minister, Michael Kretschmer.

The searches at five addresses in the city of Dresden and one in the nearby town of Heidenau targeted members of a group on the messaging service Telegram where plans for the killing were discussed in connection with the state government’s coronavirus curbs, police said. According to reports, the members included a 34-year-old woman and four men aged between 32 and 64.

Mayors, police chiefs and media representatives across Germany have also expressed concern over their safety after about a dozen of them received threatening letters containing pieces of raw steak, stated to be infected with Covid-19 and the deadly gas Zyklon B. The letters warned that a “bloody and unappetising resistance” would be launched against any attempts to impose a vaccine mandate.





Costa Rica

Young woman dead in motorbike accident.

Insinuations of drunk driving, semi nude pictures on Instagram.

Name not redacted or edit in posts.

Seemingly an effort to try to create hatred against women.

danne75710: 78765825

Verkar vara Ida hasselblad

Varnar för otäcka bilder.



wwr: 78774978

Är det inte märkligt att hennes Instagram inte tas bort om hon är död. Brukar man inte göra det?

Kan man kallas influencer om man bara är ung person som försöker få så många följare som möjligt fast man inte har något speciellt budskap? Eller hade hon något budskap?


wwr: 78774601

Vad var hon för slags influencer? Vilka försökte hon påverka och i vilken riktning? Skedde det t.ex via Instagram?


Varför försvann inte hela hennes webnärvaro snabbare? Mer än en vecka efter dödsfallet fanns synnerligen lättklädda bilder kvar. Hon omkom på ett sätt som kunde väcka spekulationer om t.ex rattfylleri. Hon föreföll leva ett mycket lössläppt liv som “partypingla”. Anhöriga bords ha fått bort bilderna snabbare. När detta diskuterades på Flashback mer än en vecka efter dödsfallet verkar de mest vågade bilderna ha försvunnit.

Ida hasselblad

Litvinenko radioactive tea

Yushchenko face

tokyo subway sarin attack (?)

aum cult still allowed

wtc world trade center

notable facts

It was unexpected how the two towers fell straight down

just a few months before the 20:th anniversary another building fell straight down


Surfside Miami

Champlain Towers South


wtc disaster led to 20 yrs war in Afghanistan that led to the destruction of … EUROPE by too extensive mass immigration

Hijackers came not from Afghanistan, but from Saudi. Bin Laden was found in Pakistan. FBI never accepted evidence against him. War dontinued 10 years after his execution. WAr ended exactly on t20 year anniversary!

Fukushima accident? How could the Japanese fail to run reactor? This led to termination of all nuclear power in Germany (but France kept building) (he entire site was flooded by the 15-metre tsunami. This disabled 12 of 13 backup generators onsite and also the heat exchangers for dumping reactor waste heat and decay heat to the sea. Size of wave not impressive on video.)

Ukraine war

Notable fact: The movie Wag the Dog describing a situation similar to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal had premiere.

“Wag the Dog was released one month before the outbreak of the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan by the Clinton administration in August 1998, which prompted the media to draw comparisons between the film and reality.” Wiki

terror attacks

[ are terror attacks fake, terror attacks are fake ]

terror attacks have been instrumental in keeping up the hatred between religions they are definitely promoted in media, details about police work are sometimes hard tomhet at but some suspicious facts appear

Execution videos

Trudeau having polite meeting with Zarif only 5 w after UIA 752 shoot down. Virtually no ceremonies on anniversaries in Sweden.

Israeli TV hypercashier attack

Perseverance landing

Lars Noren sju tre 7:3 malexander police killings, jackie arklöv yugoslvian war crimes

SAndy Hook?

Zawahiri drone strike

Saudi queer sisters dead Sydney

Theodor Engström, 33, misstänks för terrorbrott efter att ha knivmördat psykiatrisamordnaren Ing-Marie Wieselgren under Almedalsveckan.

Hans plan var även att attackera C-ledaren Annie Lööf, enligt åklagare.

Nu kommenterar mamman:

– Ni kommer framställa honom utifrån det narrativ media vanligtvis bedriver, säger mamman som själv har en bakgrund inom nazistiska NMR.


opinionen i valet vänder

Probably real:

Parachuting accident. Parachuting speared since old white men gather in uncontrolled environment.

Followed by another accident within just a month.

Titanic Titan

Titan submersible

The OceanGate sub was built using wrong and inferior materials. 5 people died in the disaster. The publicity aoiund the accident was extremely inflated. Blonde, overoptimistic boss Stockton Rush compared glue used to build submarine to peanut butter. After the accident, a similar OceanGate submarine was on sale!

The situation resembles balloonist Andrée’s polar expedition in 1897. He was also an explorer that took too big risks. He even tried to trick others into believing his balloon was able to hold hydrogen better than in reality by secretly manipulating the testing. 30 years after the balloon disaster, perfect photos of the catastrophic expedition were found, together with the bodies of the three balloonists.

The news about the OceanGate disaster is just one of several discrediting exploration and exploring new borders

What a coincidence:

OceansGate disaster June 18, 2023

International Seabed Authority

Although the ISA has yet to approve commercial mining contracts, the Authority anticipates commercial mining could begin as early as 2023–2024 with the completion of much-debated ISA regulations.[11][32] In 2021, the Pacific Island nation of Nauru triggered a deadline that requires the ISA to approve final commercial mining regulations by July 2023 or allow contractors to mine under existing draft regulations.[32]


Purposes of stories:

Andrée & Rush:

* Make other, more serious explorers look like careless daredevils.

* Rush: current agenda against blond men, also against older men, sub pilot age 77.

