(001) Israel


Japanese PM served dessert in a shoe during state visit to Israel.

In Israel genetic testing is accepted to support application of citizenship.
Hardly something the MSM would accept for other countries.

1990s Post-Soviet aliya
Jews from the former Soviet union emigrated to Israel

Between 1989 and 2006, about 1.6 million Soviet Jews and their non-Jewish relatives and spouses, as defined by the Law of Return, emigrated from the former Soviet Union.

UTRIKES.*Rabbinska domstolar i Israel möter kritik från judiska människorättsgrupper sedan de uppdagats att de DNA-testar människor för att se om de är judar, skriver*RT.
Gilla artikeln på Facebook

Israel DNA-testar inför äktenskap.
Att gifta sig i Israel är inte alltid helt enkelt. Landet tillåter till exempel*inte*bröllop mellan judar och icke-judar.*Över hälften*av landets judiska befolkning ser blandäktenskap som ett “nationellt förräderi”.

The most racist soccer team, sings about their racism, Beitar Jerusalem.

US embassy moves to Jerusalem.

Trump erkänner Golan som israeliskt. UN och andra protesterar. Man vill förlägga fokus av judisk aktivitet till Mellanöstern för att försöka dölja de judiska nätverkens globala spridning.

Intentionally acting out a scene where Netanyahu is stopped from talking is intended to give an impression that Jewish interests have difficulties getting their message across whereas in reality it is the opposite.
“Our problem is PR” Youtube 🙂

An investigation by security forces in the United States has led to the suspicion that Israel is behind the placing of equipment for eavesdropping on cellphones in the White House area, Politico reported, citing “three former senior US officials with knowledge of the matter.”
The miniature surveillance devices in question, colloquially known as “StingRays,” mimic regular cell towers to fool cell phones into giving them their locations and identity information. According to Politico, they also can capture the contents of calls and data use.





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Massmedia och demokratin
News media and the democracy]

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