Greta Thunberg’s true, dark motives



The true, dark motives of the people behind Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is backed by socialists. Her basic message is to spread hate, conflict and disruption among people and to destabilize governments to make them susceptible to control by news media and other international networks.
16 year old Greta Thunberg tells world leaders what to do. She has multiple psychiatric diagnoses and skips school systematically. When in school, she demands special assistance.

Within one year, a 16 year old girl, without other qualifications than being an activist, becomes leader of a global climate movement and is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The role of her famous parents and their connections to an advertising agency have been pointed out elsewhere.

Ingmar Rentzhog, advertiser promoting Greta
Luisa-Marie Neubauer, One Foundation (co-founders Bill Gates and George Soros) [ image from: Nya Tider ]

Connections to Gates and Soros exist, see the illustration above. [ -1-, -2- ] Luisa-Marie Neubauer, One Foundation, also co-initiated Fridays For Future (one part of “Greta’s” movement) and also picked up the “Children’s peace prize” for Thunberg.

@GretaThunberg scolds politicians and exhorts ordinary people but *says nothing* about oil producers, car manufacturers, airline industry … (her true masters)
@Snowleopard222 Twitter

Greta Thunberg has training as an actress but no scientific background.

Experts and governments have not yet been able to come to a conclusion regarding the global warming theory. But why is Greta promoted to this high degree?

Governments have been able to address previous environmental issues, like f.ex the hole in the ozone layer and nuclear power. Why is the climate issue not approached in the same methodical way, using experts, governments and if needed referendums? Instead activism and discussions among people are supposed to resolve a complex scientific and political problem! Activism and discussions among people are important but must also be followed by government action. Why is Greta Thunberg’s activism promoted in extreme ways but governments do not act? Who benefits from Thunberg’s activism?

Today many countries are no longer independent. They are controlled by an international network. This network controls the decisions of governments through, among other mechanisms, news media and supranational organizations, like the European Union. This is clearly seen by f.ex. the difficulties for The United Kingdom to leave the EU (“Brexit”) or by forming a government in Sweden 2018 since the parties were under order not to talk to a nationalist party which received a significant share of the votes.

Greta Thunberg’s rise to fame is entirely based on being a tool for her backers’ globalist agenda. In a socialist manner she was picked by the elite for her connections and acting abilities. She and her environmental protection organization was never tested in competition with anyone else but simply promoted by news media.

Major Swedish daily Aftonbladet reported about her already the first day she “went on strike”.

A young girl with psychiatric diagnoses was chosen since anyone criticizing her message can falsely be labeled a “hater”. Some have even compared the “spin” behind Greta and the climate theory to that of the Nazis.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” — Joseph Goebbels, nazi minister of propaganda (Image: top nazi Heinrich Himmler w/ daughter Gudrun)


A 15-year-old with relational problems, psychiatric diagnoses also demanding special assistance skips school on Fridays to create an international environmental movement! Her only plan is to sit on the street with a sign. She has never done anything similar before and her performance at press conferences is poor. But now it is claimed she has written a string of professional speeches. She is showered with awards. Her statements are considered an absolute truth by all media.

This is naturally a “perfect storm” planned by media and PR-consultants for a long time. F.ex this girl does not have the background to write these professional speeeches having political undertones.

S:t Greta – the prophet

A young girl is a symbol of innocence. Greta is a vegan and very slim, which symbolize sacrifices she has made for nature and animals. The Christian deacon Anna Ardin has declared that Greta is a prophet. Ardin is also a CIA-agent according to her own Twitter and most likely also according to her own actions, both before and during the Assange case.

A tattoo strongly influenced by images of the virgin Mary, complete with a halo.

Greta’s ghostwriters let Greta express herself in terms of “I want you to do …” when she issues her dogmatic directives. This would not be expected according to Swedish equality culture. She would have been expected to say “we all should …” or “the only solution for nature is if we …”

One model the influencers behind Greta have used is probably the Pythia or the Oracle of Delphi. She was a young virgin speaking for the God Apollo.

Hiding a political message behind a young girl makes for strange argumentation. Greta dictates orders to world leaders, but if someone asks how to implement them, she or her followers say she can know since she is only a child!
In forums some posters make references to the Bergman movie The seventh seal. The title refers to the Book of Revelations. On Judgement Day a new world order will be created – a clear reference to the globalist New World Order being compared to the building of the christian kingdom of God, on earth.

As Christ broke a new seal (seal) and continued to roll up the book one more piece, John revealed further pieces of the breaking of the social and political development that would take place on our planet, as well as the closing sequence of events that Jesus declared would lead to ” the end of time, “that is, the end of this age, the return of Jesus to earth, and the establishment of a worldwide government – the kingdom of God on earth.
(Google translate from Swedish)


Greta Thunberg’s agenda works through several mechanisms:


1. Divide and conquer

Greta’s extreme activism without sufficient scientific foundation will divide the population into “alarmists”, supporting her and “deniers” asking for more, scientific evaluation of the global warming theory. Splitting up a population is an efficient way to rule it. The population becomes weak when it is consumed by internal conflicts. Alarmists will support the climate agenda and in turn receive support from news media.