* Andrée: Anti nationalist impact of disaster

* Discourage people from exploring new frontiers:

Titanic, 1912: discourage Europeans from moving into N America

Andrée,1897: Discourage from exploring the North Pole

Catalán-Sharp killings, Congo 2017: Discourage people from entering Congo and shedding light on the wars and slave labor used by Apple and other high tech multinationals to extract minerals for batteries. All under UN protection. [ -2- ]

SpaceX, Starship: Musks plans to explore Mars have resulted in a complete fiasco. The Starship rocket has not yet (2023 June) been able to take off without exploding.

Rush, 2023: Make exploring the sea bottom look impossible. Deep Sea Mining being a very hot topic for the moment

Other travel restrictions:

* Greta Thunberg: Flying shame

* Corona virus lockdown

High profile publicity around OceanGate sub is intended to stir up dust and confusion to hide environmental aspects on seabed mining. Cp publicity around SpaceX to cover up Starlink spy satellites.

Obama connection: receiving grants from SpaceX and Tesla board member Jurvetson. Cancelling space shuttles. Enforcing legislation to allow americans to make profit from mining space objects, like asteroids.

Belgian connection: When commodities are exploited, you often don’t have to look far to find the Belgians: South African diamonds going to the Jewish quarters of Antwerpen. Making a mess out of Congo. And naturally Brussels making a similar mess out of Europe, through the EU. Creating chaos of commodities like electricity and natural gas. Later seemingly going for steel through H2 Green Steel.

In the period from 1885 to 1908, many atrocities were perpetrated in the Congo Free State (today the Democratic Republic of the Congo) which, at the time, was a state under the absolute rule of King Leopold II of the Belgians. These atrocities were particularly associated with the labour policies used to collect natural rubber for export. … The severing of workers’ hands achieved particular international notoriety. These were sometimes cut off by Force Publique soldiers who were made to account for every shot they fired by bringing back the hands of their victims. These details were recorded by Christian missionaries working in the Congo and caused public outrage when they were made known in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States and elsewhere. — https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atrocities_in_the_Congo_Free_State —- According to Congolese lawyer Thomas Kiloshi, history books document how Belgians tortured and killed millions of Congolese under their colonial rule. “And the cruelest thing they did to the Congolese was cut off their hands because they didn’t produce enough natural rubber,” he told Anadolu Agency. — Belgian King Leopold II established his country as a colonial power in Africa and is known for the widespread atrocities committed under his rule, resulting in over 10 million people in the Congo dying, according to standard historical data. — Congo was under his control from the day he became king of Belgium in 1865 until 1908. He died a year after Congo was no longer directly under his rule. — Natural rubber was in high demand in Europe at the time, so he made sure to get as much as he could from Congo, where there were rubber/latex-producing trees in the jungle. He is said to have focused his economic interests on exports of rubber latex, an abundant product in the region’s forests, and to have deployed troops to force the local population to serve his interests. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/africa/belgian-colonial-atrocities-still-haunt-congolese/2499958#
A prototype deep-seabed mining robot that had become uncoupled from a cable connecting it to a surface vessel has been successfully recovered from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Patania II – GSR’s purpose-built prototype nodule collector – is currently being trialled in 4,500 m water depth in the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) of the Pacific Ocean. — https://www.deme-group.com/news/deep-seabed-mining-robot-patania-ii-successfully-reconnected-mission-continues — — A prototype deep sea mining machine is lying stranded on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. The 25-tonne un-crewed device became detached from the cable linking it to a ship at the surface. The accident happened halfway through a month-long programme of trials and research. It comes amid heightened controversy over plans to mine the minerals contained in the seabed. The robotic machine, known as Patania II, was developed by GSR, a Belgian company, to collect small rocks known as nodules. It was deployed in an area of the Pacific licensed to GSR for exploration – several dozen zones have been earmarked to companies and governments in this way. The goal is to extract valuable metals such as cobalt and nickel, which are important for low-carbon technologies including electric cars. Earlier this month, BMW, Volvo, Samsung and Google declared that they would join a moratorium on deep ocean metals until the risks to the environment are better understood. — https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-56921773

1974 Howard Hughes

Project Azorian, to retrieve the submarine.

The real target of the crew on board this giant ship was a lost Soviet submarine. Six years earlier, the K-129 had sunk 1,500 miles north-west of Hawaii while carrying ballistic nuclear missiles.

Glomar Explorer was also built with ingenious devices straight from a Bond film. The ship’s hull had enormous doors that could swing apart to create a “moon pool”, an underwater opening large enough to accommodate the Soviet sub and keep it hidden.

A PR campaign conveyed a determined effort to find manganese nodules. These potato-sized rocks lie scattered in the abyss, the great plains of the deep ocean.



Snowleopard: Was the seabed mining really a decoy for searching for the russian sub or is it used in the opposite way now: tuning down the mining and turning up the info about the cold war.


As the world gathers to discuss the perils of deep-sea mining, a Vancouver-based company is forging ahead

DeepGreen CEO Gerard Barron speaks to Nauru President Baron Waqa and Hon Milton Dube, about DeepGreen’s plans to collect future metals from polymetallic nodules on the deep-ocean floor, while on board the Maersk Launcher on April 11, 2018, in San Diego.


The deep sea is in danger of turning into an invisible wild west. On Sunday, a UN deadline for finalising regulations over deep-sea mining in international waters expired without agreement.

The abyssal plain, more than 4km down, is studded with trillions of potato-sized “polymetallic nodules” containing manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt, which are used in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles. The nodules build up around small objects such as shells or teeth over millions of years.

The seabed elsewhere also features seamounts, or underwater mountains, draped in metal-heavy crusts; and sulphide ores laid down around hot, deep-sea vents. The crusts are rich in precious metals such as platinum and molybdenum; the ores contain copper, gold and silver. All are sought-after commodities in electronics, construction and transportation. 

