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Mer om mediägande finns här.

60% av Hollywoods chefer är av judisk börd, liksom chefen för CNN, Jeff Zucker, etc. (Man kan fråga sig om judisk kultur har en tradition av att kunna skapa illusioner, liksom i Hollywood  -1-  -2- -3-   -4-  -5-

Uri Geller utövade bl.a masspåverkan via TV.

Om det finns en koppling mellan SITE-institutets ifrågasatta videor och Hollywood är en fråga svår att besvara.)

Icarus-filmen av bl.a. judiska filmskapare blandade en illusion av verkligheten med verkligheten. Kemisten dr Rodchenkovs numera dramatiska framtoning i svart huva bär filmskapares kännemärke.

There is a long tradition of Jews as magicians, illusionists and mentalists. -1-

[illusioner illusions magicians Harry Houdini David Copperfield Uri Geller Rodgers & Hammerstein Bryan Fogel Icarus]
[wrong spell: brian fogel bryan vogel brian vogel]

Penn and Teller
Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller criticize Mother Theresa. But is it serious criticism or just hidden support. Reddit is very globalist.

Birth Name: Raymond Joseph Teller

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Date of Birth: February 14, 1948

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*English, distant French Huguenot, Dutch, and Scottish (mother)

Teller is an American magician, illusionist, actor, comedian, writer, and director. He forms the magician duo Penn & Teller, together with Penn Jillette.

Teller is the son of Irene B. (Derrickson) and Joseph “Joe” Teller (born Israel Max Teller). Teller’s father was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian Jewish parents, and grew up in Philadelphia.

Penn Jillette
He says he “always votes Libertarian.” But it seems that it’s only for lack of a more preferred option, which in Jillette’s case would be anarcho-capitalism. He says:

I guess libertarian is a little too much government for me. I tend to be a little more anarcho-capitalist. But I will take libertarianism to get that in place, then work to get that out of place. I see libertarianism as a stepping stone.

Penn is married, pro gay rights.
Teller is not married.

Although American magician Raymond Teller portrayed a character of a married man on the CBC’s sitcom The Big Bang Theory, his real married life remains in the shadows.

If Penn & Teller would be gay partners has not been verified.

Penn & Teller make fun of the Pope.

Mother Theresa
Moder Teresa

Ibland presenteras en annan bild än den gängse av Moder Teresa

Mother Teresa was an ultimate politician

Intellect was not her strong point and, for someone like her, to be surrounded by hordes of sycophants who were telling her if she said black was white then that had to be true, it became intoxicating. The media did spread the mega-myth about her, but she herself was the source. She repeatedly told the world she went around the city 24×7 “picking up” destitute from its squalid “gutters” (she did not), that she fed up to 9,000 in her soup kitchens (she did not), she never refused a helpless child (she did as a rule), that the dying destitute in her so-called home for the dying Nirmal Hriday died a “beautiful death” (they were treated harshly and often died a miserable, painful death).

Mother Teresa was an ultimate politician who worked on behalf of the Vatican. No, she was not an “agent” as that would be conspiratorial. She did not have to do much subterfuge or skulduggery in India itself, as Indians, particularly the media, were in awe of her and connived with her.

When she said in her Nobel speech that she created 61,237 fewer children from (slum) couples abstaining from sex, no one challenged her on her bogus and fantastic figure; neither did they ask her how at the height of the Cold War abortion could be the “greatest destroyer of peace” (said a thousand times, including in her Nobel speech).

She was white, she hobnobbed with President Ronald Reagan (they were closest of buddies), and oh yes, she had the Nobel — so she had to be divine.

Did no one know that she hobnobbed with the Duvaliers of Haiti whose brutality was unsurpassed

Her goal was to convert people to catholicism.

Penn and Teller’s opinion

Ronald Reagan

Reagan began the process of globalization.

Ronald Reagan, father of globalization

The blog has not investigated Reagan in detail. Calling him the father of globalization may be fake news and a decoy.

Hollywood movies practically never satirize Jewish activities. Jewish media owners are virtually never criticized. This is evidence of the fact that Jewish interests are in control.  Virtually anyone having an influential position in the US can be criticized, except Jewish people.