Greta’s hyperemotional speech in the UN without strict scientific base makes her an object for criticism. Any criticism against her is labeled child abuse and the persons criticizing her are called “haters”. If she can not answer a question it is “because she is only a child”. – But she can still tell world leaders to do!

Greta was instructed to give an hyperemotional speech in the UN. This will not convince listeners in neither a scientific nor an emotional way. The lack of scientific foundation only serves to create hatred towards her, further increasing the gap between “alarmists” and “deniers”.

She has no scientific background. After telling the world leaders what they should do she receives simple questions at press conferences but she can not even give simple answers. Choosing such a poor representative for climate change naturally has a purpose. The purpose is to promote hatred and division in society.

If the people behind Greta had wanted to convince they would have chosen an older messenger with scientific background that could give good replies to reporters. But to convince the listener is secondary to promoting hatred.

Before Greta travels around the US she is said to use an Electric Vehicle. But during the entire, highly publicized trip, only one, strangely cropped, pay-wall image of Greta in an EV appears. No first hand information indicates she travels EV. A video shows her travelling a 276 hp, 3.3L V6 KIA Sedona and she is said to go by train which usually are diesel in the US.

She receives maximum support but it has been decided that she should not follow her own agenda of environment friendly travel. This discrepancy is created to further increase criticism towards her and create division among people.

Foreign interests, supported by banks and multinationals, already control politicians (they are f.ex not allowed to talk to the only nationalist party in Sweden, with 18% voters), media (oligarchs form an international network publishing synchronized news) and science (only positive climate change results are given attention).

It does not matter what people vote for, the same government will still be formed. It does not matter what scientists say, only one agenda will be promoted by politicians and news media.

No one needs to be convinced. Now the elite only focuses on keeping the people split up and in conflict. Several areas are involved: feminism, mass immigration, climate, HBTQ …

Greta scolds the elite and they applaud her! (UK MPs)


2. Attacking the government

News media support Greta so they can put pressure on the governments by letting Greta ask why the government is not doing enough about the climate. Greta’s attacks on governments weaken them and make them vulnerable to control by news media in other areas, like in making financial decisions.

The differences between most political parties are small nowadays. They are all under influence from news media and other international networks. Greta’s message that governments are doing too little means that governments must be controlled. The EU must be strengthened. Governments weakened. Countries weakened. Borders are broken down by mass immigration. She is part of a process trying to create a new Soviet Union, only this time on an even larger scale.

Real environmental problems, such as the ozone hole, are solved without significant delay. But regarding the climate, governments do not take extremely costly measures because science is not clear.

Greta’s task is to scold governments so that they are weakened and the EU and other organizations can govern the governments.

Greta doesn’t care about the environment. She doesn’t even dare ask people to do shared commuting, consume less over Christmas or ask them to take the train home over Christmas. [2019]

She acts politically. Her task is to weaken governments so that they can be controlled from the outside. She is acting to create a new Soviet Union.

Today’s big business has gone socialist and multinational corporations participate in breaking down borders to weaken governments. Today “woke billionaires” [-1- -2-] like Soros are socialist.

Many of today’s big businesses are not forged in competition. Google and Facebook could become dominant in a few years through influx of capital and networking. Using the same methods Greta, having no special qualifications, has become one of the world’s most famous people within one year, “building an international movement by skipping school on Fridays”. This is naturally impossible, she is just a puppet for a global network. Her performance at press conferences, not having a script, has been poor. She has theater training, knowing how to take instructions from a director. She has no scientific training.

Greta, as well as Google and Facebook have not been exposed to competition. They have been promoted by networks and capital influx creating unstable top-down controlled organizations. Greta has been chosen like a socialist leader and she promotes socialism. No one has elected Greta but news media and secret networks have given her a platform to attack democratically elected leaders. Both presidents Trump and Putin are forced to comment on her.

No action is intended to be taken against “climate change”. No reduction of consumption will ever occur. All measures are said to start in 10-30 years. Not now. The elite does not believe in climate change. It is an issue constructed to blackmail politicians

Greta’s task is not to reduce consumption. Her task is to influence politicians.

Greta’s socialist backers tell politicians: Unless you let the banks and multinationals run the country, we will send Greta for you. She will say you are a climate criminal. The media will rub this in. Then you are a goner.

The climate issue is not promoted to reduce emissions. It is promoted to blackmail democratically chosen leaders in other areas. Of course, Greta and her backers are not democratically chosen but still try to control nations.

Gretas message is highly inconsistent. She does not fly, she forbids her parents to fly! The term “flying shame” is strongly connected to her. But she also says that other people do not need to travel like she does.

I’m not traveling like this because I want everyone to do so,” she said, speaking of crossing the Atlantic in a catamaran. “I’m doing this to sort of send a message that it is impossible to live sustainable today and that needs to change. It needs to become much easier. We can’t require from everyone to rely on people like this to sail you across an ocean, that is absurd.”

This is because her message does not wish for real change. She is only a puppet set to exhort politicans in general.