The nodule-nabbers remain undeterred. In June 2021, the small state of Nauru informed the International Seabed Authority that it wanted to start mining; its application triggered the two-year countdown. The clock has run out; ISA will meet this month to discuss the next steps.


July (14?), 2023

För förutom alla mineraler finns det en enastående rikedom av djur och växter på havsbotten. En skatt som är så ofantlig att vi inte ens känner till dess fulla vidd. Havet är så djupt och stort att det är svårtforskat. Vi vet i nuläget mer om månens yta än om livet i havet.

Nej – för alltid

Därför har nu Sverige, men även länder som Tyskland och Frankrike sagt nej till gruvdriften. Tills vidare.

Men nej:et borde göras permanent.





Rigged bet tennis

1979 Three Mile Island accident

1980 Swedish referendum on nuclear power

Fukushima accident

Germany decides to cancel all nuclear power

(Are even the names of places chosen to make us remember them more easily ukrainians were utchered in Butcha and robots were sent from Robotnika?)

wwr: 88517185

Michael Mosley (5:2-dietens upphovsman) försvunnen (2024-06-05)

Han har tydligen jobbat som producent på BBC och bl.a. producerat program med Jeremy Clarkson. Började testa diet efter det han läst om 5:2 och ville göra TV-program om det. Han hade just blivit diagnostiserad med typ 2 diabetes.

His research led him to get in touch with neuroscientist Mark Mattson, who published a paper on the 5:2 diet with 15 other scientists the previous year.

“I persuaded the editor of [BBC science program] Horizon … to commission a film to see if I could cure myself of diabetes through intermittent fasting,” he said.


Jag hoppas verkligen att han blir återfunnen snart vid god hälsa. Men finns det en möjlighet detta är en publicitetsstunt?


jamenda: 88488499

Michael Mosley saknas efter promenad på semester i Grekland:



Länk till sammanfattning: (FB) Michael Mosley (5:2-dietens upphovsman) försvunnen (2024-06-05)




Juholt, Borg

Independent thinking, ends in problems


(fake) nationalist, party activities are a disasteer

Are also Juholt and Borg actors to teach us that independent thinkers will never succeed?

display of power

Borg, why didn’t he say someone had spiked his drink at Husarö party





Puigdemont, national thinking and independence is meaningless, Puigdmeont ended up as MEP!


Eurabia conspiracy

Cctv broke “from blast”

Hitler greeting in court

Changing his name in prison

Extreme abuse in prison (scare factor)

Isolated island

dagliga nakenvisitationer


Always anti-system twist: B vann målet om myndighetsmissbruk, kanske avslag i HD?

Fjotolf Hansen

Fjott betyder idiot

Fjotolf is also a traditional and old Norwegian name.

-olf ulv varg ?

Vargunge blir senare farlig

Serbian soldiers

1. White Wolves

2. Wolves of Vučjak (Serbian: Vukovi s Vučjaka) was a paramilitary unit active in the Croatian War of Independence and the Bosnian War.

Monument cancelled and replaced by.a simpler, names are inscribed


Did a Cancelled Memorial to Norway’s Utøya Massacre Go Too Far?

New Yorker

Often one item contradicting the agenda. Breivik won in an appeal court for inhumane treatment in prison.

Fairy tale or not ?

Cold War

Weapons smuggling

Cuban secret weapon making US embassy staff sick


… and many more …

The second world war


A pure theory is that Hitler worked for the agenda. His downfall led to a split of Europe into Soviet and US. Cold war ensued. The Marshal plan gave US control over Europe. This would explain the stupidity of attacking USSR. When Hitler criticized Jewish people in Mein Kampf he said “they could only rule over mixed races and had brought colored people to the Rhein”. But the truth is, the agenda does not want racial mixing (integration), the agenda wants segregation and conflict. Therefore it seems Hitler may support the agenda.

Looking at the result, his downfall helped globalization considerably. His politics and how media now portrays it make Jewish networks in media, banking and other areas untouchable. But that Hitler was run by globalist agenda is so far only a theory.

Why would two countries like Germany and Japan located wide apart team up?- What joins them is a political system with strong leadership and high level of organization. This is what the global networks fear.

It is yet another coincidence how two powers with strong leadership (Germany and Japan) teamed up and got beaten. This follows the very common agenda described under “breaking bad”.

The second world war is not invented but it occurred long ago when international communication was much less developed and information was harder to obtain and verify. The history of wars is also regularly distorted. Most likely a large part of what we have been taught has been distorted to fit the agenda of how strong control and order is defeated.

In 2020 an ordinary influenza can be described as a severe pandemic that now (May ’21) has lasted for over one year. This proves how severely information can be distorted. Very little is known about what really happened during WW2.

Why wasn’t Switzerland invaded.

The nazi agenda is central to globalization. Opponents of globalization are often described as nazis. (Sverigedemokraterna, false flag, “nazi roots”; nordic nationalists, false flag NMR, Ukraine nationalists, Azov etc etc.)

Why believe in WW2 when capitol riots are fake. At the time for WW2 the possibilities to check up media informaiton were extremely poor.

National socialism is a good ideology with a strong state protecting its citizens, not governing in larger units than countries which means that people can still be in control of their politicians. But the concept of NAtional SocialISM will be connected to the nazis that were accused of genocide.)

Ukraine Jewish president support nazis.

Ukraine conflict definitely fake. Alleged bombing of civilian targets countered by considering sanctions against Swift payment system

Volkswagen, Thyssen Krupp, Hugo Boss, did not go broke after the end of the Third Reich

Hugo Boss

The company was founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss and originally produced general-purpose clothing. With the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1930s, Boss began to produce and sell Nazi uniforms. Boss would eventually supply the wartime German government with uniforms for organizations such as the Hitler Youth and Waffen-SS, resulting in a large boost in sales.

