14. The globalist personality, journalists, training to be a globalist; coordination, tacit agreement, MBA

This blog knows very little about how journalists are trained to constantly distort facts and become globalist messengers. They ought to realize, to varying degrees, the consequences of the agenda they apply to produce distorted “news”.

Their moral seem low or non-existent. Trolls defending news media value often seem to take pride in misleading others as far as possible.

Higher level editors ought to be allowed to discuss the true situation  between each other. What standpoints ordinary journalists take when they discuss with family and friends is not known. After writing strong agenda articles, will the journalist maintain these fake news as true also in discussions with his/her family? Can any conflicts within the family or even within the personality of the journalist arise due to the work of presenting a false picture to the readers? Will journalists mostly make friends with other journalists, in order not having to hide their true opinions to the same degree? How do they look up in their own work? Do they just do it for the money? How do they motivate to themselves the reasons for writing fake news.

None of this is known to this blog.

Many journalists are young and the brainwash must start early. Peter Wolodarski was only 35 y.o. when he was appointed editor in chief of DN. Wolodarski is of Jewish origin. Considering the strong connection between globalsm and Jewish ethnicity, it is probably likely that within Jewish families, this training starts early.

The author knew one top high school student that could have entered any (in Sweden free) college like medicine÷,engineering etc. But that student chose academic study of politics, with lower demands for entry and salary. The student’s parents were active Social Democrats (and high school teachers). Very likely they influenced his decision.

The blog author has communicated with some other scholars of academic politics. They all refused to admit medias influence in governing a country! They are most likely corrupt and follow news media agenda.

Globalism is often promoted through chaos, conflict and war, as has been shown in this blog. In this way a similarity to the conflict prone trolls in social media, working for MSM can be seen. Stability and respect for other opinions are worked against by globalists both on the level of world politics and social media.

Globalism often means to prioritize destruction before construction. To take over something that works well you must sabotage it. People differ with respect to how much pleasure they take in schadenfreude. It is possible it is a learnt reaction when people take pleasure in others misfortune. Globalists learn to take pleasure in mobbing, destruction instead of focusing on their own development. Schadenfreude could be a conditioned reflex.

Is it possible that, in order to present other people’s (the media owners’) views convincingly, a journalist must have questionable moral standards?

One reason for writing this blog is to try to put together some parts of this picture. Not so many similar texts are written. Many texts in the nationalist field are written by globalists pretending to be violent nazis.

Not many ordinary people are aware of the distortion of news that takes place, and why. The author of this blog went to university and then to work and had, like all his colleagues, no idea of news distortion. Only accidentally, by spending time on the Internet and noticing inconsistencies in news reporting, was it possible to see the underlying motives for the news distortion. Trump’ s presidency helped a lot since it, to some extent, split the US globalist interests from the presidency. In this crack much  became visible. (During Obama presidency globalist agenda and presidency were the same.)

This author remember first reacting to how a pro-military, pro-USA forum member had an avatar of Trump as a pig. At that time this did not make sense at all to me and I therefore had to look further into the field. Another wake up call was when globalist interests in Africa were discussed. One troll claimed that the murder of Catalán was covered up in media because black people killed Catalán and the cover up was due to political correctness. The troll went on to say that PC-organizations earn a lot of money on being PC. This does not seem likely and upon question how this money is earned, the troll had no reply. Looking further into this it  became obvious that the murder of Catalán was covered up to hide globalist support for Congo’s illegal government. Another lead was finding that when the Swedish PM choose to participate in a skit, he chose Kurdish adversaries, later finding their bind to Isrsel. Realizing how Swedish media use immigrants and women to divide our society in the same way that the US uses Shia muslims in Iraq, was a other revelation.

It is an unproven hypothesis that more women politicians are globalist. Women are more likely to follow the group. In combination with feminism and gender quotation of posts, this  old maybe give an overweight of female globalist politicians. Globalist leaders could maybe prefer women politicians to control? However there are exceptions like Anna Hagwall.

Ad. Hagwall. 20180607 The blog has started questioning Hagwalls intentions. It is possible they are not serious. At least it is difficult to understand why she joined the definitely not serious party AfS and is not active there.

