05. Methods: 5.014 Fake images and recordings


Fake images and recordings

Obviously fake images and recordings are often presented in the media. These recordings are then treated as genuine since the media does not question them. Media does not apply even the least conceivable amount of source criticism. Several examples have been given in this blog.

1. ISIS execution videos. Only verified source is Israel/US SITE-institute. Primitive desert warriors IS are supposed to have access to advanced Hollywood-techniques like green-screen production.

2. Metrojet air crash. Unverified source tweets a picture of a soda can with electric cables. This is cosidered evidence that a bomb brought down Metrojet 9268.

3. The governemnt of Congo produces a video how Catalán and Sharp are murdered by the gov’ts opposition. They haven’t even been able to find actors with close resemblance but have to blur the video. The man falls before the shot is fired, the “opposition” speaks the same language as the government etc

4. Martin Hagwall politician in Alternativ för Sverige features in a video. He is vandalizing the commuter train with antisemitic stickers. He also seems to be affected by drugs or alcohol.
In this situation a female photographer dares shoot close up video of him and pressure him with questions of political nature. That is not what an unknown person would do in the subway.

It is interesting that politicians often choose not to go against the fake information by disproving it.

The fake bomb bringing down Metrojet was accepted by Putin who promised to chase the terrorists.

5. The same with “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” hijacking the tanker Stena Imperio. Obviously fake recordings from non official source. Zarif and Iranian government seem highly capable and adapted to western thinking. They chose not to comment on the video.

It is a difficult task to disprove a fake recording even though you have good evidence and the recording is poor.



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