After World War II and the founder’s death in 1948, Hugo Boss started to turn its focus from uniforms to men’s suits. The company went public in 1988 and introduced a fragrance line that same year, added men’s and women’s wear diffusion lines in 1997, a full women’s collection in 2000, as well as children’s clothing in 2006–2007 and has since evolved into a major global fashion house. As of 2018 it owned more than 1,113 retail stores worldwide.


the business dynasties who benefited from Nazis


German attack on USSR was not logical. Only undertaken to motivate USSR invasion of eastern Germany.

Same epoch, similar story. Air crash survivor story unlikely, sea drama?

Andes survivor drama, Uruguayan rugby team, Chile


MV Blythe Star

Weapons smuggling


Swedish and Finnish man found dead in Uganda

Baldwin killed photographer on set

1. too poor security

real guns used during movie production

2. too small investigation

3. no recommendations issued

4. film about accidental murder

5. where are the relatives

6. Baldwin anti-nra

7. 4 years ago Baldwin tweeted about accidental murder

8. Baldwin an actor who can play the role

wwr: 77742595

Ja. Filmen handlar om någon som blivit mördad av misstag och under inspelningen skjuts en person ihjäl av misstag.

Lägg till att Baldwin är en aktivist mot innehav av vapen.

Man kan starkt misstänka att hela händelsen är riggad.


wwr: 77965899

Nu utvecklas nyheten till en konflikt mellan en man (Baldwin) och en kvinna. Filmens skripta har stämt Baldwin eftersom han inte skulle ha avfyrat vapnet enligt manuskriptet.

A lawsuit against Alec Baldwin alleges that a film script did not require him to fire a gun when he fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Script supervisor Mamie Mitchell – who called police after the shooting on the New Mexico film set – filed the suit.

Her lawyer accused the actor of “playing Russian roulette” when he fired the gun without checking it.

Ms Allred [advokaten] said Mr Baldwin “chose to play Russian roulette when he fired a gun without checking it and without having the armourer do so in his presence”.




Osynlige.Mannen: 77969302

Om den informationen är korrekt så bör Baldwin vara ordentligt rökt.


wwr: 77969448

Ja. Men det är en skum händelse. De borde inte använda riktiga vapen. Och varför stämmer skriptan Baldwin. Det är polisen som skall utreda.


Shooting of Shinzo Abe. Moonies.


shots not shown

Norwegian UN soldiers killed congolese

Norrmännen Joshua French och Tjostolv Moland grips i Kongo, misstänkta för bland annat mord på en Kongolesisk chaufför. French och Moland hävdar att deras chaufför blev skjuten i bakhuvudet i samband med att deras bil stoppats i ett bakhåll (SvT)

Efter nästan sex år i fångenskap har svenske Johan Gustafsson släppts fri. I november 2011 kidnappades 42-åringen från Värnamo i Mali av al-Qaidas nordafrikanska gren Aqim – vid 17-tiden på måndagen var han tillbaka på svensk mark. (AB)



January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752

wwr: 78655636

Har någon noterat någon enda minneshögtid eller reaktion från svenska instanser på tvåårsdagen 8/1 (17 döda svenskar eller hemmahörande här)?


Witness Protection Programs

Witness Protection Programs are extensive, just in the US, e.g. People assumed dead or disappeared could easily be hidden by authorities under similar circumstances.

United States Federal Witness Protection Program

As of 2020, approximately 19,000 witnesses and family members have been protected by the U.S. Marshals Service since the program began in 1971.

A few territories, including California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Texas, and Washington D.C. have their own witness protection programs for crimes not covered by the federal program. The state-run programs provide less extensive protections than the federal program.



smear older white men

Thomas Quick, (Margit Norell)

Hagen disappearance

High people/organizations get away w crime



congo Gov’t UN/catalan


Attracting attention

News media stories like this often contain elements of

1. sex (Kamphuis, Bini, Assange)

love, tension (could Catalán Sharp have been lovers?) Nemtsov gf beauty miss

puppy (Hagen)

2. excitement/stress (Catalán decapitated)

3. moderate system criticism (Wikileaks)

“Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan killed by friendly fire”

“Hillary Clinton killled Rich and Kamphuis”

“Assange, Palestinians, Guantanamo prisoners, Breivik(?) are being tortured

US committed war crimes in Iraq

Warmbier, US asked for $501 mn, but had to pay $2 for medicare

Epstein Jewish

Bjärred – the globalist diagnosis ME that the case promotes also caused the lives of an entire family

Fracking is bad for environment

[mistake, error]

All of these contain gross US/West failures:

1. Iran, US botched rescue operation, Carter resignation

2. Downing IA 655

3. bribe the captain of Adrian Darya 1

4. Iran shot down drone 2019-2020

5. Loss of (presumed) war in Afghanistan; Operation Red Wings, Swedish soldiers killed in friendly fire

6. US asked NK for $500 m for Warmbier but finally had to pay $2 m for his his medicare themselves.

7. Russians finally eliminated IS

8. Lillehammer Mossad (Munich-) revenge killing of an innocent person. Beirut Revenge bombing killed 4 innocent, among them a German nun. (Symbolically for Germany failing to protect the athletes.) Why didn’t Mossad use Norwegian justice system? Norway and Israel are on the same side. Norwegian police would never chase Mossad. Had they planned to leave the corpse just lying around?

9. Spy Rock

10. Unabomber Ted Kaczynski had been subjected to experiment of psychological torture by the CIA, during his studies.

10. Raid on Entebbe. One Israeli hostage was shot dead (and one in hospital disappeared). One Israeli commander was killed.