It is interesting to see how so many journalists can be influenced to produce such amounts of articles on one insgle agenda. There will never be one journalist that blows the whistle. For example the agenda on immigration is very different from what people in general think but still no journalist ever criticizes the newspaper for this. Naturally the journalist that does criticize will probably never find a good job in the area again. Any journalist with the wrong thinking is probably filtered out very early.

Academic education and journalism/politics have different goals. Science is supposed to be objective whereas the latter excel in being the opposite. Scientific approach is probably kept out of journalism as much as possible.

troll farms, troll factories

Judging from the propaganda found on the Internet, as described in this blog, there must be large troll farms active, writing in f.ex. good Swedish language. Naturally these trolls each have several accounts, but the propaganda is so widespread that many trolls ought to be involved.

It is admittedly hard to fathom how these farms can go undetected although they ought to be very strongly guarded secrets. The trolls sometimes accuse “Russia of wanting to split up Europe using troll farms in S:t Petersburg”. This seems unlikely, that would not be a high priority to Russia.

Swedish MSM is, on the other hand, as can easily be seen, highly interested in controlling the Swedish opinion. As described elsewhere in the blog, editor in chief Wolodarski has even mentioned interaction with a large social forum in Sweden, which ought to be regarded as a competitor. Also in doping matters MSM journalists have spoken about interaction with social forums.

It is just trolls instinctively using arguments against themselves and twisting them against others. These arguments are more often seen in newspapers than on the Internet. The Internet trolls are probably afraid of drawing attention to trolls in general.


coordination, hiding, tacit understanding

It is interesting to see how so many things in society fit into place when the globalist angle of view is applied. How all of these can be coordinated without ever being spoken out loud is unknown to the author.

Theoretically trolls could black mail their bosses. Revealing these troll farms would pose a threat to globalist interests. But trying to black mail globalist interests is probably not a wise thing to do.

Admittedly it is strange that no information about troll farms have leaked. News paper people are probably a close knit community? And maybe, above all, how should the leaks be published??

Swedish “nationalist” party (AfS) leader Kasselstrand is acting like a national romantic in order to repel voters.

Handelshögskolan and similar MBA educations are also globalist training camps.

Daniel Sachs

Det kan var att du hittade den felande länken. Det fanns tydligen en löslig grupp ekonomer från Handels som kallade sig Centerekonomerna varav flera sedan var verksamma i bakgrunden när Centerpartiet kapades av globalisterna. Centerpartiet blev ju mycket förmöget när hela mediarörelsen såldes och sitter nu på en gedigen kassa.

Ett parti utan ideologi kapades centralt. Det var perfekt för fientligt maktövertagande med metoder som lärdes ut på Handels.[/QUOTE]
Jag är tyvärr inte ekonom och känner inte heller personerna. Det vore ju mycket intressant om andra kunde se fler samband mellan Kasselstrand, Centerekonomerna, Handelsutbildning etc.

Mycket intressant hur ekonomiska tekniker för fientligt övertagande kan ha använts i politiken.

Handels och liknande utbildningar verkar ju vara skola för ekonomiska globalister. Det är märkligt hur man skaffar sig den erfarenhet som t.ex krävs att leda DN i så unga år som Wolodarski började. Han gick bl.a Handels. Jag undrar om det verkligen var för att räkna debit och kredit på upplagan eller om Handels lär ut mer avancerad påverkan av opinioner, vilket ju affärer kan handla om?

Jag tror man kan se paralleller mellan Wolodarski och Kasselstrand. Båda har gått Handels. Wolodarski driver en judiskt ägd tidning som jag tror de flesta uppfattar som Palestinavänlig! Kasselstrand driver ett parti som försöker presentera sig som nationalistiskt, men som mest förordar extrema och märkliga åtgärder som skadar nationalism, imho.

Troll training

Possibly Internet trolls are trained in similar fashion to chavrusa-style learning.

chavrusa-style learning puts each student in the position of analyzing the text, organizing his thoughts into logical arguments, explaining his reasoning to his partner, hearing out his partner’s reasoning, and questioning and sharpening each other’s ideas, often arriving at entirely new insights into the meaning of the text.[1][2]

Creating and handling conflicts ought to be central in the upbringing and handling of children in globalist and Jewish families.





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