Other authorities are broken down in a similar way:

Greta advocates school strike to undermine the schooling system and the authority of the teachers. Her message makes students revolt against their teachers. (But Greta’s “school strike” is a fraud. She lies outright about it. She never went on strike. School gave her permission to study at home on Fridays. But she still demands from other children to sacrifice their future by giving up education! In the same way she and news media lie about how she allegedly travels North America in “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tesla” whereas in fact she has been recorded using a petrol driven KIA. She seem to have had one photo-op in a parked Tesla.) Social foras connected to MSM remove criticism of these lies without reason. Criticism of Greta is labeled hate, like criticisms of mass immigration, racism and of feminism – misogyny.

Greta’s true message is revolt against authorities. In this case against “eltern generation” (German: the parents’ generation).

Greta tells her parents how to travel and not go by air. In doing so she undermines the authority of the parents.

Greta mobilizes young people against the older, utilizing the emotional side of young people in a youth revolt.


3. Panic

“I want you to panic

The climate doomsday scenario will create panic, especially among young people and make them more susceptible to the propaganda in her message. It will also make the news flow around Greta seem more relevant and even insignificant details will keep up the interest around her.

“Our house is on fire.”


4. Control of nations

Greta’s propaganda often emphasizes that world leaders do not “do enough” about the climate issue. This would mean that stronger mechanisms for supranational control of nations are needed.

The dark, globalist forces behind Greta have no intent to save the world. On the contrary they try to break down national borders, disrupt the social system and create conflict between groups. In this chaos, news media can rule by supporting some groups at the expense of others.

Quite simply, the climate movement is a way to promote socialism.

December 12, 2019, Greta just held a speech at COP 25 in Madrid. As usual she speaks in very broad terms. She dares not tell people the obvious: to reduce consumption, in particular over Christmas.

She is said to write her own speeches. This is highly unlikely. She had social problems and needed support teacher. She is 16 years old and has never been an activist before. Her initial plan was to sit down on the street with a sign. When she has had to reply to questions without manuscript, she often has big difficulties. To sum up: She does not have the ability to write this series of professional speeches.

Paid Internet trolls defend her in a curious way. If a person questions the climate theory, trolls say the person hates Greta! (A thin, 16 y.o. girl with diagnoses was chosen to avoid criticism.)


5. Masquerading politics as an environmental issue

School children are ordered to go on mandatory school strike for the environment. In fact they are made political activists for socialism and globalization. HBTQ activism is used in the same way.

The international news media network lets almost no true criticism of Greta be widely known. The few critical voices heard are decoys trying to turn the attention away from how Greta’s message paves the way for socialism. Like talking about carbon dioxide taxation. Or like connecting criticism to less pleasant people, like violent, racist car-reporter Jeremy Clarkson or similar.

Greta and Luisa Neubauer (who has worked for Soros’ & Gates’ One Foundation) write:

… action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities.


6. Socialism

Greta has not been elected by any organization. She has not been chosen in competition with anyone else. She has been selected according to socialist principles. The same is true for the objectives of her message – To take control from elected world leaders.

News media promote Greta Thunberg and the global warming issue. This is not done to save the planet. On the contrary, news media and other networks do this in order to create conflict that will destabilize governments and make them susceptible to influence by news media. Other groups are used in the same way:

* Feminism attributes natural differences between the sexes to “oppression” which creates conflicts between men and women.

* Mass immigration is used to create ethnic conflicts.

* Demands from HBTQ-groups are promoted in order to pressure governments to fulfill these demand.

* Biological psychiatrists use diagnoses like ADHD to create advocacy groups. Greta is also diagnosed in this way. The diagnosis Asperger will also classify individuals with independent thinking as suffering from disease.

Regarding all these groups, news media can pressure governments for “not doing enough”, using Greta Thunberg’s words.

Actual problems, like some environmental issues, f.ex. the hole in the ozone layer must be solved and everyone agrees on this. Therefore they do not cause conflict and can not be used for creating hatred in the population.

Sweden and Nordic countries

After receiving an enormous amount of prizes Greta surprisingly declines a prize from the Nordic Council. Strengthening countries through cooperation is against her global revolutionary agenda. Her backers do not want cooperation. They want conflict to make control possible.

Greta is a poisoned chalice of the worst kind for Sweden. That is why media protect her so intensly. She appeals to our natural pride for Swedish success. But the more we promote her, the stronger her sowing of the dragons teeth will become in school strike, youth revolt, attack against democratically elected politicians, supranational control …

The more we support this Swedish celebrity, the more we destroy our country. Horrifying plans are set in motion against Sweden and other countries.

@GretaThunberg Tweets pic sitting on floor
German rlwy responds that she traveled ** 1st class **
Just don’t trust her.
#ClimateCrisisStrike #FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

Twitter, Snowleopard

wwr: 69753638

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Vrid upp mediemegafonen på högsta volym.

Alla fortsätter att flyga och konsumera.

Rör upp jordens shitstorm runt ingenting. Festligt!

Hem och fira jul. Festen över.

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