11. Iraq war Abu Ghraib

12. Cuba crisis was in fact started by the US deploying Jupiter missiles in Italy and Turkey, having the USSR in close range.

Sometimes stories connect to earlier events.

Ukrainian plane shot down happened after reference to shooting down of Iran airliner by US warship. Referenced by Rouhani in Twitter.

Grounding of plane with Belarus blogger 2021 could be a replica of grounding of Morales plane to search for Snowden.

MH 17

poison, political murder etc

Swede and Finn found dead in Kampala


Kim Jong-Nam






anti Russian, Belarus

Other anti russian incidents, are all true?

Politkovskaya killing

nemtsov killing (true or not? Shad comparatively few repercussions)

Babchenko, (belarus) proved to be alive


Countries involved

— Ukraine

downing of mh17

Nemtsov gf


Woman killed by Baldwin on set

— Holland


One victim of Canadian killers? Dutch name?

— Iran

Downing of Ukrainian plane

Ayatollah Mike workplace


Highjack Swedish tanker




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2022 09 18 Earlier: So called “extreme right

2022 09 17 Earlier: Iranian PR – #1

2022 09 16 Earlier: Media “extreme right” is just normal

2022 09 15 Earlier: Germany supports EU irreversible federalization

2022 09 14 Earlier: EU meddling in elctions

2022 09 13 Earlier: EU’s self destructive sanctions against Russia, over Ukraine

2022 09 12 Earlier: Europe heading for a new Stone Age

2022 09 11 Earlier: US attack on Europe.

2022 09 10 Earlier: FED creates chaos.

2022 09 09 Earlier: Nationalist SD does not demand influence, SD opposes itself

2022 09 08 Earlier: Liberals switch sides.

2022 09 07 Earlier: Inflation is an excuse for increasing prices due to lack of competition.

2022 08 27 Earlier: Sweden elections: Parties split up to promote EU

2022 08 26 Earlier: The political system is broken.

2022 08 25 Earlier: EU oil starvation

2022 08 24 Earlier: Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh – a new Ukraine?

2022 08 23 Earlier: Money transfer to corporations

2022 08 04 Earlier: NASA can not fill propellent

2022 08 03 Earlier: Privatization is only good when you benefit (LIV golf)

2022 08 02 Earlier: Left and right united against the people

2022 08 01 Earlier: The community must regulate energy

2022 07 28 Earlier: NASA racism

2022 07 31 Earlier: Northvolt update

2022 07 26 Earlier: EU orchestrated energy chaos

2022 07 25 Earlier: Energy divide and conquer stragtegy

2022 07 24 Earlier: Save POW:s, not drug smugglers

2022 07 23 Earlier: Northvolt, EU battery frenzy

2022 07 22 Earlier: Delay tactics

2022 07 21 Earlier: Superpowers use cold war to dominate.

2022 07 20 Earlier: Is LIV golf an object to hate for future sanctions against Saudi.

2022 07 19 Earlier: EU energy crisis like California (2), Enron

2022 07 18 Earlier: LGBT – one piece in the fall of Rome

2022 07 17 Earlier: Energy crisis, like California (1)

2022 07 12 Earlier: Media focus on personal details when in fact SpaceX and Tesla are in trouble.

2022 07 11 Earlier: EU kamikaze crash (2)

2022 07 10 Earlier: EU Covid package

2022 07 04 Earlier: EU kamikaze crash (1)

2022 06 03 Earlier: Logging companies avoid being scrutinized.

2022 06 02 Earlier: Super powers vs people

2022 06 01 Earlier: Northvolt smearing Sweden.

2022 05 31 Earlier: Sweden going down

2022 05 30 Earlier: US renders president powerless

2022 05 29 Earlier: US doesn’t want to stop shootings

2022 05 28 Earlier: Cancel indians and other native/indigenous peoples

2022 05 27 Earlier: Russian deserters sue army

2022 05 26 Earlier: Nazi smearing

2022 05 25 Earlier: Why Greta is not in Swedish media.

2022 05 24 Earlier: Greta review

2022 05 23 Earlier: EU – Sovietcomparison

2022 05 22 Earlier: Ukraine, a new Korea (2)

2022 05 21 Earlier: War inflation attacks common people

2022 05 22 Earlier: False flag

2022 05 21 Earlier: Oil net import

2022 05 20 Earlier: Turkey in NATO supported IS. In NATO Sweden can end up in war with parctically any country.

2022 05 18 Earlier: US defends Taiwan, but not Ukraine. Joining NATO can mean war with China

2022 05 17 Earlier: 1. West employs cancel culture. 2. Jewish influence 3. Nordic systems were better.

2022 05 16 Earlier: A new Korea in Europe (1)

2022 05 15 Earlier: Why Europe is crashing (2)

2022 05 13 Earlier: Use blockade to blame foreign powers.

2022 05 11 Earlier: Burn quran is like burn kippah

2022 05 10 Earlier: Team USA-Russia vs Syria, Iraq, Kazakhstan …

2022 05 09 Earlier: Bombing independent countries

2022 05 08 Earlier: Why Europe is crashing (1)

2022 05 06 Earlier: Tesla – modern slavery

2022 05 02 Earlier: Join NATO in panic

2022 04 26 Earlier: Superpower take-over

2022 04 25 Earlier: Europe under attack

2022 04 23 Earlier: War destroys Europe

2022 04 21 Earlier: Musk SolarCity trial

2022 04 20 Earlier: Superppowers lose war.

2022 04 18 Earlier: Superpowers starve Europe of energy.

2022 04 15 Earlier: EU sanctions euro and blames Russia.

2022 04 14 Earlier: Ukraine war means energy depletion

2022 04 11 Earlier: It’s about war, not which side you’re on.

