20.06 02 (02) False flag and genuine actors


Rafael Correa, Ricardo Patiño, Ecuador
Evo Morales


Geert Wilders, Party for Freedom
Austrian police (one of the few actors that actually try to catch cheaters, they even catch their own countrymen)

False flag
Most actors that claim to be anti globalist are flase flag actors and criticize globalism in an awkward way.
Dagens Nyheter and all MSM in Sweden
Wikileaks, Julian Assange not genuine

Ola Bini
RT, Sputnik
Breitbart; Project Veritas, James O’Keefe
Alternative for Sweden, Martin Hagwall, Anna Hagwall
Zarif, other Iranian leaders, Iran as a whole is not a US enemy
Arjen Kamphuis … or not genuine ?
Many blogs, in fact most blogs and pods advocated in forums like Flashback: Petterssons blog, Ingrid och Konrad
Hanif Bali

Genom att visa sig med (Photoshoppade) vapen och påstå sig kriga mot DN ger Bali möjlighet för DN att kritisera honom för våld och hot vilket naturligtvis DN gör. Dock inte på något allvarligt sätt.
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Timo Sanandaji
Craig Murray (former UK ambassador, advanced conspiracy theorist)
Lars Bern “klimatskeptiker”
Alex Jones
Noam Chomsky
John Pilger, Bill Binney
Yanis Varoufakis
Thierry Baudet, Forum for Democracy
See fake nationalism Holland
Fox News is controlled opposition
Many social foras, f.ex. Flashback: owners (unknown) and moderators. Members: most posts in political/military subjects are written by a limited number of posters all advocating a globalist agenda from different angles or acting as side-kicks for such posters.
Disclaimer: All information about who is a troll in foras is deducted from posting content. Foras protect anonymity.

Sannfinländarna ?
Håkan Juholt ?
Donald Trump ?
Putin, Lavrov … and many more Russians ?
RT (Russia Today)
Viktor Orbán ?
Zaida Catalán, Michael Sharp ?

No one will give this introduction unless he intentionally wishes to defame himself:
My name is Craig Murray. I used to be a diplomat.’ It is hard to explain how thrilling, yet at the same time disconcerting, it is for me to hear those words in David Tennant’s unmistakeable voice. Few people have the experience of being portrayed by an actor; even fewer by one of the most brilliant of his generation. It is weird.
I am no saint. I like the occasional drink and the company of beautiful girls – and I use the plural deliberately. My sexual morality is closer to John Terry than to Pope Benedict.
Daily Mail

Hrafnsson, Wikileaks




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Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]


20.06 02 (04) fake rebels


20.04 Innehållsförteckning, ToC

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