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2018 03 02

President Donald Trump has reportedly grown frustrated at his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and daughter. Ivanka, both of whom work as senior advisers in the White House.
Though Trump reportedly told the two to keep serving, he privately asked White House chief of staff John Kelly for help to remove them, according to aides cited by The New York Times  [ Ref ]

The  New York Times är en judiskt ägd tidning med stark globalistisk agenda. Att Ivanka och Kushner skulle få sparken verkar osannolikt. Kushner har erhållit många viktiga uppgifter, medla i Palestinakonflikten srinakonflikten, kontakter med Kina, samarbeta med Bill Gates och andra viktiga personer etc


Middle East peace: After taking office in January, Trump tasked his son-in-law with resolving the decades-long conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, dubbing it the “toughest deal in the world to make,” and saying that if Kushner can’t help broker peace “no one can.” Trump’s son-in-law also met with the Iraqi prime minister this week to discuss the country’s war with ISIS. 

Government reform/Opiod crisis management: Late last month, the White House announced that Kushner would head up the White House Office of American Innovation. Partnering with Elon Musk, Apple head Tim Cook, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the office’s goal is to examine areas where the private sector could improve government using data and technology. Kushner told the Washington Post he aimed to use the office to modernize the Department of Veterans Affairs, solve the opiod crisis, and develop ideas for Trump’s upcoming infrastructure proposal. 

Criminal justice reform: Kushner met with the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week to discuss stalled bipartisan criminal justice reform efforts. 

Liaison to Mexico: When asked if Tillerson would be meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray while he was in town last month, a spokesperson for the state department seemed unaware the top Mexican diplomat was in town. Videgaray instead met with Kushner, who has served as an intermediary between the president and Mexico, aiming to build trust despite Trump’s unpopularity in Mexico due to his inflammatory immigration rhetoric. 

Liaison to China: Kushner is seen as the driving force between Xi’s upcoming state visit at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. The New York Times reported that Kushner has worked behind the scenes to mend fences with the Chinese after Trump broke precedent by appearing to waffle on the so-called “One-China” policy towards Taiwan. The first-son-in-law has also sat in on key meetings regarding North Korea. 

Liaison to the Muslim community: BuzzFeed reported that Kushner met with a group of Muslim activists and business leaders just before Trump’s inauguration to discuss the incoming president’s relationship with the Muslim community. [ Ref ]

Min gissning är kanske snarare att man nu vill tona ned hans roll officiellt för att det inte skall se ut som att han “sköter allt”. Det gör man med att sprida den aktuella “nyheten”. Enligt den skulle ju även Ivanka vara på väg ut vilket verkar helt orimligt.

Detta är troligen fake news. Olika grenar av de judiska nätverken verkar gilla att symboliskt klubba på varandra lite grand ibland, om detaljer, för syns skull.

Trollen deltar i detta och i svenska sociala forum hoppar MSM-troll glatt på Kushner och anser att han omedelbart borde kastas ut ur WH. De är dock i säker vetskap om att så aldrig kommer att ske. Kanske Kushner istället kommer att bli en av världens mest inflytelserika personer, såsom make till USA:s nästa president???

2017 03 14

The failure to broker the deal would be followed only a month later by a Middle Eastern diplomatic row in which Jared Kushner provided critical support to Qatar’s neighbors. Led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a group of Middle Eastern countries, with Kushner’s backing, led a diplomatic assault that culminated in a blockade of Qatar. Kushner, according to reports at the time, subsequently undermined efforts by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to bring an end to the standoff.    ref

Tillerson får sparken. Kan det ha bidragit att han verkar ha andra åsikter än Kushner?

Det är nog inte mycket som biter på Ivanka o Kushner. Den saudiske prinsen har sagt att han har Kushner som i sin egen ficka.

Och Kushners fars bakgrund bör nog helst stanna i just … bakgrunden.

Somebody had better put a mezuzah on the Lincoln Bedroom.

Whoever ends up winning the election in November, one thing seems certain: For the first time in history, Jews will be in the president’s inner family circle.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have Jewish sons-in-law, and of course Bernie Sanders — in the unlikely event he makes it to the White House — is Jewish himself (though his daughter-in-law is not).

Why Dad went to prison
Kushner: Hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, secretly recorded the encounter and sent the tape to his sister as part of a blackmail scheme. He served 16 months after guilty pleas to 18 counts of tax evasion, witness tampering and making illegal campaign donations.
Mezvinsky: Bilked friends, family and strangers out of some $10 million in bogus schemes disguised as investments in Africa and oil development. He served five years after pleading guilty to 31 counts of felony fraud, including bank fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud.

wwr|67999024 wrote:
Efter G20 har skräppressen jobbat övertid med att klanka ned på Ivanka. Det har skapats anti-Ivanka hashtaggar.


Jag följde inte mötet i detalj. Men när de här tongångarna hörs brukar media vara skraja. De ödar bara ammunition på värdiga fiender.

Kommer Ivanka att få en mer framträdande roll? Pompeo fick väl ligga lägre vad jag förstår och Bolton förvisades till Mongoliet.

Jag hittade ingen tråd om G20. Jag provar här. Moderatorerna hjälper v.b. hoppas jag.

"If she ever wanted to run for president," Donald Trump said in an interview with The Atlantic earlier this year, "I think she'd be very, very hard to beat."

But the President told the magazine that his daughter hasn't expressed any interest in running to him.




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