2022 04 09 Earlier: Ukraine war, global aspects

2022 04 10 Earlier: War will end when Europe is broken.

2022 04 08 Earlier: Ukraine war is not Putin’s war. It is EU:s war.

2022 04 06 Earlier: The war in Ukraine is orchestrated by globalists

2022 04 02 Earlier: No Russian bots (2)

2022 04 01 Earlier: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies self destruct.

2022 03 28 Earlier: Greta starvation, agenda controlled

2022 03 27 Earlier: There were no Russian bots (1)

2022 03 26 Earlier: Tesla sells conflicts, like in Texas

2022 03 25 Earlier: Zelensky chooses war

2022 03 24 Earlier: war and stock are globally directed

2022 03 22 Earlier: Reasons for war in Ukraine

2022 03 20 Earlier: EU decides fuel tax

2022 03 22 Earlier: must stop killing (2)

2022 03 21 Earlier: BlackRock’s Fink letter says gas and oil are good “transition fuels”

2022 03 20 Earlier: must stop killing in Ukraine (1)

2022 03 19 Earlier: International community must protect all

2022 03 18 Earlier: national socialism is very different from international socialism or nazism

2022 03 17 Earlier: Ukraine war is the superpowers attacking the European peoples.

2022 02 25 Earlier: Oligarch Kolomoisky runs Ukraine, president Zelensky, Azov batallion and Ukrainian air, allegedly shot down in Iran conflict.

2022 02 24 Earlier: finance crises, scandals; Europe is run from Brussels/EU like Congo was run from Brussels.

2022 02 19 Earlier: finance crises, scandals; finance timeline

2022 02 18 Earlier: EU rules send Swedish electricity to Germany

2022 02 17 Earlier: Ukraine war 2022

2022 02 16 Earlier: Racism is back

2022 02 06 Earlier: Kamila Valieva doping case rigged

2022 02 05 Earlier: Norwegian public service attacking Russia [Nordic sports /2]

2022 02 04 Earlier: Greta Thunberg discriminates (2)

2022 02 01 Earlier: indigenous peoples are only used for conflict. They will also be conformed.

2022 01 31 Earlier: nazi & other smearing of [Nordic sports /1]

2022 01 30 Earlier: Greta, criticism

2022 01 27 Earlier: Nobel prize to stop sexual violence, not wars.

2022 01 26 Earlier: Catalán Sharp murder media coverage cover up multi-nationals’ control. Belgium made a mess of Congo and now of Europe.

2022 01 25 Earlier: Catalán, Sharp, coltan, Congo, conflict; Assange, Manning, Bini, Kamphuis, Snowden, Kashoggi

2022 01 24 Earlier: Greta Thunberg’s backers, dangerously trying to recreate the Chinese cultural revolution

2022 01 23 Earlier: Northvolt global mess

2022 01 22 Earlier: Next crisis

2022 01 21 Earlier: Greta demonstrations rigged, express apartheid

2022 01 20 Earlier: Media covers up WEF 2022

2022 01 18 Earlier: Turkey

2022 01 17 Earlier: EU energy stavation agenda, cable refused

2022 01 16 Earlier: Energy crisis in Europe

2022 01 15 Earlier: Northvolt, EU – green socialism

2022 01 14 Earlier: Tesla, EU – socialism

2022 01 13 Earlier: Assange revealed US war crimes.

2022 01 12 Earlier: Going virtual

2022 01 11 Earlier: EU lets eastern European nuclear crisis grow

2022 01 07 Earlier: Ukraine Jewish president doesn’t fight nazis [-2-]

2022 01 05 Earlier: EU single candidate system

2022 01 04 Earlier: EU self destructive gas boycott

2022 01 03 Earlier: Hong Kong democracy clamp down

2022 01 02 Earlier: Silk Road, China is becoming part of the global agenda.

2021 12 31 Earlier: Global takeover

2021 12 27 Earlier: Biden acts senile not to have to fulfill his promises.

2021 12 26 Earlier: US and EU construct energy crisis in Europe. (press spoiler button at link target)

2021 12 23 Earlier: Christmas feeling

2021 12 22 Earlier: Privatization down sides, illustrated by Elon Musk

2021 12 21 Earlier: Kamala Harris – the fall guy?

2021 12 20 Earlier: nuclear delay

2021 12 19 Earlier: Northvolt – just a green delusion?

2021 12 17 Earlier: Reasons for the energy crisis

2021 12 14 Earlier: The crises are constructed

2021 12 08 Earlier: USA/EU democracy failure

2021 12 04 Earlier: EU uses psychological warfare against the European peoples.

2021 12 01 Earlier: Greta covers up four things

2021 11 30 Earlier: Greta is too white

2021 11 28 Earlier: Market economy, energy crisis

2021 11 27 Earlier: Musk and Tesla go for feodalism

2021 11 26 Earlier: EU exploits Ukraine

2021 11 10 Earlier: Climate refugees

2021 11 08 Earlier: Musk vs authorities

2021 11 04 Earlier: Refugees from EU

2021 11 03 Earlier: EU energy scam helps the EU

2021 10 28 Earlier: Putin helps the EU

2021 10 27 Earlier: EU constructs energy crisis

2021 10 28Earlier: shirking responsibility

2021 10 27 Earlier: Biden no climate action

2021 10 26 Earlier: origins of climate theory

2021 10 25 Earlier: Greta Thunberg builds generation gap

2021 10 24 Earlier: climate predictions

2021 10 23 Earlier: child shaming

2021 10 22 Earlier: Greta Thunberg discriminates (1 )

2021 10 21 Earlier: big oil not at COP26. Greta anonymous in Sweden.

