November 2019
Severe unrest in Bolivia after disputed election. President Evo Morales must flee and is granted political asylum in Mexico.
Everyone agrees that legendary president Evo Morales did much good for the poor during his 13 yr presidency. Deputy senate leader Jeanine Áñez is supported by the US. She tries to grab the presidency. Surprisingly MSM is not entirely against Morales, like with Maduro and Correa.
Tesla stock soars.

Jeanine Añez Chávez, holding up the Bible


“My sin was being indigenous, leftist, and anti-imperialist,” Evo said after being coerced into resigning this week.

His replacement, Jeanine Añez Chávez, agreed. “I dream of a Bolivia free of satanic indigenous rites,” the opposition senator tweeted in 2013, “the city is not for the Indians who should stay in the highlands or the Chaco!!!” After Evo’s departure, Chavez declared herself interim president while holding up a large bible, though she failed to get the required quorum in the senate to do so.

Next to her stood Luis Fernando Camacho, a member of the Christian far-right. After Evo’s resignation, Camacho stormed the presidential palace, a flag in one hand and a bible in the other. “The bible is returning to the government palace,” Camacho announced in front a camera while bowing before a bible and flag that he placed atop the presidential seal. “Pachamama will never return. Today Christ is returning to the Government Palace. Bolivia is for Christ.”

The Guardian


The international response to these events is divided. Leaders from the left like Maduro, Argentina’s newly elected President Alberto Fernández, Cuba’s Miguel Díaz-Canel and even Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn say Morales has been ousted by a military coup. Donald Trump and Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro say it was Morales who repeatedly undermined his country’s democracy.
Time is more critical of Morales.

After a couple of days, one article critical of Morales appears. The Economist
“The armed forces spoke up for democracy”

Jeanine Áñez becomes interim president.
Her senior ministers includes prominent members of the business elite from Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s most populous city and a bastion of opposition to Evo Morales
… the transitional cabinet initially sworn into office on Wednesday night did not include a single indigenous person, in a country where at least 40% of the population belongs to one of 36 indigenous groups.
The Guardian

Evo Morales: indigenous leader who changed Bolivia but stayed too long
The Guardian

Moralesanhängare dödade i Bolivia

Fem anhängare till den avgångne presi-
denten Evo Morales har dödats vid
en demonstration utanför staden Cocha-
bamba i provinsen Chapare. Enligt
nyhetsbyrån AFP öppnade säkerhets-
styrkor eld mot demonstranterna.

Tidigare under dagen meddelande inter-
imutrikesminister Karen Longaric att
regeringen kastar ut alla Venezuelas
och Kubas diplomater från landet. Även
en stor del av de kubanska läkare som
arbetar i Bolivia måste åka hem.
Inom kort tid oroligheter i Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile och Bolivia.
Venezuela, Ecuador och Bolivia verkar vara sedvanlig amerikansk regime change. Bloggen har inte studerat situationen i Chile närmare.
Bolivia’s coup interesting comments

The Observer view on Evo Morales and Bolivia
The former president was a victim of his own refusal to hand over power

Broadly speaking, Evo Morales was a successful leader of Bolivia. A trade unionist with familial roots among the country’s indigenous peoples, he was first elected president in 2005 and was twice returned to office with substantial majorities. Morales is credited by the IMF with achieving a drastic reduction in poverty among farmers and coca growers and a societal revolution that, among other things, transformed the standing of Bolivia’s numerous ethnic minority groups.
Bolivia coup, lithium RT

UN calls for talks to end Bolivia crisis as death toll rises
Violent confrontations, highway blockades cause supply shortages as Anez moves to revise Morales-era policies.
al jazeera



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