Disney är en av de få producenter som (på 30-talet)  karikerade en jude och följdaktligen har kallats nazist. (Att karikera andra etniciteter har däremot ansetts ganska normalt.) Karikatyren redigerades snabbt om i tysthet efter kriget och då ändrades stora stygga vargens accent från yiddish till irländsk 🙂 Ett annat undantag är The Simpsons [Mr Burns]

Utvecklingen accentuerades när judiskättade Michael Eisenberg (pres. 84-94) och Jeffrey Katzenberg (chairman 84-05) tog över Disneys verksamhet på 90-talet och hjältar och hjältinnor då kom från jordens alla hörn. (Det har spekulerats i att skurken, Lord Farquaad, i filmen Shrek inspirerats av Eisenberg eftersom producenten Katzenberg hade blandade känslor inför sin tidigare samarbetspartner.) Nuvarande CEO, Siger är judisk.

Den judiske producenten Steven Spielberg har varit mycket inflytelserik.

Lucasfilm såldes ganska nyligen till Disney. “Solo A Star Wars Story” floppade då den blivit politiskt korrekt, producenten Kathleen Kennedy fick sparken. (Denna typ av information tar tid att hitta då den strider mot Googles agenda och ges mycket låg ranking av sökmotorn.)

Kathleen Kennedy …  producer … left-wing social justice warrior and feminist who is using the Star Warsfranchise to push her obnoxious agenda. … The Last Jedi was the beginning of the end. … dumb down Oscar Issac’s Poe Dameron into a sexist caveman  Solo also has its SJW moments. … five-foot girl who weighs in at about 85 pounds kicking the ass of a grown man … feminist droid always harping about equal rights (thankfully, she is killed off quickly) … Lando Calrissian is a “pansexual,” … the impression that includes sex with feminist droids.

Kathleen Kennedy (3:rd fr left)


Bryan Fogel and the film team behind Icarus staged the banning if Russia before the 2018 Olympics. Movie director Fogel insisted on IOC boss resignation etc
[ -1- -2- ]

See Tham Luang cave rescue
A trailer is produced during the “rescue”. Production teams probably influence the authorities not to give details on the rescue. Could the whole drama be staged from the start? A politically correct hero is labeled “a displaced person”.

Operation the world never forgets
The miracle at Tham Luang caves

Game of Thrones

You tubes nya stjärnskott Adam Green lägger fram “bevis” tagna direkt ifrån main stream media. Där han på ett övertygande sätt “bevisar” att Game of thrones serien är influerad av tokiga sionistiska kristna och judiska chabad lubovitch sionisters världsbild.
Eftersöker någon som på ett lika övertygande sätt kan debunka allt och rädda seriens själ. Trots att George R. R. Martwatchin själv verkar vara en tokig scofield-bibelläsande kristen sionist med judisk påbrå.

LIVE – HBO, Game of Thrones, & End Times Prophecy

Har inte sett klippet än men serien är ju skapad av judarna David Benioff och D.B. Weiss så det är ju inte konstigt att den präglas av judiska sentiment. Serien är fullspäckad med typisk judepropaganda om rasblandning, feminism, homosex och allmänna perversiteter.

Actor Gary Oldman gives non PC rant about Hollywood
Defends antisemitic remark by Mel Gibson.

In this case the following quote was mentioned:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise

It is often given to Voltaire but can not be traced furtjer back on the Internet than 2012. It seems to originated from a “White Supremacist” Kevin Alfred Strom in 1993
[ -1- -2- ]
Whatever you believe is true about Strom, the quote is very relevant for Jewish issues.

Youth movies

[ ungdomsfilmer ]

American youth movies often seem to be about conflict. Russian and Chinese less often seem so. The blog has not studied this area in detail, though.

A daring satirical cartoon is The Simpsons. It even depicts the powerful person controlling the town, Mr Burns, to resemble Jacob Rothschild. This is counteracted by the globalist network in a typical way: Google floods its related content with information pointing out that Mr Burns should resemble other (unknown or unlike) persons.

Trolls seem to try to steer audiences away from The Simpsons towards another cartoon – South Park.



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