2021 10 20 Earlier: European energy crisis

2021 10 17 Earlier: Weapons of mass migration

2021 10 16 Earlier: Streisand effect, muslims

2021 10 15 Earlier: information shifts

2021 10 08 Earlier: The cold war is back

2021 10 05 Earlier: The climate weapon

2021 09 25 Earlier: Banks, big corporations

2021 09 19 Earlier: Aukus

2021 09 09 Earlier: The Fall of Rome

2021 09 07 Earlier: Greta – the witch doctor.

2021 09 03 Earlier: Construct problems to split the population.

2021 08 30 Earlier: Energy consumption stops crypto.

2021 08 15 Earlier: Big corps

2021 08 10 Earlier: Argumentation against the person

2021 08 08 Earlier: Climate models exaggerated.

2021 08 06 Earlier: Olympic gold sprinter Jacobs’ nutritionist under police investigation for distribution of anabolic steroids. Attacking the messenger/person.

2021 07 23 Earlier: Controlled opposition

2021 07 20 Earlier: Globalization is dysfunctional.

2021 06 30 Earlier: EU demands elicit government crisis in Sweden.

2021 06 29 Earlier: EU climate tariffs

2021 06 25 Earlier: EU m.o. is crisis. Crisis timeline

2021 06 24 Earlier: Is Greta Thunberg bluffing about her education? [ -1-, -2- ]

2021 06 23 Earlier: Greta Thunberg uses parliament for dancing not debate.

2021 06 22 Earlier: The privatization of space activities is at the expense of research and development.

2021 06 21 Earlier: Greta accuses Nordic countries vaguely, without presenting evidence.

2021 06 20 Earlier: Fake government crisis

2021 06 19 Earlier: EU ramps up CO2. Media twists refugees from US warfare to be “climate refugees”.

2021 06 18 Earlier: US keeps up the oil price.

2021 06 16 Earlier: EU supports regime that encourages death squads.

2021 06 14 Earlier: EU creates cold war

2021 06 12 Earlier: US out of lockdown but not Europe

2021 05 27 Earlier: EU puppet regime, Belarus

2021 05 26 Earlier: EU fakes hi-jack to buy Belarus.”

2021 05 24 Earlier: climate “science

2021 05 22 Earlier: nwo m.o.

2021 04 24 Earlier: Cryptocurrencies hype yet another way to deprive country through reduced tax base. Bitcoin “mining” is really transfer fee. Ethereum hacker became lawful owner of loot.

2021 04 22 Earlier: Tesla crash used to hide lack of sales

2021 04 19 Earlier: climate attack on Nordic countries

2021 04 14 Earlier: US – taliban win-win

2021 04 13 Earlier: Resistance to EU/global control is connected to nazis, terrorists etc.

2021 04 10 Earlier: Media and politicians attack white men.

2021 04 03 Earlier: National states vaccinate more efficiently

2021 04 02 Earlier: Covid is used to form airline monopoly

2021 04 01 Earlier: Airlines don’t want you to travel!

2021 03 31 Earlier: Biden attacks Europe using the climate agenda.

2021 03 20 Earlier: EU-Covid

2021 03 18 Earlier: Georgia

2021 03 12 Earlier: Holodomór terror famine

2021 03 09 Earlier: Biden chosen by Dems meant manipulating democracy to promote Harris.

2021 02 21 Earlier: Archeology on Mars is psychological warfare.

2021 02 06 Earlier: Will agriculture and food supply be the next crises?

2021 02 02 Earlier: Tesla stock is inflated to support green take over by f.ex EU.

2021 01 31 Earlier: Bill Gates knew society would respond to Covid with disproportionate strength.

2021 01 30 Earlier: The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a decoy (1)

2021 01 29 Earlier: The true nature of The (not so) Great Reset

2021 01 12 Earlier: starvation

2021 01 08 Earlier: Trump-Assange agenda

2021 01 06 Earlier: Global lockdown

2020 12 26 Earlier: Maggie Thatcher on EU.

2020 12 26 Earlier: Brexit – a complete success for UK.

2020 12 12 Earlier: Covid mostly affects politicians media dislike.

2020 12 01 Earlier: European Union 7 year budget negotiations 2020.

2020 11 30 Earlier: Belarus 2020 – “revolution” is only newspaper feminist agenda and likely EU influencing

2020 11 26 Earlier: Greta – the modern Don Quixote

2020 11 25 Earlier: EU-satellite deals are better than EU membership.

2020 11 23 Earlier: Future of globalization

2020 11 22 Earlier: Climate doom

2020 11 22 Earlier: Dictatorship: Sweden ban meetings.

2020 11 10 Earlier: Internet communication has led to globalists going for broke.

2020 11 06 Earlier: Diet and body shape are abused to divide the population

2020 11 01 Earlier: Globalism will bring chaos until units of control are shrunk.

2020 10 16 Earlier: Authorities still havn’t published recommendations for those w/symtoms, positive test or anyone really.

2020 10 15 Earlier: Corona restrictions will demand rewriting the constitution.

2020 10 13 Earlier: Greta is not environmental, she is EU and Hong Kong activist.

2020 10 12 Earlier: Greta turns to Macron, not Swedish politicians.

2020 10 08 Earlier: The climate issue is political.

2020 10 02 Earlier: Is the Estonia ferry disaster fake?

2020 09 20 Earlier: Assange trial

2020 09 08 Earlier: Globalists incite subversion and rebellion against the national government

2020 09 05 Earlier: Soros, Nixon, FED

2020 08 31 Earlier: Activism creates tthe problems it claims to counteract.

2020 08 28 Earlier: European Union

2020 08 18 Earlier: EV-charging

2020 08 15 Earlier: Sweden pays Italian Olympics.

2020 08 14 Earlier: Media spread mental problems.

2020 08 11 Earlier: Soros is a decoy.

2020 08 09 Earlier: When Soros crashed Sweden.

2020 08 07 Earlier: Brexit will increase EU power.

2020 08 05 Earlier: Controlling Europe through debt

2020 08 03 Earlier: polarization

2020 08 02 Earlier: “Covid rescue” illegal in two ways

2020 07 26 Earlier: “Covid rescue” is really euro bailout

2020 07 25 Earlier: False idols look appealing

2020 07 23 Earlier: PM Löfven tricked out of EU rebate.

2020 07 20 Earlier: Macron & Merkel dictate the EU agenda

2020 07 12 Earlier: Immigrants ridiculed in headline for not recieving information

2020 07 10 Earlier: white males – slandered in media

2020 07 05 Earlier: US elections – a show for foreign countries

2020 07 03 Earlier: Cross-country skiing champion Marit Bjorgen – a product of the globalist agenda

2020 06 20 Earlier: Swedish PM splits Nordic unity for no reason. – He must be under globalist control.

2020 06 18 Earlier: Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter [BLM]

2020 06 16 Earlier: The Brexit dilemma (1)

2020 06 12 Earlier: Why the media hate Latin America

2020 06 11 Earlier: Why the UK can not get a deal with the EU.

2020 06 10 Earlier: Why SpaceX recovers boosters.

2020 05 27 Earlier: Send Greta to the European Union to stop Corona recovery. We in Northern Europe are paying for it.

2020 05 22 Earlier: Blackmail the European Union

2020 05 02 Earlier: Norwegian police never tries to find the missing person

2020 05 06 Earlier: Fairy tales newspapers compose

2020 05 02 Earlier: Elon Musk plays the fool

2020 04 30 Earlier: Brexit, current status

2020 04 12 Earlier: fake rebels

2020 04 06 Earlier: The government/press/elite are less likely to use espionage against other states, but would rather use it against their own people.

2020 03 25 Earlier: Corona & climate – full panic but no real action taken.

2020 03 12 Earlier: US elections 2020 are rigged.

2020 03 08 Earlier: US liberal chaos is only for export.

2020 02 29 Earlier: Assange extradition trial

2020 01 27 Earlier: Is Mars rover “Curiosity” fake??

2020 01 25 Earlier: Climate gender conflicts

2020 01 22 Earlier: The scare factor

2020 01 20 Earlier: The European Union threatens w/ bank blockade to make United Kingdom to follow EU rules.

2019 12 19 Earlier: Neil Farage: Parties like SverigeDemokraterna (SD) become corrupt in the European Union.

2019 12 14 Earlier: Elon Musk is intentionally a poor role model, to destroy youth values.

2020 01 26 Earlier: Are Starlink spy satellites?

2019 12 08 Earlier: Obama tries to break US self confidence by cutting the space program.

2019 12 01 Earlier: Are the Iranian ayatollahs CIA-agents?

2019 11 26 Earlier: Arjen Kamphuis‘ disappearance

2019 10 10 Earlier: Greta Thunberg‘s true, dark motives

2019 08 10 Earlier: Edward Snowden – US operative

2019 04 14 Earlier: Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Ola Bini are likely American agents.

2019 04 12 Earlier: Ola Bini, Arjen Kamphuis connection

2019 02 01 Earlier: Elections 2018: Globalist parties pretended to have different opinions. Collaborate to favor large corporations at the expense of workers.

2019 02 01 Earlier: Bilderberg calling the shots: Center party is hi-jacked and Liberal party is ordered to self-exterminate.

2018 09 10 Earlier: News media gives birth to a political party – Ny Demokrati

2018 09 09 Earlier: All parties unite to refuse party SD posts as chairman according to election results.

2018 09 08 Earlier: The media monopoly sells outdated technology to the Swedish gov’t @ SEK 10 bn.

2018 09 07 Earlier: Feeding frenzy, the media monopoly disposes of politicians that do not follow the agenda

2018 09 06 Earlier: Quotes

2018 09 05 Earlier: Control of the Internet, Google, troll farms

2018 08 30 Earlier: Soros’ funds used to influence Swedish politics

2018 05 30 Earlier: Fake news

2018 05 22 Earlier: False flag awards

2018 05 10 Earlier: Who owns the news media

2018 05 01 Earlier: Journalist wounded by IS ?

2018 04 27 Earlier: The Cold War and other anti-Russian activities. The image of conflict; The useful enemy

2018 04 25 Earlier: Why only few air crash investigations are accurate. – Passengers lives are at an unnecessary risk.

2018 04 22 Earlier: The Iraq war 2003 was built on fake evidence. / So far, no accusations of chemical warfare have been proven true. / Also the war on IS was built on fake evidence.

2018 04 10 Earlier: Bjärred-case. Politically correct psychiatry exterminates a whole family?

2018 04 02 Earlier: UN obstructs murder investigation – UN supports an illegal regime. The true reason why Catalán and Sharp were killed.

2018 03 10 Earlier: The terrorists’ objectives

2018 03 01 Earlier: Tesla, Ubuntu/Linux – self destructive moles & Google, Facebook – political control mechanisms

2017 12 25 Earlier: Geopolitisk krigföring – Media/USA attackerar Europa med flyktingar. The enemy within. Weapons of Mass Migration

2017 12 18 Earlier: Destabilisering genom feminism och HBTQ

2017 12 15 Earlier: Destabilisering genom invandring

2017 12 12 Earlier: IOK saknar bevis – Internationella Olympiska Kommittén stänger av Ryssland utan bevis

2017 12 09 Earlier: Trump om Jerusalem – den verkliga orsaken till Trumps uttalande funnen

Table of Contents (in English)

Summary 04


Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


Nästa: Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, disappearance; slander white male


20.04 (00000 links) Innehållsförteckning, ToC





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